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When I was a little girl, we had a pet monkey named Amanda. My Dad worked in the produce business, so each night he brought home that days culls in a big box - spotty cucumbers, pithy apples, limp celery, moldy oranges and the like. We called it a monkeybox. It was really just trash, but my Mom would take each piece of fruit and trim it, pare it and cut it up to make a beautiful fruit platter for Amanda. Even though it was deemed trash by one, it still had life left in it and was good for the purpose we needed it. That's how I live my life - thrifting, yard saling, looking for another's trash to be my treasure.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

THAT Rummage Sale I Told You About

So, the big Flea Market Episode was on TV tonight.  They filmed for six hours at the sale and condensed it down to about twenty minutes of actual footage with most of that being mostly Jim Bob, Michelle or one of the kids being on camera.  The odds of seeing ME was really, really, really slim.  But......

Darned if I didn't see that lady appear on the TV and I remembered seeing the crew interview her when I was looking at books.  So, I was watching her and then a flash of PINK caught my eye and TA DA I appeared over her shoulder for almost two seconds.  I started yelling, "There I am!  There I am!"  (which is a really odd thing to hear yourself saying....).  Thank goodness for DVR's and rewind and slow motion, I have seen it many many times.  Silly, I know.  But, that is a Nationally Broadcast show!  Woo hoo!

Look - here's a picture I took of them interviewing her!

Here's the post I wrote the day of the sale:

Today was the D*ggar Flea market and Auction.  It was advertised on Craigslist as just that and the news kept saying they were taking donations, so I envisioned it as a Rummage Sale.  They won these big huge warehouses on the edge of their property and I assumed the sale would be inside on of the buildings.  I pictured me and a handful of other people along with a few D*ggars in there looking around since I wasn't getting there until about 11:00. 

 Imagine my surprise when I came over the hill towards their house and saw five hundred or more cars parked in the field with police directing traffic.  It was huge and it was crazy and it was awesome!!!
We parked in the pasture across the street from their house.  Isn't it lovely?  I'd like to have a house like that for just the three of us.  
When we got across the street, there were D*ggars a'plenty scurrying around in bright blue shirts that said, "Buy Used" on the front and "Save the Difference" on the back.  There's Jeremiah dead center in the photo.  In this area there was Dunk the D*ggar Dunk Tank, Inflatables, Carnival Food and activities for the kids.  I didn't expect all that either.  

I knew that the camera crew from "19 K!ds and C0unting" was going to be filming, but I thought they might be done for the day.
But, right inside the main tent, there was the crew interviewing a customer.  If you watch the show, you'll see Jim the Sound Guy holding the boom.
Part of me said, "Oh, crap, I hope they don't interview me!"  The other part wanted to jump up and down and say. "Over here!  Over here!"
The sale was HUGE.  This must have taken them a year to get ready to do and to accept donations.  This was not a D*ggar Yard Sale, I hope you understand that.  This was a huge fundraiser that they sponsored and had on their property.  People had been donating for months.  It was huge!

Racks and racks of clothes.  Clothes were clean and priced 50¢-$2.00 each.  
Three rows of twenty tables each lined up and stocked full of merchandise.  It was full and the place had been opened for three hours and mobbed the entire time.  I cannot imagine how much stuff they must have had.

More clothes.  Jinger Duggar to the far left.

I did buy some things, but I really got overwhelmed by the crowds, the sheer volume of stuff and the overwhelming heat.  It was so humid, we just poured sweat and downed bottle after bottle of water.  I decided to just enjoy the experience of it all and not get wrapped up in buying things.

Shocking, I know. :D

The Bean in front of the house.  This was right before we went into the tent and I visited with Michelle.  We discussed out upcoming High School reunion and agreed that we both still feel about twenty years old.  She still looks like she did in High School, I swear.  It was nice to see her and get a hug from a friend.

Check out area from the yard sale items.  The tent back there was the auction that was running.  This was an actual auction of donated goods including vehicles, a cherry picker, Vending Machines, Grocery Carts, Floor cleaners and household goods.  

There's John David loading up auction purchases for customers on the forklift and loading them into the back of trucks.  Grandma D*ggar and Anna were under the shade running the Bake Sale portion of the event.
Some of the things in the auction.  Wouldn't it be great to have your very own Lowe's cart?  They had mannequins, clothing racks and wheeled carts and I assumed they would go for a lot of money, but they sold so cheap!  $2.50 for the carts and $5.00 for the clothing rack.  I was sick that I hadn't even gotten a number yet.  I did right after that, but I never bid on anything.

Camera guy also holding the boom.  Not sure where Jim went.

I had myself parked by these croquet sets for most of the auction.  I was only interested in the one in the front with the old metal wheels.  I waited and waited, but the auction kept moving in the other direction.  I was about to give up, when a young guy came over and picked up the croquet sets.  "Are they going to sell those now?" I asked.  He told me that he had already bought them.  When I told him that I had been waiting for them to come up for bids, he offered to sell me a set.  I paid him $12.00 for the set I wanted, which I am sure is way less than he paid for both.  But, I got a good deal and he had a little more pocket money.  Worked for me.

I was also strangely attracted to this gigantic pair of old rusty pliers(?).  They were about four feet long.  Wouldn't they just be awesome on a wall?
J!m Bob was into the auction scene.  He bought a lot.

Here he is bidding on those Vending Machines.  
He won four of them at $350.00 each.  

Josh was back in town for the big event.   They all wore shirts that said, "Buy Used" on the front.
And "Save the Difference" on the back.  That's their family motto.  
More film crew.
J!m Bob crushing on his new vending machines.
Hey!  it's Jim the Sound Guy, back on the job!

Drive by shots as I was leaving.

People and stuff.

Lots of stuff.  I bet they made $30,000.00 for the NICU.  

Here's a link to what I bought: Flea Market Finds

Now, I am going to climb up on my soap box for a minute.  I've know Jim Bob and Michelle nearly my  whole life.  They are good people.  They do tons of charity work around my area.  They did this fundraiser to raise money for the NICU in Little Rock.  The did all of this as a family project along with the help of a lot of other people.  They didn't do it for fame or a pat on the back.  They did it because those are the kind of people they are - kind and giving.  If you don't agree, that is your right.  But, it is my right to not share your thoughts on my blog.  I'm not talking to my regular readers here.  I am talking to the people that hate this family.  People that spend hours upon hours scouring the internet to trash this family.  They do not know them.  How can they say the rudest things you can imagine.  No one knows how another family runs without being in those four walls with them.  This world has too much misguided hate in it.  It just isn't right.  I have altered the names a bit to keep the haters away.  The few times I have mentioned this family, I got inundated with comments  - MEAN bad HATEFUL comments from people that have never been to this blog before. 

Climbing down now......Thanks for coming back to read about the sale and for thinking it was cool to see me on TV.  'Cause it was!  :) 


  1. People really don't have enough to keep themselves busy, huh? I hope your disguising the names somewhat will keep you free of the usual crap. I am pleased as punch that we can see you up there on the TEEVEE! That's so exciting. I'm kicking myself for not going to this sale. I just didn't know how big it was going to be. And how cheap everything was! I see things in your photos I would have bought, dagnabbit! Next time, D*ggars, next time!

  2. Thanks for taking us along to the sale - I missed the show last night. So sorry it was so hot but am glad for the hospital and good to see you in the picture!

  3. How cool is that?!!
    THANKS for sharing with US !!!!!
    LOVE IT!

  4. Maddie & I have been waiting for this post. We have the episode on our DVR and will be watching it tonight. We love them! Thanks for sharing your experience with all of us :-)


  5. You've had your big break! You're on your way! We can all say that we knew you before you were famous!

  6. I really enjoyed watching the show last nite because it was inspiring and heart warming and also because I have been so looking forward to reading your blog post about it. You did not disappoint! I feel like I was there and what a fun time. I'm chuckling at J!m B*b though because didn't this start as a way for him to declutter?? and there he is buying stuff. A dedicated junker I'd say :) Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us and for having a word or two for the naysayers of the world.

  7. I've never really watched this show but did for the sale and I must admit I kinda fell in love with this family. Would their choices me mine? no, but they have a great loving family and I say good for them. I continued to watch more episodes TLC and have gained a lot of respect for this family. Good for them that they raised all that money for NICU! Thanks for the great post and I love that you know them and can vouch for how great a family they are!

  8. Wow, I wish I had been in Arkansas for this sale. Maybe I will head that way next year. What fun!! I'm not much of a reaity TV fan (except for old TV shows, Big Bang Theory, and Bones, a no TV fan), but this is a great sale to help a worthy cause. Good people!

  9. Anonymous10:18 AM

    I watched the show and it was great. This family is very inspiring and it was wonderful to see all of them, along with others working to make the sale success. I did feel sorry for Michelle when she seemed like she was near tears and a bit overwhelmed just before te gates opened.

  10. Great family, lovely children, each of them so polite and well spoken. What an amazing sale and great to know the money was going to such a worthy cause. Icing on the cake was seeing you! Thanks for sharing the story.

  11. Great family, lovely children, each of them so polite and well spoken. What an amazing sale and great to know the money was going to such a worthy cause. Icing on the cake was seeing you! Thanks for sharing the story.

  12. I'm going to see when they rerun the show and tape it myself so I can pause and rewind you a million time! Then I can shout sat the TV "I know that girl!". Glad you had a good time. Now I'm going to wonder what he's going to do with all the vending machines.

  13. I'm not a regular watcher on anything on TV, but I did catch this part of the episode while surfing the channels! So funny that you were in the background and I didn't even realize. As far as those nasty comments, I am dumbfounded there are people in the world that spend their time on this earth searching out and commenting on people they don't even know. So sad...

  14. I often watch this show, and always think "If only all children were raised to be so kind and good"! The world would be a totally different place. Thanks for taking us along, and for all the neat pics!
    Going to catch up on your blog now.
    Erica :)

  15. congrats on your unintentional t.v. debut. Guess you ducked when you should have weaved. LOL. So happy to have known you while you were still "unknown", this could lead to your own show..... We can dream can't we?

  16. Loved this post about the sale. It was almost as good as being there. I love that family and how cool that you know Michelle. I have to find the rerun of it so I watch it and say there she is about you!


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