What is a monkeybox?

When I was a little girl, we had a pet monkey named Amanda. My Dad worked in the produce business, so each night he brought home that days culls in a big box - spotty cucumbers, pithy apples, limp celery, moldy oranges and the like. We called it a monkeybox. It was really just trash, but my Mom would take each piece of fruit and trim it, pare it and cut it up to make a beautiful fruit platter for Amanda. Even though it was deemed trash by one, it still had life left in it and was good for the purpose we needed it. That's how I live my life - thrifting, yard saling, looking for another's trash to be my treasure.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Things that make me happy. My favorite cheap thrift with those wonderful prices of 5¢, 10¢, 15¢, 25¢, etc. and my Dillon's store with the Double Coupon sign out front. I used $30.00 worth of coupons there on Tuesday and saved 66% off my total bill. I never actually noticed that the sign on the thrift says "Resale Shop" and not "Thrift Store".

Wednesday we went to IGA so DH could pull up his bread racks. DS and I went into the Video department to look around. They were just getting in these huge boxes of DVD's and Games to sell at $9.99. They let us dig through the boxes before they took them out on the sales floor. We found Kingdom Hearts II for $9.99. This is the $50.00 game that he wanted for his birthday, but I couldn't bear to spend that much! I looked for another one so I could run home and put it on ebay, but it was the only one. But, that was a great deal!

I went to two garage sales this morning. I spent a whopping 45¢ at one for an old hand painted brass bell and two strands of Mardi Gras beasds with chili peppers on them. I spent $3.75 at another sale for three really nice old West Germany tins for $1.00 each, a beanie baby for 25¢ and a red handled potato masher for 25¢. Hmmmmmm. I'm missing a quarter there - I must have bought something else that I can't remember. I love those old tins. I need to sell them. I should sell them. But, will I?

There are 300,000 motorcycles in town this weekend. You can hear the roar on the highway everywhere. I don't live in town, so I think it is cool. The people in town hate it. We are going to the "Parade of Power" tomorrow to see an hour and half of motorcylces in a parade. It is fun to see the fantastic choppers and motorcycles. They throw beads, toys and candy, so DS will be excited to go. At least, I think he will be - he has a bit of a head cold and isn't feeling too well tonight.

I arrived home to a stuffy house tonight. The A/C is on the fritz. It had been making an irritating noise all week and I had the service guy come out Wednesday morning. So, the part is on order which is great news. The nights have been really cool, so it shouldn't be a real problem. But the forecast shows temperatures in the 90's next week. FIX IT!

My Cat is Famous!

I've been sending in picutes to Stuffonmycat.com for months. Our cat, Tiger, made it today. We have three cats - Little Lady, Pity and Tiger. Tiger was abandoned by the neighbors and we took him in. He is 11 years old and weighs 20 pounds. He has been with our family for almost a year now. I say he barely has the strength to keep him intestines in his skin because he just lays around all the time. He is very funny. His picture is the one with the Christmas Cactus on his back under 9/29.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Red & Aqua Swap is Heeeeere

This is my little package of goodies that my swap partner sent me from Singapore. She stitched up the little "Shara" girl for me. I think I will frame her and put her in my office. Some little fabric squares, buttons and ribbon that I will use in my sock monkey making. She sent some Skittles too which is funny, because I sent my partner a bag of red and a bag of blue Skittles too. DS and I opened the skittles last night. They taste different, even though the package looks the same and the Skittles look the same too. I guess it must be the different water or something. There is a little cupcake pincushion fashioned from a milk cap, fabic and a ribbon trip with a red button "cherry" on top. It is very cute. She also made a little pouch for carrying a little package of tissues in my purse. Very cute too. Now that I have received my end of the trade, I have a better idea of what I could send in future swaps.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

I (Heart) Onion Rings

Well, I really don't love Onion Rings. But, I did get an order at Sonic the other day. When I reached in the bag - I pulled out this heart shaped Onion Ring. I thought it was funny and went along with my I (Heart) Nature Picture from awhile back.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

I Have Money, Dammit. (A little anyway)

Yesterday I stopped back by the house whee I got the AnnaLee Dolls. They had some wonderful old oak tables, ice boxes and wardrobes that were just so nice. I saw a little old primitive spice box with 8 drawers sitting on a shelf. When I asked how nuch it was, the lady responded, "Oh, you couldn't afford that. It's antique." Well, that pissed me off - pardon the French. I can afford $100.00 - I'm not rich, but I'm not poor either. (And it was not worth $100.00 by a long shot) I said, "Yes, I understand that it is antique, but how much IS IT?" She told me, "It is ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS." Now, I suppose that she had had people trying to get stuff from her for cheap the past two days. You know how garge sales are and people that want stuff for little to nothing. But, I hadn't offered her 50¢ for it. I hadn't offered her anything fo the Annalee Dolls - SHE decided they were worth $1.00. I wish I could have whipped out a $500 Dollar Bill and said, "Do you have change?" I just got in the car and left. But, I'm still fuming.

As I type this, DH has his head in the toliet throwing up. Stay away - I do not want whatever type of stomach crud you have drug home this time.

Friday, September 22, 2006

PTSA Hospitality is OVER

Yesterday was my big day to set up for the PTSA Hospitatily Committee. I set up food in two lounges for about 100 teachers. I made 110 Ham Sandwiches (!), two veggie trays, four cookie platters (store bought) and two cupcake platers (home made). I contacted about 20 parents to bring food, but people were dropping off bags of chips and other small items. So, I felt that I needed to make a bunch of stuff to fill in. Well, at the last minute, food started rolling in. Big veggie platters from the deli, a hue fancy tray of smoked meats and cheese from the SmokeHouse, S'Barro (is that what it's called?) Subs, trays and trays of baked sweets, etc. We had soooo much food. The PTA President from last year had asked me if I needed more food the day before and I told her yes. She whipped out her cell phone and hit the parking lot while the parents were waiting for her kids and got about 12 people to bring more stuff in - so that really helped. I'm on my way to go clean it all up this morning. No school today. Yeah!

Hit a great sale yesterday in the morning. I recognized a lot of the items from a booth in the flea market where I had a booth. Then I stumbled on a box of AnnaLee dolls that I had admired at the Flea Market. They were $10.00 each at the Flea Market, but the lady told me she would take a lot less now. Well, a lot less to some people is not a lot less to me. I asked her as I was paying how much for the Anna Lee dolls and she told me $1.00 each! SOLD! I bought all 8 of them - a cowboy, strawberry picking girl, two pilgrim mice, an elf, a guy in a 1970's track suit, and I can't remember them all - but these are for me to keep and I love them!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

An Exciting Night on Ebay

I can't remember if I mentioned the vintage sports catalogs I bought about a week ago at a garage sale. I bought 18 books from 1954-1961. Twelve of them were Spaulding and Wilson Sports Catalogs from those years. I paid $3.00 for the whole lot of them. I listed the 12 catalogs and they ended tonight for.......$173.50. Holy Cow! Ya' gotta love ebay! I haven't had a good high auction like this in a long time. It makes your heart race! A lot of my friends on www.yardsalequeen.com were watching this auction end with me and they shared my excitement. Thanks everybody!

Frost, Flowers & Fungus

Last night it got down to 44 degrees. That is a real change from what we are used to in this area. We have been Trick or Treating in shorts and even gone to the Christmas Light lighting in shorts in the past. But, here it is September 20th and I had to break out the jackets.

All of my flowers are so pretty right now. But I know the first frost is around the corner. These pretty red impatients are in an odd old cone shaped bucket. I bought this bucket at a yard sale for $1.00 because I thought it was different and unique. Last summer we went to a Street Car Museum and there was my cone shaped bucket - behind GLASS. Ooooooooo! It is a fire bucket that used to hang on the side of the streetcar and used to extinguish fires. The cone shape makes the water come out in a huge area as opposed to a small area. The Curator told me that my bucket was most likely worth about $250.00. Oooooooooo!

I saw these mushrooms in Family Fun magazine last year. You take a log, top it with a metal mixing bowl and paint accordingly. The Electric company was topping trees so I stopped and picked up some logs. Then I found mixing bowls at Deal's for $1.00 each. I spray painted the bowls red then added the white dots for character. I think they are fun and give my garen a sense of humor. I found a fat frog and a tiny gnome later and added them to my mushrooms.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Money, Money, Money...

What kid doesn't love money? DS got $$$, Gift Cards and Presents at his party yesterday. He had ten friends come to the party. After cake and presents they rode the Go-Carts and Bumper Boats. Then they went nuts in the arcade. The kids got soaking wet on the Bumper Boats. I didn't know they would get wet! But, they had a blast and that's all that counts.

This morning we awoke to a downpour of rain followed by two hours without power. We have an all electric home which means there is NOTHING to do when the power is out. Soimetimes that is good - no laundry, no vacuuming, etc. But today it meant no coffee and no computer and that is a very baaaaad thing. DH went to the corner store to get me coffee. I would have gotten PO'ed about it since that must mean he thinks I get grumpy without coffee. But, he was right. This time. But only this time.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Friday in Town

We went to the hospital today to see the Orthepedic Surgeon. His theory is that DS deeply bruised the bone on the back of his shoulder and it may take 6-8 weeks to completely heal. He thinks it is fine, might be sore for a while longer, but will heal completely. Hitting the hard gym floor really bruised it deep. So, that is good news and we are going to go about our business as usual and think good thoughts. Yea!

When we left the hospital we found ourselves near a thrift so we went rummaging. I found these great old folk art seashell encrusted bottles for $2.00 each. I have sold numerous old shell encrusted boxes and vases, so I know they do well. Each one of these bottles should sell for $25.00-$30.00 each. They are soooo Kitschy!

After that we went to my favorite Dollar Shop. They have awesome things and everything is $1.00. Today I bought name brand scrapbooking kits that were priced at $12.99 each, a Teleflora Strawberry shaped teapot and numerous other items - all for $1.00 each. They had Fisher Price Fusion Characters for $1.00. I didn't buy any and now I wish I would have - I looked them up and a set of twelve is seling for $60.00 on ebay. I shoulda bought 'em ALL! Doh!

We also went to a new store called "Oops" - factory over runs, freight damaged items, discontinued items, etc. It is all new high end mechandise. I bought several nice Christmas gifts for my Stepfather, Father and Grandmother. Outside the front door they had this giant Adirondak Chair. I was happy that I am the sort of Mom that carries her camera everywhere. You never know when a Photo Op will occur!

Tomorrow I take 15 11 year olds out for a day of Go-Karts, Bumper Boats and Laser Tag for DS's late birthday party. Hope I'm still alive tomorrow night!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Must ORGANIZE! Must Organize!

When I originally started this blog it was supposed to be all about my bargains and my bargain hunting. I started blogging about my thrift store and yard sale finds and lately my personal life some. So today I will brag about a DEAL I got this week. At my Wal-Mart there is a whole long delicious aisle of Clearance merchandise. It is where all discontinued items go to die. You can get some really good deals if you time it right. I found a three pack of fabulous storge boxes - one large one, a photo box and one smaller than that. They were $12.96 but I found them for $1.75! I bought four sets of them. After I got them home I realized how cool they are and all the places I could really use these bad boys. So, I called DH who happened to be at the very same Wal-Mart doing his Bread Thing and asked him to go buy the other four sets. But, sadly, they were gone when he went back there. The next day my fellow bargain hunting yard saling thrift storing cheapo friend called and bragged TO ME about these fabulous storage boxes she got at Wal-Mart! She bought the other four! I guess great minds think alike!

On an unrelated note, this is how I found our fat cat, Tiger, sitting on the couch the other day. He like an old fat man.
DS went to the doctor yesterday for his two week follow-up on his shoulder. She thought he would be healed, but it still hurts. So she sent him over for X-Rays (not sure why this didn't happen two weeks ago). There isn't a fracture or dislocation, so that is good. She is sending him to a Shoulder Specialist (which I am sure has a more technical name than "Shoulder Specialist") tomorrow at 10:20 for a better diagnosis and an MRI. I think he is healing okay, but just needs a bit more time. But, we'll see......

http://handmadelove.livejournal.com This is the blog for my swap partner for the Red and Aqua swap. She has embroidered a little version of me and I am thrilled and so excited to recieve my nox of goodies. This won't be my last swap.

I'm off for a Parent-Teacher Conference, two hours of volunteering at school then a PTSA meeting tonight. Holy Gaucamole - I'm a "soccer" MOM!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

A Beautiful Day

Saturday was such a beautiful day outside. DH has taken on the very selfish habit of attending all at-home college football games, so DS and I are left to our own accord. Since there are 70,000 people in town, we can't go into town so we looked for a new destination. We went to my favorite cheap thrift and picked up a few goodies, then went outside town and headed in a new direction down a road we had never ventured. About 30 miles later I had really lost my footings and wasn't sure which direction we were headed. I am proud to say that I actually used the compass in the rear view mirror and figured out the correct direction to go home. East! As we continued to drive, I told DS that I wasn't certain, but I thought we might be nearing a lake. As soon as I said that, a truck pulling a boat came over the crest. We ended up going to the lake, walking around and having a nice time.

There were people in the water on air mattress and kids catching minnows, but that all cane to an abrupt end when someone noticed a few water moccasins in the water. I saw a woman jump off her air mattress and I swear she walked on water getting out of there. DS climbed these steps that seemed to lead nowhere so I could take his picture. After I took it, I climbed up and WOW- the lake was right there and plumeted down about 20 feet. I wouldn't have let him climb up there if I knew that in the first place!

We drove around to the other side of the lake to the top of a mountain and found these fun little cabins that you can rent for $70.00 a night. As you can see - they are small and DS barely is tall enough to fit through the door. I'd love to rent on on a crisp fall night and go on a nature walk in the woods. I am NOT a Nature Girl- but this looked fun.

There's another home game in a few weeks - I think we'll head South that weekend!

Friday, September 08, 2006

I vowed I wouldn't go saling this morning because I took my son to school in full scale ugly mode - no make-up, ratty at home clothes and my Crocs (with SOCKS - ehgads!). But, I saw a sing, and the car just turned on it's own! Besides, strangers at yard sales don't know what I relly look like anyway. This sale was at a brand dnew house in a swanky subdivision and it looked like the Fisher Price plant had exploded in their driveay. Tubs of toys, boxes of toys, tables of toys, toys everywhere. Where there weren't toys there was a crib, highchair, playpen, bathtub, etc. Baby and kid stuff everywhere. I decided to have a look anyway to see if I could find anything. I saw a tub of blankets, towels, sheets, etc. and I decided to rummage through it - you never know what you might find. The minute I felt the material - I knew I had found a vintage tea towel. Then when I saw it I could see the dancing pots and pans. It was priced at a quarter, so I didn't even bother unfolding it to check it out for damage. I shoved it under my arm to keep people from slamming on their brakes when they saw my towel and offered the people a hundred times the amount priced for it. Well, okay, my imagination runs away sometimes. But, I really didn't want anyone else to see it - it was MINE. When I got it home I discovered that it is in perfect pristine condition. It has such bright bold graphics and the colors are perfect with no stains or anything. I don't think it has ever been used. It's actually quite large for a tea towel. It might actually be a small tablecloth. I found another vintage tea towel with rose for 25¢ too - it is a little faded, but still chic as well as a vintage tablecloth with roses for 75¢. I also bought three vintage felt elves with the bendable legs and a SPLURGE boradgame from Vegas dated 1968. It has all the hotels and casinoes on it that made Vegas famous but are not longer there. I'm hoping it is collectible. Should be. I'll keep the elves for my Christmas decorations, but everything else is for resale. Even the dancing tea kettle towel........

Thursday, September 07, 2006

A Thrifty Week

I went to my super cheap thrift store, the Salvation Army and the Attic Thrift Store in the past two days. Of course, I bought a lot for resell so I am going to have to buckle down and LIST some stuff!!! Everyone says they are doing well on ebay right now, so I need to get my stuff listed.

At one thrift I found an old porcelain Shirley Temple doll. Her face was broken and one arm was broken. But, her clothes were perfect and she had the hand blown glass eys, curly wig, leather shoes and tiny porcelain teeth. I thought she was worth buying for the clothes alone. She was priced $2.00. Then one of my older lady volunteer friends came up and balked at the price - "Who would pay $2.00 for THAT???" she said. I told her I thought the clothes were in nice condition. She said, "Take it then." So, I have a free doll. I may list her as is in case someone could restore her or even just use all the parts to fis one they might already own.

Here's a photo of a few things I bought - The Illco WDW Mickey Mouse Wheelie thing was 55¢, the Mickey Mouse Toothbrush timer was 10¢, the 1970's green polka dotted shirt was 25¢, the canteloupe bowl was my priciest item at a whole dollar, the book "A Million Little Pieces" was 25¢ - a good read while I wait in line at school every day, the kitchy Indian Rattle is a 1950's Route 66 Souvenir thingy and it cost 25¢ and the neat vintage Dutch tin was 50¢.

I have an old wardrobe that I converted to hold dishes. It is full of my collection of dishes that look like fruits and vegetables. Not a plate with apples on it, but a plate in the shape of an apple. I have watermelon bowls, lemon pitchers, strawberry creamers, tomato plates, asparagus S&P shakers, etc. I've always wanted a canteloupe bowl (there's on on the kitchen table on "According to Jim") so I was happy to find this one.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Crikey! Crocs Rule!

Our family was saddened to hear of the untimely death of Steve Irwin. If you have kids under 12 then you know how important Steve Irwin was to kids. My son loved his shows ans loved Steve. For his 7th birthday party we did the whole "Crocodile Hunter" theme. The kids wore safari helmets and DS wore his khaki Steve Irwin outfit. The kids hunted plastic cros I had hidden in the creek, eggs full of rubber snakes hidden in the brush and once they got to looking around - they spotted lots of rubber snakes dangling in the trees for them to coax down. The kids had an absolute ball.

It's odd, I really never think about Steve Irwin or his family, but since I heard the news yesterday, I can't get his face out of my head or stop thinking about his family. He was so full of life. He will surely be missed by everyone. Crikey!

Back In The Saddle Again

DS is back in school after seven days off. I know he will be okay, but I am sure he will be tired when he comes home. I hope the teacher's all understand about his shouder and let him take care of himself. If not - MOM will fix 'em (the teacher's I mean!)!

Our family was saddened to hear of the death of Steve Irwin. My son has watched him for years and just loves him. We did the whole Crocodile Hunter party when he turned seven. He even has the whole Khaki Steve outfit. Steve was a great advocate for animals. I feel for his family as I know they were one very happy content family. Crikey! He'll be missed.

More TV chat - I'm so glad the summer daytime reruns are over. I keep an eye on "Regis and Kelly" and "The View" in the mornings. I'm intersted in seeing how the View will go with Rosie at the helm. Ought to make for some cat fights with Elizabeth as they are both VERY political. And, I'm not - but I love a good fight!

Tomorrow is DS's 11th birthday so I have lots to do to get ready for that. We postponed his party until 9-16. We are hoping that his arm will be better by then.

I've got thrift fever - but think I will stay home today. I've pulled soemthing in my back and I am kind of hunched ouver like Groucho Marx. Quite attractive!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Finally! Some Garage Sales!

DS is still hurting, but he is able to get out and go saling with Mom. Ibuprofen seems to help as well as an occassional ice pack.

Today we went to a Cheerleader fundraising sale and several yard sales. There is a big craft festival in the next town over. It is called The Clothesline Fair. It got it's name when ladies used to sell their quilts thrown over clotheslines. It is now a huge craft fair on one side of the highway with food and other flea market-y items on the other side of the highway. Because of this fair - lots of people are selling at roadside all the way there. We will go to the Clothesline Fair tomorrow.

I alomost had a heart attack at one sale when I spotted a lady carrying 5 sockmonkeys. I thought I had missed out on the deal of a lifetime. When I caught up with her, I spotted the price tags - $8.00 EACH! Holy batcr@p! They weren't even that cute. So, I did NOT miss out on a deal there!

My best most fun deal of the day was at the cheeerleader sale. They had all these folk art pens and pencils for 10¢ each. I pcked out 66 of them. Yes, an odd number, but those were the ones I liked. But, when I checked out, the little cheerleader told me that her Mom said to only charge me $2.00 for all of them since I was buying so many. Heck of a deal!

I also picked up a couple Leo Ward glass items. Leo Ward founded the Bluebird of Happiness at Tera Studios. Terra Studios in in the next town over to the East. I see these bluebirds (and other glass animals) everywhere and have always passed on them. Then I found out they sell on ebay. Surprise! So, I pick them up when I find them for 50¢ or less. Today I picked up an apple for 50¢ and a whale for 25¢. When my husbands Mother died, we found about 50 of these glass birds (and other animals too) in her house. That was one of the few things we decided to keep from her house. DS likes them and will probably inherit them someday, so we add to the collection when we can and sell the rest. Just like the Blue Bell ice cream Guys....."We eat all we can and sell the rest"!

I went to Dillon's for a few things. I had two $5.00 coupons for Schick Quattaro Titanium Razors. They were on sale for $7.99 - regularly $11.99. So, that would make them $2.99 each after coupons - a good deal for DH. When the checker scanned the coupon it took off the entire $7.99 price. I told her and she said, "The computer is always right." Well, no it isn't, but since it was in my favor - what the heck - I didn't argue!

DH is going to the U of A football game tonight. Ticket - $40.00. Parking $10.00. Two Hot dogs, Chips and a Coke - $15.00. Paying a guy to do his work while he's gone - $40.00. A night without cooking dinner and him snoozing on the couch for ME - PRICELESS! He'll leave at 5:00 and not be home until about 1:30 am after the game is over (kickoff is at 7:45) and traffic. We live three miles from the stadium, but traffic will take well over an hour and a half getting home. Wooo Pig Soooie. Yea, right. I hate sports.

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