What is a monkeybox?

When I was a little girl, we had a pet monkey named Amanda. My Dad worked in the produce business, so each night he brought home that days culls in a big box - spotty cucumbers, pithy apples, limp celery, moldy oranges and the like. We called it a monkeybox. It was really just trash, but my Mom would take each piece of fruit and trim it, pare it and cut it up to make a beautiful fruit platter for Amanda. Even though it was deemed trash by one, it still had life left in it and was good for the purpose we needed it. That's how I live my life - thrifting, yard saling, looking for another's trash to be my treasure.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Apple Picking

For a while now, I have been reading on blogs "Fall is here!" Well, it wasn't HERE. It had been hot and humid and just plain yucky. I couldn't see an end in sight. But, then this weekend...well, this weekend, it was glorious. It was only in the low 60's all weekend. that, my friends, is my type of weather.

About two years ago we discovered an apple orchard on the backside of the local Civil War Battlefield.  We had been going to this Battlefield for years, but we had never found the Apple Orchard before.  The trees were touching the ground there were so many apples.  But, we didn't know if we could sneak one to eat or if that was against the rules. 

Then we spotted this sign, "Apples available to the Public".  We asked and found that the apples were FREE - all you can take, just pick them yourself, be neat about it and keep it on the down-low so they aren't swamped and picked clean in a day. 

Last year we were excited to return to the orchard and pick baskets and baskets of apples - I would can pie filing, apple butter and apple sauce - even though I have never, ever canned in my entire life.  I would make pies upon pies.  We would share pies, freeze pies and eat pies.  Grandiose plans, indeed.  When we arrived at the orchard, there wasn't an apple anywhere to be found.  We thought it had been picked clean, but we learned that the ice storm had damaged all the trees and they were not able to bear fruit that year. 

We returned this year and discovered tree upon tree of beautiful apples.  My plans are less grandiose this year - pick a basket to eat, a basket to give away and enough for a couple pies.  That's it.  We did pick a bushel of apples on Saturday and we are going back this weekend.  I tell you, there is nothing better than grabbing an apple right off the tree and biting right into it.  Crisp and juicy and delicious!

Here is our method for "picking" apples.  We do pick them, just not off the trees - we pick them up off the ground.  An older man was there that first year and he thought us to reach up, grab a branch and shake the tree.  Whatever falls out is ripe.  It takes two people to do this - the Shaker and the Watcher.  I shake the tree, the Bean watches to see where they fall and picks them up. 

We found a bag of trinkets hanging in one of the trees and discovered that we had stumbled upon our very first Geocache.  Which is sort of funny, because we have actually gone looking for a Geocache, but never found one.  So, to have found one without actually looking for one, was fun. 
I had just left the Super Cheap Thrift and had some silly trinkets in my pocket from the FREE box, so we swapped out a thing or two and returned it to it's place in the tree.  Since then, I have learned that there are 15 Geocaches at the park, so we need to go on a full scale hunt someday soon.

The history of the Borden Apple Orchard in a bit gruesome, but it is true and necessary.  During the Battle of Prairie Grove, hundreds of soldiers were killed.  There were laid to rest in temporary shallow graves in a filed behind the Borden House.  When this particular battle ceased, the bodies were moved one by one Fayetteville to what is now the Confederate Cemetery.  The Confederate Cemetery is about a 25 minute drive, but I imagine it took days to go back and forth with each soldier's body during the war.  After all the bodies were moved, the orchard was planted in that field where it remains today.  I find it to be a beautiful and peaceful place. 

Review Time

I've done several reviews for products at CSNStores.  And now, I have been named one of their Preferred Bloggers.  As well as that honor, they have offered to let me review another item just for you.  CSNStores offers a nice selection of bar stools, cookware and other fine products in their stores.  Did you know they have over 200 on-line stores???? 

What shall I reveiw?

I like this PINK Jewelry Box.

And this PINK Pie pan.

I don't know what I will review.  Maybe you should stop by CSNStores and have a look around. 

You never know what you will find!

Thanks CSNStores!

Monday, September 27, 2010


I use a lot of colorful tissue garland festooning in my creations.  I was constantly looking on ebay and Etsy for different color variations of it for my stash.  But, I hated paying $5.00 and up for just a few yards.  So, I decided to do some detective work and find my own source of festooning.  I found some and made a small order just to make sure that the quality was good before I ordered some of every color. 

When I got it - it was great festooning!  I ordered two rolls each of nineteen different colors.  Now I have  yards and yards of every color! 

I have a roll of each color packed away in one of my favorite baskets. 

And the rest of the colors will be headed to Etsy if you happen to need any festooning for your creations!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

A picture is worth...nada

Grrrr.  I wanted to do a post chock full of phots.  But, Blogger has decided to change the format once again and I cannot get any photos to load.  I do so hate change!!!

Maybe tomorrow I can show you my day of football, the Goodyear blimp, free picking at the apple orchard, a bride and groom, a giant Ronald McDonald and my first Geocache.

Maybe not!  Only Blogger knows!

Friday, September 24, 2010

"We're #10! We're #10!"

Saturday is a huge game day here in Arkansas!  The Razorbacks take on the Alabama Tide!  CBS Game Day is going to be shot right up the street from my house!  The Good Year Blimp is in town!  I am using a lot of exclamation points because it is all very exciting!

If I gave one ding dang damn about football that is.  What a ginormous pain in the old rumpus - 80,000 people in town, hotels and restaurants are packed.  Traffic friggin' everywhere.  Every.single.car (except MINE) has assorted Razorback flags, magnets and pompoms all over it. 

Apparently this is one of the biggest games around here in a long time.  Two top ten teams playing for the first time in over five hundred years.  (I have no idea how long it is - I turn off the news as soon as the sports announcer shows up).  The Breadman announced very happily that the Razorbacks where "Number 10".  The Bean and I threw up our hands and yelled "We're Number 10!"  And then we laughed hysterically.  I do know that it is a big deal, it just sounded so funny to be excited over being "Number 10!"  We thought about buying ten foam fingers and fashioning a #10, but it proved to be cost prohibitive.  Plus, The Breadman so did not find it humorous. 

We did travel through campus to get to the airport to get a gander at the Good Year Blimp.  Here's a ridiculous statement....That thing is HUGE.  I mean, I 've seen it in the air, but on the ground...it is HUGE!

On the way to the airport we drove through Road Hog park which is where the insanely rich Alumni park their huge RV's and buses.  There are over 400 RV's parked there this weekend.  I find it amazing to see their huge red RV with the Razorback canopy and the Razorback lawn chairs and the Razorback grill and the fake ficus trees with Razorback helmet lights and the big concrete Razorback state all getting unpacked from under the RV.  When we drove by tonight, all the people staying at the park where lined up in their golf carts, Mules and scooters and they were having a parade.  It really cracked me up.  I don't enjoy sports, but if I did, that would be the way to do it - immerse yourself, go for it and have fun.  The Breadman has season tickets and he takes it far too seriously.  He never seems to enjoy it, he yells at the refs, he really takes it personal.  I say it is a GAME.  GAMES should be fun. 

So, that's the one and only sports report you will EVER see here!  Roll Tide.  (ha)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Cute. Cheap. What More Could You Want?

I stopped in at Lowe's today to buy a replacement handle for our shower that has gone from a drip, drip, drip to a dribble, dribble, dribble to a constant trickle. The good news is that the shower no longer leaks. (I won't mention the three hour part where it did NOT fit, we had to turn off the water in the entire house, make a return trip to Lowe's for additional parts, a major hissy fit from the Breadman when I pointed out that he didn't use all of the parts that were included in the package, the sobbing fit I had when he yelled at me for mentioning the aforementioned missing parts and the fact that the handle is crooked and the "H" is where the "C" should be and "C" is where the "H" should be. But, like I said, I won't mention that....   (I will say that I am the person that fixes everything and I was going to fix it tomorrow AFTER the dishes were done, hands were washed, toilets were flushed and showers were done. I'm just sayin'...)

Okay, so when I was at Lowe's and I was headed to the Plumbing Aisle, I spotted a 50% off sign, which sent my cart reeling off in the opposite direction. The Patio Furniture had a 50% off sign by it, but the actual shelf tags were at least 75% off. They had various tables, screens, market umbrellas and other items all very cheap. But, what did I spot that made my heart sing with happiness?

A wee little child's metal Motel Chair.  OH MY GOSH!  I didn't even know these existed.  I have ten adult sized vintage chairs like this in my yard as well as two different vintage gliders.  I love old metal lawn chairs. 

I found three of the little chairs, but one box was open and I feared it might be missing parts.  I bought this sweet pale yellow one and a green one as well.  Have I mentioned that I love them?

And, the best part?


I know!

(BTW, I do not care that I do not have or even know a child that can sit in these chairs.  I love them!)

**Edited to add that The Breadman, in an effort to redeem himself from the shower fixing fiasco, brought the third little chair home to me today as an "I'm sorry" gift.  So, now I have two green ones and the yellow one.  Bring your kids over for a visit sometime!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Oh I Wish

Oh, I wish I was an.......

That is what I'd truly like to be.

'Cause if I were an ....
Everyone would be in love with me.


You'll be singing this all.day.long.

I know I have been.


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Saturday's Finds

So, here I am back a mere 16.5 hours after my post about TOO MUCH STUFF with today's Yard Sale Finds.  Hahahahahahahaahahahaha.  I think I have a sickness.  But, I just had to get out and see what I could find.  I would have been happy to come home empty handed.  But, I just needed to see with my own eyes that there weren't piles of Marie pottery, Hawaiian paintings and Rushton animals lying in the driveways this morning.  I didn't find any of those things, but I did enough to make me happy, but not so much that it is a burden.  Best part - it's already all put away where it belongs.  So, it's not a STUFF issue!

I found this great old Vertifile File Cabinet for a  dollar.  I've never seen anything like it.
The top slides open like this.  It reminds me of a library cart or a mailroom cart.  I am going to use it in the Booth to hold books.  I think it would be cool on a patio full of iced drinks too. 

The smalls.  Two 1950 "My Pictionary" books, a glass cat pin cushion, a string of beads with roses, vintage Christmas tree brooch, funny elephant baby pull toy, a wooden Santa, a red thermos for my collection and a vintage checked tablecloth for that collection too.  (I love it when my junk photos look artistic.)

Also, good news. 

I found Jesus at a yard sale.

Baby Jesus that is. 

I bought all these back in May, but there wasn't a Jesus to be found. 

And lastly, two old vintage Bake King Bread pans.  I'm going to use them to hold notepads and pencils.

Maybe I will have more restraint this week?  Only time will tell.....;o)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Stuff, stuff, stuff...I am Stuffed Out

Now that we have begun the heavy duty cleaning out of my Grandmother's house, I find myself in a bit of a STUFF overload.  Stuff at my house, stuff at her house, stuff in the car, stuff to be thrown away, stuff to be donated, stuff to be sold, stuff for this family member, stuff for that family member, stuff, stuff, stuff.  It's a lot of stuff.

Dealing with all this stuff has left me completely exhausted and stressed out.  And, what does Shara usually do when she is stressed out?  She goes thrifting.  More stuff.  Stuff, stuff, stuff.  Luckily, I have been able to go to a few thrifts and find only a few things that I had to have.  Less stuff.  That's good

What did I buy?
A nice old vintage CAKE carrier for the booth. 

(OH, my GOD.  I forgot about the booth.  MORE STUFF.  I have stuff everywhere.)

A pink enameled cup of some sort.  I quit buying enameled things years ago.  But, pink enamel?  Are you kidding me? 
An elf for my collection.  My one and only purchase at a thrift store today.

So, that's not that much stuff...right?  One thing to sell, one to keep and the pink cup to be thunk about.  (Thunk is too a word!)

But, then there's the stuff I brought home from my Grandmother's house.

A very lovely vase marked Colo Springs on the bottom.  It isn't my usual pastel white or pottery, but it is so pretty that I decided it would have a good home at my house.
Two boxes of vintage oil pastels.  I love old packaging.
Complete with the oil crayons. 

Now, here's where the stuff gets a little out of control.  But, first, a back story.  Most of my childhood memories of birthday parties, Christmas and Easter are at my Great Grandmother's house.  She was the original Martha Stewart - colored Fiestaware dishes, cut glass dishes with one for sweet pickles ONLY, another for black olives ONLY, etc.  She's the Grandma that had the mini toasting glasses that I love so much.  She always put a number candle on the birthday cakes.  She set a beautiful table, made crepe paper party hats for each occasion and dressed to match it all.

Here is my Great Grandma in her red pantsuit and red party hat sitting in her favorite red chair.  She died when I was only six years old.  She was the only "Grandma" I ever had in the bake you cookies, buy you a doll sort of Grandma.  My Grandmother (her daughter) wasn't that type of Grandma. 

When we started cleaning out the house, I thought I wouldn't get sentimental about things because my Grandmother wasn't the typical Grandma with typical Grandma sort of things.  But, that's when we started unearthing tons of things that belonged to my Great Grandma.  Ohboy.  Things I remember, like dishes and glasses and serving bowls and such.  One of my fondest memories was everyone drinking out of Santa Mugs at Christmas.  I've been searching out vintage Santa Mugs for the past few years and I have amassed quite a collection of them based on that memory.   So, you can imagine how giddy I got when I found a box marked "Santa Mugs" out in the shed.  Could they be?
My great Grandma's actual Santa mugs!  Winkers and blinkers and wide eyes and everything in between.  I still can't believe I found them. 
There was this stack in the box too.  They are a bit smaller and two of them had really bad transfers on their faces.  Three of them weren't bad at all.  After I took this photo, the neighbor cat came over for a visit and jumped on the table.  I heard a *CrAsH* and thought, "My CUPS!"

But, luckily, and I really do mean luckily, the only two that fell and broke were the two that were in really bad shape.  Whew.  They are all back in the box and safe again. 

I am really trying to only bring home the minimum amount of stuff now.  If I really, really, really love it and no one else wants it, I will bring it home.  But, I won't be bringing anything home just for the sake of having it. 

'Cause I am stuffed out.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Weekend Loot

I finally drug out all my junk from the weekend and took photos of it.  Thank goodness for that freebie table from the abandoned house next door that is still sitting in my driveway.  I can just schlep it out and snap away.  Who cares what the neighbors think? 
Before I get to the loot, here's my girl all glittered up.  I just love her (and I'm happy most of you do too!).

The title of this photo is, "The thing I bought that I thought was neat until I realized what it actually was and then I didn't think it was neat as I did before."  Catchy, huh?  I found this at the Senior Center where everything is 25¢ to 50¢.  This scrapbook was only a quarter, it was pink and it was dated 1963, so it was a no brainer.  But, when I got home to look at it, I saw it was actually a catalog of vintage 1963 Christmas Cards, but all the cards had been torn out.  Boo.  I'm disappointed that the cards are gone, but I didn't know they should have been in there in the first place, so I am getting over it.  Sort of.
Toy department:  A HEXED Puzzle, complete in the box, The Newlywed Game and a small celluloid Pluto marionette.  I bought the Pluto at a yard sale at a pristine well kept home where a very elderly couple lived.  The garage was full of things.  When I got there, a lady walking out to pay was carrying a Fisher Price Pig pull toy form the 1950's with a 25¢ price tag on it.  I was sick that I missed that.  But, then I found the Pluto for 25¢ and thought that made up for it.  I wish I would have found that sale earlier in the day.  I bet they had killer old stuff.    And, I bet it was all 25¢.
Baby Department:  An old wooden baby crib toy, a celluloid rattle and a Irmi clown toy.

Pottery Department:  75¢ total for both.  Love the green one - sell the brown one.
From the 10¢ table at the Pluto sale.....Five glass insulators (I like to put them on my fenceposts), two bisque dogs, a wee plastic basket and a fantastic Rooster/Chicken Cake topper set.  Not sure exactly what holiday those would be appropriate for, but cute!

This weekend, I found something for every holiday except Halloween.  Which is odd since that is the next holiday.  You would think that stuff would be showing up at sales.  I managed to find every other holiday.
"Be My Valentine" Hankie - stack of six hankies at the Senior Center - 25¢.

Two bedraggled forlorn mohair bunnies with wooden carrots.  Scrounged from a box of Christmas lights in a shed at the auction yesterday.  25¢ for the pair.
Two vintage Mother's Day framed prints - 30¢ each from the Pluto sale.
4th of July:  A copy of the Declaration of Independence (I actually bought six of them for 10¢ each) and a house that lights up and has a light show in the back.  It really looks good in the dark and will be a great addition to my Patriotic Decor.  It killed me to buy something "new", but I liked it anyway.
Thanksgiving:  One huge turkey (A Gurley, I think, I hope)  for 10¢ from the Pluto sale and a wee one from the Estate Sale on Sunday - thrown in for FREE.

Christmas:  Three vintage tins - actually I got six in a box for 50¢ total.  I shook one and heard it rattle, so I took a chance that I might find a treasure inside. 
I didn't find all this in the tin.  Just the tiny ornaments on the card (and the loose ones too) and the ornament hanger box.  The rest of the ornaments were from the Senior Center - 75¢ for a bag full - most of which were plain ones destined for a "Shiny Brite" wreath until someone.....*cough* Breadman *cough* knocked them off the shelf and shattered them all.  Bad Breadman!  The bell is a Swiss Music Box (from the Senior Center for a quarter) and sounds quite lovely.
The green cookie cutter in the middle was a freebie at the Estate Sale too.  I know it was free and it is tiny, but it presents a real problem for me.  I just cleaned out my vast collection of cookie cutters last week and I only kept one of each shape in silver and copper.  All the rest (nearly 100) went to the Flea Market (where I consistently sell cookie cutters).  So, now I find out there are colored cookie cutters?  Oh my!  I thought I had one of my collections under control.  Then again, since this is the very first colored cookie cutter I have ever seen, I suppose it isn't a real problem.  (Watch - I'll find a gallon bag of them at the next sale....).

So, what did you find this weekend?

Sunday, September 12, 2010

She's a Party Girl

I bought a ton of junk this weekend.  Friday proved to be a good day for yard saling.  I stopped at a Church sale, five yard sales and a sale at the Senior Center on the way to my Grandmother's house where I brought home more things (less exciting things like groceries, light bulbs, batteries and one exciting thing - a sweet little 19" flat screen for my kitchen).  Anyway, all my treasures made me giddy, but when I got home and started unloading and unpacking, I got a bit overwhelmed and never took any photos of it.  I will do that tomorrow. 

I did see an Estate Sale in town that began on Friday and ran through today.  I went to the gallery and looked at all the photos, but I only spotted one thing that make me happy.  And, one thing wasn't enough to make a special trip.  But, today we were going to the Flea Market and out to eat, so I just happened to make the car go to the Estate Sale.  (I had noticed that Sunday everything was 50% off).

We went in and walked from room to room - lots of dolls, Asian items and glassware.  Not my sort of thing.  I said, "Where's the stuff I like?" And, the Bean responded - "The garage is that way and there's a shed out back".  Ah, that's my boy! 

As I went to head towards the shed, I stepped out onto the back porch and spotted the one thing that I had spotted in the Gallery.  It was still there!  What was it?
This completely freaking adorable hanging lamp.  Oh, my gosh.  I just lurve it so much.  The chippy party hat, the face, it's just too much.  (I took off that gaudy chain right away).

She was priced $20.00, but I got her for $10.00.  Actually, I got a box full of random things and her for $14.00, so I think I did okay.  I am going to glitter her party hat pink.  Oh, she is so much fun!

She will hang in my Office and make me smile every single day!

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

A Halloween Swap for YOU


I'm up to my ears with school, my house, my Grandmother's house, Wills, the Booth and many other things.  So, what better time to host a SWAP?  Ha!  Actually, I need something to keep my hands and mind busy when I do have a minute of downtime.  And, I do enjoy a good project.

Here's my idea - slightly my own, slightly stolen from another blog.  Ahem.  ;o)

I need eight people to participate.  Each one will make a  6" x 4" (or there abouts) section of a banner representing a letter of HALLOWEEN.  Once you complete your letters- mail them to me (along with $3.00 for part of the mailing costs) and I will put them on a length of ribbon, so that once you receive it, you can just hang it up and enjoy it. You do need to be willing to make nine identical letters.  You can extend it off the edges and corners, make it either direction...do whatever you want.  Just have FUN!

You can make you letter cute or spooky or happy or silly or vintage or new or modern or whatever floats your boat.  It can have the letter prominent in the center, or off center - whatever - just make sure it is plainly visible and sort of big.  You don't want it to say HALLoWEEN.  Caps or Lower case are okay. It can be round or rectangle or a triangle.  Don't forget to punch two holes in the corners!

Now here's the tricky part.  I need GOOD reliable people for this swap.  I had a flaker on my egg swap, which was a bummer, but at least that just meant everyone got one less egg than they should have gotten.  If we have a flaker this time, we will get banners that say, 'HALLWEEN" or "HALLOWEE".  Not good.... 

So, if you are a good reliable swapper and a good crafter (by good I mean, you like to make crafts and you do it consistently) send me an email to monkeybox@juno.com saying "LET ME IN! LET ME IN!"  As soon as we have eight (I'm the 9th!) people, I will post that the swap is FULL and send letter assignments out to each person.

Now as for actual swap ideas:  You could sew a 6x4 piece of felt and embellish it, cut up an old greeting card and use it, make it out of cardstock, construction paper, an old book page, whatever says YOU.  Add glitter, doodads, ghosts, pumpkins, candy corn, trinkets, bats, anything fun - make a collage, make a mini piece or artwork, make if fun!!!! 

Hopefully we can fill this up by this weekend and I can pass out assignments.  I need to have them in my hands by October 4th so I can string 'em up and get 'em in the mail. 

Sounds like fun, huh?!?!?  So, email me!  (And, if you really, really want a certain letter - let me know!)

Monday, September 06, 2010

Happy Birthday Bean

My Bean. He is Fifteen.

He used to be so cute. 

He is still cute.

He used to be so funny. 

He is still funny.

Knowing he is 15 is making me blue.

That's not me. 

But, I'm still blue.

I love you, Bean!

Happy Birthday!

I Can See You!

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