What is a monkeybox?

When I was a little girl, we had a pet monkey named Amanda. My Dad worked in the produce business, so each night he brought home that days culls in a big box - spotty cucumbers, pithy apples, limp celery, moldy oranges and the like. We called it a monkeybox. It was really just trash, but my Mom would take each piece of fruit and trim it, pare it and cut it up to make a beautiful fruit platter for Amanda. Even though it was deemed trash by one, it still had life left in it and was good for the purpose we needed it. That's how I live my life - thrifting, yard saling, looking for another's trash to be my treasure.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Winner, Winner, Winner

Thanks for playing along on "How Do You Say My Name?" Along with the comments on the post below, I had several people email with their guesses. I put the correct answers in a hat and had DS draw one out. And the winner is......FunFindsForYou. Congrats!

My name is Shara - Share-uh. Rhymes with Farrah as FunFinds pointed out. And, I do look surprising like Farrah when I don my red swimsuit.

Ha-Ha. Chuckle Chuckle. Snicker.

When I was helping Coach Volleyball this year, there was a little girl named "Sherra" on the team. She pronounced it just like mine even though they are spelled differently. It was odd to hear, "GO SHERRA/SHARA!" from her team mates when she served. She was just as surprised to hear MY name for the first time.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Thrifty Finds & Buys This Week

I've been to the Salvation Army three times this week. Whoopsie. Actually DH works in the building adjacent to the Salvation Army Thrift store and I have had to make a few trips to his work. And, since it is right next door, it seems silly not to go in. Right? Monday I left pretty much empty handed except for a couple books and a little Boyds Bear for a total of $1.25. Tuesday I dug in the linen bin, where I have NEVER found anything old except (an occassional Watermelon Potholder). I was surprised to find a Mother- Daughter pair of Christmas Aprons, two vintage fruit-motif tea twoels turned into curtain panels and a vintage fruit motif napkin. I paid $1.50 for all five items. As I passed the wallpaper bin, I spotted stacks of books that I knew were scrapbooking papers. (I just love the thinking of the SA workers - "Paper's Paper! Put it together!"). I pulled out five big brand new Colorblox books. I've looked at these at Hobby Lobby and know they run from $14.99-$19.99. They were priced $2.00 each so I gathered them all up. I went back the next day and found three more for a total of $16.00 for 8 brand new Colorblox books. That's less than ONE new. Don't tell DH, but I haven't actually done any scrapbooking at all in over a year, but I sure do buy it! I do make cards, embellish packages and the like with it. I might even try these on ebay.

I found a fun Thursday Sale with lots of little goodies today. Everything in the picture except the demonic cat cost $12.50.
My finds include:
Set of three old cheese boxes - $4.00
Red & White Enamel lid - 25¢
4 pc. Bakelite handled silverware - 10¢ each
Green painted wooden handle can/bottle opener - 10¢
Old silver pickle fork - 10¢
Gorgeous Blue Glass Egg Shaped Vase - $1.00 (Got it home and discovered a huge freakin crack in it. Doh!)
Little Resturant or Railroad China Creamer or Toothpick - 10¢
JAPAN Painted Tumbler - 25¢
Two old bottles that the guy had dug up - for my Rx collection - 10¢ each
Little glass race car shaped bottle - 10¢
Fireking Yellow cup - 10¢
Federal Pearlescent Cup - 10¢
Wood rack with set of copper Figural Spoons - $2.00
White lamb shaped pottery planter - 50¢
Chalkware Wiseman - 10¢
Anchor Glass Green Vase w/ Original Paper Label - 50¢
Hazel Atlas Creamer - 10¢
Orange Glass Bowl - 25¢
Two Handmade Christmas Ornaments - 5¢ each
Milk Glass Salt & Pepper Shakers - 75¢
10 Old Ceramic Circus Animals, Ringmaster & Clown - 50¢ total
Inside the old cheese boxes I found a hand carved old crochet needle that is so rustic and cool. Not pictured is a Wilton Batman logo cake pan for 25¢. It didn't really "fit" in the photo with all the cool old stuff.

I found a pattern for this little felt duck beanbag online. I whipped her up pretty quickly. Then I went and bought a nice stack of yellow and orange felt to make an entire flock.
I've seen a lot of things in my birdfeeder this winter. Cardinals, Pigeons, Doves, Blue Jays, a big Woodpecker and even a Squirrel. But when I saw THIS this morning - I knew I had seen it all.I thought the cat might be looking for a bird to munch on - but then I watched it eat cracked corn! What a crazy cat. This is a neighborhood cat that makes the rounds - I'm not sure where it really lives.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

What's My Name Giveaway

After answering my phone this morning and hearing a telemarketer mispronounce my name once again, I wondered.....Do my blog readers know how to SAY my name? Maybe I'm being naive and everyone KNOWS how to say it. Just curious.

I've never met another SHARA. Have YOU?

How DO you say my name?

How do YOU say my name?

Just leave a comment with your version of my name. Don't forget to spell it phonetically or rhyme it with something. Correct answers will be thrown into a hat for a drawing for a yet to be determined goody. I like to send people things they like or collect. So, once I get a winner, I'll come up with a goody or two or three.

*Disclaimer: Anyone having given birth to me may not enter.

From the Gallows to the Giant Cow - We Saw It All

I've got two loads of towels on the coffee table waiting to be folded, a set of sheets waiting to be put on DS's bed and all the cleaning products laid out to clean the bathroom. So, it seemed like the obvious time to come update my blog!

This was an old split log fence that ran around the perimeter of the old Gallows. The Gallows were the sight of public hangings in the 1800's. The town of Fort Smith only had 2,500 residents, yet when a hanging occurred nearly 5,000 people attended. And no women or children were allowed - so that was 5,000 men that came to watch a hanging. No phones to alert the neighbors, but word of an impending hanging spread like wildfire.

This is the stone wall that stands behind the Gallows. I thought the white mortar made the stone really pop. I'm sure that's what the bystanders and the people being hung thought too. ;o) We visited the Executioner's home. He lived a few blocks from the Jailhouse and the Gallows. He hand made each noose at his house. When he left the house to go to work, the neighbors and bystanders would see that he was carrying a noose and start spreading the word that there was going to be a hanging. People would come from all over to watch.

These steps lead up to the Gallows. I have visited this place before when I was in Junior High and High School on Field Trips. We all climbed the steps and feined fake deaths as we pretended to be hung. Oh, how funny we thought we were. But, now that I am *cough* more mature, the Gallows were a very chilling place. Knowing that men, women and Native Americans were all hung there was very eerie. The very first person was hung on my birthdate a hundred odd years before my birthday. Oh joy.

Here are the actual Gallows. They could hang 12 people at once and apparently did so often. You can't go up there anymore, which I think is a good thing. Too many photos of dumb kids pretending to be hung and laughing about it.

And now for the less arsty, but more amusing photos. This is DS when he broke into the Toddlers Only area and wrangled himself a stick pony and cowboy hat to view the Rodeo Exhibit in the museum. This will be a good photo for his Wedding Slideshow.

"Ooooh, Ooooh, a little BREAD TRUCK! Take my picture by it! Take my picture by it!" And that was my HUSBAND talking. So, here he stands all sleepy looking by a bread truck. Now, that's a nice change of pace.

Here is DS standing beside the GIANT COW at the Pig & Pepper BBQ Resturant. They weren't open yet so all the cooks and waitstaff were outside smoking cigarettes. They thought we completey touristy and nerdy for taking a picture with the GIANT COW. Hey, we are easily amused in my family. And we are non-bovine eaters. So, we wanted a picture by the GIANT COW - get over it.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Eastery Goodness

I promised photos of my goodies from last week. We have a Hobby Lobby here but not a Michael's. And now, after visiting Michael's, that might be a good thing. Too many cool and wonderful things! And lots of Clearance! I picked up lots of goodies for gifts, goodie boxes and the Spring Fling Pink and Green Swap, etc. And, yes, of course, I picked up some goodies for Yours Truly. I found these fabulous vintag-y old looking bunnies and they just jumped in my cart! Okay, not really. I actually tried not to buy them. But, I wanted them. And so there they sit, in my living room, so there. All three pices cost a total of less than $12.00, so I didn't break the bank or anything. It's just that I so do NOT need anymore bunnies. I just want more bunnies.... The vase is full of Forsythia and Peach Tree Blossoms from my yard.

I also went to an "Everything's a Dollar Store" and found a few goodies. Some Dollar Stores have a lot of imported crap-ola. But you can find some goodies if you look around with an open eye. I got these cute-ola chickie egg cups for $1.00 each. They'll never see a REAL egg, but they are cute as heck on my shelf.
And, I got a set of 6 painted eggs with strings for my tree. I bought two sets thinking they were cute enough. When I got home and took them out of the box - one was broken and I discovered that they are real blown-out eggs and all hand painted. And, each egg was priced at $1.00, but I seemed to have gotten a set of 12 for only $2.00.
This is a shelf in the living room with my favorite Bunnies and Easter items. I actually collect bunnies and have for years. I like the ones that are not Easter-y, per say, but more "year round". Some of my favorite items on here are the big Chocolate Bunny at the top which is actually just ceramic, but looks good enough to eat, the little vintage book "Christopher's Hoppy Day" which is about a boy named Christopher (DS's name) who gets a pet bunny for Easter, the three old Chalkware bunnies in the middle and the little pink bunny girl on the bottom shelf. She still has the paper JAPAN tag on her foot and is very, very old. I scored her at the thrift many years ago for a mere 25¢. The egg plate in the center was a purchase last week at the Super Cheap Thrift for 45¢.

This little display in in front of the window and is on top of one of my vintage picnic baskets. There's the little egg cart I nabbed for 50¢ a few weeks ago! I still love it! Inside it is a set of Annalee bunnies that I picked out of the FREE box at the thrift. They are priceless to me! I bought the pink, yellow and purple floral things to make a wreath for the front door. But, when I hung them in a basket on the door, the idiot birds pecked the little berries off and tried to eat them. They are styrofoam! Not good for the birds, the flowers or my mood. So, now they are in a basket in the living room. The little print came from the thrift last week for 15¢.

Here's a close up of the Easter Tree. It looks a bit crowded and gaudy in this picture, but it is actually quite cute. I especially like the Jelly Bean Ribbon from the Dollar Tree and the Chickie lights I found at a yard sale last week for $1.00. Sadly, the Holiday Tree will be coming down after Easter since the lights seem to put out extra heat in the living room and summer is coming. No need to make the Central Air work it's tushy off.

And lastly, this vintage Rushton Bunny Girl that I got at Goodwill in Topeka, KS last summer for $1.27. She was really, really, REALLY supposed to go on ebay in time for Easter this year. But during the 7 months she sat in my office awaiting listing, I fell in love with her. Whoopsie. I sold a Rushton Teddy Bear for $287.00 once and thought she was worth the same. Seems as though she isn't worth nearly that amount now. So, that is a good thing. 'Cause I wanted to keep her. So, I did.

*On a side note: I am so proud of myself for FINALLY geting the dang pictures centerd and not have my words all scrunched up on the sides or split up all over the posts. Not sure if it was Blogger or the Bloggee.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Home Again

We're back home again. And, even though I enjoyed our little jaunt, it is always nice to come back home to your own bed, your own shower, your own coffeepot, etc. What is UP with those itty bitty teeny tiny little coffee pots in the hotel? And WHY do they put them in the BATHROOM? The coffeepot was teetering on the edge of the bathroom counter about 6 inches from the toilet. Eeew. I moved that sucker out to the desk in the room. And why isn't there a decent chair in the room? We had a straight back hard wooden chair and chair that I can only assume they found sitting by a dumpster. It was a 1980's low, low, low style swivel chair. DS did discover he could sit in it on his knees and push off on the wall and the bed and spin, spin, spin. Kind of like Disneyland right there in the room.

We did leave the room and do some fun things too. My batteries are charging, so I can't download my photos right now. I'll share the educational and historical things we did later.

I did learn a few things on this trip:

1. I think I do to much for DS. I usually make his breakfst on school days so he can wolf it down and head for school. At the hotel they had loaves of bread and a toaster. So, he wanted toast. First he asked which way the bread goes - right side up or up side down. "Uh - right side up", I decided. Which side of the toaster do you use- "Uh, it doesn't matter", I decided. What setting do you use? "Uh, 4?" I decided. Finally the toast was done - anyone knows what to do next, so I left him on his own while I got some cereal. That's when I watched him butter both of his pieces of toast and then, FLIP them over and buttter the other sides. I asked him why he was buttering both sides and he said, "Shouldn't I?" Me thinks I need to teach him some things....

2. Michael's has way too much cute stuff. DH needed a nap after our arrival, so DS and I went to Michael's across the parking lot. Oh my. Such Eastery cuteness. And lots of Clearance. Thank heavens we don't have one here....(Photos to come...) And thank heavens DH was not with me.....

3. Not all Goodwill's are created equal. We went to one that was icky, smelly and very high priced. And, people were buying cartloads of crap. The Goodwill that I go to occassionally a few towns over is clean and moderately priced. The Goodwill I visited in KS was HUGE, well stocked and very inexpensive.

4. A very bad name for your city's Water Treatment Plant is...."P" Street Water Treatment Plant. I didn't get a photo of that - wish I would have. DS laughed over that one for a long time.

'Til later -

Monday, March 19, 2007


Two people that I "know" have died in the past week. One last Tuesday and I just found about about another this morning.

The first was a man in our community that did a lot for the school system. He was a major Band Booster and raised a lot of money for the school. He also volunteered to be a Crossing Guard on a very dangerous part of the highway. Big trucks go speeding past on this four lane highway and sometimes the kids run across when there is still a car coming in the fourth lane. Iis very scary to watch. So, Joe volunteered to cover it. Last week Joe was driving home and he saw an accident ahead on the road. I don't know all the particulars, but he soon realized it was his son's car involved in the accident. The details are hazy after this, but apparently after his son got loaded into the ambulance, Joe grabbed his chest and fell down with a heart attack and died. He was only 55 and had four children. I still don't know what has happened with the son in the accident. One of his son's is in my son's class. His daughter is a special little friend of mine from when I subbed. My heart aches for those kids.

The second is a lady that works at Wal-Mart in the Housewares department. She has worked there for years and years. Her sister, two daughters and three grandchildren all work in the same store. Everyone, including the employees and the customers caled her "Granny". She was a super sweet lady that always had a minute to visit and she always called me "Hon." I spoke with her a week ago and she told me how tired she was due to the remodeling of the store. Her department had been near the backroom. But, now it is in the Garden Center and she was walking the width of the store 20 - 30 times a day. She told me she was very excited to get her new department set up. She was working Saturday afternoon and had a heart attack - right there in Wal-Mart with all her family in the store working too. They called the amubulance, but she could not be revived. Her daughter dates the father of the litle girl's that live next door to me. They are always bringing their newest baby dolls over that "Granny" bought them. It is all so very sad.

Although I didn't really know these people that well, I will miss them both. I will miss seeing Joe at the Cross Walk and Granny in Wal-Mart.

It's sad how people are there one minute and then they are not.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Volleyball Tournament

Yesterday was the Unified Volleyball tournament. You might be thinking that I could have used a better picture. But, this is exactly how I saw it for four hours. No one knew how to raise the giant net fence so the spectators could watch the matches. We sat in the second story bleachers so we had to look down through the net and it was not easy. It was like watching volleyball in the fog. Once you got used to it you could sort of make out which child was which, but if you looked away and looked again you were back to square one. Needless to say - I didn't take a lot of photos.

DS's team won First Place. Yeah for him. This is all five teams from our town. This is a good group of kids and I will miss working with them until next year.

Friday, March 16, 2007

There is a store in town that is chock full of goodies. Once a year they cut everything to half price, then 75%, then 90%, then they box up anything left and completely restock the entire store. I had been there about a month ago and it was the time of the year for them to shut down and restock. Today I happened to be in town, so I stopped by to see if they had reopened. They had a new line of scrapbooking items in so I stocked up on all sorts of goodies including massive amounts of papers, a few sheets of three dimensional stickers and a set of alphabet stamps.

Bu, when I turned the aisle and got a eyeball full of all of this fabulous enamelware, I swear, I almost had a coronary. This is heavy well made enamelware. The cups are big, big cups. I think they would be used more to hold utensils or even a small plant in the window. The Preserves Jars will hold a jar of jelly or, of course, preserves. I love the little piece that says "Enamel cookware" on it. It will be a great plaace to hide something! (Mom's secret stash of Dark Chocolate?) Many of these peices will go into my gift cupboard for swaps and little gifts. The ladle, serving spoon and slotted serving spoon are very heavy enamelware with the fabulous black splotches. The big blue cup with the lid will keep your drink hot and toasty. They had all sorts of colors and all sorts of sayings on the big cups. I swear, I am almost wishing I had bought more.

I love old enamelware, but I am afraid to really "use" it for fear it might have hidden rust or crud. My Mom gave me a bunch of blue and white enamelware and red and white enamelware for my birhtday. It is brand new stuff and came out of a camping catalog at fairly inexpensive prices. I love to use my enamelware and splatterware at functions and family events - everyone thinks it is really different. These serving pieces will match wonderfully.

Oh wait! Did I mention that everything in this locally-owned one-of-a-kind store is priced at the fabulously low price of....$1.00. More happy, happy, joy, joy.


I went to my super cheap thrift yesterday. They had been closed for two business days while they pulled all the Winter Merchandise and restocked everything. I knew there would be treasures to behold. But, when I got there, the place was gutted - empty shelves and empty clothes racks. I did, however, see people with grocery carts heaped to the brim with clothes and such. Later, when I recounted this take to DH, he told me that when he had driven by earlier in the morning, it looked like "Christmas Eve at Wal-Mart." So, I guess I arrived too late in the day. I walked around and found a few little items, a shirt for DS and a shirt for DH and was about to leave.

That's when I saw it - leaning on the side on a shelf where no one would ever even notice it. A frame. Not just any frame but THIS frame. Oh, what's that you say? That frame doesn't look that special to you? Well how about this shot? Check out the gilded finish! And the carved detail! Oh it is so wonderful. It is four feet tall and just fantastic. I have plans to put it on the wall horizontally and then put a thin long shelf inside and display some of my thrifted goodies on the shelf. I considered whitewashing it, since that is more my style, but I think it might blend into my vividly painted white walls too much. The frame is very old - it has square headed nails and dovetail joints. I have seen frames like this in antique shops and I have seen them being used on decorating shows. What did I pay for this fabulous frame? I'm nearly embarrassed to tell you...75¢.

Happy, happy, joy, joy.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Pay It Forward

As I was leaving the thrift on Wednesday, I spotted a wallet laying in the grass up on a sloping hillside. Now, everyone dreams of finding a wallet chock full of cold hard cash with no ID. But, what do I find? A wallet with NO money it it, but chock full of ID, SS card, hunting licenses, etc. And three Platinum VISA cards! And a PayCard to withddraw a paycheck. Yikes. The address was from way down in Southern Arkansas. There was a KS fishing license, OK hunting license, Tulsa Video Rental Cards, etc. Nohing was from around here. I "Googled" the name over and over. The guy that lost it has three names plus a last name. Luckily, I found his signature on his Driver's License and determined he went by his THIRD name. Geez. Could this get any more difficult? But, thanks to good old Google, I learned that he played Baseball in college. And what position he played. I found out what High School he went to and what year he graduated. I found out his Grandpa is a Pastor. Finally, I found his Dad's name and then his Mom's name. I cross checked that on Google and the "White Pages" and then I found a phone number. Eureka! I called and left a message and tried to leave enough information to sound like I knew what I was talking about without letting out "I KNOW YOUR GRANDPA IS A PASTOR" so they wouldn't call the authorities on me! His mom returned my call a few minutes ago and I now have an address where I can send him his stuff. Apparently he came to town with some buddies for a litle weekend partying. He left town on Sunday, but I found the wallet in a very obvious place on Wednesday. So, I am assuming someone found it or stole it and took the money in it. I aked him to "Pay It Forward" to someone down the line.

I'm thinking about trying to crack the Jon Benet case next.

Monday, March 12, 2007

I (Heart) Muscinex

Thanks to everyone for all the well wishes. I think *maybe* I am going to live. I took a three hour nap today which is only about the second nap I have had in the past ten years or so. My chest is still rhaspy and my head is congested, but at least my thinking is a bit clearer today. I appreciate everyone's kind words.

We are planning a little getaway next week for two nights. Just over the mountain to a neighboring town. But, I do so enjoy a night or two in a hotel with no obligations of laundry or cleaning. Go ahead, drop those chip crumbs on the carpet - no worries. We are staying in a room near the pool and hot tub. DS loves the hot tub. I find them to be big bacteria pits. DH and I got in it last summer and then this other couple showed up in itty bitty swim suits and asked if they could "join us". Eeeww. We got out of there. We are going on a trolley ride and to a museum and do some shopping. I've already "Googled" THRIFT STORES and have my route planned. The three of us will go Tuesday and my Mom and StepDad will join us on Wednesday. The men will return home to feed the cats and dogs and go to work and be responsible, while my Mom, DS and I hang out in the hotel and do a little sight seeing of our own. Then we will come on home the next afternoon. It's only a little over an hour away, so driving home will be quick and easy.

We are planning on going to Branson this summer. We are going to see the Titanic Museum. The building is a replica of the ship and there are lots of artifacts and a real iceberg. How cool is that? (Well, pretty cool I suppose considering it is an iceberg.....) You get to stand on the Grand Staircase and take photos. I think it might be an emotional place once I get there. We plan on visiting the Wax Museum as well. Stay tuned for photos of my family with famous waxy folk! I have "Googled" thrift stores in Branson too. We have this tradition of going thrifting loking for a shirt from the town we are staying in rather than forking out $20.00 for a souvenir. We got DS a nice shirt in Tulsa from the Aquarium for 50¢ and we had just been to the Aquarium and seen them for $24.99. I keep thinking DS will outgrow it and say, "Mommmmmmmmmmm...I want a new shirt." But, he knows the extra $24.00 we save on the shirt will go towards something else fun.

Two comments - What the hell was Congress thinking moving Daylight Savings Time this early? The sun was just cresting over the horizon when we had to leave for school this morning. It is dark far too late in the morning when kids are waiting for the school bus and such.

And also, Regis announced that he is having heart bypass surgery this week and will be gone for quite awhile. I just love Regis. He is so sweet and honest and a really good man. I think I have spent more quality time with him each morning the past ten years than I have with any adult man in my family in the past ten years. So, come back to me Regis! I need my laughs in the morning! Take Care.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Bronchitis be DAMNED

Every March, like clockwork, I get a terrible case of Bronchitis. It used to require severaly trips to the doctor for antibiotics. But, since the invent of Muscinex, I can usually control it. It really just kicked in yesterday, so I'm not sure if the Muscinex can keep it under control or not. Currently I sound like a three pack a day smoker.

I've decided that while I can - I will keep up with my normal responsibilties and that, of course, includes thirfts and yard sales. I went to two this morning. One with a big green sign proclaiming GARGE SALE. Don't they realize how dumb that makes them look? How hard is it to spell GARAGE? I went to this paricular sale after reading in the paper that people should "BRING THEIR TRUCKS" and "DEALERS WERE WELCOME." They didn't have anything out of the oridanary and certainly nothing large enough to require a truck. In fact, the entire contents of the yard sale could have easily fit into one regular truck. I did buy DS a set of juggling balls (Note to self: Hide breakables), a set of four Tupperware Quick Shake keychains and two sets of hot rollers after hearing on Yardsalequeen Message Boards that they are good sellers. All in all, I spent $3.50.

There was a sale advertised as a "GIGANTIC 5000 SQ FT WAREHOUSE SALE" in the neighboring town. I wanted to go, but wasn't feeling my best and hadn't time to get all make-up upped (huh?) and make myself presentable for the day. But, what the hell, I felt like hell, I might as well look like hell. Besides, strangers don't know what you really look like anyway! When I got there, it was incredible. I have never seen so much stuff in my life. It was stacked to the rafters. Actually, it was not stacked at all - it was all nicely displayed like a huge flea market. Lots of shoes, purses and clothes but all displayed very nicely. Little vingnettes of tables, dishes, etc. It was very nice. But, although it was nicely displayed and plenty of stuff to eyeball - I left with very little. Perhaps it was the bronchitis making me not feel too whippy or the fact that I was seriously in need of a bathroom now before a sudden bronchitis induced coughing attack ensued and I, well, you know....

Anyway, I bought a little handmade wheelbarrow painted to look like a watermelon for $1.00, A cup that said something hokey on it for 25¢ (see that Bronchitis induced fog is setting in again), two old enamelware blue and white splotchy plates for 20¢ each, a handpainted bowl for 20¢, a wooden bowl for 20¢, a fabulous piece of tramp art - a jewelry box with a hidden compartment in the back, drawers and lots of oether cool features - all handmade and priced at $1.00. I have sold similar piecs for over $100.00 in the past.

I also bought a little nightstand or end table complete with a drawer. And I do mean little. It only stands 14" tall. It is handmade and very cute. I am not sure what the purpose of it is - but it intrigued me. I spent $5.00 on it and plan to list it on ebay after a little more research.

NOTE: I started this post on Friday morning after my adventure out. Since this, not only has Blogger refused and I mean REFUSED to allow me to post any pictures, but it has just generally been wagging it's tongue out at me - "Nana nana nana - you can't post any pictures." And the Bronchitis is kicking my a$$. It's in my head and my nose and my chest now making me very much NOT a happy gal. DH, who I will let you fill in what the "D" stands for today, has not been one itty bitty speck of help. Yesterday he managed to get off at noon, go out to eat, go visit his Grandma (I won't begudge him that one), come home and take a three hour nap, and then - AND THEN I SAID - he asked me "How was I?" "Did I need any medicine?" "Could he do anything to help me?" Well, you worthless piece of poop - I already went to TOWN and got my own medicine and I already DID everything there was to DO. And today he announced that he was going to watch the BASKETBALL game. So, I had to take DS to a birthday party and sit at the party looking all bedraggled and pathetically hacking and possibly infecting 14 of the Middle School's finest 5th graders while he sat on his non-Bronchital butt and WATCHED THE GAME.

But, I'm not bitter.


Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Mmmmmm...doughnuts....Don't you just LOVE chocolate cake doughnuts with vanilla icing and pink sprinkles? And don't you love them even more when they are made of felt and not even edible? I saw these felt doughnuts on several blogs and thought they were fabulous. I toyed around with a pattern and was making it way too difficult. As it turns out, it is really easy once I used my right brain and figured it out. Der. I made this one very, very quickly just to see if it was going to work out and Wah-lah - it did. I bought every flavor of felt, I mean every color of felt today along with some sprinkles, I mean beads and some icing - uh, I mean fabric paint. I'm going to make a dozen and enter them in the fair this year. I make these inedible cherry pies and enter them in the fair too. One year I was turned away from the crafting area at the fair and told to go to the food entry division. Guess I fooled someone!

I've been thrifting here and there over the past few days. I bought this Dumbo Record Album set for $1.50. In normally shy away from records, but these are the old thick RCA Victor records and they are dated from 1947 from the original Dumbo Soundtrack. I'm hoping a Disney collector will swoop in on it. I am certainly NOT supposed to be buying any stuiffed animals and I most certainly am not supposed to be buying any bunnies as my bunny collection cup runth over. But, seriously, both of these brand new irresistable sweet bunnies were just a mere 25¢ each. The bear is a Boyds and was 25¢ at the Salvation Army. I laid it on the counter and the lady behind me picks it up and starts "Ooohing" and "Aaahhing" - "OH! That's a nice bear! The ones that move their arms are VERY VALUABLE. Oh, And he has a HUMP that makes his especially valuable. I collect bears and this is a a really, really nice specimen..." I think she thought the lady at the counter would hear her and ring up some inanely high price and I would shreik and run out of the store. Then she would swoop in and get it for HER collection - nice specimen my rear! Anyhooo, the nice SA lady said that will be...drumroll...25¢ and the lady behind me did the old, suck air through your teeth in shock move. So, narnee-narnee nar-nar lady.

I went to my super cheap thrift on Saturday. DS and I gatered up an armload of items and went to check out. The girl announced my total was a mere $2.75. I said that certainly sounded too cheap. "Oh, the whole store is half price today." Boy, take those parcels to the car - we's gonna shop some more! So, we made another spin around and gathered up $5.00 more. This is the thrift that is so cheap in the first place, let alone HALF PRICE. I got these two handmade baby quilts for $1.50 TOTAL. The thing is at this thrift is they are putting things out all the time you are shopping. I literally have to put blinders on to get out of there. They also save all their holiday items and put them out a the right time of year. There are hundreds of bunnies there - must not look.....

And lastly, I spotted this half an egg wagon at the thrift yesterday. (Pardon the el crappo photo). It is a Dept. 56 item and cute as all get out. It was priced $3.00 and for me, it might as well have ben priced at $30.00. I am so tight. Squeak. Squeak. And like I already said, I do not need anything holiday or bunny related. But, it was sooo cute. Okay, I'll splurge and spend THREE big old dollars JUST THIS ONCE. As I set it on the counter, I had one last monent of hesitation and guilt. Then the lady said, "Oh 50¢ otta cover it." I damn near kissed her.

Lots and lots of garage sales advertised this weekend. Spring done sprung!

Monday, March 05, 2007

Shoey Makes Shoes

I seem to have a new obsession. I have been making little pairs of clogs with the pattern I mentioned here. I went and bought lots of little squares of felt and matching and contrasting emboidery floss. I gave my Momt he first pair I made. The yellow ones will go to my Grandmother who has quite a shoe collection, the pink ones are for me and oddly enough, my son requested a pair of orange ones. He loves orange and loves anything I do - so these are for him. The green ones are on the St. Patricks Day Tree - I noticed when I looked at the photo that fogot to whipstitch the heel of one of them. I'll have to fix that. The red ones aren't spoken for yet - but will be soon. I have lots of color ideas and plan on adjusting the size to actually fit a newborn baby. Oh yes, my best friend all through Junior High called me Shoey. I still don't know why, but that was my name.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Yes! Yes! Yes!

It's been so long that I found myself nervous and all tingly just thinking about it. Would it be big? Or would it be small? I know some people say size doesn't really matter, but sometimes, bigger is best. I hoped for a big one, but really, it had been so long that I would settle for a small one. Sometimes a quickie is all you really need to fulfill your fantasies and needs.

You know I am talking about the first garage sale of the year right? What did you think I was talking about? Geez.

There was an advertised GARAGE SALE in town today. I was the first to arive as it was next door to the school and easy to get to - lucky me. Actually, these people have about four sales a year so I am familiar with their wares. I only spent $3.25 so it wasn't the "big one" I fantasized about. ;o) I did get a milk glass medicinal jar - 75¢, a "Fresh Produce" tote bag with lots of cubbies - 25¢, a "Guess How Much I Love You" bunny (love that book) - 25¢, piece of miniature pottery for my collection - 25¢, a copper aluminum Gingerbread Man Cookie Cutter from the 1950's - 50¢ and an old revolving Santa musical decoration - $1.00.

So, my fantasy is complete for a day. Spring is in the air and the garage and yard sales will be in full force.

Yes! Yes! Yes!
(I'll have what she's having....")

Thursday, March 01, 2007

I Been Thriftin' (What a Shocker.....)

A note to my fellow Bloggers - if you haven't put a Site Meter on your blog yet, you simply must do so! It is fascinating. You can click on my Site Meter on the left over there and put one on your blog. I didn't understand waht it was at first, so I will explain in case anyone else doesn't understand. You can see who has been on your blog. Not their picture, (!) but where someone clicked on the internet to get to your blog. Most of my clicks come from other blogs that have me linked or from the Yardsalequeen Message Boards. Or you can see if someone searched Google for certain phrases in order to find your blog. For instance, someone recently searched for MacKenzie-Child's on blogs and found my post on my ebay sales. And lots and lots of people found the post on the D^ggars after googling them. (I am spelling it wrong so they won't find this post too!) It really coms in handy so you can see if someone has ill intent and is looking for pictures of children to use in not nice ways. Mostly, it is just a fascinating tool. I had someone in Mayalsia read my blog yesterday. And Canada (Hey Shirlee). And Gerogetown (Olive....) And Greensboro (Penny...). It's fun to pick out the poeple I know are reading and wondering about the others that have come by it on accident or by searching.

I haven't posted about my thrifting adventures lately. One of my favorite finds last week was this cute kitchen towel for $1.00. It isn't vintage like from the 1940's, but more from the 1980's or so. I love the bright colors and it matches my tomato label rugs! I went to the thrift yesterday and spotted this picnic basket across the room. I about tripped over my own feet trying to get to it before someone else snatched it up. It was only $5.00. I love to use old picnic baskets to store crackers, chips, bread and stuff in other rooms too like scrapbooking and crafts. This one is certainly useable as a picnic basket because it opens from the front and has a handmade wooden rack inside so you can put a pie or covered dish on the bottom and sit food or plates on the top. I use my picnic baskets to carry food to family functions and school events and everyone thinks I am so clever. Uh, that's what they are for.... When I checked out, my little lady friend, Hazel, that works there said she had just put that basket out and hoped that it would go home with someone special and she thought I fit that bill perfectly. Awww. The picture of the little girl is really on computer stationery. I just love the little girl - Wheeee! It was 50¢ for a pack of 100 sheets. The tray is from New Zealand and is made of inlaid woods. That was $1.00. The wild floral Mod canister is for my Vintage Cookery Swap that I am compliling. It was 25¢. I am doing a 1960's-1970's cookery swap because I cannot seem to part with any of my cool 1940's and 1950's stuff. I hope my partner likes all the cool things I have selected so far. The purse was in the "stuff it in a bag for $1.00" bin. It looks ritzy-titzy so I grabbed it for 30¢. The lining is cool too. It has odd straps making it hang off your forearm and not on your shoulder. I will research it and list it on ebay. Not pictured is Watermelon Potholder #31 which I scored for 25¢.

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