What is a monkeybox?

When I was a little girl, we had a pet monkey named Amanda. My Dad worked in the produce business, so each night he brought home that days culls in a big box - spotty cucumbers, pithy apples, limp celery, moldy oranges and the like. We called it a monkeybox. It was really just trash, but my Mom would take each piece of fruit and trim it, pare it and cut it up to make a beautiful fruit platter for Amanda. Even though it was deemed trash by one, it still had life left in it and was good for the purpose we needed it. That's how I live my life - thrifting, yard saling, looking for another's trash to be my treasure.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

On A Different Quest Now

We sold our Nisaan Quest minivan today. I'm always sad to see a vehicle go that has served our family well and has memories attached to it. It went to a family in need of a good vehicle, so I am happy they will use it well.

I have several memories that involve the Quest. Most of them include DS as we bought it after he was born. Isn't it a law that you must have a giant minivan to haul an 8 lb. baby rump around?

Memory #1: I strapped DS in the car seat walked around to the front and hopped in the drivers seat to leave. That's when I noticed the mail had been delivered, so I ran out to grab it. I got the mail, jumped back in the drivers seat, threw the mail in the pasenger seat and backed out. When I got to the highway and turned out, I looked cattywampus in the rearview mirror to check on DS and HE WAS GONE. I about wrecked the car and had a heart attack at the same time. What had actually happened is that his car seat had tipped over when I turned onto the highway and he was just sort of lying there looking at me like, : "What the ?" Now, all these years later, I always make sure he's still in the car - no "Where's Olive" moments at this house...

Memory #2: My Mom, know to DS as Baw, came over to visit. We decided to drive over the State Line and get Lottery tickets because that's just the sort of thing a family does, right? Anyway, as we drove along I could hear DS babbling in the backseat. A little later I realized he was saying the same thing over and over, "bahnodbudled", "bahnodbuddled", "bahnodbuddled". I thought perhaps this was the Barney song of something, so I let it go. A bit further into our drive and he was starting to sound panicked, "BAHnodBUDDLED!", "BAHnod Budddled!". I decided I better pull over and see if I vould determine what was wrong. As I turned my head to look at him, my eyes glanced to the flor and I noticed my Mom's seat belt wasn't buckled. At that precise moment DS said, "Baw Nod Buddled!!!" otherwise know as "Baw NOT Buckled!" Poor baby - his Grandma was careening down the highway challenging death without her seat belt buddled!

Memory #3: Our little family took a trip to Kansas to visit our family. DS was just getting the hang of being potty trained, but the whole concept of "holding it" wasn't quite down yet. I swear, every nine minutes "I gotta go". But, the thing about my sons is this - he will NOT pee in a bottle, pee in a can, pee on a tree, pee on the tires, pee under the overpass or pee anywhere other than IN a restroom. There are NO places to pee in Kansas on the old windy flat roads we follow. That was one looong trip. Literally.

DS says he remembers throwing up in the backseat but, luckily, I have blocked that memory. DH remembers bringing it home all shiny and new and having DS run around inside it all excited about having so much room but MOSTLY having his very own....cupholder.

Adios old friend!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Pink & Brown, Math's Got Me Down

I've been absent. I've actually tried to update on here, but Blogger keeps giving me error screens which make me mad so I give up. I am typing this on my email program and will do the old "Cut and paste" to get it on Blogger. I'm never sure if it's my computer, Blogger or the Bloggee.

DS is well and back in school. He has some work to make up, but nothing we can't get done this weekend. His teachers are very nice and were worried about him. They said they never worry when he msses because they know I am home working with him on the things he is missing. Which I do. I love English, writing, sentence formations and the like so I like to help him with that. But, Math is what he mostly brings home and, lordy, 5th grade Math is hard. I mean, REALLY hard. And I mean REALLY hard for ME. He does fine. Math on paper is one thing - I don't understand what they want me to figure out! But, if I had $25.00 and Hobby Lobby had all their Christmas Merchandise marked down to 80% off, I do know how much I could buy for my $25.00! So, that's MY kind of Math.

My Superbowl envies are still ariving here and there. I think I have gotten about 65 of them. I sent Thank you notes out to several people that went above and beyond sending me huge envelopes full of greeting cards, Post-its, samples, scrapbooking stickers and little presents. I received an email today from one of those wonderful ladies today. Her name is Helen and she is 85 years old and loves the computer. She is reading my blog and enjoys it and my links on the side. So, thank you Helen! I'll be emailing you back soon. My Grandma can't even use her digital alarm clock yet.

I received my Pink and Brown Swap from Christy over a week ago, but have been a bad blogger. I received lots of goodies from her including this fabulous velvety scarf made in pink and brown hues. I have a pink denim jacket that it matches perfectly! She sent a matching tissue covertoo. So, that is in my jacket pocket just wainting for someone to ask, "Do you have a tissue?" "Why, yes, yes I do!" The monkey clock was purchased for Christy to keep, but once she found out my blog name, she knew I needed to have it! Thank you! There was an assortment of goodies including a little treasure box that her son had taken as his own, and now my son has taken it as well. Boys do love their treasure boxes! He also confiscated the Pez dispenser for his collection. Thank you for everything, Christy!

I did find a few retail and thrift teasures this week. I hit Target in between the doctor and the school the other day. Valentine's stuff was 90% off. There was a small Asian woman perusing the Valentine's items when I walked up. I reached into the shelf and pulled out something and she stepped right in front of me and snatched the rest of them. She kept one eye on her shelf and one eye on me seeing what I took. She had her elbow up and bent out to keep me at distance. I only mention that she was Asian because little women like that are normally very quiet and keep to themselves. But, that lady had been Americanized and loved her Target bargains! Who can blame her? I did get a dozen Dove chocolate roses for 25¢ each (much to her dismay). I will use these at my next hospitality function at school.

I went to an Estate Sale yesterday. I avoid these sales advertised as "Estates By Betty" because they put exorbitant prices on everything. I cannot imagine how long it takes to price everything. The drawers in the kitchen were open and everything had a price on it. Things in teh bathroomm were priced. The clothes in the closet all had tags. This home belonged to the previous Mayor of Fayetteville, so it was chock full of high dollar items from all around the world. How often can you get into the Mayor's Million Dollar house and go in his BATHROOM? For free! He was also on the Board of Trustees at the University so there was a slew of Arkansas Razorback items. I did spring for a $10.00 glass platter that was presented to the Mayor by the Cotton Bowl in 1975. DH seemed to think it was worth buying. Since he is THE sports guy, I took his opinion. I spent $17.00 on a pitiful little sack of stuff and it pained me to pay that much. They sort of scoffed at my pitiful purchase. Had everything not been SO high priced, they would have sold a lot more.

I had sticker shock when I left there, so I hit a couple thrifts. I spent $1.75 at one for three old Coca Cola Bristolwre tins for 25¢ each and $1.00 for a new sealed boardgame called "Wordigo". On to the Salvation Army where I spent $8.00 on two teddy bears. But, wait - these are three and a half tall magnetic kising bears from Hallmark. Apparently, each store got one set and they raffled them away in 2001. I think they should do well. Hallmark collectors seem to have deep pockets. They are sitting in the car and look pretty funny - they fill up the entire backseat!

It's raining today so it is a good day to stay in and do Math. I'm making more of my little clogs and they are getting much more professional. I will post a photo when I finish this pair. I went on a felt buying spree the other day. Each pair takes less than one square of 20¢ felt and a half skein of 17¢ floss. So, they are affordable and easy to make. I'm also working on the new Spring wreath for the front door. Oh the busy life of a silly woman....

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Expletive! Expletive! Expletive!

Boy am I steamed! My son has been sick for three weeks now. Trip #1 to the doctor netted him a wimpy antibiotic that didn't do anything - in fact, he got worse. Trip #2 to the doctor netted him a stronger antibiotic that is to be taken twice daily, but he is to take them both at once to give that old infection a double whammy. Saturday he complained of a slight stomach vche. Sunday, he was very quiet and introvereted all day. Yesterday he was in tears with his stomach aching and cramping. I made a call to the nurse at the doctor yesterday afternnoon inquiring about the stomach cramping. The nurse returned my call this morning - after I had already stoked him up with the antibioitcs for the day. I was told that this antibiotic needs to be taken with a BIG meal halfway through the meal so the medication is sort of sandwiched in between layers of food otherwise it will irritate the stomach and cause terrible stomach cramping. What the ? It says right on the d@mn bottle - "May be taken with or without food". No one said to EAT with it. He's been getting right out of bed and taking it and then he isn't hungry because the stomach cramps start. So, he has been sitting there with a double dose of stomach cramping medication sitting on an empty belly eating away. Oh, I am sooo steamed. Someone could have told us this! So, here he is home missing yet another day of school. Had he gone, they would have sent him home plus he would have been miserable. And when I don't send him, I get a note from the school whining about his absences. Oh, what to do, what to DO!

I'll tell you what I am going to do! I am going to get in the car and take DH for a ride. The stomach cramps are better, but still there somewhat. But, we have been cooped up for days and days and days and need a BREAK. He likes getting out and going for our famous rides, so that is what we will do today. To HECK with the doctors and school and everything else. Ooooh, I am soooo steamed! P.S. His Bronchitis is better - one small thing to be thankful for!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Snow, Sicky, School & Sweetness

DH got up to leave at the unholy hour of 1:30 am and came in to announce that it had snowed. By the time I got up this morning, it had snowed about 1.5 - 2 inches. I flipped on the TV and every single school in the surrounding area was closed - except, you guessed it - ours. So, I got DS up and he was still croupy and hacky and complaining of a sore throat. I decided it was not worth getting him up and out and about in a 12 degree snowshower. However, I had that d@mn Hospitality thing to take care of today. I got him schduled to see the doctor at 10:15 so we hightailed it out of here to go pick up my 12 feet of submarine sandwiches beforehand. The doctor gavehim another prescription for a stronger antibiotic, cough syrup and ended up doing a MONO test, which scared me until we got the results (negative) then I found it pretty funny that my 11 year old was tested for mono!

On to the school to set up the lunch. I had two people help me and that was very, very nice. I set up this table at the Middle School and one at the High School. I usually set it up much fancier, but after the snow, a sick kid and a migraine that was working it's way through my skull, this was as good as it got. The teacher's were still impressed and enjoyed it.

I must share this fabulous gift from my Mom. I am in love with her. So much, in fact, that with this mornings snow I dcided she MUST be cold and put her in a little folded swatch of wool felt to keep her warm.
Seriously, have you EVER seen anything so cute in your entire life?
It just makes me happy holding her in my hand.

Thank you Mumsie!

She fits right in the palm of my hand.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I (Heart) Valentine's Day

I still love Valentine's Day like I did when I was a kid. I used to fold those paper doilies in half and use markers and glitter and make Valentine's. I love the little boxes of Valentine's too. They don't put envelopes in them anymore which I think is sad. Now you get those little dumb stickers that make the card rip when open them. I remember when the goofy kid with the recently shaved headed gave me the gushy Valentine in second grade. Eeew. And when my "crush" in 1st grade gave me one that said I was his "Pal". Wah. We decorated little white bakery bags and hung them on the chalkboard with scotch tape until they got so heavy they *clunked* to the floor.

DS is in the 5th grade and they have a "No Party" rule. However, they have "Raise" which is a time of reading, listening to music, going outside if it is warm and eating. So, we can send "treats" but it is not a "Party". Kind of one of those, "I did not have sex with that woman" deals. I made goodie bags of Hershey's chocolate, Sweetheart Conversation Hearts and Heart shaped lollipops to go home with the kids and Twinkies to eat in class. I was a Homeroom Mom for 5 straight years and it is a hard habit to break! When DS was in 2nd grade he came home wiht this big chocolate heart from a girl. He didn't think much of it, but that was a HUGE thing for a 7 year old girl to DO! Her mother took me aside and told me that they heard DS's name every night. They are in the same class again this year. Also in 2nd grade, DS and I were out shopping one day and he announced that he needed five pairs of earrings for the "girls". Uh......huh? He had five little girls picked out that he wanted to buy earrings or necklaces for Valentine's Day. Whoa little man. We did happen to be at Fred's at the time, so he dug in the big 50¢ jewelry bin and picked out nice litle sets and paid for it with his allowance. At the time, I figured I would be a Grandma before I hit 40! Sadly, the giver of the chocolate heart was not one of the recipients of the earrings. Whoopsie!

Tomorrow I am doing a Hopitality luncheon for about 100 Teachers for 5 - 12 grades. I did this last fall and had trouble getting enough Mom's to bring food in until another more "popular" Mom came to my rescue and got a lot of things donated. We were going to be short on food so I made 100 sandwiches, two veggie trays, 6 dozen cupcakes and I can't remember what all else to fill in. Then at Christmastime I was to do a little goodie bag for the teachers so got Hostess Cakes donated, then went and bought hot chocolate, candy canes and chocolate Santas and wrote, "Have a Super Sweet Holiday!" on each bag. So, here we go again with trying to get enough food donated and brought in by Mom's for tommorrow. I finally called the PTSA President and asked if there was any money I could eek from the budget to help buy maybe some sandwich meat or something to fill in. She writes me back a one line email..."You have a $900.00 budget." WHAT???? I have MONEY????? I could have strangled that woman. She has noooo idea how frugal I am. So, I am off to Wal-Mart to order sandwich trays and sheet cakes for eveyone. I do have to buy a full meal for them with that money during Teacher Appreciation Week - but I will order boxes of fried chicken from Wal-Mart. That stuff is good. And cheap!

But, first, a trip to the thrift! They are having "Sweetheart Surprises" and "Valentine's Day Giveaways!" Ooooh!

Have a Happy Heart Day!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Letters, I Got Letters

I got stacks and stacks of letters!
The Superbowl Envies are starting to arrive! Friday I got five. Saturday I got twelve (that's the mailbox shot) and today the other photo of 25 hit all at once.

I happened to be looking out the kitchen window when the mail lady pulled up. She opened the mailbox and just sort of stared into it and then looked at her lap. I could tell I had more stuff than she knew what to do with. It was better than Christmas when she handed it all over to me - a Valentine from my Uncle and Aunt, a Valentine from my Secret Pal, an envie of Boxtops for Education from my Pink & Brown Swap partner Christy (thanks!), a box from Amazon containing DS's latest round of Cirque du Freak books for Valentine's Day and most importantly - 25 big fat enveis all addressed to ME!

I cannot believe the generosity that everyone has bestowed on me! I think I have well over 1,000 coupons and forms already. Plus, gobs of stickers, scrapbooking supplies, greeting cards, postage stamps, keychains, samples, advertising things like jar openers, ememry boards, a Yankee Candle air freshener (yum), dip mix seasoning, tons of Boxtops, Campbell's Labels and Tyson's panels for DS's school and just so many other goodies that is is crazy! Ds goit little surprises like pencils, erasers, tattoos, stickers and the like. (Yes, he was home again today. I forgot the side effect of anitibiotics is raging you-know-what. But! Tommorow he WILL go back - YES HE WILL!). All in all, I've already gotten 45 deliciously fat envies and I am "supposed" to get 98. So, maybe 53 more to come???? The mail lady will FREAK.

If anyone needs a surplus of coupons - I will send you a Prioirty Flat Rate envie chuck full for the cost of the shipping only! I cannot gaurantee that you will be able to use all the coupons (meaning some things are sold in certain areas only) and a few (literally just a few) might accidentally be out of date. I have sooo many that I can't look at each and every one of them to make sure. But, I think pretty much 99% are in date. I just want someone somewhere to use some of these! (Pennypincher - yours will go out this week!)

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Welcome to Fayetteville

DS and I decided to be tourists in our own town yesterday. He was still coughing too much to go to school, but we needed a break from being cooped up - so we went for a ride.

We started our tour up on Mount Sequoya. This used to be a Monestary and is now used for Marriage Retreats and religous retreats. It is on top of a big mountain and there is a look out point over the whole city. They do need to clear out
some trees to improve the view. But, our town is known for it's tree huggers (I am a treehugger too) but when it is a LOOK OUT point, you should be able to LOOK OUT, right? It is very beautiful up there. In town there is a huge crane that you can see for miles because it is so high in the sky - but we were waaay above it up there. The big blue cross lights up at night and you can see it from all over town. It has a marker on it from 1935. I suppose it is a great "make out" spot, but I never had that kind of fun as a young'un.

We drove through the historic part of town and looked at all the big beautiful wonderful old homes. Most of them have been renovated and
returned to their original glory. So many of them are just beautiful. I would love to live in a big old gorgeous home like that - as long as it had A/C, heat and all the modern conveinences - I am not a person known to "rough it". I prefer to live like it's 2007.

Then we drove down Historic Dickson Street to look at all the funky dance halls and upscale condos that live side by side in perfect harmony. It is a mix of old and new. The new Public Library is not far from there.
It is a huge library and quite beautiful. We went on a field trip in the 4th grade (meaning DS went on a field trip and I tagged along) and got the grand tour. There are four floors and not a right angle anywere in
the building or on the grounds - only curves. It makes for interesting angles, or rather, lack of angles when you view it from the balconies or windows. They had to clear out hundreds of very old trees to build this library, but they took all the trees and built all the chairs that are in the library. The chairs are a distinct design and are named the "Fayetteville Chair". There was also an old outbuilding of some sort on
the property and they used the brick and woodwork to build a working fireplace and mantle in the reading room of the library. All of the granite and limestone was taken out of Arkansas quarries. It is quite interesting to see when you know all the specifics of everything like we learned. But a lot of townspeople think it is extravagent and overdone. But, I think it is really beautiful.

Next door to the library, and I do mean, right next door is the
Watermelon House. If you've read this blog much, you know of my love of
all things watermelon. This little house is an art gallery and a little flea market. They have painted the porch railings, the cement blocks, the front door, etc. all to look like watermelons. I haven't ventured in there for fear that it is full of wonderful folk art and funky watermelon themed items. *Must say "No...."*

Not too far from the library and the watermelon house is this old feed
grain mill. There were three old grain mills right in the same area but this is the only one that remains. I suspect it will be next on the chopping block. I wish they wouldn't tear down all the old history in a town just to make condos or apartments. Just behind the Feed Mill are the stockyards which used to be on the outskirts of town but due to all the growth in the past 30 years, they are now smack dab in the middle of town. Right across from the stockyards is the National Cemetery with the white headstones all in their respectful diagonal rows. It is quite
serene and peaceful at the cemetery, especially since you can still hear the cows at the stockyard even though it is right in the middle of the town .

And, this concludes my little tour of my town. I hope you enjoyed it. I
know we did!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

I Learned to Clog Today - But not THAT kind

When we got home from the doctor yesterday, DH and I were discussing when DS should go back to school. (But, let's face it - I make all the parental decisions, so I already knew the answer.) Anyhoooo, when DH and I "decided" it would be Monday DS hooted and hollared and said, "Woo-Hoo - I get to watch the WEDDING on Regis & Kelly!" Me thinks he has been out of school too long.....

I decided to get a little crafty today. The mood often strikes me (to get crafty, that is) but I rarely actually do it. I had seen a pattern on allsorts for these adorable little Elf Clogs. At Christmastime I was too busy to make them, but the thought of them kept popping up in my mind. Today I decided to download the pattern and give them a try. I decided to make pink, red and white variations so I could pass them off for Valentine's Day. Since I made this pink one, I made a smaller white one with red hearts on it - I also whipstitched it and that gives it a neater edge. I made thee pink one pretty hastily and not so neat just trying to see how it would all come together. I will post a photo once I get a pair made. Now that I've made a couple - I think green for St. Patrick's Day Leprechan clogs would be sooo cute. The pattern is copyrighted by jenny so you can make them for yourself, but not for resell. Aren't they cute???

DS and I stopped in at one of the thrfts after picking up his prescriptions yesterday. He's always up for a thrift visit - he's been trained right! I usually visit this thrift early the day right as they open - in fact, they left me in earlier than they actually open. But, at that point in the day, the ladies that volunteer are always in the mindset that everything is old and antique and worth big $$. But, when I stopped in yesterday and they were about to close, I noticed the ladies were all tired looking and ready to go home. We picked up the new "King Kong" on DVD and "Spirited Away" on DVD (both still sealed) for $3.00 each, a Yu-Gi-Oh tin for 50¢ and a copy of "The Nanny Diaries" for 50¢ for a total of $8.00. But, when I checked out, the lady just sighed and said "Oh, $4.00 seems good enough." So, now I know to go late in the day and I might score a bargain!

I don't talk celebrity news or gossip - but I was sadden to hear about the death of Anna Nicole today. Mostly I worry about that brand new baby of her's. I always thought she was so pretty - dumb at times, but hey, that was part of her charm. After her son died, I was hoping she could get it together and raise her baby. It really is just so sad.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Congratulations! It's Bronchitis!

DS has Bronchitis. Bad Mom award for sending him to school. The doctor did say there is "tons of all sorts of STUFF" out there right now. So, beware. He is taking Zithromax which is very strong and efective. He took two pills and I swear within 30 minutes he was a new person. He is still hacking and coughiing but his spirits are better. In his words, "I feel better now that I don't think I'm dying." Bad mom award. DH is feeling better but he is still a grouch. Oh wait, I think he is always a grouch lately. My throat is sore, but I am very tired and have a tendancy to get sore throats when I am tired. So, I will be all better tomorrow. Yeah, that's the ticket.

Sounds like the creeping crud has most of blogland feeling puny. Wash your hands and stay well! Oliveoyl - the kids can wash their hands and Christopher does wash his hands. But,t here is no warm or hot water andt he water is sooo cold most of them barely stick their hands in the water for 2 seconds. I don't know why they can't have a little lukewarm water and not just COLD. He also takes a water bottle and has strict rules about not using those horrific drinking fountains. Eeeew. Chrisx4 - I know I can count on you to come help me kick some Administrative butt when I get my next "Juvenile Court threat" letter.

Gotta go - it's time for Lost! Can't WAIT!

Whine Alert

DS ended up missing Monday and Tuesday with his chest congestion and sore throat. I took him to school today after his spririts were better yesterday and his symptoms seemed less severe. Well, this morning he was teary and congested and his throat was sore, but I medicated him up and thought he could make it. But, the nurse called at 8:20 for me to pick him up. She suspects he has strep throat. Eh gads. Bad Mom Award. The nurse said it is going around school so better safe than sorry to take him to the doctor. I was able to get him in at 1:45 this afternoon, so we will see what happens.

I feel bad for taking him this morning. But, he has missed an enormous amount of school this year. He got hurt the second week of school and missed six days do to that injury. Then he had the stomach flu or something that made him into something from the Exorcist. Then he had a nasty head cold. Now this. Then I get these letters threatening to take me to Court because he has missed too much school. I know it's just a technicality, but they freak me out. Luckily he has very caring teachers and his grades are all A's and a B so maybe I should just chill out. He's alwyas been a very healthy kid - I think he only went to the nurse once in all of Elementary School and that was just for a cough drop. When he was little he had raging ear infections that caused him to miss a lot of Kindergarten, but then he only missed nap, snack and a little schoolwork.

Last night I had dinner ready and DH announces he isn't hungry and he will just have some antacid as he feels "weird". Fast forward to 5:00 am when I hear him with his head in the toilet puking up his guts. This is a really fun house.

Have I mentioned that my throat hurts?

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Go Bears! Go Colts! Come On Mail Lady!

I'm not a sports fan whatsoever. I don't understand anything about the rules of football or basketball or baseball or any other sport involving a ball. But, every Super Bowl Sunday I make the obligatory crockpot full of Rotel Dip and we hunker down to watch the Super Bowl. I, like many women, like the commercials and the half time entertainment. I enjoyed Prince very much. His songs "Little Red Corvette" and "1999" came out in my senior year of high school. That makes me wonder how old that little dude must be now! Why, if I'm forty he must be pushing 50! Prince - nearly 50! WoW!

DS and I have an ongoing game of Monopoly that we have been playing for about two months. When we are ready to quit for the night, we put all our pieces, money and Real Estate cards in a baggie until the next time we play. We played Monopoly tonight and the game came to an end (for tonight) when DS sudenly owed me $12,500,000 for landing on my Vegas space with a hotel on it. This is the "NEW" Monopoly with Disneyworld and Las vegas on it - so things are very expensive.

While we played Monopoly we listened to the game and watched the commercials. At one point, much to our chagrin, Daddy fell asleep and was snoring on the couch - during the SUPER BOWL. He is a disgrace to manhood. We issued him a 1st warning ticket and told him that one more snoring stunt would make him lose his remote control rights. He stayed awake after that.

I belong to a Coupon and Refunding Board where we all share deals we find at retail stores and by using coupons. There is a nice lady on there that puts together a Super Bowl Pool. The first 100 to respond get their name on a square, then she assigns numbers to each square and wah-lah - we have our numbers for the Pool. There are four winners and each 100 of us has to make a goodie envelope up full of forms, coupons, small amount giftcards, free item coupons, stickers, etc. and send one to each of the four winners. I always have fun putting together my four envelopes to send out. But this time I don't have to send out four envelopes. I only have to send out TWO. Because, that's right BABY - I won not once, but TWICE. I am going to get 198 envelopes in the mail. The mail lady will you-know-what a brick. I know a few of the people will flake out and not send anything at all. But, I know I will get a bunch and what fun mail days those will BE! I don't even know what the final score was - but I know I am getting a crapload of mail!

Stay tuned - I will be sending out some RAOK (Random Act of Kindness)envies from all these to some of my fellow bloggers!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

I was so sad

I went to a HUGE Yard Sale today.

But, when I got there - it had been cancelled.

I was sad.

But, that's okay the Super Cheap Thrift Store is open on Saturdays!

But, when I got there - it was closed.

I was so sad.

But, that's okay. I'll go pick up some frozen pizzas that we like for SuperBowl Sunday.

But when I got there - they were SOLD OUT.

I was so, so sad.

I shoulda stayed home.

Oh well.

I have found a few goodies in the past week so I will "pretend" that I got them today! I found this fabulous old razor at the Super Cheap Thrift Store for $1.50 last week. I think it might be bakelite or catalin. It is in a cool leather case with tartan plaid lining. Where you can see the plaid on the battery pack is really a mirror so you can see yourself shaving while out camping. It is really neat. It doesn't look like a real money maker, but that's okay.

I adore this sweet little sewing cabinet. It stands about 10" tall and has little drawers marked buttons, thread, needles, snaps, pins and utility. I got this for $1.00 at the hospital thrift store. The funny thing is I sent one very much like this to Oliveoyl in her box the day before! So, I parted with one and found another one. I've got it displayed next to my big old vintage jar of old buttons.

I went outside the other night and spotted these handprints in the snow that DS had made. I love this picture because there is nothing to show the scale of his handprints. This picture is like the picture I still have of DS in my mind. In my mind he still has little fat baby hands. Nevermind that they are bigger than mine now. In my mind he is still waist high to me and wears jammies and sleeps with his Pooh bear. In my mind he is forever three and that's alright with me. (He did leave me a kiss on my camera the other day)

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Makes 8 Dozen - Yeah, Right.

I seem to be a bit gabby lately, updating this more than I probably need to or even should. But, the snow is outside and we are all hunkered down inside and I find myself with more time to blog and take pictures and read other blogs.

We watched the birds today. With the car all covered in snow I know their uh, doody, won't make such a mess. So, I am able to enjoy them a bit more. We counted nie birght red cardinals at one time. That is our school mascot so it is a big deal to see one Cardinal, let alone nine at once.

We baked our cookies (that's why we needed chocolate chips yesterday) today and they turned out quite yummy. That has been a snow day tradition since DS was very little. Another tradition on a snow day is Hot Chocolate. It rarely snows here. But, when it did we always bundled up DS when he was little and went out to play. He never wanted to come in, but the offer (can you say bribe?) of a cup of hot chocolate always got him inside. It wasn't until he was about 8 and I offered him a cup of hot chocolate on a cold day that he announced that he thought you could ONLY have hot chocolate after being in the snow. Poor kid. Back to the cookies. The recipe said it made 8 dozen and I made exactly 2 dozen out of it. My cookies were about 2 1/2" across. If you made 8 dozen then each cookie would have only been about 1" across. Why can't the recipe just say, "Makes 2 dozen"????

I bought this vest at the thrift this week for 50¢. It is all hadmade, quilted and appliqued. Although it is sweet, it isn't my cup of tea. I like the elements of the vest, but not the vest itself. I do know that someone must have worked really hard on it. But, that didn't stop me from dismantling it tonight. I'm not sure what to do with the pieces. I might make the hearts and hands into ornaments for the Christmas or Valentine tree or maybe a garland. I saved the back of the blue quilted material in case I decide to fashion it inot a stocking or something. Any ideas are welcome as long as I can assemble it with a glue gun and not a sewing machine. ;o)

There's no school for three more days, so I'm sure I'll be blogging again soon. I have thrifty photos to post. Yeah for me!

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