What is a monkeybox?

When I was a little girl, we had a pet monkey named Amanda. My Dad worked in the produce business, so each night he brought home that days culls in a big box - spotty cucumbers, pithy apples, limp celery, moldy oranges and the like. We called it a monkeybox. It was really just trash, but my Mom would take each piece of fruit and trim it, pare it and cut it up to make a beautiful fruit platter for Amanda. Even though it was deemed trash by one, it still had life left in it and was good for the purpose we needed it. That's how I live my life - thrifting, yard saling, looking for another's trash to be my treasure.

Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween Time: Just in the Nick of Time

Today is Halloween, but it seems like it should be over by now.  I have been seeing people in costumes since Friday since all our schools had their festivals that day, then there were parties on Saturday (THE Party QUEEN), Trunk or Treat was last night and now tonight is actual Trick or Treating.  It must have been one helluva a week to be a kid!  Tomorrow is National Half Off Halloween Candy Day.  Well, I celebrate that holiday anyway.

I don't think I have had all my Halloween out in a few years.  I brought in four totes and managed to cull out two totes worth and just kept the cream.  I took the best of the culls to the booth and most of it has sold.  I have a lot of blowmolds, so that takes up one tote plus.  

I printed those silhouettes of a website years ago.  I can't find the link anymore, so if anyone know, let me know.  I paid too much for those Cooky Cutters last year at Goodwill ($8), but I had lusted after them since everyone else had a set.  I needed a set.  Mob mentality.  

 I try not to buy any Trick or Treat pails, but if I see an older one with an unusual face, I have to grab it.  I especially like the little ones meant for the little kids. That burglar one was plucked off a trash heap at an auction.  That big one in the middle back would weigh a ton filled with candy.

All my favorites go on this shelf.  The Gurley candles, an old costume and some things from my childhood.

I love the pumpkin faces peeking out in the window.  I don't usually like die-cuts since they are so big and take up so much room.  But these are perfect.  That old noisemaker is rusty and in awful condition.  But it's the only one I have ever found, so I am happy to have it!

I bought the whole set of the flashcards on ebay.  I framed them and sold every one of them.  But these were keepers, as you can clearly understand!

I bought those three guys in the middle this year.  They are cute and whimsical and make me smile.  Plus they were dirt cheap.  ;)

My mini hutch with the mini trick or treat pails.  They are candy pails, but I love finding different ones to add it each year.  Yes, that lamp is full of Christmas ornaments.  It's been that way for twenty years, I think.  A little bling every day of the year.  

Random stuff plus some old religious pamphlets which I mean no disrespect in using.  But, would you LOOK at those devils?  Holey moley.  I found the trick or treater Annalee for 99 cents the other day.  

I just bought that little Pioneer Woman cupcake stand the other day as a little treat for myself.  I have the full size cake stand (never mind that it's still in the box, in my closet and has been for over a year), so I needed that cupcake stand!  I added it in to the Halloween because WHY NOT and added in a little glimmery tree becasue WHY NOT again.  

Hey - what an awful picture!  I had all these things that people had made for me in swaps and a bunch of diecuts, so I made a banner out of everything.  Putting a different banner up there every month has made me happy this year.

I hope you had a Happy Halloween!  We had more kids come knockin' than I was expecting, so I had to break out the Kool-Aid packets.  Kids think that is the greatest thing EVER.  

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Week in Junk: The Trailer House Sale

Saturday I went to an Estate Sale at an old trailer house.  It's only eight minutes from my house. They have been having sales there on a monthly basis for over a year.  The lady that lived there died a few years ago and the family is clearing out the trailer, house, outbuildings and a huge storage building.  Her children (who are in their 60's) refer to her as a hoarder.  I hate that word.  When I hear the word "hoarder" I think of a house filled up to the top where you can't even walk.  A house full of old cat food cans, empty pizza boxes and stacks of old newspapers.  I think of trash and dirt and unkempt spaces and smelly smells. This lady did have a lot of belongings, that I can't deny.  But it's all clean and well kept and there are little note in the books and pieces of papers pinned on doll's bloomers "From Aunt May, 1963".  She loved her things.  So, she kept them.  

Every sale looks the same.  Shelves lined up in front of the old trailer house filled up with what they think are the most valuable items.  They are still priced at $2.00 or less.  Then there is a line of old shopping carts in the yard filled with items usually priced 25¢ each.  Then a row of old cots covered with things.  Then a row of tables full of stuff.

Each sale usually has a little bit of everything, but then there are a few things that there are a TON of that thing.  One sale there were thousands of books - all in good condition - lined up on card tables that spread across the entire front lawn.  Books were "Fill a Bag for $1.00".  And, because she was a "hoarder" they had a nice supply of the old brown paper grocery bags- the big ones with handles - and that is what you filled up for $1.00.  Another time there were tarps spread over half the yard and it was strewn with small plastic toys - army men, fisher price toys, old squeak toys, Happy Meal toys and on and on.  There was a roll of produce bags and you could fill up a bag full for 25¢.  I filled up nine bags at that sale.  If it looks interesting or worth grabbing, I throw it into a sack.  I do end up donating a lot of it back.  But it's so cheap, it's not a big deal.  I honestly don't think I have ever seen any one item at any of the sales for more than $2.00.

 This time the theme was Toys & Dolls.  Lots of toys and dolls.  First I look for anything old.  That's my jam.  :)

These things were on the "special" shelves.  Three Annalee's (BUNNIES!) and a gorgeous foiled egg. At most sales I would as the price thinking the price might be questionable.  But at this sale!  $1.00 for all four items.  All keepers.  You knew that, right?

Not toys - but there was a box of probably 500 old greeting cards so I snagged it for $1.00.  I'd guess that I donated about 400 of them to the thrift today.  But, the ones I did keep are darling.  I especially love these cute old baby gift cards.  

Now would be a good time to show you ALL THE THINGS.  Ready????

There's a lot there. :)  Fisher Price doll house.  I just sold one that I have been trying to sell forever. But, I had to grab it since it has all the furniture in it (but no people, dang it).  Two old freezer basket which are one of my favorite things to find and use in my booths and at the Junk Ranch.  And lots of dolls and toys.  LOTS.

Every time I buy something the lady that rings me up tells me a story about something that I have picked out.  She says that they could have just donated everything or sold it all off in a lump, but they enjoy seeing what she had and even more, they enjoy seeing people take joy in what they buy.  They like knowing that her things are going to good homes.  They don't even mind if you say you are going to sell it, because, then it really is going to a good home that wants it. This tine she told me all about the Santa Mouse.  

A few odds and ends:

This doll has a head that spins to change faces.  I imagine she might have had a bonnet at one time to hide the other three faces.  But, who knows?

Hansel and Gretel Storybook doll.

Little Red Riding Hood Storybook Doll.

My Child Doll.  
These are popular on ebay.  
I think she will sell for about $45.00 or so even though she is nekkid as a Jaybird.

I usually avoid these sort of dolls, but this one has personality.  I think I am going to "Elf" him up for Christmas.  And maybe do something about his "no hands' situation.  What's up with that????  I'm thinking wee little mittens.

A Hilo Hattie Hawaiian doll.  

And an entire collection of lapel huggers.  Anyone else besides me have a Santa on their jacket when they were a kid?  Anyone?  *crickets*  These are collectible too in lots. 

Everything will be sold except the the Annalee's, the egg and the freezer baskets.  I'm getting good as selling and not keeping!  Yay me!  

And guess what?  There is another sale this weekend.  And the next!  Whoop!  I asked if there would ever be a LOT of Christmas and they said, "We are almost too it."  WHOOP! WHOOP!


Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Week in Junk: Wishlist Item FOUND

As usual, I hit a few thrift stores this week.  One stop netted me only a 50¢ Starbucks mug and the other a 1970's 75¢ Parmesan cheese shaker.  Neither really worth the stop, but at lease I found a little something - both headed to the booth for $8.00 each.  I guess if I found $8.00 in the parking lot I would call that a good day.  So, it was good enough, I suppose.

Saturday, I went to the Super cheap Thrift and then I drove a bit out of the way to go to the Summer's Thrifty Flea.  It is in a tiny "town" on the edge of the AR/OK line.  It is unincorporated, so it isn't really a town but more like a spot in the road.  The population is about 900 spread out in the country. There is a wee little post office and a big old school building that the people want to restore.  It is in dilapidated condition, but still a really cool old building.  The thrift store is inside that old school building.  Half of the store is new merchandise or things they think are worth more than a few dollars and, sadly, a whole lot of recently expired groceries.  I was raised on dented cans and freshly out of date canned foods and bruised produce. But, I just don't like to buy it now.  Plus, it is super expensive, in my book.  It it was $2.00, it's $1.25 and it's months out of date.  No thank you.  Now, that I have said all that you are wondering why on earth I went all the way out there to that sort of store.  Well!  The other half of the store is housewares, holiday, clothes and on and on.  You grab an empty grocery bag and fill it up for $1.00.  On my first walk through, I am looking for things I can sell or things I collect, then I look for things I can put in the booth or we can use or I can give to people.  This time I filled up five bags full of all sorts of stuff for a total of $5.00.  *I really don't see how selling things at $1.00 a bag will ever make enough money to restore a building.  

I got random Christmas things I can sell or make into other things, some old kitchen stuff and these super cool old red lucite letter trays.  I have the letter trays in my booth for $24.00, so that was worth the trip, plus all the other randomness I bought.  Sorry there aren't more photos, but not much was really photo worthy.  But, here's a photoworthy photo.....

Next to the old schoolhouse there was an old rock building and there was a bunch of stuff spread out in the grass.  I almost didn't walk over there because I could tell it was all old stuff and probably higher than I wanted to pay.  Then, I came to my senses and realized I was pretty much in the middle of nowhere with little traffic, so it couldn't be that expensive.  They had some old furniture, tools and other stuff.  That fabulous quilt caught my eye right away.  It was $20.00.  Now, that's not a yard sale price for me - but it is a yard sale price for a hand stitched feedsack quilt with that fancy edging. SOLD.  I know it's worth a good deal better.  But, I am loving it so much that I have to keep it for now.  It would be great on the table at shows for my feedsack pendants or better yet - on the bed in the #somedayguestroom I am working on.  I already had the doughbowl, but I needed something for all those old spools.  There's 75 big old wooden thread spools there.  They were only $2.00.  I think I cna use them or make something or just sell them.  The labels are old and warrant a bit of research.  

Here is a little bit of the Christmas I shoved in a bag for $1.00.  Those Santa's are TP rolls and most likely made by a kindergartner.  I think they are hilarious. I never pass up a bottle brush tree.  Even the plastic ones.  

A trio of Norwegian wooden guys from the college thrift that never has good old stuff.  

A vintage rose tin and rose tray from Goodwill.  There was a varied amount of rose themed things scattered about Goodwill that day.  Dishes, paintings, figurines, etc.  I bought the two oldest things.  I think Grandma collected roses.  :( 

Now for that wishlist item.  I have my wishlist posted on the side over to the right.  That is my dream wishlist.  I also have a mental wishlist that includes a turntable (to listen to thrifted albums), a 8mm film projector (I have a ton of old movies from the 50's I thrifted) and a set of Green Boopie glasses. We had a set when I was a kid.  They sat in the lighted hutch all year long and we only used them for holiday meals.  I felt so fancy to get to use one of those beautiful green glasses!

Fast forward to a quick run into Goodwill on Tuesday where they were just rolling out the carts of new merchandise.  

TA-DA!  I saw one, then another and and another for a total of five.  I had found one lone glass years ago, so I now have a set of 6!  And they were only $1.01 each.  A STEAL.  They are pricey on ebay and in shops.  My Christmas table is going to be FABULOUS!

When I paid, they carefully wrapped each glass in newspaper.  When I unwrapped the glasses  - look what I found!

Goodwill used the newspaper with an article written by LARA!  I don't get to see her or talk to her much anymore, so this made me happy,   My thrifting buddy was there to get my beloved glasses home safe.  Thanks, Lara! <3 .="" nbsp="" p="">
 The weather finally turned cool over night.  Yay!  There are a few big sales this weekend and two neighborhood sales near me.  I love cool weather and junking.  I hope your weekend has cool temps and cool junk in the forecast too!

Monday, October 10, 2016

The Week in Junk: Pickin' Time on 59

In the last month I have closed my booth, donated about half of it, sold at the Junk Ranch then donated about a fourth of that (leftover booth stuff), cleaned in my office donating a pick up full of things, cleaned out the shed and donated some things and cleaned out our closet and donated and sold a lot of things.  Sometimes I think about the number of items I touch in a day with buying, cleaning, marking, packing, displaying, donating, etc and I get overwhelmed with STUFF.  But, then the STUFF bug bites me and I need to go find more stuff.  The old stuff here at the house is BORING. I need NEW old stuff.  In short, I think I have a mental illness.  :)  

Thursday I went to Pickin' Time on 59 which is a 26 mile long yard sale jaunt through several small towns.  You are in Arkansas the entire time, but you start at the Oklahoma line and work your way to the Missouri line.  BTW, I prefer these mile long sales over city side sales because they are all along the highway in clear sight and you don't have to venture all over town (and possibly get a flat and be stranded.  Ahem.)

First stop was a bathroom break and to trade in a winning lottery ticket.  I had treated myself to a $10.00 scratch off after the Junk Ranch and I "won" $10.00.  It's no fun to break even, so I saved it to trade in at a new store.  I chose a $10.00 ticket again and I WON $50.00 on one scratch and 10x $5.00 on another scratch for a total of $100.00.  Woohoo!  I had allotted $100 for yard sales and food for the day, so it was a free day!

On to the sales~  At the beginning of the jaunt, there is a field in front of the airport with about 70 vendors set up.  That is the main event.  We were there about two hours or so then continued on to the next tiny town and hit several spots where there were multiple vendors set up .  Those are really the best ones to go to because you might find one thing here and there or a lot at each vendor.  You never know.  

I filled up two totes at the airport for not much at all.  There were a variety of sellers there from yard sale junk with yard sale prices to booths full of new knives and Hot Wheels to booth of high priced vintage and antiques.  One guy had some older stuff, but it was dirty and unorganized in old boxes (I'm not saying any of that is BAD), but he said "Make an Offer" and I HATE that.  Hate it, hate it.  I had four items and he said, $5.00 after I begged him to name a price.  I countered at $4.00, which I honesty really never do, then he said, "Why didn't you say that in the first place?"  Then I felt awkward.  That's why I say, PRICE YOUR JUNK.

On the last aisle of booths, I spotted a nice old birdcage on a stand, but there was a lady looking at it. The lady selling it said it was $10.00 and I knew it was a great deal.  Then the shopper asked if she would take $5.00 and I knew that was not a nice thing to be doing on an already great price.  She said she had a lot of interest in it and was sure she could get $10.00 for it, so the shopper turned away.  I stepped in and handed her the $10.00 and thanked her for a great price.  She was happy that I was happy.  That's how I feel when I sell something to someone that is happy to find it.  

On to the next town and a few stops at different multiple vendor sales and a big open air market at a flea market.  I bought several things, none of which I can specifically remember because I found THIS.

A darling bunny girl pose doll.  FOR A DIME.  She is pristine.  I already have an identical one and she is honestly one of my favorite possessions.  Like, I would put her in my pocket if I had to out run a flood.  So to have another one is just icing on the cake.  I can keep her with no guilt since she only cost a dime.  I really do try to sell more than I buy anymore.  But sometimes, some things just have to stay with ME!

The car fulled up with lots of good stuff.  My last stop of the day netted that awesome plaid blanket and both of the Thermos bottles for $1.00 each plus a nice bag full of vintage Christmas for a few more dollars.  I love it when the last stop makes you feel like you had a successful day.  

This is NOT a political view in anyway.  I just find it interesting that someone would take the time to put this HUGE sign in their front yard.  This was at a house and I assumed it was advertising their YARD SALE, but nope.  'Murica.

After the yard sales were over, I did a great MOM thing.  I took my baby to the CASINO and taught him how to gamble.  Because that's the kind of Mom I am!

We pretty much lost that $100 I won earlier in the day, but we had fun!  We started on the Penny Machines which I hate.  I was playing one and the screen lit up and bells started ringing and this huge Wheel of Fortune thing started spinning above my head and I grabbed his hand in excitement and it spun and it lit up and.........I won $1.75.  Whomp-Whomp.  We moved on to the 25¢, 50¢ and $1.00 machines and we even played the $5.00 machine once.  Big spenders!  It was a learning experience and a fun day.  By the end of the say, I had spent $107 dollars for all the things I bought, lunch at Sonic, dinner at the Casino (which is not cheap) and three hours of gambling.  Not bad.

A few pictures of the goods:

I showed this on Instagram - I bought these things from five different sales, but they all go together like I bought them at the same time.  I love it when that happens.   I think those Mobile Home tags are sort of cool.  Glamping is in now.  I love those old red Bakelite dominoes and the Thermos have worked their way into my collection.  

Nice bag full of old Christmas seals from the Thermos/blanket sale.  I love these old seals, but I have no idea what to do with them.  I have an old candy tin filled with thousands of them and I just like to look at them and sort them.  Someday I will think of a use for them!

Friday I went to a five family sale, but everything I bought belonged to "T" because "T" had good old stuff for cheap.  I'm pretty sure those stickers might cost almost a nickel each....."T" was my kind of gal!

I have put myself on a "no tins" and "no old books" rule.  I guess you can see how well that is going for me.  :D  I have plans for the tiny candy tins.  The old books date from 1872-1932.  I love just holding something that is nearly 150 years old.  

Odds and ends.  That's a Poodle bottle cover kit on the right.  I love to buy old craft kits. Not sure if it will sell or not, but I had to grab it.  

I have never seen these old melted popcorn decorations for anything other than Halloween and Christmas.  Wrong time of year for them, but you have to buy it when you see it.  

This is the first one of these I have ever found.  It is missing the light up base, and a couple of the lights are missing, but it's in otherwise good condition.  People LOVE these things.  I do not.  But, nostalgia is a good thing no matter what the object of affection might be.  I bought this in the middle of the airport filed and carried it all over that darn field.  Super heavy!  

A little Christmas here and a little Christmas there always adds up at the end of the day.  I have several of those old toilet seat covers and they never sell.  But the cute PINK factor won me on this one.  (His eyes are covered up when the lid is lifted, in case you have never seen one.)

Cute Santa and Ms. Claus.  I hate that they say Xmas.  It's not even a religious thing - I just think that is a lazy way to write Christmas.  But, their cuteness outweighs that fact. 

One lone spun head I dug out of a box of junk.  

Super cute little dudes.  One of their hands is missing, but I will find something to glue there and no one will be the wiser.  

So, that was a long winded post, but it has been a long time since I had a Week in Junk post.  The yard sale season will be winding down soon, but I plan on shopping while it's still good.  I'm still trying to get a new booth and ebay sales have been good lately.  Plus our college booth is doing really good right now.  I say all this so I can persuade myself that I really DO NEED TO SHOP.  Ha. 

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Seven! Seven! Seven.............SEVEN!

My 7th Junk Ranch is done and one for the history books.  It was a great show with terrific weather. It wasn't overly cool but not too hot either.  The sun beat on your head and made you warm, but not sweaty. So great outdoor shopping weather.  The gates open on Friday at noon, so cars start streaming in from early morning until almost 6:00 that night so it is hard to tell how many cars come and go from my vantage point.  But on Saturday, the line started forming until the gates open at 9:00.  I watched cars come in the gate bumper non-stop until 3:30!  It is so much fun to see people come to an event that has had so many people working so hard to prepare, make, create and set-up.  

The show seemed to go seamlessly this year with little complaining from customers.  In the past, there was a FREE service for a group of strapping young Ranch Hands to come pickup your heavy furniture or oversized items in a gator with a trailer,  They would deliver them to the loading zone for FREE and then load those items in your vehicle for FREE.  For FREE.  But, people complained that it took too long or they had to wait in line too long and on and on and on.  Then customers started saying it was too hot or too far to carry things, so the Ranch Hands would go to pick up something at a vendors booth only to discover it was a light metal wall hanging or in one case - a basket of tomatoes.  This was completely abusing the system which did make the lines long and the wait lengthy.  But still it was a FREE service.  The Ranch hands were local high school football players and local young men that were solely working for tips, but the many of the people using the FREE service weren't tipping either.  

So, this year you could still get an item picked up and loaded at the loading zone,  But, there was one simple change.  It cost $5.00 for the service.  You should have seen the giant things I saw people schlepping out to their cars.  It's funny what you can suddenly do when you have to PAY for it.  This freed up the wonderful owners (HI AMY) and Ranch hands to take care of other business and even SHOP a little!  Yay! 

This year, my booth was moved over a few spots so I was the very first booth inside the gate to the left.  Lara was next to me.  Since she got a full time job and is so very busy now, she was worried that she couldn't fill up an entire booth by herself, so she asked our mutual friend, Laurie to use half of her booth.  Between the three of us, we shared a mutual check out area which allowed shoppers to shop all three areas before they paid. Lara had her sweet prints and her painted signs and a bit of vintage and Laurie had Dictionary prints and a lot of vintage so they paired up well.  I had vintage Christmas palooza in my booth.  I also had vintage this and that and a mix of my usual handmade jewelry, ephemera and Halloween items.  I suppose it's time for some photos, eh?

This year we could start set up on Wednesday.  This works well for trailers full of giant things that can be loaded out into big piles and for me with my millions of smalls in an SUV.  The Breadman took a load with my tent, tables and staging things and I took a load of Christmas.  (I sold all my blowmolds!)

We set up the tables and the tent, unloaded the merchandise, put down the walls and left until Thursday.  Yes, Pam, that is a short tent!  We discovered the walls cover more area if we drop the sides down.  

The tables were uneven, so The Bean crawled under there and worked on it like he was changing the oil on a '65 Mustang.  Minus granny's old fruit motif tablecloth, of course.  I couldn't do this show without his help.  Bless that boy.  He knows what to do, when to do it and how to do it.  He sets up my tent and tables and then he helps Lara set up hers too.  If the sun suddenly appears to be on my arm, he disappears to go around the fence and adjust the umbrella so it won't burn me.  He is just the nicest.  :)  

A fun photo shoot set up in the middle of the Junk Ranch.  There were several different spots, but I only saw this one from the car to my booth.  I did not walk around at all this time - I just stayed in my booth selling.  I LOVE my vintage stuff, but most of the fun FOR ME is finding it in the wild.   So, to have it all laid out at my feet takes a bit of the fun away from it.  Besides, I am there to sell - not shop!  I do love to look around to see what others have found and to wonder where they found it. There are also fabulous displays and friendly vendors, so I do like to look around a bit normally.  

My set up is about the same in the manner that I set up my tables and shelves.  This time Lara and I flipped spots and the traffic came from a different direction, so I flipped my set up around.  Next year I will do the tall side on the side where the traffic comes so they will see ALL THE STUFF when they enter the gate.  We also forgot the leave room for us to hang out behind our check out table, so we didn't get to sit close and visit as much we usually do.  SAD FACE.  I only mention this here so I will read it next Spring to remind myself.  

Friday I had Halloween here on the end.  People looked at it, but missed a lot of the things on the inside. 

So, Saturday I moved it inside under the tent and put the framed flashcards and Scrabble words out on the table outside. 

Here is what it looked like inside on Friday.   I was possessed with finding bulk frames so I could take a lot of those giant framed flashcards. Last Spring, I sold about 30 of them, I think.  Friday I sold ZERO.  Ha.  Good thing I didn't spend a fortune on frames for a hundred of them!  After I moved them, I ended up selling quite a few.  I really like this area of handmade and ephemera.  It probably cluttered for some, but to me it's kind of simple.  I like it.  

That sectioned box in the center held individual Scrabble tiles sorted alphabetically.  In the past, I had only my packaged words to sell and people would ask for names or words that I didn't have.  So, I took the individual tiles and wondered if it was worth the space.  HECK YEAH.  One lady spent $35.00 on letters and racks.  I think I probably sold over $200 just in Scrabble tiles.  I had them 2/$1 and no one batted an eye at that.  I still think those things are crazy, but who am I to turn down money?  Now I need to find more Scrabble games!

I sold a lot of my flashcard sets.  I have adapted them and changed cardstock over the last year, so I rounded them all up and sold them for $2.00 a bundle since they were all a bit different.  

Last Fall, I made hundreds of bags full of vintage Christmas ornaments and I sold a TON of them. So, this year I mad even more of them.  I put them in the old bassinettes so people could dig, but I didn't sell as many as last year.  I still sold a lot, don't get me wrong.  But they weren't as popular as last time.  I think they would display better hanging on gridwire, but I don't have space for that there.   

That darn tent leg drives me crazy right in the center, but that's just part of selling outdoors.  I bought that painting of the choir boys last week and I love it.  It is huge as you can tell.  It is a group of choir boys from Washington County School and it was painted by their choir director.  I wish I had a spot for it, but I don't.  I used this area for all the boxed ornaments.  I also had a lot of loose nice old ornaments, so I placed two to four ornaments in a berry basket with shredded sheet music and then put it in a clear produce bad and tied it with baker's twine.  That way the price point was better too.  I sold a lot of them and was told may packaging was creative.  It was purely accidental that I thrifted a stack of berry baskets one day and a case of vintage produce bags the next.  

Maybe this explains why I like that simple table.  BAM.  Lots of stuff.  I mixed up vintage Christmas and fun vintage finds on this wall.  People loved digging in that big bowl of cookie cutters.  Lots of things sold on this wall.  Yay!  

This was on the back and where I could see all day long.  It was a hodge podge of vintage Christmas. I heard the word "Grandma" and "Mom" a lot while people looked around.  The santa mug shelf brought out the most memories.  They were every popular.

Yes, there's MORE!  Inside under the tent.  A mish mash, but a fun mish mash. Lots of this sold too.  

I sold this wreath which made me VERY happy.  The buyer was not who I envisioned buying it.  He was a six foot tall black guy wearing head to toe Steeler's clothes.  He was also very excited about the wreath.  That made me doubly happy!  

I set up a vintage toy area back my the fence.  I sold a few things, but I think I have finally learned that old toys just do not sell for me.  Everyone loves them, everyone looks at them and everyone has memories of them, but no one actually buys them.  So, I will save myself the trouble of taking so many next time.  (But, I do so love to buy them!)  As we were loading in the almost darkness, another dealer stopped by and fell deeply in love with both of the cribs and the red Christmas tree and whisked them all away with her.  That last minute sale paid for dinner!

I love my banner.  See that basket of pinwheels?  I was at Wal-Mart a few weeks ago and they were on sale for 5¢ each, so I bought $4.00 worth.  I gave them to the kids that came into the booth.  They were all so happy to get them!  And the parents were happy that they had something to focus on and not want all the things.  Sorry other vendors.  I had fun handing them out and I hope that I can find something like that to do each time.  I always put soft peppermints out with my business cards and they are always gobbled up.  

My accountant says I did okay this year.  

The Junk Ranch has such a fun atmosphere.  It is fun to be there as a vendor and I can tell the shoppers have fun too.  I always tell them I am envious that they get to shop there!  I still can't believe I have done this seven times!  You'd think it would be the same old, same old.  But it's always different and it's always new/old junk so you have to plan ahead and be prepared when you get there. I always manage to take three loads out, but get it back in two.  That's the sign of good packing and good sales.  When we were all loaded up this time we had one thing left and not one square inch to pack it.  Oddly enough, it was an empty Rubbermaid tub that I could have easily put in the car first then filled up.  But it got overlooked.  I offered it to other vendors, but no one wanted it.  So, I jumped on that sucker and broke it to smithereens.  Not because I was mad (I threw a thirty pound typewriter across the field at the first JR and stomped a hat box to death at one after that), but because I had to get rid of the darn thing.  Those things are pretty tough, but I did it, by golly!

I met a lot of new people, some that follow me on Instagram, some on Facebook and a few that read this blog.  (BTW, if you are the nice lady that wanted a coffee cup pendant  I found one - drop me a line!).  I gained 65 new Instagram followers and found a few new people to follow myself.  It's nice to be outstanding in a field with others that are outstanding in the same field.  Literally and figuratively!  

Thanks again for always coming here for these recaps and for listening to my stories.  And for the virtual back slaps and good lucks.  You guys ROCK!

***That title is an homage to Friends.  Three junk star points if you know the episode.

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