What is a monkeybox? When I was a little girl, we had a pet monkey named Amanda. My Dad worked in the produce business, so each night he brought home that days culls in a big box - spotty cucumbers, pithy apples, limp celery, moldy oranges and the like. We called it a monkeybox. It was really just trash, but my Mom would take each piece of fruit and trim it, pare it and cut it up to make a beautiful fruit platter for Amanda. Even though it was deemed trash by one, it still had life left in it and was good for the purpose we needed it. That's how I live my life - thrifting, yard saling, looking for another's trash to be my treasure.
*Those are my Great Grandparents up there. My Great Grandma was the original Martha Stewart. She threw a great party and decorated for every holiday. I want to be her when I grow up. Oh wait! I am!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Weekend in Junk: Quilts and Pinwheels

It's the middle of winter, there are no yard sales and thrifting on the weekends is usually not the best time to find goodies.  But, every Saturday my desire to go thrifting goes into overdrive and I just HAVE to go out on the hunt.  Luckily the Super Cheap Thrift is open for a few hours on Saturday. Woo-hoo.  The SCT is always good for a bit of junk and it's always, well, SUPER CHEAP.  :)  

First up - these pipe cleaner photo things - I have never seen anything quite like these.  Snoopy and Charlie Brown made out of chenille stems/pipe cleaners and woven into a burlap background.  
Now, hearing that you would think they would be really tacky and not resemble Charlie Brown or Snoopy.  But, they do!  They really do!  They are for sale in in new Instagram Shop.  (Oh, BTW, I opened an Instagram Shop! monkeyboxvintagejunk)  

These giant Dominoes were in a bag and I wasn't really sure what they were - but I am a sucker for game pieces.  These are at least twice as big as regular Dominoes and made out of some sort of heavy plastic. I'm trying to think of a crafty use for them.  The little piggy  came from a different thrift up the road that I rarely visit.  

He is a vintage Relpo planter AND a piggy bank all in one.  I try not to buy baby planters unless they are super, super sweet.  But this one is sweet and different.  It sells for squat, but I paid diddly squat, so it's all good.  ;)

This other thrift that I visited - it is in a tiny town that offers very little else to do while you are there. They have very little merchandise other than clothing and the ladies that run it are often kind of rude. And the whole place kind of smells like feet.  Or maybe it's shoes.  It does not rank high on my list. BUT, lately, I have been getting vibes to go there. I was 3/4 of the way there Saturday, so I went on out just to see.  As usual, it kind of smelled odd and there were five people working the register. They all had to confer on what I was buying  and how much it should cost.  After a pricey sum of $2.60 was decided for my six items, I handed over a twenty which caused tall five of them to put their hands up and step backwards, shaking their heads, "OH, NO we couldn't break a TWENTY!!!!" they said.  I had two one dollar bills and then I went out and raided my Aldi quarter stash and dug a dime out of the console.  They were very, very relieved that I was able to find the correct change. 

My thrifting senses had told me that I might find some tablecloths.  I didn't.  I searched and searched. On my second loop through, I paused at the baby department and spotted two baby quilts.  One was a quilt, but just squares and not that vintage - yet it was cute.  The other was vintage and OH SO darling.  

It has very sweet vintage puppies all over it with fun colorful ears and butts.  Puppy BUTTS.  
I mean, COME ON!

"Blankets are $1.00," said one of the many five clerks.  

There is the other quilt up in the corner - it is brightly quilted on one side and pre-printed pastel quilt pattern on the reverse side.  It will go to the booth.  The puppy quilt will go in my collection.    I also picked up the two doll faces and a book not pictured.  Two baby quilts, a piggy bank/planter, the two doll faces and a book all for $2.60.  You see why I DO go - occasionally.  The gorgeous old books are from Goodwill as well as the long Sentence writing strips.  Surely I can think of something to do with those?

So, just enough as usual - not too much money, not too much stuff - something to keep, something to create with and a few things to sell.  

I have been making some small clipboards out of old children's books.  I bought a big lot of old book covers on Etsy so I wouldn't have any guilt about ruining any books. But then I got hooked and I needed to make MORE.  The books I use have missing pages or have been colored in or ruined in some way.  But, after I used the covers, I still had a pile of sweet book pages left.  I decided to make some pinwheels.  Or, maybe forty pinwheels.  *cough*  :D

This is a book page pinwheel with glittered edges and a Bingo marker center.  I like the bright colors and the glittery edges.  To make a pinwheel you start with a square piece of paper, so I had to cut a strip off each page before I made the pinwheel.  Then I had a big pile of  paper strips.  So, I made a paper book page chain.  It's kind of a sickness.  Waste not, want not.  

Since you need a square piece of paper to start, I stated looking for square things.  When I stopped at the booth yesterday I found square flash cards (in my own booth).  

I added an edge of black glitter before I made the pinwheel, added a milk cap center and a Bingo Marker to cover the tack.  I really like these!  I have some elusive orange BINGO markers that I think would make these fantastic for Halloween.
I think they are sweet in a vase.  I am going to make a bunch of these for both booths, the Block Street Party in May and the Spring Junk Ranch.  

I better get crackin!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

Thanks for the sympathy on the last post.  We know the truck needs a starter.  We just need to have it towed and find the money to pay for it.  Labor on that is a real b*tch.  Pardon the French.  

I got a slight reprise from my sentence on Wednesday.  I dropped the boys off at the movies and then I met up with my Dad for a few hours of mindless thrifting.  I went to my favorite thrift for finding Reader's Digest Condensed books.  I use them for crafts, but I am currently just hoarding a huge pile of them in the garage.  But, of course - I need more!  This store usually has piles of them for 25¢ each and then they are always half price - so 8/$1.00.  Heck of a deal.  They did have a big pile of them, but they were the nondescript blue and green covers that I can't use.  I did find two to buy as well as a set of old classic children's books - I paid $1.25 for the set of ten.  I already took them to the booth and I forgot to take a photo.

Next stop was a thrift affiliated with the Super Church in town.  The usually have very little vintage stuff, but what little they do have they price crazy low to move it out.  How silly is that?
I spotted this one amazing vintage glass for 50¢.  I looked and looked for more - but just found the one.  It was still worth getting.
But, while I was looking, I found these.  25¢ each and they were mine.  

Our next stop was Goodwill.  I have a love hate with this particular Goodwill.  It is really dark and the aisles are tight.  But every time I am there, I find one really good thing.  Only one, but ONE is good!  So, I have to look really hard at everything to see it because I just KNOW I will find something.  I swear I am going to take a flashlight one of these days.  Anyway, I was on the very last row of stuff and I was starting to think I was going to leave empty handed (NOOOO!) when I saw it.  Siting on the shelf.  Angels sang.  Trumpets trumpeted.  Stuff like that.

A 1940's French Gumbacher Easel.  

I've never even heard of one of these and I have certainly never seen one, so as soon as I saw it, I could tell it was something special.  

It folds up into a carrying case and that is how I found it on the shelf.  
Today I got it all set up and discovered how truly awesome it really is - it is fantastic!  All solid wood, dovetail joint and a dovetailed drawer to store you paints and brushes.  All the hardware is brass.  It's really a study in Engineering the way it all folds up and tucks into the box.  

If I had a mansion with a big picture window overlooking the ocean or mountains, I would keep it and place it in said window and I would sit and dab at my watercolors all day and drink mint juleps or something similarly dainty.  But, alas, I have no mansion and I have a truck to repair, so to ebay it will go.  Two similar recently sold - one for $140.00 and one for $375.00  I have to research it and make mine be like the $375.00 one.  :)  

A few more stops in the last couple days including the Super Cheap Thrift.  Funny note about my beloved Super Cheap Thrift.  As if it isn't already cheap - today housewares, kitchenwares, toys and knick knacks were all 50% off.   "How much is half of 25¢ ?" they kept asking.  

Items of note:

Mid-century teak and tile mosaic card suite coasters.  

A big mid-century gold glass divided tray and a mess of curtain rings.  

The tiny curtain rings will be re-purosed as wee shadowboxes.  I have teeny deer and teeny toadstools and teeny bottle brushes trees.  They will be teeny.  And adorable!  
 A pink Noritake Nippon Candlestick.

Glass mushroom jar full of 1970's dried flowers and a candle.  Can you say, "CALL 9-1-1!"?

These silly 1960's stature things always sell in my booths.  Now, not for a ton - but if I can get them for 25¢, I can sell them for $5.00.  I don't know if people collect them or if they just strike them as fun and pick them up. 
I remembered Magpie Ethel's excitement over these Shrimp Cocktail glasses so I picked this one up. I remember getting these when I was little.  It has a chip out of the lip so it's really only good for a tiny bouquet or crafting.  
Vintage turkey gravy/jelly/cranberry/ I don't really know server.  Cold painted, so it's older.  Vintage Turkey's are one of my many collections and one of the harder things to find.  

I paid $2.00 for a bunch of junky Christmas stuff just for this little rubber doll.  She was worth it.  

The flash card came from a flea market next door to my flea market.  With my love of thrifting and junk and ephemera, it had to come home with me.  

This record was at my flea market.  It was in a bundle of three for only $1.00.  As you know, vintage Birthday things are my favorite to find so this was a happy thing!  

Speaking of happy things.  


I found a YARD SALE.  


And while there I made friends with a fabulous Bulldog.  
And I found this beautiful vintage table cloth for $2.00.  It's been along dry spell in the world of vintage tablecloths.  I know I say I love a lot of things, but honestly vintage tables are really the whole reason I ever set foot into any thrift or yard sale.  That is what I am looking to find.  

Just so you don't think I am a hoarder - the tablecloth, birthday record, turkey, tiny doll and flashcard will stay with me.  Everything else will go to the booths or to ebay.  Something to keep and something to sell.  A great few days of thrifting!  

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Blaghy, blog, blog, blog

Every night I come in here thinking I will write a blog post and it will be GREAT and you guys will laugh and cry and just love it.  Then, I think about what I have done lately and realize if I blog about THAT you guys will hit the 'DELETE monkeybox' button on your bookmarks.  I am super duper BORING right now.

It is January 13th and do you want to know WHAT?  I am trying to put my stuff back out from Christmas.  But not ALL THE STUFF.  I am trying to switch it up and make decisions and new displays.  I did get the pottery out this week.  I culled out a lot of my matte white pottery which was SO HARD.  It's not that I am getting rid of it, I just chose to not put it all out this time.  I am loving the colorful stuff only.  Today I finally got a little cooperation from the Breadman and he helped bring in a big cabinet from the garage so I could finally finish up all that I took out at Christmas.  He is unreasonable grouchy in this cold weather, so I specifically waited for a sunny day before I requested some of his time.  (He is on my bad list, so bear with me while I bitch a bit.)  (He's never read a word of this blog.  Ever.  I can vent here.)

One morning a few weeks ago the truck wouldn't start, so the BM took the "good" car.  And he has driven it every day since.  He won't talk about the truck, he won't have it looked at, it just sits there in the driveway.  He gets home by 2:00 every day (he leaves at 1:30 am), so I can still get out and do some of the things I need to do.  But what I really, really NEED is a day out in MY car all by MYSELF.  I need to hit a few thrifts ALONE and look at ALL.THE.THINGS.  I might not buy a damn thing, but I need to LOOK.  In two weeks he starts a new longer route that will take him into Missouri every day so the chances of me EVER getting out of this house for a mental break will be slim to none.  

Now, I didn't come here to have a pity party.  God knows I avoid "Poor Pitiful Me" posts on other blogs.  I'm sorry about that.  But, you guys are my friends and you listen and YOU CARE.  


So, last weekend, Lara and I went to an auction.  It was at the Armory inside and apparently every dealer in the five state area was there.  I am used to farm auctions or Estate auctions where everything is spread out from the entire house and you bid on box lots or piles of junk.  This auction had it's share of boxes of stuff and piles of things.  But, it was all collectible stuff.  Very nice old stuff - lots of old German things.  There was a box of Christmas decorations and you could only see a box of blown glass ornaments and a few old Santa's and a little chap in a tuxedo.  I was hoping I could score it for maybe $20.00 at the most.  It sold for $95.00.  Zoinks!  There was a round suitcase with vintage doll clothes that I thought I might be able to get for $15 or $20.  It sold for $85.00.  It was so sad to see all this stuff that you really wanted to be able to buy it or really even bid on it because the bids started out more than what I wanted to pay in the end.  The auctioneer said that the couple had passed and left it all to their two grandchildren that were in their mid-twenties who had said, "Sell it all and mail us a check."  Ouch.  There were books, photo albums, WWII uniforms and medals and so many wonderful things.  It saddened me that their families just did not care.

This post really needs a photo.  Let me see what I can rustle up for you.  Hang on.  

Yea, I got nothing.  

Aren't you glad you came here?  

I'm sorry.

I'll be back in a better mood with happy stories of junk and journeys and lots of photos.

But, it might be awhile.


Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Bundle up!

Winter is finally here.  According to the weather winter is everywhere - but it really hit Arkansas this week.  Tonight it will be 2 degrees.  TWO DEGREES.  We don't see weather that cold very often in these parts.  It is supposed to be that way for a week or so at least.  

Yesterday I went to the thrift store to buy a warm fuzzy scarf.  Not because of the weather but to make this:

I had seen a wreath on Pinterest using a scarf, but they just wrapped it across the middle (like it was on your shoulders).  I wanted to wrap the wreath around and around, so I found a very long one.  I was pleased that not only was only 99¢, but it was just the perfect shades of blue to match my house and my winter decor.   

I already had the little child's skates that I had thrifted last year and I already had the wooden snowflakes and the sparkly junk from 90% off at Target.  All I had to do was assemble it.  I had it all made and it still need something, so I found those perfectly colored pompoms that I had made stuffed in a drawer.  I added a jingle bell to the center ( and ode to my roller skating days...) and it was done.  

I like the pop of color on these cold Winter days.  

I do a whole blue and white winter theme on the porch. 

It's a work in process - as in I work on it when it isn't freezing.  It might take me until Spring at this point.  

You guys stay warm out there!  

Thursday, January 01, 2015

Happy 2015

Happy New Year!  

Or as it is known at our house


Because we party down around here.  

Anyway - Best of everything to you all this year!

Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Year in Thriftview

I always think it is fun to look back over the year and see what I bought, what I sold and what I kept. Thanks to The Junk Ranch and the two booths, I sold more than I brought home this year.  Well, I had to bring all that home, but at least it didn't stay here.  So, that's good.  I just need both of the booths to keep on going and to do even better this year - plus there's another Junk Ranch in June!  Yippeee!

So, what did come home with me?  What stayed and what sold? I bet you are so excited to read this! (Ha)
Ah, the PINK tree.  Scored at Goodwill in January for $2.00.  It is such a lovely pink color.  It's not vintage, but it will do for me.  I used it last Valentine's Day and I meant to use it as a Birthday tree for our birthday month in Aug-Sept.  I need to remember to do that this year!  Ya'll remind me, okay?

Found these sweet hugging Kewpie babies on the back of a thrift store shelf for 99¢.They have a home on my shelf with my other babies.  

I bought this at a yard sale in front of a flea market that was going out of business.  It had this weird black moldy stuff on it and I was afraid that I just thrown away $2.00.  But, with some elbow grease and a Magic Eraser it cleaned up beautifully.  I have far too much pottery, but this soft buttery piece had to join the rest of my hoard.

This rubber baby was an Etsy purchase, which I don't usually do.  But it was only a few dollars and made me smile.  Sometimes you just need a smile when it's winter and there are no yard sales or decent thrift store finds!  That belly!

This great old cabinet was at the thrift for $19.99.  It's still in my backyard under a tarp, which is not good.  I need to work on it and sell it at the Spring Junk Ranch.  I really love it though. 

These spinner racks made me SO happy - vintage racks that where perfect for my feedsack jewelry pendants and mini-banners.  There were holding crap jewelry at a crap sale, but I ask about the racks and they decided I could have them for $1.00 each. SO HAPPY!  I just left one at the small booth with things on it and I feel like I left my child there.  I hope it is safe.  :(

A hot summer day auction brought me this tiny chair which I grossly overpaid for in the heat of a bid ($15.00!).  But, I was rewarded with the awesome vintage blowmold pumpkin that I plucked off the trash heap as I was leaving.  I always look in the trash at auctions because people will toss "junk" they don't want and as WE ALL KNOW - I like that sort of junk!

A day of thrifting with my Dad to some new to me places brought me this sweet vase for $2.00.  I usually only like matte single colored pottery, but now I seem to be drawn to the shiny cute stuff.  

This Rushton Lion which is somewhere in between my "sell" and "keep" pile.  The prices aren't what they  used to be on Rushton.  When I see the price go up a bit, I will sell him.  I paid $10.00.  The check out girl could see my excitement about him as I held him and said, "Ten dollars" in question form when I asked "How much?" I should have acted cool about it or offered less or picked up some of the junky stuffed animals and made a pile.  But, I showed my excitement and it cost me.  Lesson learned.  I still think I paid an okay price though.  

A hot summer day yard sale led me to a box under a table with some old holiday things in it.   I bought a lot more there that day, but the holiday and crafty stuff always wins my heart.   Everything pictured was $3.00 plus I sold the black cat for $28.00 and the wooden horse brooch for $23.00.  

This honeycomb Uncle Sam hat was deemed to be NOT FOR SALE by the Salvation Army clerks. Fast forward to July 3rd, late in the day when I asked ONE MORE TIME and I was told - yea you can have that for $1.00 since we need to get rid of it.  Thriftlogic.  Crazy,  

Found a garage sale on the 4th of July - it was late in the afternoon, but I stopped anyway.  I found all this wonderful vintage Christmas stuff.  I got all this for less than $5.00.  It was a happy, happy 4th of July.  I sold the NOMA Star for $18.00, the ornaments for $28.00 and several other small things at the Junk Ranch and at the booth for much more than the $5.00.  

I don't remember where I got these things, but I DO remember that I paid 10¢ for the cup and 5¢ for the tiny stork.  Love that mug.  You KNOW that went straight into my collection.  

When I bought this old Coleman jug, it was pretty dirty, but the 50¢ price tag made me buy it anyway.  I really and truly thought it was a really faded red one.  But, after I cleaned it up I realized it was PINK!  It's pretty worn, but I think it's pretty cool.  It will go to the Spring Junk Ranch.  (I love pink, but there's not much room for it in my house of men).  

This giant French water jug in the crate came from a permanent yard sale out by my Dad's.  Because of the broken top, I only paid $2.00 for it.  I still have plans to make it into some sort of an end table and sell it.  The To-Do list is ever growing, it seems.  

Bad picture, but great ladders.  I had my eyes peeled for old ladders for a few months, but I never found any.  Then, one day, I found both of these just around the corner from my very own house. Eight dollars for both of them and they were mine.  I used them at The Junk Ranch for my vintage Christmas display and it worked great.  (Who came up with that expression "I had my eyes peeled?"  Oowie.)

Speaking of right near the house - I spotted this on the curb one day on our way to lunch. Screeeeeech.  The boys jumped out and loaded it without any question.  Now I use this to take almost all my junk photos in the driveway.  I want to make it a check out area for my junk shows.  

Then there's THIS.  The BLYTHE doll I found for $3.00 and actually hesitated to buy because she was a torso without any legs and her hair was a hot mess.  But, I thought maybe she might still sell for about $50.00, so I sprung for her.  A week later, the ebay auction needed at $515.00.  Whooopie! My highest sale ever and a lucky once in a a lifetime find.  

These elves were my purchase from the Fall Junk Ranch.  I paid $20.00 for the elves, which is a lot for me, but I had "found money" in my pocket from selling things, so I treated myself to these cuties. There was one more (not pictured) so each one was only $3.33, so that's not so bad.  ;)

And just before the year was about to come to an end - this awesome dollhouse found it's way to me for $2.00.  I'm enjoying it through the holidays, but then I might sell it.  I need to sell it.  I should sell it.  We'll see about that.....

So, in this post, I spent $102.65 for everything shown, plus the Jack 'O Lantern and the table were free.  I sold the Black cat, some of the vintage Christmas items, the horse brooch and the Blythe for a total of $609.00 plus I still have the old cabinet, the Rushton Lion, the pink Thermos, the French water bottle and *maybe* the dollhouse to sell.  I would say that this year was a good year in junk - good finds to sell and good things to keep.  What will 2015 bring?  I can't wait! (I hope it's a box full of Blythe dolls!)   

Happy New Year to all of you wonderful people that take the time to read this silly old blog.  I read all my comments and I am sorry if I can't respond to you if there isn't an email attached.  But, please know that I DO read them and I am forever grateful for all of you.  I've met some of you this year in real life and I hope that keeps going this year too.  Happy New Year to you!  

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