What is a monkeybox?

When I was a little girl, we had a pet monkey named Amanda. My Dad worked in the produce business, so each night he brought home that days culls in a big box - spotty cucumbers, pithy apples, limp celery, moldy oranges and the like. We called it a monkeybox. It was really just trash, but my Mom would take each piece of fruit and trim it, pare it and cut it up to make a beautiful fruit platter for Amanda. Even though it was deemed trash by one, it still had life left in it and was good for the purpose we needed it. That's how I live my life - thrifting, yard saling, looking for another's trash to be my treasure.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

My Sorted Past

Today as I perusing the aisle's of Goodwill procrastinating about going out in the 100 degree heat to the 200 degree car.  I hadn't really found anything worth buying and I had a case of "empty hand syndrome" so I kept on looking.  That's when I spotted a cart of fresh new merchandise that a clerk rolled out on the floor and I pounced.  I spotted something that I needed, but I didn't KNOW I needed.  


A Boone's Farm Apple Wine glass.  As soon as I saw it I had a flood of memories to the the first time (and only time, for the record) I got drunk on Apple Wine.  I was hanging out with a bunch of guys on motorcycles and they were all drinking Boone's Farm Apple Wine.  I had never had it before, so I decided to try it.  I drank so much that I got wasted! F-A-S-T!

Wait - did I mention I was four years old at the time?

Oh, that might be important information!


When I was was a kid, still living in Kansas, my Mom's three brothers had a bunch of friends that had motorcycles.  They would come over to our house and hang out most of the afternoon. Everyone would sit on their motorcycles in the front yard and talk and listen to music and just visit and hang out.  Because they were young (but over 18 and legal to drink), money was tight and cheap wine fit the bill.  They all had bottles of Boone's Apple Wine in paper bags that they were sipping out of throughout the day.  

I was about four years old and my Uncle's loved me.  Their friends thought I was cute and they liked me too.  AS THEY SHOULD.  :)  They liked me sooooooo much that when I walked up and batted my eyes and asked for a "sip" of their wine, they looked over their shoulder so no one would see  - and then gave me the teeneiest sip of Apple Wine.  No harm.  No foul.  


It tasted like juice!  YUM!


I went around the ring of motorcycles, one by one, person by person and got the teeniest sip of Boone's Apple Wine from each one of them.  



After awhile I needed to go in the house to go to the bathroom.

I found my Mama and told her that I needed to go to the potty.  She took me in and stood with me while I went to the bathroom.  I was laughing.  A bit too much and for no reason. And I was trying to tell her something but I sounded all slurry.  Then I said, "I feel funny, Mama!" and BOOM I fell off the toilet!  And kept on laughing.


Then guess what?

I barfed up my guts.  My Mom said she had never smelled anything like that in her LIFE.  Probably because I had a stomach full of whatever a four year old eats along with a bellyful of Apple Wine. (I probably only had 1/2 cup total, but that's WAY TOO much for a four year old. 

A new rule was implemented - "No booze for the kid".  But, I never asked for it again.  And honestly, I really haven't ever drank much since then.  

The glass will hold some flowers in the windowsill.  

That story still makes me chuckle after all these years!  

Monday, July 18, 2016

A Journey: The Canehill Water Wheel

Journey's have been in short supply around here as of late.  It's hot outside.  We are all busy.  The Breadman still has his AWFUL job with AWFUL hours.  It seems I am always looking for things for the booth, pricing things for the booth or going to one of the booths.  Then, of course, I am always doing the same for The Junk Ranch.  Right now I am knee deep in Christmas merchandise and constantly on the hunt for MORE.  I need more for the Junk Ranch and possibly for ME.  :)  Actually, I have been going through my own Christmas trying to let some go.  I have way more vintage ornaments than I can ever display, but I am afraid if I sell any I will (GOD FORBID) break some of my pretties.  Anyway, cooler weather as far as junk and journey's cannot come fast enough to please me. 

The Cane Hill Water Wheel.

The Pyeatte-Moore Mill was built in the town of  Cane Hill, Arkansas in 1830, then later moved to this location outside of town a bit in 1902.

It was once a huge building and booming business.  You can see that all that remains is the stone bottom floor and the wheel.  Where that man is standing there were huge stones making the foundation.  

They are down in the bottom in the water now.  

The wheel was completely able to turn and touch the water back then.

Now it's all overgrown and the water is just a small amount way beneath the wheel.  I have seen the water rushing after a big rainstorm.  But, for the most part, it's always pretty low.

The very small town of Cane Hill is also home to the Caner Hill College established in 1835 until it was closed during the Civil War to make a hospital for soldiers then reopened in 1875.  This was a Seminary School for both men and women, but later became an all women's college.  The building remains and is currently being renovated.

In the college there is a architectural rendering of the former Pyeatte -Moore Mill with a collection box nearby calling for a full restoration of the Mill as a historic landmark.  That would be a grand venture.  

Each time I visit the old wheel, it falls deeper and deeper into disrepair.  Here are the steps where the man in the old photo was standing.  

Right up there.  

The wheel is no longer attached to the old foundation.  

It is slowly tipping to the side.  One day I fear it will fall completely or break off at the rusted areas. Some of the slats on the top are completely missing as well as most of the ones on the bottom.  One day when we were visiting, I found one of those slats up by the highway.  

Of course, the locals have all had to make their mark on the old wheel.  

Years and years of names on top of names.  It is vandalism and a bad thing,  But, the combination of the old rust and the chippy names is interesting too.

It's a wonder no one has died climbing up to the top of the old 36 foot wheel to write their names on it.  

There have been a few Memorial crosses show up on the other side under the highway and occasionally on the steps by the wheel.  I really don't want to know what happened or when.  *I decided to google it and Michael Curtis was 52 and died in 2013.  I assume a car accident, but I don't know.  Didn't mean to bring this post down....

But, since I did - you might want to read about the infamous Cane Hill Murders in 1839.  A man and his four children were killed which led to a lynching.  It's an interesting story.  Funny how I never like history in school, but I love the local history and the Civil War history in my area.  I guess seeing it and getting out in it is much different than reading about it in a text book.  

It makes me sad that this piece of history is crumbling and has become a place for high school beer drinking and vandalism.  When we go there we appreciate if for what it was then and for what it is now.  Historic.

Pieces of the old equipment are still visible under the tall unkempt grass and weeds.  

It's still a very interesting place to visit.  Calm and serene.  

If you ever come to visit me,  I will take you there!  

Saturday, July 09, 2016

The Week In Junk: 25¢ Finds & More!

I am still on the hunt for junk, but most of it goes straight to one of the booths or gets tucked back for the Fall Junk Ranch (Sept. 30 isn't far off...), so taking photos hasn't been on my mind.  But, you dear people like to see the junk so here is a bit that I have remembered to take photos before I squirreled it away.  

Thursday I went to my beloved Super Cheap Thrift.  Home of the 5¢ drinking glasses and 25¢ shirts. I really never find anything spectacular or particularly valuable there.  But, the prices are SO low that I can spend $5.00 and price that batch for about $100 to to to the booths.  It adds up!  The first thing I spotted was a Leap Frog Globe high on a shelf.  I picked it up and there wasn't a price on it, so I sat it back up on the shelf.  A lady walked up and asked me how much it was and I told her that it wasn't priced.  That's when a lady on the other side said the sweetest words I have EVER heard.   "Everything in the entire store is 25¢ an item today."  As my mind was racing at the possibilities, I saw that lady's arm starting to move and I SWOOPED up and grabbed that globe.  MINE.  Sorry lady.  When I got it home, it worked but it would short out every so often which is GOOD because I wanted to dismantle it and just keep the globe for a project.  

After the SCT, I found a yard sale that I wish I would have found earlier in the day because there was great stuff at great prices.  Every thing in the photo was 25¢ at the SCT or the yard sale.  All the Santa's will go to The Junk Ranch.  The rest to be scattered among the booths and JR.  Although, I did have to keep those tiny pool balls.  TOO CUTE.

At the yard sale  - a nice mishmash of PINK Melamine dishes.  The platter and serving bowl will go on ebay and the rest to the JR.  

This super sweet Ohio Art lunchbox isn't the type I normally see - no cartoon characters or super heroes.  I think I will use it at the JR to hold milk cap magnets.  

This is a rack for the old wooden Playskool puzzles.  It's on ebay right now.  

I saw this plaque at Goodwill today and I took a photo of it because I thought it was so funny.  Then I decided that I really needed to own it.  So, now I do!  (I do not want a fur coat or diamonds though.....)

I have been on the hunt for a globe for awhile.  I like them and they are an easy sell - but hard to find! This one was being pushed out on the cart at Goodwill when I walked in so I grabbed it!  The equator line was missing, so I added a strip of fun pennant Washi tape.  I want to try decoupaging or vinyl letters on a globe so this might be a good candidate. 

I was greedy and took these from Lara at our yard fail sale.  That big bunny in the back with the baby carriage is really big.  I love them all and have never seen any like these out in the wild.

Also stolen from Lara - the sweetest drying rack.  I mean - LOOK AT THE CUTENESS.  I die.

I picked up a box of vintage Lincoln Logs at a sale.  I was sorting them out and The Bean said that he had never had any Lincoln Logs.  So, we built some houses out of them.  ;)  I feel like a terrible Mother for not having thrifted him some Lincoln Logs when he was little.  (He did not lack to toys, I promise you.)  We played a while and now they are Junk Ranch bound.  

I will try to do a better job of taking photos of my junk.  I have new neighbors and I haven't wanted to scare them off with me in the side yard taking random photos of random junk.  Not yet anyway.  

Have you found any good junk lately?

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Phone Dump, The Week in Junk and Other News

You can tell when I do the old Phone Dump Post that I am struggling to think of anything to blog about.  But, usually I start yapping about the photos and BAM - a blog post.  These are all random and in no order at all.

I found this doll at Goodwill.  She has a huge head and big bare feet.  She is on ebay as we speak.  

Spotted at a yard sale.

A few Goodwill finds one day.  I have a collection of those black and yellow trivets in my laundry room.  I prefer the snarky ones like "This kitchen is closed on account of illness.  I'm sick of cooking."  WORD.

Sign on the door at the Super Cheap Thrift.  Drinking glasses are normally 25¢ so it is ABOUT TIME they made them more affordable.  :)

One Saturday morning finds.  Love the turkey.  The printers box is headed to the booth.

Another Goodwill find - it is for helping people with Dyslexia earn more effectively.  It sells for decent money, but it is a slow seller.  I have it on ebay and will just keep relisting until it sells.   

A giant tea tin.  It held 200 tea bags!  When I looked this up, I learned that Twinings Tea Tins can be worth a lot of money.  (Not this one though....)

My only purchase at the Junk Ranch this year.   I buy a different "11" each year.

EDDIE LOOK AWAY!  Dolls.  So many dolls at the thrift.  This was only about 1/4 of them! 

We went to the Rodeo parade.  It is really, really, really close to the airport.  
Could you tell?

I found SEVEN winking jewel eye Santa cups - but man!  Someone either soaked them or ran them through the dishwasher.  I am going to try to soak the rest of the red off so they are at least all white with the jewel eye.  I think they will sell at the Junk Ranch once I spruce them up.  

I love these old Windmill Pyramids.  I have several but I am lacking on display space so we generally just choose one to put out each year.  Now we have another choice!

This is a tiny suitcase.  It;s dirty and worn, but it stole my heart.  Why?

Matt's Magic Show

"Don't touch!  Secrets Within!"

I will use it for storage.  It was just too fun to leave behind.

Gleaned from a warehouse sale of newer junk.  I have a fear of breaking things while I get it to the booth or the JR, so I plopped it on my shelf.  It is just the sweetest.  

I bought a big box of these old circuit boards at the same warehouse sale.  I think they would be cool framed - the college kids will like them, I think.  They told me there were from airplanes, but who knows.

We smelled smoke one day last week and could see if from the backyard.  We got in the car to go see where the fire was and discovered it was just on the other side of the main highway.  There was a huge police presence, ambulances, fire trucks and rescue vehicles.  We circled around the block to come home the back way and there were even more officials on that end of the block which we found to be strange.  Plus, the black smoke was billowing strong and there was no sign of water anywhere.  

We went back home in time for the news and found out that a man had actually doused the shed, garage, truck and the house with lighter fluid then torched the place.  When the police department got there, he had a gun and he was threatening to shoot them or to shoot himself. The fire fighters couldn't come in to fight the fire while he was there with a gun and the fire was quickly spreading to the trees and the neighboring houses.  He took a shot at one of the police officers and they were forced to shoot back.  He went to the hospital, but died later.  I don't know who he was or what happened on that particular day to make him do these things.  His neighbors spoke highly of him and were very saddened that it all happened.  I do know that I live in a very small town (less than five square miles in total), so for that to happen in my tiny town was unbelievable, not to mention that it was only a couple blocks from my house. You just never know what is going to happen anymore.  

Well, I hate to end on that story, but that is all I have today.  I hope you have had a safe week and found some junk along the way.  

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Garage Fail

Saturday Lara and I along with another vintage loving friend had our Garage Sale.  As you might have already guessed from my title - it was a big old FAIL.   

We did everything right.  Clean items?  Check!  Useful items? Check?  Clothes hung up? Check? Items Priced?  Check!  (You knew that though) Ads in the newspaper and Craigslist?  Check!  Signs on the corners?  Check!  Customers? Nope.  I can only guess that it was the crushing heat and humidity that was once again on the docket.  By 6:30 am, I was a wringing wet mess as we were setting up.  We had our first customer at 6:20 (our opening time was 7:00 and I do not like early birds, but we were nice and let them shop) so we thought we were off to a good start. But, the customers just trickled in all day, there was no rush or crowd ever.

This sale on the hill has always been known as the "Hilltop Sale" and for as long as I can remember, people have flocked to the Hilltop Sale in droves to shop.  In the past there were fifty sales or more up there.  Yesterday I took a drive around and only found four other sales in addition to ours and Lara's neighbors.  Who (good for them) all but sold out and shut down about noon.  We had decided to stay out for the afternoon "rush", but in never came, so we all sorted out donations and things to keep and then loaded up the cars.  

We did sell things - just not the mad rush we were expecting.  I honestly thought I would have one box to pack up to take to Goodwill.  I ended up with four suitcases full plus a couple boxes.  I did keep about three tote bags full of things that are still booth worthy (Pyrex and some vintage stuff) and the vintage Bassinette.  

Photo time!

Lara put out so many cute things.  And at really, really great prices.  Like CHEAP.  That frame held a tiny dress with wee little kitties embroidered on it.  SO CUTE.  A girl bought it, thank goodness, or I would have had to have rescued it.  Darling.  

Oh, the dickering.  I hate the dickering.  That wicker hamper was $2.00.  Dude offers $1.00.  Lara says she's set on the $2.00 (this was after far too many low ball offers).  The guitar was $3.00.  A guy offered $2.00.  Really people?  I had an old primitive stool priced $15.00 because I expected a little dickering (Would you take $10?  How about $12?  Deal and then we would hug and jump up and down in circles while they shouted in glee over their new fabulous primitive stool) but not the $5.00 offer thirty minutes before we were even scheduled to be open.  (Grumps).

I loved all these old wooden crates and boxes.  I think she ended up keeping them for the Junk Ranch. In case you haven't heard - about a week before the Junk Ranch, Lara and her little family came home and found a SNAKE barreling at them in the house.  IN THE HOUSE.  Since then, she has vowed to practically live in an empty house to keep the snakes away.  A pest guy told her that the snake probably came in looking for mice so that really drove home the whole - GET RID OF ALL THE THINGS idea.  Which, is really quite understandable if you think about it.  

The tin dollhouse wass mine.  I brought it back home, set it on a table in the front yard and put birdseed in the rooms.  I have been entertained all day watching the birds in there.  So, good thing it didn't sell. (That's what she tells herself, anyway).  I may have sequestered that Irmi lamp and a few other cute things at the sale.

Miscellaneous stuff from each of us.  Those safety pin baskets are the thorn in my side.  I will sell those things,  DAMMIT.

Cute view from the street.

Everything here went to Goodwill, I think?

I sold a good amount of vintage linens to one lady that was thrilled to find them.  That was a bright spot.  I had them priced stupid cheap though.

Lara's twins spotted their bicycles at the curb from inside the house and, boy, they were NOT HAPPY about it.  Lucky for them they didn't sell.  But, I think they might have gone to Goodwill.  Shhhhh.

In sales, we flopped.  But it's always a nice day spending time with Lara and hanging out with her kiddos.  One of our favorite IG friends came to visit and shop so that was a fun part of the day.  We also escaped to a few sales on our own and together where I found some pretty good stuff. I did make some money and I cleared out a good amount of junk.  So it wasn't a total fail.  But, DUDE.  That heat.  UGH.  

I have vowed not to break a sweat for the next three days.  I have been sweating for three weeks and I am OVER IT.  Plus, I am still sick so that has not been fun.  Tomorrow has been declared an INSIDE Air Conditioning day with lots of cough syrup and maybe some cookie baking. Just what the doctor ordered.  

Dr. Shara, that is!

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