What is a monkeybox?

When I was a little girl, we had a pet monkey named Amanda. My Dad worked in the produce business, so each night he brought home that days culls in a big box - spotty cucumbers, pithy apples, limp celery, moldy oranges and the like. We called it a monkeybox. It was really just trash, but my Mom would take each piece of fruit and trim it, pare it and cut it up to make a beautiful fruit platter for Amanda. Even though it was deemed trash by one, it still had life left in it and was good for the purpose we needed it. That's how I live my life - thrifting, yard saling, looking for another's trash to be my treasure.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Sadie Hawkins Day

It's Sadie Hawkins Day. Be bold women, ask a man for what you want - tell him what you want, what you need, what you crave.


Am I right????

Here's a fun site to visit that gives you much more information about Leap Year. I wanted to put some tidbits of info on my blog, but they have disabled the copy feature. Still a fun site to visit.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Midnight in Paris

I said I would leave the guessing open on my contest until midnight tonight. Well, it's gotta be midnight somewhere, right?

My Mom read the contest entry and some of the guesses. She said, "These people aren't taking you very seriously, are they? One person said only $2.00!" Well, those people know me pretty well, because $2.00 is exactly what all those items cost me. I don't figure tax into my bargains, because you gotta pay the tax if it cost $10.00 or $1.00.

So, JEN, please email me or leave a commennt here with you email and I will get these goodies right out to you! I was surprised that the second guess was to the penny!

A brief rundown of the goods:

The cereal was $1.00 a box in local grocery store ad. I have $1.00/2 boxes so all four boxes cost $2.00. (We've bought four more since that post!)

The Jane Lip Balm is on sale Buy One Get One Free at Walgreen's. They are usually $4.99, so they ring up $2.50 each. I had coupons for $2.00 off one Jane item, so that dropped the price to 50¢ each. Grand total for the Lip Balm was $2.00.

Total so far...$4.00.

The Granola Bars are on sale at Walgreen's 4/$10.00. I had $1.00/2 boxes, so that brought the total down to $8.00. Plus when I paid, a Register Reward off my next shopping trip printed out for $4.00. So, in my way of thinking - $10.00-$2.00=$8.00-$4.00 Register Reward=$4.00

Total so far.....$8.00.

When I paid for everything, I used a $6.00 off Register Reward that I had earned last week for a grand total of....$2.00!


Today the family headed out for another round of "Find That Bargain!" (It's America's fastest growing quiz sensation!)

I had gotten a $15.00 Budweiser Rebate in the mail yesterday. What's that? You didn't know I liked to kick back a few Buds at the end of the day? Well, I don't. Law here in the good old state of Arkansas (and a few other states) says that you don't have to buy any beer to reap the rewards of the beer company rebates. Cha-ching. This particular form was for $15.00 back from the purchase of frozen pizza and deli items. We decided to see how far that $15.00 would s-t-r-e-t-c-h.

I checked all my boards Fishing for Deals being my favorite as of late, printed out a few coupons and off we went.

First stop Office Depot. I used my last $3.00 coupon for turning in an old printer cartridge and got a pack of Printer Paper - Grand total $1.29.

Total so far....$1.29.

Second stop - Office Max. In their in-store ad, they have a coupon for Sharpie's Retractable Markers - 12 ct. package in a rainbow of colors. These babies were priced $22.97 (can you imagine??), but with the coupon, you can get a package for $2.00. Yes, my friends, Two Dollars. Oh, and you can get two! So, I spent $4.00 and for $46.00 worth of Sharpies!Here's the coupon! Rumor had it that it was a mistake (ya think?) and they might be pulling it soon. But, they will still honor it if you have it printed. So PRINT ONE ALREADY!

I want to lay on the floor with my tongue hanging out and draw with my new colors all night!

Total so far.......$5.29.

Third stop: Barnes & Noble which happens to be right next door to Office Max in the same shopping center. Rumor had it that they had a table of various games with a monstorous green dot on them for $1.00. We looked high and low, but didn't find them. As we were leaving, I looked towards Starbucks inside and spotted the big bee-u-tiful green dot table. I got two Cocktail Shaker Drinkin' Games (gifts?) that were $19.95 each for $1.00 and a nice $9.95 card game in a tin for The Bean for $1.00. $50.00 worth of games for $3.00.


Fourth stop: Target.

Managed to find a few deals there that I didn't count as part of my $15.00 spending - the Market Place items seem to be discontinued, so the prices on the shelf are very low. We found 4 pk. microwave popcorn that compares to Orville Whatshisname (you think I am going to try to spell that?) for 88¢, large bags of tortilla chips for $1.02 and boxes of juice boxes for $1.50. I didn't count those because they didn't have a retail value to compare them and besides, we need groceries, right?

I did get the cats some fancy catnip ladden toys that were $1.98 for 48¢ each.

Grand total for today.........$9.25. And I brought home $104.50 worth of merchandise.

And, I still have $5.75 to "invest"!

******Don't forget to email me JEN, as I don't know who you are.......;o)******

Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Contest For You!

I did a little shopping today. I bought the following:

(2) Honeycomb Cereals (Retail $3.79 each)
(1) Chocolate Honeycomb Cereal (Retail $3.79 each)
(1) Waffle Crisp Cereal (Reail $3.79 each)
(1) Variety Pack Quaker Chewy Granola Bars 10 ct. (Retail $3.59)
(1) Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Quaker Chewy Granola Bars 10 ct. (Retail $3.59)
(1) Chocolate Chip Quaker Chewy Granola Bars 10 ct. (Retail $3.59)
(1) Chocolate Chunk Quaker Chewy Granola Bars 10 ct. (Retail $3.59)
(3) Jane Cosmetics Be Pure Mineral Lip Balm - Peppermint (Retail $4.99 each)
(1) Jane Cosmetics Be Pure Mineral Lip Balm - Rose Quartz (Retail $4.99)

Total before Advertised Price Deductions, Manufacturer Coupons, In-Store Coupons and Register Rewards (Coupons off my next Shipping Trip) was: $49.48

(Some of those prices are rather insane, but after deductions, well worth it. Seriously $5.00 for lip balm?????)

Total AFTER all those deductions: $????????

Well, that's your job. Guess how much I spent on all twelve of these items and you will win this:

A whole slew of band spanking new Scrapbooking papers, stickers, scrapbooking albums, cards and envelopes that I have picked up after Christmas and Valentine's Day this year. You'll also be getting one of those fancy-schmancy Jane Peppermint Lip Balms. The total Retail Value of all these items is: $44.65. (But, I only paid $4.14). Time to share the wealth. *Disclaimer: I just looked at the photo and see my TomTom Nagivational GPS System sitting there to the right of the goddies. GPS NOT INCLUDED!!!(DH would kill me!)

I'll accept guesses until Wednesday Night Midnight, then announce the winner on Thursday morning along with a complete detailed (and possibly quite boring explanation of my bargain shopping) If you have a blog, I will look at it (if I am not familiar with it already) and I will send you a *surprise* gift that I think you will like based on your blog. Trust me, I practically have a gift shop in my office. I have something for everyone! I'll allow two guesses per person, because I always second guess my answers on these sort of things. In case there is a tie, I will have The Bean draw a name from my Magic Mixing Bowl of the correct answers.

So, start guessing!

Saturday, February 23, 2008


Yesterday The Bean had his Unified Volleyball Tournament. I don't think I had mentioned that this year, but he was able to play thanks to a wonderful Elementary School Teacher that said he COULD play even though he was now home schooled. We seriously needed to be a part of something again and not feel like an outcast. It was wonderful for him to get back with his friends and have his old life back for a short time. Unified Volleyball is part of the Special Olympics. There are six members on each Volleyball Team. Three Special Olympic Athletes and three teammates. It is a really great program that teaches the kids that some kids ae visibly disabled and others are not. It teaches them to respect each other, get along no matter what the odds and have fun doing it. Everyone cheers everyone else on even when the opposing team scores!
This was my view behind the net. Actually, I could see pretty well, but the net caused a reaction to my flash and made it look like a wall. So, this is virtually a picture less event. DH was a line coach. I help coach at all the practices, but at the Tournament, I am MOM and watch The Bean play and root them on. I am also responsible for the rest of the hooligans that aren't playing. They have to sit in the stands and tell me if they are leaving and why. Luckily, they all like me so they behave and we had a good time.
His team, appropriately named....wait for it.....The Green Team, won Second Place. Yeah! This was his third year - first place twice and second this year, so that's a pretty good record. See that girl next to him on the right? He's going to mary her someday. But, I digress. Here's the whole gang all colorized this year, tuckered out and done for another year.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Tuesday we went to the library to see an exhibit about Benjamin Franklin. It was interesting, although if was really just photos and posters and nothing you could touch or see in person. There was a computer where you could take the virtual tour of the actual Exhibit at the Smithsonian. They only had one chair, so I went to the Children's area to "borrow" a chair for a few minutes and the lady librariaan got all huffy telling me NOT to remove a chair. Those were for the "CHILDREN". Uh, I had a "CHILDREN" with me! They were regular chairs anyway, not little teeny chairs. (On that subject, before I forget, they had restrooms in the Children's section so I decided to "go" while I was there. Imagine my surprise when all the toliets were miniature little teeny things about 14" tall. Now that, my friends, would have been a picture. Me on a 14" toilet. Needless to say, I had to go to the more Adult section to do my business. Ahem.) Family resemblence? I told him to look serious like Ben. He did a good job, huh?

Anyway, after the mean lady told me not to touch the chairs, I kind of got a bad taste in my mouth and we left the Exhibit. I did get some books about Cousin Ben and some info about more upcoming events like a kite building class and some upcoming experiments by a Scientist and Electrician. So, we will probably go back in a few weeks. I also wrote down the website so we can take the tour here at home or at our more friendly local library.
Outside the library is a large pond with tons of geese and ducks. And, apparently they can READ! The Bean was much more interested in looking at them than reading about Benjamin Franklin, and really, who could blame him.
We'll study Ben at home in the books and look at the geese while we are there. Flexibility, baby. These were the tamest friendliest ducks and geese. They would walk right up to you and practically rub their heads on your hand like "Pet me! Feed me!" This one in particular seemed to take a liking to me and followed me around the park.Check out his foot! Fugly!
I felt guilty that we didn't have any bread for them, but I saw at least five or six different families come wiht bread and the trash bins were full of bread bags. So, me thinks we have some happy fat ducks at that pond. A big "V" of geese came flying in and landed right in front of us so that was interesting. If you click on the photo, you can see the geese coming in for their water landing. It wasn't anything I had ever seen at close range before always in the distance and way up in the sky. There was quite an altercation involving two big geese and a little white duck. The funniest thing that happened was tha a lady came to walk her teeny tiny little fluffy white poodle wearing a teeny tiny little pink sweater. He went "Yap! Yap! Yap" and every one of those three foot tall geese took to the water and got out of there. Afraid of a dog the size of a pigeon! We walked the perimeter of the pond and walked the trail while we were there. (PE!)

After all that learnin' it was time to go to a thrift! (After a trip to our very favorite resturant Taco Tico. Oh, yes, we have a delicate palate here at monkeybox. We love our Taco Tico Bean Burritoes.) So on to the Hospital Auxillary Thrift. This is a very old thrift run by even older ladies (ba-dum-dum!) The most interesting thing about this thrift is that they launder every item before they sell it. Nice clean stuff. Of course, I never really look for clothes, but if I did, that might be the place to do it. I found a piece of matte white pottery for $1.00, although now that it is home, I think it might be a newer piece and not vintage. But, I am always afraid to use my old stuff, so I can use this new one and pretend it is my old stuff. Right?

I also found this cool old metal Ajax Paper Cup Dispenser. It takes folded paper cone cups that were made by an envelope company. I think it is a fun old item. I'd love to find some cone cups for it someday. Like that would ever happen. Finding this dispenser reminded me of a story about The Bean when he was about three years old. I had decided to put a cup dispenser in the bathroom since he finally had the hang of toothrushing alone. I put the cups in that afternoon. That night he kept going to the bathroom every few minutes. He was in the potty training process, but I never heard the potty flush or anything. Finally, on about his tenth trip in as many minutes, I followed behind him to see what on earth he was doing in there. That little buggar was geting drinks of water and had used every single cup in the entire dispenser. "I very thirsty!" he said. We never had those little cups again. The Ajax Dispenser was $2.00.

Oh yes, back to the thrifting. I found this stack of ten old berry baskets. I've neve seen the old wooden ones at the thrift, so I grabbed them - 10/$1.00. I think they could be crafty or at least hold my crafty crap.

My favorite find of the day was a baggie of vintage swizzle stick/toothpick/skewers with a honeycomb fruit on each one. There are apples, pears, pineapples, strawberies and oranges. They are flat, then unfold to make the fruits.They are seriously too flipping cute for words. I don't know exactly what I will do with them, other than assemble them and just look at them for now. They just make me happy!

Pina Colados for everyone!

Monday, February 18, 2008

"Everything's Better with Glitter."

That's my new motto.
I gave the pink lillies a shot of spray adhesive and some mica dust and now I like it a lot more. It gies it a sugared effect.

I went to town with the spray adhesive and mica dust on this entire egg, the flowers and even the leaves. The whole thing looks like it's been made of sugar. I left the white ric-rac without glitter so it looks like piped icing. This isn't the best photo - but I really do think it turned out pretty.

I made this little Chickie gal tonight while we watched "Kyle XY" and "John & Kate Plus 8" (LOVE those babies!). She was cute, but then I added the little feathers on top of her head and she really came to life.
Tomorrow is a field trip for me and The Bean. We're off to a local library to see an Exhibition about Benjamin Franklin (He's my cousin thirteen times removed, so The Bean has always had an interest in all things B.F.) and then off to a local Museum to see what they are featuring this month. We've been there before, but they have a rotating exhibit in the rear that changes quite often. I'm really trying hard to find interesting educational things to do that don't seem educational. More fun that just learn,learn, learn.

And, perhaps, we might swing by the cool old timey thrift that is just across the street from the Museum. I mean,it would be silly not to........

Sunday, February 17, 2008

You Say Potato, I Say "What the Heck"?

I was pretty much home all week with The Bean and his flu ickiness. My only real trips out of the house were hurried trips to the grocery store.

Okay, I may or may not have driven past the grocery store to the thrift, then sent back to the store. But, that is just between you and me. I felt kind of guilty heading to the thrift with the boys home, but they can manage for a few hours, right? Besides, I am a grown woman and that was the first time since September 28th that I have been out of the house alone. Sad, eh? I must admit that have grown accustomed to having the Bean as my sidekick and really didn't enjoy being out alone.

Let me preface this first story by saying that I am about the pickiest produce pick-er-outer on the face of the planet. Like it says in my About Me - My Dad was in the produce business for over 30 years. He taught me how to thump a melon, pluck a pineapple leaf, smush an avacado with my thumb and sniff a peach to get the best stuff for my money. Now, before you think I was raised on fresh produce, I will let you in on a secret. My dad brought those "monkeyboxes" home every other night and we ate that same moldy squishy fruit and vegggies that the monkey ate too. My Mom pared it all into wonderful healthy food, but I learned to avoid mushy apples,pithy oranges and yellowed brocoli. Therefore, now that I am the chief grocery shopper I am super duper picky about buying really fresh perfect produce. I will pick up fifteen cucumbers before I pick out one. I really, really check it out before I buy it. Really.

Okay, so, potatoes were on the list last week. I always pick up several bags and give them a heft to make sure I get the heaviest one (You know they don't all weigh 10 lbs., right?), give the bag a looksie to make sure there are no mushy or rotten ones and make sure none of them are wet - that makes them rot incredibly fast. I also read a newspaper article last summer about a lady that bought a bag of potaotes and there was a snake in the bag when she got home. So, now I have to make sure the bag is snakeless too! But,one thing I never thought to make a point in doing is "look for rocks".
Imaigne my surprise when I threw the bag in the back of the car and saw this. Do you see the rock? Well, I didn't until then.

It looks like a potato, huh?

But, it's not a potato, it's a rock. I planned on taking the potaotes back to the store, but The Bean and I concurred, the potato rock is more fun to keep than return.
My second big story of the week is grocery store related too. (I didn't get out much, I say!). The local IGA has Kellogg's cereal on sale 2/$6.00. There are coupons on the boxes for $4.00 off four boxes and an in-ad coupon for $4.00 off four boxes. $12.00 for four boxes minus $4.00 on the box coupon minus $4.00 in-ad coupon makes it 4/$4.00. $1.00 a box! So, I bought 16 boxes of cereal. The Bean eats cereal pretty much everyday, so why not stock up at $1.00 a box rather than buying it a box at a time at the regular price of $4.89 a box? Plus, on the back of the boxes are forms and tokens to get free DVD's and a Hot Wheels watch. Not bad, eh?
Valentine's Day is just a faint memory around here. The Valentine tree was stripped down yesterday and the bunnies and chicks are waiting their place on it next. I already started making Easter crafts tonight. I swear, I am always making something lately. I'm not sure what has gotten into me. These aren't really my decorating taste, but I think the first one turned out pretty cute. Actually, it's easier for me to make things that aren't really me because then I am willing to part with them. Otherwise, I want to keep everything! They are egg shaped resin boxes from The Dollar Tree. I had been looking at these boxes and thought they were cute, but really didn't have a good use for them. Then I saw an idea on another blog to decorate them with vintage items. She had used old millinery flowers and velvet, but I opted for a more sugared egg effect. That's vintage lace and ric-rac on it. The flowers are new, but I think they look vintage-y. I'm think it needs a pipe cleaner chick inside as an added surprise. So, do you think it is worthy of seling? Or swapping? Or trashing? I have two more that I will work on. Oh my God, I just realized something! They need glitter. Everything is better with glitter......

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Hearts Day

Happy Valentine's Day!

To me, Valentine's day isn't about the romance of Valentine's Day, but the fun of it - hearts, chocolate, cards. Construction paper hearts. Class parties. First crushes.

In honor of Heart's day, I thought I would share some of my favorite "heart" pictures I have taken over the years.

Tree root in Topeka, KS.

Onion Ring brought to my in my Sonic Order.

Tree root at Civil War Battlefield, Prairie Grove, AR.

Potato chip found in bag by The Bean.

Rock at Beaver Lake, AR.
Hope you have a wonderful day, full of love and kises, even if they are just from your kids, because really, those are the best of all.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Project #1...Check

I am pleased as punch with myself right now.

I made something out of the box of wooden stuff that I picked up this weekend. Now,it's not exactly architectural or anything, but by golly, I made it start to finish, hung it up and it is being used. All in one day.

I nailed a rosette to the top of a piece of trim, painted it white, sanded it to make it shabby and worn looking, screwed a hook onto the front of it, added a hanger to the back and wah-lah - Junk in use! ANd, the nails, hanger, screws and hook were all in my junk drawer. No cost junkerating. (That's my new word. Junkerating. Patent Pending.)

And, the best part is that I have only used two pieces of the 42 I bought. Lots more projects in there. I know the next one is a frame, but I need some of those big heavy duty staples for that. But, it will be done. Honestly!

I also cleaned up the old Ball and Mason jars I have been picking up lately. I added my vintage mint-y zinc lids that I got for 50¢ last summer.

Peppermint Sticks, Buttermints & Vanilla Tootsie Rolls.

Brown Rice & Popcorn.

Rice & Rotini.

Buttons, SOS Pads & Marbles.

Everything looks better in an old blue jar!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Happy Mail & The Flu Bug Strikes

I'm no longer sticky. I live in the Stone Ages and still wash my dishes by hand everyday. It came off while I was scrubbing pots and pans. But, I was getting nervous there for a minute. I didn't have any Goo Gone or Nail Polish Remover, so I was beginning to panic. Thanks for the advice! ;o)
Took The Bean and The Breadman to the doctor on Sunday morning at the After Hours Emergency Clinic. They both have the flu. Eh gads. The doctor walked in and said, "Oh, the whole family is sick, huh?" And I said, "Well, not me". And he looked over his glasses at me and said, "Well, not yet, anyway." Gee thanks Doc. After he wrote out a prescription for the men, he surprised me and handed me a prescription too. Saved me from getting sick and having to go back for another doctor's visit (and bill, of course). They take Tamiflu twice a day for five days and I take it once a day for seven days. I take it longer than them, and I'm not even sick. Preventative, I suppose. The Pharmacist warned that it was bad on the stomach so be sure to eat with it. The Bean ate half a grilled cheese, took his pill, then another half of grilled cheese, so it was well protected in him tummy. The Breadman decided to drink broth and take his pill. Consequently, he began hurling about 9:30 and did so for three hours after that. Ten times in all. The Bean has had a 101.9 fever for about three days. The doctor said that is good. Good? He said that the fever will cook the flu out of him, so let the fever go untreated unless it hits 103. So, I have been taking his temperature every ten minutes for three days watching it flucuate from 101.9 to 102.8.

Have I mentioned that I am ready to move out for a few days?

So, thank Goodness for Happy Mail to get me through all this...
Last week this lovely box of Shiny Brite ornaments and Santas arrived at my doorstep from Yard sale Princess. She had emailed me saying that she had somehting in her collection that she wanted to send me for my Valentine Tree. This is what she sent:
Can you see her Jar O' Sprinkles hat? Tooooo dadgum cute for words. She fits in perfectly on my tree. Thank you LeAnne. Check out her blog, Digging For Treasure, she's a saler, a junker and an all around nice gal.
This lovely quilted wall hanging came from Jennifer at What I Did At School Today for the Sweet Goodness Hanging Hearts Swap. Jennifer is a former Art teacher, so I was a bit apprehensive about desiging ART for her! I love this quilted heart with the star behind it. She had commented on my stars in the living room and said she might be able to use that idea. And, she DID!
Look! The back is almost as pretty as the front. Jennifer is about to have a baby, so drop on over and wish her well.
And, then on another day, the mailman brought me a surprise from Christy. She had found a stray crocheted watermelon potholder at her thrift and thought of me. Anyone new to my blog might finding it weird, I mean, interesting, that I collect crocheted watermelon potholders. I think I am nearing about 50. They are all in a basket neatly organized waiting for inspiration someday. Christy also included a recipe book for Green Tomatoes. The Breadman is all hyped to make ChowChow this summer. Let me rephrase that, he is all hyped to eat ChowChow this summer. Thank you Christy for thinking of me out of the blue when you spotted that watermelon potholder. It's in good hands now.
And, lastly, this is my swap from Dee. If you weren't able to participate in any of these swap heart boxes this year, I strongly advice you jump in early next year and sign up. Getting these boxes of little treasures in the mail was just pure joy for those of us that love all things itty, bitty, teeny and tiny. And, cute! I forgot cute!
There were tons of goodies in the box - this is just a sampling of my very favorites. On the left there are two small plastic devils that are quite possibly one of the cutest things I have ever laid eyes on... If devils can be considered cute, that is!
And inside the package were even more goodies - a vintage Valentine that I LOVE, a mini heart shaped pan, vintage Valentine hankie, lots of cut-outs and lots of other goodies.

My first Vintage Valentine. I love it. I want to marry it!

Today the maillady brought a package from Sarah that contained fourteen Valentine's from very crafty and some very famous Bloggers. Check out Sarah's blog for pictures and linksto some of them. So much talent out in Blogville. I can't believe I actually own things from some of these talented gals.

Hope you've had some Happy Mail too. And, if you haven't gotten any Happy Mail, I hope you don't get the flu.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Hypothetical Question

I was wondering, hypothecially, if someone ever, say, got Spray Adhesive all over their hands and accidentally got some on their hands and even though they may have washed their hands five times including once with cleanser, they might still be sticky and they might have cat hair, dust and a few sunflower seeds stuck on their palms and they really need to go to the bathroom, but they are afraid to go to the bathroom for fear something might get stuck on their hands or to their hands, would you happen to know of a way to get that adhesive off their hands?

Hypothetically, of course.

Dammit, the mouse is stuck in my hand now.


Saturday, February 09, 2008

Yard Sales Are HERE!

Here's the loot from my quick stop yesterday at the Moving Sale and the more lengthy trip back this morning to that same sale. I don't have prices for most of the items. Most of it wasn't priced, so she just made it up as she went. Luckily I know her and she gave me cheap prices, so I felt free to hunt and gather. I paid $20.00 total and I'm not even including pictures of a lot of educational hardback books, five tins full of Lego's, a Washington Redskin football helmet for the Breadman, a bunch of scrapbooking stuff, a bag of ten Pez dispensers and lots of other items too.
I hope you didn't take any wooden nickles since my last post. I bought an old mayonaisse jar full of Wooden Nickles for $1.00. I believe I mentioned 117 below, but in actuality, there are 132. Look for these in any swaps or RAOK boxes from me.
A montage of items - chalkware bunny of wheels, two copper Rooster coasters (I think), a set of composite Indian S&P's dated 1947 and four Black Americana people.
I pad $4.00 (it was marked for 42 pieces of woodworking items plus the moulding above. The moulding fits together to make square frames - a little whitewashing and it will be all shabby and cool looking. Not sure where all the things below will appear and transform, but I know I paid $3.50 for ONE of those rosettes once. So, I got a deal, for sure.
And more stuff....
Another montage of items - small cast iron frame, two small glasses of mystery origin, handpainted baby face from Italy, two miniature English tea tins, scrimshaw heart, pottery pitcher by an artist that I have several pieces by, four worry dolls, a rusty old doorknob and vintage a cup and saucer from Hawaii. The old white framewas 25¢ and I rather like how my treasures look important in it. I may be using this a lot in the future.
I picked up this sweet little hanky with lambs on it when we first got there. As I was leaving, I looked back through the pile of hankies and asked how much that first one was in case I decided to get a couple more. She said, "Oh just take all that stuf for 50¢." Well, okey-dokey.
In that "stuff" was five more vintage hankies. The one with red bells on it has the sticker from Switzerland on the corner.
Three handmade doileys - the four part one is actually one piece. I like the one on the left - it has hearts on it. The one on the right is actually crocheted out of a brown thread. It looks like it's been burned in that photo!
This set of three embroidered little table runners was in there as well. Love the teeny little flowers.
A set of long gloves and three collars to attach to a cardigan.
This old apron is decorated with floursack material. Now that I see the picture, I realize there is no way to keep the bib part over your head. Hmmmmm...
Anyhoo, the fabics is so sweet. Love the pink with the teddy bears and toys.
This apron was 25¢.
And, lastly this apron. It is starched and ironed within an inch of it's life. It has two mother of pearl buttons on the backside.
Inside the apron was this "CURTIS" tag stapled to the edge. That happens to be the Breadman's name. So, I found that to be an added plus.
Speaking of the Devil, literally. He is sick. And The Ban is sick. I am assumming my time is coming. I am trying to be a good wife and Mother, but I am also staying away from them. Ick. I don't have time to be sick.

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