What is a monkeybox?

When I was a little girl, we had a pet monkey named Amanda. My Dad worked in the produce business, so each night he brought home that days culls in a big box - spotty cucumbers, pithy apples, limp celery, moldy oranges and the like. We called it a monkeybox. It was really just trash, but my Mom would take each piece of fruit and trim it, pare it and cut it up to make a beautiful fruit platter for Amanda. Even though it was deemed trash by one, it still had life left in it and was good for the purpose we needed it. That's how I live my life - thrifting, yard saling, looking for another's trash to be my treasure.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Holiday Bazaar 2015

Thanks for all the love and support on my POOR PITIFUL ME post.  It just got to me and I didn't want to whine to you guys,  But you guys are the best - I should have come here sooner.  Thanks.  PS - Pipes are clear, oven is fixed, cat is fine, Breadman got paid what they owed him and he has a job interview on Friday.  WHEW.

On to better things.  On November 7th I am selling at the Project Graduation Holiday Bazaar at the High School.  You might remember that Lara and I sold at this same event two years ago and it was a tremendous BOMB.  I think I sold $70 and Lara sold $25.  The promoters (all friends of mine) did a smack up job getting people to come and sell at the Bazaar.  But they did NO advertising or promoting.  So hardly anyone came to shop at all.  Mostly it was the vendors walking around buying things.  And not much of that either really.  I chalked it up as a learning event and it actually helped me figure out how to display all Christmas things at The Junk Ranch and it was for The Bean's graduating class  - so it was a good thing to support.

This year the lady handling the event is doing a great job getting vendors AND promoting it.  The last time I think there were 25 vendors and this time there are over 50.  It is bigger and nicer.  Plus, the type of things that I make and sell (and Lara too) are more popular now than they were then.  I mean, everyone is on the vintage Christmas bandwagon right now.  I have vintage Christmas, so why not?  I am going to take it all to the booth that week, so I figure load it up, set up for a day maybe sell some and then drive it on out to the booth.  We shall see.  

In preparation, I have had my glue gun going day after day.  I'm making lots of over the top cute things and ornament encrusted wreaths.  

I made this wreath first.  All sorts of vintage fun on this one.  

As I was sorting through my ornament bins, I found a theme.  So, I went for it.


Candy canes, peppermints, trees and holly round it out.  This one as my friend Amy said, "Won the internet".  I had the most "likes" ever on a post when I showed this wreath.  After a few messages from fellow wreath makers, I was told to put this on Etsy at at stupid price.  So, I did.  If it sells, I will be elated.  But, honestly, I really love that thing!  I would normally say I would make another one, but I used a ton of my hoard to make this one.  There is a lot on it - hidden on the sides and on the inside.  

I've made snowglobes and prints and frames and on and on.  Lord, please let someone like kitschy tacky fun. 

I'll be back soon - it's time for the Flu Shot Clinic and it just happens to be halfway to the ALL CHRISTMAS THRIFT.  So, DUH.  

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Well, Thank God That's Over

Well, the emails and texts have started coming in asking where I am and what has happened to me.  I have had a whole lot of crapola going on - nothing that won't pass or that has already poassed as I write this part.  But, MAN, what a week it was!  Here is what I wrote this weekend.  I decided not to post it because it was so depressing and whiny.  But, keeping it real - so here you go.....

This week had been total crap.  The Breadman's check was super low - Oh we cut your pay and forgot to tell you.  There has been a problem with his pay being too "high" their words - not ours.  So, they pay him his hourly rate but then pay him for less hours that he actually worked to make it fit into payroll.  So, they adjusted his hourly and now they will pay him for the full 40  but they forgot to pay him for the 40 so it was SO LOW.  Oh, we'll make it up to you next week.  This has happened so often you wouldn't believe it.  I mean, do they think that we just works there for fun?  Don't they realize that he is supporting a home and a family?  It is just so frustrating.  I am trying to find him all the jobs I can to apply for right now.  Finding him a better job has become my new job.  *Since I wrote this, he was contacted by a company that is interested in him, so FINGERS CROSSED.

Took the new kitty girl into the vet to be spaded this week.  They did blood work and vaccinations and called to tell me that she has FIV which is an autoimmune deficiency in cats.  Within seconds of the phone call they were saying they were so sorry and would I need to make some decisions about having her euthanized.  Would I WHAT?  She was 100% normal acting when I took her in an hour ago.  After a bit of talking, they said that she could be fine as long as she stayed healthy - and she is healthy now.  It is sort of like AIDs, but no one likes to use that term and I certainly don't want to either.  If she were to get sick she would have a very delayed immune system that would not allow her to heal and she would die from it without immediate antibiotics.  Then they went on to say that some cats never even have any effects of it and live to be 14 years old or more.  There is no danger to the other two cats getting it unless there was ever a situation where one bit the other and blood was drawn.  Heck our old fat cats barely looked up when Dory came into the house and it's been calm sailing ever since.  Dory is laid back and a real sweetheart, so there is no issue there.  Of course, we will always watch them, but I see no issues.  If the cat had been brought in just to be fixed and released back out, they would recommend having her put down to stop her from spreading the virus. Talk about one horribly long phone call where I was up and down the emotional gauntlet.  I came home and did a world of googling and learned that cats can live long healthy lives, they cannot spread it via water or food or litter box, or grooming or any other way other than an exchange of blood. There is NO reason to put down a sweet loving cat.  Even though everyone at the Vet is extremely nice, I couldn't help feeling a bit PISSED OFF about that entire phone call.

They also said that if the cat had ever been to the vet and had vaccinations, it is possible that she is only a carrier and doesn't actually have the virus.  Since we don't know her history, there is no way to know.

Except - an hour later they called back.

Dory had been put under anethesia for surgery and just as the Vet started to make an incision he noticed that................Dory is a Neutered Male.


We joke now that we took her to the progressive town that recently voted in an ordinance to offer equality to all  and they gave her a sex change.  So, Dory is a boy.  We still say Dory, why not.  Or Dorman.  That's my favorite.  He is healthy and active and appears to feel fine.  We feel like he was sent to us for a reason and now we know that it was so he could have a nice long safe life.  Another person could put him down.  And, that would have been a terrible, terrible shame.  

Thursday morning I put a load of laundry in the washer and the water came pouring back out of the drain hose.  Not fun.  I got that all mopped up and stopped doing laundry until we could get some crystal lye to put down the pipe.  Of course, the flood made even more laundry - wet stinky laundry.  

That night I turned on the oven to preheat it and POP there was a noise and a burst of sparks. The heating element had broken and burst into flames making the oven a firey useless mess.  I would like to tell you that I handled this with grace and dignity.  I did not.  I sobbed.  SOBBED, I tell you.  The straw that broke the camels back, I suppose.  Huge wailing cries.  Dinner was ready to go in the oven, it was late, I was tired and I had no other ideas to make.  So, I just sobbed and sobbed.  

A bit later I regained my composure, got on Amazon and ordered a heating element.  It will be here later this week.  We found Crystal lye at Lowe's and fixed the drain better than new.  I figured out meals to make every day that didn't require the oven (I use the oven every single meal) and it wasn't so hard to do,  But I am ready for my oven to be back in working order.  Especially with the forecast of 39 in the future. Mama needs to make some Pumpkin bread.  When I am stressed, I like to bake.  I have been totally stressed for a week!  With no baking!  

I did learn that I complain about cooking and laundry all the time.  But you know what is worse that cooking and laundry?  Not being able to cook and do laundry.  Especially when that is how you personally judge your worthiness around the house by feeding and clothing your family.  

What a week it was.  Now, aren't you sorry that you came over here to see what I've been up to?  

*Disclaimer - I know that in the grand scope of all the terrible things going on in this world of ours that these things are minor.  That is why I didn't want to whine about it.  I'll be back with some craftiness and the story of my next show - will it be a flop or a success - we shall see!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Yes, Virginia

There really IS an All Christmas Thrift Store!  *Cue the angel choir*

There is a big thrift store a few towns over that is located in a MALL of all places.  It is a good sized thrift with moderate prices.  Since it is about 40 miles there, I don't go often.  But, I do follow them on Facebook in case they have any specials.  They used to have books half off a lot and they always had tons of good old Reader's Digest books that would be 8/$1.00 which is SUCH a good deal. Anyhoooo - last week they posted that the ALL CHRISTMAS store would be opening on the 15th. 


After I put on a pair of dry pants, I marked it on my calendar.  HA HA  Get it?  

I considered taking a tent and setting up camp out side the door of the store in the mall like groupies or One Direction Fans or people waiting for the new iphone.  But, I was a good girl and waited for opening day - then the RACE WAS ON.  

When I walked in the first thing I saw was a big display of Christmas village pieces - they were priced $28.00 and up.  Craaaaaaaap!  I wasn't going to find any deals here.  I walked past the tables of all snowmen, all angels, all Santa's and so on.  As I got more to the back it started looking like my kind of place.  Piles of tubs, tubs full of baggies full of ornaments, piles or ornaments in boxes and so on.  I went to the back corner and when into my Zen mode where I look at every single item, quickly eliminating the new stuff and the stuff I am not interested in and only seeing the vintage goods.  I was there about an hour and I ended up finding a good amount of vintage.  I bought about a dozen baggies that were pure delight to open and paw through.  

A beautiful 1942 Christmas Carol book, a kid's Crafting book, a box of mulit-colored light bulbs (I have a huge jar full already, but the organized little box spoke to me), a box of Santa-Trim light bulbs, four tiny lacquer Christmas tree trays, a Sweden Santa, lovely PINK Poland ornament, a tiny angel to replace the one I just sold at The Junk Ranch and a couple long strands of fake candy garland.  I love that candy garland - I have a wreath made of it that is in need of repair.  

A baggie full of stinky plastic poinsettias.  Old plastic flowers have a definite smell to them.  A Santa for a wreath and two Santa mugs.  I will never leave a Santa mug behind.  Never!

Some of the ornaments from the baggies.  These will go on an ornament wreath.  I swore off making any more of those wreaths, but now that I have sold them all, I am thinking I should make more. I am a sucker for punishment.   Of course, there was a moderate amount of uncool junk that got re-donated.  

I dug this old Reindeer out of the depths of a pile of stuffed Santa's and Snowmen.  He is super cute.  

Four Christmas brooches.  I never wear brooches, but I seem to be buying a lot of them lately.  The deer with the mystic blue eyes is my favorite.  Even though he kind of looks like he wants to kill you. Behind the brooches, a set of four Bakelite napkin rings and behind that - a Bucilla Stocking Kit that should - KNOCK WOOD - pay for the whole mess of stuff.    

I paid too much for these guys, but man are they cute.  I felt like I needed to rescue them before they got broken or stolen.  They are pretty darn cute.  Have I mentioned their cuteness?

The ornaments were all in baggies  - they are all plastic, but I like those.  Unbreakable is a magic word in some houses.  As for that dreamy glass garland - I looked in hundreds of baggies of Mardi Gras beads and plastic Hobby Lobby beads.  But, I persevered and found ONE bag of glass garland. I have a lot of it and I will never be able to sell any of it.  It is my favorite thing to find.  Like finding a gold coin in a pile of pennies that no one else sees.  HIDDEN TREASURE! 

More baggie loot.  Love that PINK bird and all the handmade sequined ornaments.  Everything except the glass garland, one stand of candy garland and the babies will go to the booths or to my next show.  Yes, I have another show coming up in three weeks.  More on that later.  

This isn't Christmas, but I dug it out of all the Walmart and Dollar tree tins.  It is almost the size of a small picnic basket.  It held cookies and isn't that old, but I liked the plaid and the idea of it, so I bought it.  As I walked around the mall carrying it, three people stopped me to ask about it and to ogle it.  I should have sold it to one of them.  :D

When I left, the lady at the register said, "Come back soon - we still have about 60 pallets of merchandise to put out."  

Hmmmmmm......Maybe I should grab that tent and head back up there.  

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Phone Dump: The Last Few Days

Iphone 6 Phone dump - let's see how the photos look.  I have all but given up taking my camera with me since I always have my phone anyway.  This phone holds an ungodly amount of photos, so I am taking an ungodly amount!

On that long yard sale route last week, The Bean found a gallon sized booze bottle that had been made into a lamp.  But, then some yahoo cut off the plug, so whomp-whomp, it's back to a big booze bottle.  It went to the Frat Boy college booth.  

New family portrait.  :)  We found the giant baby mask last year and the old man mask this year.  We get more wear and chuckles out of these than you can imagine.  We are easily amused.  

We went to the Civil War Battlefield to the free apple orchard.  We found six apples and picked five of them.  One was super stubborn and would NOT fall.  Speaking of Fall - we found a taste of it.  That one orange tree is the very first tree in the are to turn so we always go looking for it.  I don't know why it turns orange while the others are still completely green.  But it is a sight to behold!

I (HEART) Fall.

Went to the booth and dropped off a carload of stuff and my vintage cake decoration rack.  The booth is giving me troubles. Sales are very, very slow.  I have not sold one cent since the 4th of the month. I did almost a normal months worth of sales in the first four days thanks to The Junk Ranch being in the same town.  But, since then - nothing.  It is disheartening.  I am fiercely loyal to the store.  But, I really need to make some money too.  If I can sell the amount I did at The Junk Ranch and my sales were good at the booth while the JR shoppers are in town - but not afterwards  - maybe I am not in the right place for my things.  Maybe the right sort of shoppers aren't coming in there.  I don't know what to do.  Like I said, I am loyal and I like my store.  And, the very idea of moving it all and re-tagging it - OH MY hell no.  I will need to make some decisions down the line.  

I visited the other booth and pulled a few duds and took them to Goodwill immediately.  Of course I had to make a run through!  I was rewarded with this giant Redmon basket!  Yay me!  I haven't found one in a very long time.  Of course, I have SO many that I don't need any more, but it was priced great, it's bigger than any of my others and well, I wanted it.  Ha.  So, there.  

I have been pulling some no longer loved things and playing with the things that I do love.  The vintage cake decorations got dwindled down and reorganized.  This is one happy corner of my kitchen and I love it.  It is in the corner past the stove and there isn't a plug in so it is practically worthless space.  But, I love worthless space - it's a place to put stuff!  

Yesterday we went to the War Eagle Craft Fair.  This was the five mile line to get there.  It took almost an hour to go five miles.  But that's part of it and we don't mind it.  We look at the scenery, eat something and listen to music.  

Once we got there guess what we did?  We got in another line!  Ha.  We had to cross the bridge to go to the old Mill.  

It's really pretty out there at the Mill.  We like to go when there aren't a million people out there.  It's quiet and serene - we feed the ducks, pick up pebbles and buy biscuit mix (in a actual floral floursack) and apple butter.  But on this trip, we walk with the herds of people and buy a three foot long bag of kettle corn.  Because, it's what everyone does.  

Here's a pointer - If you are going somewhere  - see if they post on Instagram.  The War Eagle Fair posts throughout the year and it is interesting to see those posts.  But, during the Fair, they have giveaways.  First one to see it and get to the Fair Office, wins.  I set my phone to send me a notification whenever they posted the day we were there.  

Just as we were about to step out of tent #3, my phone dinged and this was on the screen.  I looked up and the Fair Office was feet away.  (LOOK Chanelle - you are on there!)

I won!  Yay!  We had just left that booth and admired the work of the artist, so we were excited to get a free print.  But, when we went back, he was gone and his booth partner was there and she gave us a set of note cards instead.  Which is nice and it was free and fun- but we kind of wanted that print. Not to sound ungrateful  - the cards are very nice.  It was funny, because I was just SURE that I was going to win something.  And I did!

On the way, we hit a few sales.  I found this pumpkin for $1.00.  I knew it was funny and something rang a bell about it, so I grabbed it.  When I got home, I found out he is a Jack Oh Lantern and worth some good money.  He is on ebay right now.  

We also stopped at this huge building full of junk.  I picked out a few things and went to find someone to pay.  I asked the older man but he seemed to think his wife should do it.  I couldn't find her, so I asked a different man and he said he couldn't do it - the lady would have to do it.  She came out and walked past me where I asked if I could pay. She kept on walking and came back by me two more times before she went back into the house and never came back out.  My stuff is still sitting in her chair.  It was the weirdest thing.  I had almost the same thing happen last week except a lady put her hand out at me like 'Oh no you didn't' and said, "I am selling this table right now, I will deal with you in a minute." To which I replied, "The heck you will" and walked off.  I don't need anyone's junk that bad.  

So, there you have it - the phone dump.  Hope your week was a good one.  (I also went to.....wait for it.............an ALL CHRISTMAS THRIFT STORE last week.  And I bought a bunch of stuff.  I'll get some pictures soon - pinky swear.)

Saturday, October 10, 2015

The Week in Junk: Pickin' Time on 59

Earlier in the week, I was reading Craigslist and I saw mention of a 26 mile long yard sale RIGHT UP THE ROAD.  Whut?  Why did I not know about this?????  Thankfully I saw it BEFORE it happened, so I made plans to go!  It started on Thursday, but I had to stay home to sign for our new phones that were being delivered (I got a new iphone 6 - can I get a HOLLA?  My Lord  - it is fantastic!)  

So, Friday, we set out to the sales - it is really about a 35 minute drive from my house and I chose to take the scenic route.  About halfway there, it started to sprinkle ever so slightly and sporadically. And then, the skies opened.  Nooooooooooo!  We decided to go ahead and go and see what happened.  Thanks to that trusty new phone, we were able to watch the live radar which indicated it would most likely quit about 11:00 and then the sun would come out.  And, almost like clockwork, it did exactly that!  Yay!  While it rained, we went to three different thrifts and found a few goodies. 

There were supposed to be about 50 people set up at the airport, so we headed there first.  Everyone was sitting around in yellow slickers and the merchandise was under tarps.  We decided to continue on up to the next town on the map and see what we could find to do.  We found an indoor Masonic sale and a big covered pavilion with about twenty vendors under it.  Right when we got to the Masonic sale, it stopped raining. We continued on the rest of the 26 miles hitting as many sales as we could find and buying something at nearly every one.  Except the live bird tent.  No live birds for us.  

After a few stops, the back of the car was starting to fill up.  That tiered basket was at the Salvation Army and was only $3.00.  I bought it to sell, but it has quickly become my FAVORITE thing.  It is so handy for displaying things.  A couple rubber squeaker toys, two Russ figures, a wooden game and a pile of wonderful old teacher magazines from the 1940's with great graphics.  The magazines weren't priced, so I asked and was told $2.00.  Now, was that $2.00 for all of them or $2.00 each?  I never know how to ask.  So, when I went to pay, I asked again, "So what do I owe you?"  She said, "Oh those magazines, what did I say?  Two dollars?"  Dammit.  Still not an exact answer. I handed her a five and hoped for change, but if she asked for more I would say I thought I gave her a ten. (Does that make sense?)  She took my five and handed me back $3.00 - so $2.00 for ALL.  Yay! That was a long winded story, but when it was playing out, I thought, oh, my blog readers will TOTALLY get this.  

The last sale at the end of the route was a wet soggy mess.  It was fantastic.  :D  They buy storage units and just sit the stuff all over their property.  Boxes and tubs everywhere.  They hadn't bothered to cover much of it up, so everything was either damp, wet, sopping wet or holding water.  They did have all those books you see - almost an entire elementary school library - but they had covered them up in the rain.  Those book were one of those things that I wish I had a truck and I wish I had more storage.  I would have offered a deal on all of them.  As they were, they were a Walmart bag full for $1.00.  I only picked out all the older books - Little Golden Books, Elf Books and Tiny Tot books - I managed to get 35 books in my bag.  I found quite a bit there and as I was leaving I spotted a wire freezer basket, so I went for another dig and pulled out a pumpkin blowmold, an array of vintage glasses and some pottery.  He only charged me $1.00 for the basket full.  I suspect that if I lived near that mess, I would be a frequent shopper.  (Except for the fact that the equally soggy guy at the sale seemed to kind of like me a little too much and was giving off a weird vibe.  He was nice - but maybe a little too nice?)  He really only seemed to be concerned with making a little money - I don't mean a lot of money - just sell it and get some money in return.  He wasn't concerned about what you bought. I could have dug a lot longer, but it was getting warm, we were hungry and I sliced my finger on something so I figured I might want to go wash it up before I died of tetanus.  

Freezer basket topped to the brim - I paid $8 for it all.  There was some good stuff in there.  

Vintage Napcoware Halloween planter - I don't see much vintage Halloween.

NIP Gurley candle.  It has a UPC on it, but it's still "vintage".  It's on ebay.

These are Paraseal Air Fresheners which are made exactly like the Wizard Air Fresheners that are so hot right now.  We had tons of those when I was a kid.  I think I still have some in the Halloween bins.  Anyway, they are on ebay too.

I spotted old fabric, and I could tell it was a tablecloth.  As soon as I saw it had cactus and cowboys on it, I knew I had struck tablecloth GOLD.  I shoved it in my pile without even looking at it.  When I could get a look at it - it is DELICIOUS.  Cowboys, guns, cactus, horses?  Yes, please!  Plus, it is a Startex.  The granddaddy of tablecloths! It has a few stains that will get treated, then on to ebay.

After a Sonic run, we headed back to the airport.  It was sunny and dry and even more vendors had set up since that morning.  My first purchase was this vintage Runnin' Hawg Razorback belt buckle. (That photo refuses to turn).  It is on ebay too.  (That handy new iphone makes listing a snap!)

My next purchase was this set of Ransburg Canisters.  I didn't realize they were different colors until I got home- they are pretty, but not my style.  They will go to the college booth for someone's retro apartment. 

I bought this gorgeous old oil painting at the airport in the ran that morning.  The lady said, "A quarter" and as I walked away, they discussed how pretty it was, how well done it was, how old it was and so on.  So, why did they only want a quarter???  It will go to Lara for her floral wall gallery that she is plotting.  I am happy it will have a good home!

My self imposed NO POTTERY ban was completely ignored.  I paid very, very little for each piece, so I ignored that ban.  The little girl in front will stay with me and maybe that yellow bucket piece.  I may already have one just like it in purple.  And pink.  Whoops.

Somehow this doesn't look as big when he holds it - but this is a gallon bottle of Canadian Club Whiskey.  It is HUGE!  The Bean spotted it at one sale  - it had been wired as a lamp but then some buffoon had cut off the plug.  Why oh why?  We turned it back into a bottle and it will go to the college booth.  ***The Bean had a good run on books at the sales.  That is his number one thing to look for - and knives - and Nerf.  Because you are never too old for Nerf.  

A vintage Rotary Club Razorback - it is on ebay although I don't expect it to sell.  But, why not try? On to the booth if it doesn't sell. 

My favorite spot at the airport was a woman who was scurrying around putting lots of things out and her husband who stood there with his hands in his pockets.  As I rounded the corner to their booth, I could see lots of things that interested me.  But, nothing was priced.  I spotted a bunch of old metal cookie cutters and used those to gauge their pricing structure.  He thought and thought.  Finally he said, "Oh, five cents each".  Okay, thanks!  Then I asked about a Fisher Price tin silo and it was a quarter.  Then I knew I could pretty much pick up anything and afford it.  So, I started gathering things up.  I had quite an armload in the end - lots of small ceramics, a box of old blocks, the silo, a couple dozen cookie cutters and quite a bit more.  He decided $5.25 would be good, plus he threw in an old Donald Duck plastic bank for free.  After we shopped the field, I went back to their booth since she was still putting things out.  I picked up an old coaches whistle, a sewing tape measure and a small plastic vial.  He had disappeared, so I asked her how much and she said, "Two dollars" and gave me a detailed history of each item.  I'm pretty sure he must have been in trouble for letting piles of things for for five cents each.  

All of these tiny treasures came from that booth.  (Except the gnome in the back).  Lots of dogs, cats, horses, a frozen Charolette, bottle brush tree, some vintage Christmas and a lot more.  I love small, so this was the sale for me!


That little gnome and the bottle brush tree are my two favorite finds and keepers for me,  The gnome makes me happy and anytime I see a red base on a bottle brush tree I know it's an old one and it's never leaving!  

I am so happy that I found out about the sale so I could go!  After selling at The Junk Ranch and not buying a thing, I deserved a trip out!  It was fun and I scored some good junk.  A good day all around.  And.....no tetanus!  Yay! 

Thursday, October 08, 2015

Where I Will Be On Friday!

Pickin' Time on 59

It's the 4th Annual Pickin' Time on 59 event and you're invited. This year Siloam Springs, Gentry, Decatur, Gravette and Sulphur Springs are all participating. This yard sale, collectibles sale and antiques sale is all up and down Highway 59.  Twenty six miles of sales!!!!!

EXCITEMENT ENSUES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, October 05, 2015

The Junk Ranch Fall 2015 Show

The Junk Ranch opens for early shopping at 1:00 on Friday and goes to 7:00 that night.  Gates open again at 9:00 am until 5:00 on Friday.  That is fourteen hours of shopping time.  On Wednesday I gathered everything up and loaded the car plus made a load for the truck for the next day.  Thursday, we loaded up the truck, drove to TJR, unloaded both vehicles, set up the tent, the display areas and put the appropriate merchandise on the appropriate areas, shortened the tent, clamped down the walls and left for the night.  I was back out there at 8:00 am making it shopper ready.  At 7:00, we move everything inside the tent, drop the tent and clamp the walls and got home about 8:00.  Back to TJR at 7:45 to get ready for the 9:00 crowd.  Sold all day, then packed it all back up for the trip home. Sunday we unloaded and put everything back in the correct shed, garage or room.  So, those fourteen hours of shopping for the customers amount to a five day work time to get ready and be done. 


And that does not even count all the making, shopping, washing, cleaning, packaging, sign making, display making and on and on and on.......  Having said all that.... I love selling at The Junk Ranch. Everyone is happy.  The atmosphere is fun.  People come to shop and, boy,  DO they shop.  OH, how they shop!

Vignette I set up out of the breeze on Day One.  I had two very rude snarky offers on the tree.  I passed.  Rudeness is very rare out there and low ball offers are few and far between.  So, it was odd that I got two of them.  

Day two we moved it out by the fence where everyone lines up.  Sold both the snowmen and one Santa.  About two hours in, a lady walked up and handed me her card - "I want that tree".  Paid the full asking price without hesitation and was THRILLED.  You might remember I got this tree for free at a yard sale where the older man insisted it was old and no good.  He gave it to me and upon inspection at home, it was perfect.  I sold it for $249.00.

I never do well with the Halloween stuff  but I always take some.  I sold the Teddy Bear blowmold, turkey platter, one of my halloween crows, some paper straw packets, the wooden house, the doilies and the orange pottery from this picture (that I can remember).

A lot of this sold, but I still had plenty left to go to the booths.  The chrome and bakelite perculator sold to a lady that wanted to set it out at Christmastime.  That was exactly my thoughts on it too.  She also bought my last fake sparkling fire.  She impulse bought over $100.00 in my booth.  ((hugs))

Sold the BIBGO set to a lady that was having a vintage game theme Christmas for her Grandkids.  I had $125 on it, lowered it to $100 for her - but she wanted to pay $85.00.  I was firm.  She found some of my peephole telescopes and said if I threw in five of them, she would pay the $100.00. DONE.  I paid a nickle each for the peepholes.  Happiness all around!

My Dominio Pendants went practically un-noticed on Friday  I only sold one.  And, the lady that bought that one asked if I had any that said anything about "whore" on them.  Uh, I sell Squeak toys and Santa's and deer figurines.  Why would I have THAT?  On Saturday I think I sold about 30 of them.  I didn't sell a single vintage Christmas Graphic one though.  I'm not complaining about what I didn't' sell - I just like to make note of it her for future reference. I mean, it's not like there is one thing in that entire field that anyone NEEDS.  So, whatever we sell is just pure luck.  And to be able to sell many, many things is fantastic.

At my booth in the same town, I had put JR signs in my booth with a note saying, "Mention this at my booth at TJR and you will get a free gift."  Now, really, the odds of anyone going to my store and into my booth and seeing that note PLUS going to the Junk Ranch and finding my tent and remembering that sign was pretty low.  But the very first three women in the tent on opening day, came running for their free gift!  They told me that they had bought things in my booth, plus they bought things there, so it was a win-win.  Their gift was a JUNK QUEEN key ring.  They were the only people the whole time to mention it. but it was sort of fun.  ***I did nearly a months worth of sales at the booth during The Junk Ranch.  So, YAY!

The Scrabble words - one of my staples - they sold but not crazy like in the Spring.  I think I had too many of them in there and people didn't dig as much.  I still sold a lot of them. though.  I didn't sell a single milk cap magnet. But, I think they got lost in there.  

Sold some of all the ephemera.  Lots came home, but it goes to the booth.  

I didn't sell a single pinwheel either.  The flashcards sold, but not as many as in the Spring.  But, here's my take on that - there's more "stuff" to buy this time of year. Heck, I was even competing with myself having all that vintage Christmas.  In the Spring, shoppers are more into smalls and light airy things.  Fall is about Halloween and Christmas - decorations and gifts. 

The vintage Cake decorations - I sold some - enough to pay for what I spent on ALL of them.  The rack and all will go to my booth.  I bought the rack one day and found the cake decorations the next day, but it was like kismet the way the fit on there.  

Old tins and an old Santa.  

Did I mention I bought ten crates to use this time?  I found them on Craigslist and drove three towns over to get them.  My dad, the former produce salesman about crapped his drawers when he discovered that I paid cold hard cash for those crates.  He threw away thousands of those in his lifetime.  The crates are fantastic for this purpose.  I packed the merchandise in them, stacked them in the car, then used them for display.  I also learned that I can turn then different ways and hang things on them.  THEY ARE AWESOME.  Plus, we bought a million zip ties and The Bean zip tied everything together so it was solid as a rock.  I set them up in the center of the table so I could display on both sides.  LOVE THE CRATES!

I loved being able to use the back sides of the crates to hang things and be able to put things inside them on the other side.  

Wagon load of kneehuggers.  My girl Oliveoyl sent me a batch of kneehuggers as a RAOK so I sorted through my collection and culled a bunch.  They are popular and I sold nearly all of them.  I had one offer on the wagon, but I decided to mark it NFS, it's a good display item.  

I sold almost all of my boxed ornaments.  I had one box priced high and it didn't sell.  But it was a dozen stenciled vintage Shiny Brites that are worth $10-12 each.  I had $60 on it - would have taken $50.  I sold one like it last year for $55.00.  So there is a market for them there.  

My new old bassinet full of vintage Christmas goodie bags was popular.  I sold a bunch of them. None of the ones in the stockings sold.  That was my BIG IDEA this year and the really good stuff was IN those stockings.  Strange.  I think they will sell in the booth though.

Back side of the Christmas table.  I set my booth up so people go up the backside, go in, turn around to see the other side and then go back around to the back of that side.  I get them four times!  A lot of booths set up so you just walk past.  Or worse yet - the vendor sits in the booth in the way.  It makes me uncomfortable to shop in there - very claustrophobic and odd feeling.  Lara, The Bean and I have a table behind our tents where we sit (mostly stand), take money and wrap up their purchases.  I think people like it that we aren't in there in their business.  We always let them know we are there if they need us though.  I really don't think I have ever had anything get stolen or broken.  

Every time I see an old chalkware nativity figure, I pick it up.  I finally found them all and got them in one place to sell.  I wasn't sure they would sell - but I sold nearly all of them.  One lady actually put together a complete set, which I didn't even know I had! I sold them for $2.00 each and sold at least forty of them.  

This year the gates opened at 1:00, but the ticket booth opened at 11:00 which meant the line started forming about 10:00.  It's sort of nerve wracking having an audience while you are working.  But I would actually forget they were there and be surprised at how long the line was each time I looked up. Be sure to go to Lara's blog about those big signs by the fence and the MAD RUSH to buy them.  Cha-ching!

Speaking of Lara - look at her cute, cute things.  Her booth is just fun stuff everywhere.  That giant Santa - OH MY.  I do love him.  I would hate to do the Junk ranch without Lara as my neighbor.  Our things compliment each other so most people think we are one big booth.  They go in hers and then into mine and walk up to pay at one time.  We both had very brisk sales this time.

Lara had a line going the first ten minutes after the gate.  I didn't make a sale for about thirty minutes and I was contemplating boxing it all up and leaving.

But, then the people came.  Yay!

In the middle of the afternoon I saw post on Facebook that a helicopter would be flying by to film the event.  A few seconds later it came over the horizon and it was low and loud.

I didn't even have to zoom in for this shot - can you see him filming out the window?

Saturday morning started out cool and foggy.  It was really the first fall like day we had this year and people were anxious to get out.  The crowds were thick.  It was the perfect day.  

Both of our booths were pretty well packed all day long.  Friday shoppers seem to come for certain things like furniture and such.  The Saturday shoppers seem to be more impulse shoppers and families out picking up things.  I like the Saturday crowds best.  :)

If you look at this photo closely, there are three lines - one for the ticket booth, then one line for the north gate and one for the south gate.  Well, when the gates opened, the lines were going every direction and it was literally like a sea of people with waves.  I almost got motion sick watching it move! 

This was new this year - a great idea!  Nearly ever state and many countries were represented.  

I don't get to walk around much at all, so I love seeing what walks past me.  This giant life size Santa took my breath away!  I had actually seen it on set up day when I was driving out.  It was $75 which was a steal.  I was happy to see it go to a good home and I was happy to see it out of commission since I had $60 on my smaller ones!  :)  

This little girl spotted that little recliner and ran right too it.  She sat in it and held that dog for the longest time.  I ended up sending Benji home with her.  The recliner sold not long after that.  

Even though I never left my corner much, I still managed to bring home some goodies.  Lara told me to shop her booth before the gates opened, so I did.  You don't have to pull my arm.  

The ten pins, anagrams, flash cards, tart pans and feedsack scraps are all from her.  Another junker friend had sent the vintage candy tins to me through Lara.  My one and only purchase was the very old Pinocchio puppet for one dollar.  I am SUCH a big spender.  :)

So, another Junk Ranch in the books.  The event is growing by leaps and bounds customer wise. That little town should be VERY proud of the work that Amy and Julie have done to make this such a huge success in the short time since it's inception.  I am a proud original vendor and hope to always be a part of The Junk Ranch!

And now, my blog reading friends, you don't have to hear me talk about The Junk Ranch for EIGHT MONTHS!  Well, maybe seven.  Or six.  I will have to get busy by then! 

PS - Don't forget to read Lara's blog!

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