What is a monkeybox?

When I was a little girl, we had a pet monkey named Amanda. My Dad worked in the produce business, so each night he brought home that days culls in a big box - spotty cucumbers, pithy apples, limp celery, moldy oranges and the like. We called it a monkeybox. It was really just trash, but my Mom would take each piece of fruit and trim it, pare it and cut it up to make a beautiful fruit platter for Amanda. Even though it was deemed trash by one, it still had life left in it and was good for the purpose we needed it. That's how I live my life - thrifting, yard saling, looking for another's trash to be my treasure.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A Very Scary Story (Not Even Halloween Related)

What to blog about, what to blog about....I am trying to blog to keep the illusion that life is back to normal around here. But, no, it is not normal. The Bean still has stomach issues. And, no it isn't school. It's the real deal. He was on a prescription, but it ran out on Friday and by Sunday he was hurting again. Monday I called the doctor, she saw him again and then we went for some other appointments to explore other avenues (that's how I know it isn't school bothering him). I mentioned that he gets stressed in the morning trying to get up, dressed, bathroom time,eating time and all the while having stomach pains. So, instead of prescribing the meds I knew he needed, we were referred to the Looney Bin. Not to make light of it - I know people have problems and need mental help. But, they sent me and my twelve year old boy to the certified nuthouse. They asked questions about his involvement with guns, alcohol and drugs. His eyes were as big as cue balls. I swear to you that his boy still thinks there is a Santa and a Tooth Fairy and they are asking him about guns and crack. I know some kids do get involved with that stuff at early ages, but not my boy. He's at school or at home. If he goes anywhere, I'm there too. Nowhere else, no bad kids, no pressure, etc. I get stressed about PTA meetings and doctors appointments but I'm not a gun totin' crack smokin' liquored up Mom. Can't you just get a little stressed out without being certifably cuckoo? I know the doctor was exploring all avenues and crossing her t's and doting her i's. But, sometimes, Mom knows best. No Psych Ward for us, please.

Yesterday he was really hurting, but I sent him to school. I made him go Hardest longest damn day of my life. I knew he was hurting, but the school is about to run out of patience with us both. Not the counselor, not the nurse and not the teachers, but the rule makers. Yadda Yadda. He ws sent to the nurse by his teachers. The nurse can't help him, it just gave him a fleeting hope that I would come get him. I talked to him and told him to go back to class. He did it. I cried all day. This morning it was bad again so I was on the phone with the doctor. She called him another prescription. The same one he had and was responding too, I think he just needed it longer. This time he is on a 30 day prescription. I think that will do it. But, meanwhile, after not getting any medical treatment for five weeks, we finally have a doctor that is aggressive and wants to get to the bottom of it. Well, praise the lord and hallelujah. But, she has all the tests planned. Tomorrow afternoon we go to the hospital for a CT Scan. I feel confident that it will come out okay because after he takes his pill he feels pretty good. But, then I get all freaked out that my kid is having a CT scan. Last Wednesday he had an ultrasound, blood work and urine work and that all came back good. So, I would think that even though this is more thorough, that it should come out okay too. The medicine really does make a difference. She also wants him to have a GI. And she wants a rush put on it so the Children's Hospital got him an appointment ASAP. February 12th, 2008. Four months away is ASAP?????? I think the meds will do it this time and we won't have to do that anyway. Crossing my fingers anyway. But, if we have to, we will.

Now here is where I get on my soapbox and use foul language and ramble on. I am going to discuss my health insurance. It is absolutely friggiin' worthless. We pay $325.00 a month. In the past six weeks we have made five office visits to the doctor, an emergecny room visit, ultrasound, bloodwork, urine test and now a CT scan. Oh yes, and a $95.00 prescription today. Let's all guess how much the insurance has paid.......Cue the Jeopardy theme.......Ready? What is $29.00. TWENTY NINE DOLLARS. Well, that certainly helps. Let's see, there's deductibles and they won't pay for non emergency emergency room visits (a kid doubled up in a ball holding his stomach crying isn't an emergency in case you were wondering...) and they consider any doctor's Office Visit a "Wellness visit" so they won't pay for that. So, the hospital calls today to set up the CT Scan and tells me to bring $1,250.00 to pay for it up front. Sure, let me pull that out of the old change purse. She finally worked out payments of $381.00 a month for four months. And, this is just for the CT Scan. Wait until the Emergency Room bill shows up. Holy crap. And, that ASAP GI in February? Well, that is a new year with new deductibles. Eye yi freaking yi yi.

Our insurance does pay for hospitalization. I may just check myself in when this is all over. I could use a break.

(Don't get me wrong. The Bean is my main concern and I would hand over the keys to the house as long as he's okay and he gets better. I'm not even mad about the money thing for us. I just feel terrible for people that can't pay for it. You just have to let your kid suffer and deal with it. It is just a mess!)

Rant over. (For now...)
On to happier things and deals. After we got the prescription filled today, DH needed work shoes. He thinks Shoe Carnival is the funnest store ever. I think it is a big snore fest. I have summer shoes and winter shoes. Running shoes in the summer, suede rubber-soled lace-up shoes in the winter. I don't do shoes. So, he went to Shoe Carnival and The Bean and I ventured in TJ Maxx. I've never been to TJ Maxx, but I often pick up decorative things at sales and see TJ Maxx stickers on the, so I knew they had neat stuff. I can thrift and yard sale and day long, But, I am not a retail shopper. Unless it has a XX% off sign or CLEARANCE - I'm just not interested.

The very first thing inside TJ Maxx was a table with Halloween items on it - 75% off the already reduced price.

Oh no.

I didn't buy much, (because they didn't have much), but, I did buy this:

A set of four ceramic funny Halloween plates, a big glass apothecary jar full of fancy-schmancy sprinkles and three boxes of Jelly Belly Jelly Beans. Original Retail: $26.95. Reduced Price: $12.50. 75% off price: $3.12. TJ Maxx is my new favorite store! Everything is pictured on a big old vintage metal tole tray I picked up at the thrift for $2.00. It had been there for over a month and every time I see it, I pick it up and think about buying it. But, it didn't have any tole painting on it, just gold paint splattered on it. Today it spoke to me and I bought it. Probably because I have been junk deprived and house bound. When I got it home, I realized that it is big. Huge in fact. I can use it for lots of things. I'm glad I grabbed it.
Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween. This Halloween got right passed me with all the craziness lately. I didn't decorate much and The Bean didn't even dress up. He did wear a cool glow in the dark shirt today. In the daylight. Duh.
(This is similar to the face I made when they announced who got voted off "Dancing With The Stars" last night. I am SICK. Not sure if I can even watch it again.)

And lastly, a photo of DH, The Breadman, or "The Creepy Guy". I post this picture only because as I took it he looked at The Bean and said, "Did you take my glasses? I can't find them anywhere."

Senility has struck. Guess I'll check him in too. Buy one hospital stay, get one free.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Blends Right In

The neighboring town to mine is a college town, very trendy with a lot of treehuggers and earthy people. The town has a lot of ordinances about signs, building codes, etc. Signs cannot be over a certain height, there has to be a certain amount of trees in every parking lot. I think there has to be one tree for every twenty five cars or something close to that figure. Buildings have to be made of natural materials, no steel and glass monsters lurking on the streets. Every intersection on the Interstate has flowers and landscaping. It is a beautiful town.

So, one of the cellphone companies needed to install a new cellphone tower. They had codes to be met and it needed to "blend into the surroundings."

Can you find it???????

Here's a hit: It's right beside the two story firestation. Come on. Isn't it riduculous? It's like something you would see in Disneyland or some fantasyland. Crazeee. This is Arkansas - not a lot of giant Redwoods in the woods. It's way on the other side of town, but we have mde three trips over there just to laugh at it. I say they should throw some tire sized ornaments on it and some full sized light bulbs and light that baby up for the holidays.

About six years ago I wrote the Tootsie Roll company asking them to please, please, please consider making bags of Vanilla Tootsie Rolls. You can by the cocolate Tootsie Rolls and you can buy the bags of fruity flavored ones too. In the fruity bags, there is usually about six of the blue wrapped Vanilla Tootsie Rolls. True bliss. I received a letter stating they had no plans of selling bags of Vanilla Tootsie Rolls but they appreciated my patronage. Blah, blah, blah.

Well, I guess they had a second thought after all:

****Angel Chorus****

This will be on my "look for" list on the day after Halloween. I do not need anymore decorations, but I will be out looking for useable items. I noticed that Target had an entire aisle of Halloween themed useable items - Cheetos, Chex Mix, Bounty paper towels, Mardi Gras napkins, Jones Soda (not too sure about Candy Corn soda though) and lots of other things. The Chex Mix just had a monster on the bag, so it's not funky flavored or anything. I "make" Chex Mix every year at Christmas. Here's the recipe: Open bag, dump in bowl Viola!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Friday Finds and All That Jazz

It's been another very loooong week. I got the Bean to school one day then spent the next day at the hospital in the ER getting an ultrasound, bloodwork and urine test done on him. Luckily, everything turned out to be completely normal. It is an ulcer. And ulcers take time. The very best news is that he seems a whole lot beter today. Practically his old self with a good appetite. And a sense of humor. And a personality. I appreciate everyone's thoughts and comments. And, yes, I have drilled him a hundred times to make sure it wsn't something at school or anxiety. He swears it isn't. We have a pretty special relationship, so I'm damned near positive he'd tell me. But, if Monday rolls around and he complains that his stomach hurts again - I'll be on the phone to a therapist. No, please, no.

The 6th Graders went on a optional field trip today. He had planned on going and I was going to chaperone. The Breadman even took the day off to go too. But, the 8 hours (yes, eight hours!) on a bus didn't appeal to me or him at this point, so we opted to stay home with a free day. No absence if you didn't go on the Field Trip. So, with a free day and a more normal kid, we hit a few sales and dropped off a load at the thrift (and bought a few things too).

I thought the big Arkansas puzzle was older than it is - it is dated 1986, but I thought it was older. Still, it's pretty neat as it has all the counties and major points of interest. It was 25¢. Two Pampered Chef "Barnyard Friends" cookie molds - 50¢ each, boxed set of vintage "Pals" playing cards with Musical cats - 50¢, Federal Pie Plate - 50¢, two "D" handle FireKing cups - 25¢ each, small metal tray w/lemon - 25¢, turquoie necklace - $1.50, cool vintage tablecloth - 75¢, set of Japan bells - one monk, one nun with rhinestone eyes - cool yet gaudy - 50¢ for the set and the cool little perfume bottle with the Black Americana head - $1.00. Close up of the pie plate, cups, monk, nun and bottle. The cups are full of a bunch of big buttons that I got for 50¢.I bought that bottle at a sale that had about a hundred Avon bottles. They had printed (in color!) a completed auction for each and every one of those bottles. "Sold on ebay for $11.00 - but our price is only $8.00," the sticker said. Eh gads, Avon bottles are so not collectible, let alone ebay-worthy. I suppose there are exceptions to that statement, but if they are going to take all that time to look them up, print the invoice and price them - they might as well put them on ebay. I thought it was interesting that I scored the cool old vintage bottle for $1.00 when they thought they were being savvy.

This is a vintge box of Santa Head Soaps. Clever, clever name, eh? I thought the box was neat and the soaps were even neater. They did price it in pen $1.00 on the box which did annoy me, but what can you do? This was at the Avon bottle sale, too. In the background, I got a big turkey pillow from Kohl's ($19.99) for $1.00 and three Boyds Bears/Bunnies for $1.00 total. I just cannot leave a Boyds behind when I see them hawking them on QVC for $20.00 and up!
Yet another vintage picnic basket. This one was $3.00. I've lost count. I think this is #6 in this type, plus about 6 oak splint picnic baskets. I use them like Rubbermaid totes for craft supplies, so they are being used. Of the six like this one, I have found five of them this summer. But, I am still looking for a red Redman.

Along the swap front, I received the most fun swap package from Jen at The Felt Mouse. There are photos of what I sent her here. I wrapped up three different Halloween themed boxes on the same day and I failed to take photos of any of them. Doh!

Anyway, Jen and I thought a lot alike in our swap. We both sent cookie related items.

She sent this:

Which The Bean and I turned into this: (They taste better than they look).
Goodies waiting to be opened. Can you beleive I had the patience to take a picture? I know!
Jen even went through my sorted blog past and dug up this photo of the Bean from two years ago. She pirited it and framed it in this cool Halloween frame. So thoughtful!
And, this Halloween goodie bucket was absolutely stuffed to the gills with the most fun, sweet and interesting little items, doodads and baubles. Stuffed!
See? All this was in that! Sacks, hot chocolate, candles, candy, googly eyes, spooky brads, a banner, spooky beads, a Pez (The Bean collects these too), balloon squawkers (the cats hate 'em!), a Pumpin punch, more candy and a fun mask. And, can you see that tiny ornage and black thing by the Pez? That, my friends is the mostest ittiest bittiest bottle of black glitter you have ever seen! Complete with a cork and a skull ring for added boo-ness. Love it!

She made this fun wall hanging by decoupaging lots of goodies and embellishments on it. Wicked!
This guy is currently rooting grassy hair in the kitchen. He's funny. I'll post a photo when he is more haircut ready.
So, thank you Jen for a fabulous swap. I enjoyed every thing immensely! ;o)


I mentioned this summer that a very nice lady that we knew had passed away. Everyone called her Granny. They had a sale at her house and I went to pick out something of hers to remember her by. She had worked at Woolsworths for years and then at Wal-Mart for years. By the time I got to the sale, there wasn't much left so I thought I would just give them some money and leave. But, in the corner of the garage in a trash pile, I spotted this litle girl.

She was naked as a jaybird and missing an arm, but she appealed to me for some reason. I asked if she was for sale and they told me I could take her. (I gave them money already). I thougth she was an old dool, but when I got her home, I discovered that she is a Buster Brown clothes and shoe model from 1962. She wears a Size 2 clothes. I found her some clothes of the Beans to wear, but at a sale last weekend, I spotted these pants for 50¢ and the cute shirt for 50¢. Then at the thrift I got the cat on a stick for 15¢. With the long sleevs, I can hide the fact that she is mising an arm. The point is, now I have to look in the little girl clothes at sales and thrifts now. That was the ONE area I never had to look in before! Now I have to find Hazel (not sure why I call her that, but I do) clothes for every season and holiday. Good lord. (So, if she wears a size 2 clothes, what size shoe do I need to find her????) It's the little girl I never had, but always wanted! (I just noticed the picnic basket in the background. They're everywhere!)

Monday, October 22, 2007

I'll have some cheese with that whine

Today there will be n pictures, no finds, nothing fun today. Just a whole lot of whining. Every day I get up at 6:00, get dressed, pack lunch, ge the Ben ready for school. We get in the car and skid into the parking lot at the absolute last minute. And, then I see the pain in his eyes as he holds his stomach and I cannot make him go in. They would send him home anyway. But, it is getting serious how much school he has missed. He has been sick and literally untreated all this, time so I suspect that it is unreal for me to expect him to be "all better" in only three days. He does feel better - but not until nearly noon. He does have a freaking hole in his sotmach, so I suppose that takes time to heal. But, the school is breathing down my neck. And I am so tired of it all. I love the bean and I want him to get well. Especially since I am going to have a nevous breakdown pretty damn soon.

I will say that I am happy that we are both safe and sound. This morning as we made our daily pilgrimage to school (and back again) it was raining and cold and foggy and generally icky out. I was driving on the inside lane and I noticed a car stopped on the outside lane with a car stopped behind it. I glanced in my rear view mirror and saw a pick-up coming fast. Too fast. He swerved like he wanted to cut in between me and the car behind me to avoid the stopped cars. I sped up because things just didn't look good. And I was right. I watched in the rear view mirror as the truck plowed into the stopped car. BAM. It was so loud. Car parts flew in every diretion. By this point, I was a block down the road and lots of other people stopped. When we went back by, the lady was still in her car and the stupid reckless driver was on his cellphone, clawing at his hair. I heard an ambulance come when we got home. I don't think the driver was hurt bad, but she probably whacked her head a good one. His truck was a mess. Her car was bad too. I do think I was lucky to see it was going to happen and avoid it. I really didn't need that on my plate today too.

Please drive safe. There are morons everywhere.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

A Few Friday Finds

The Bean went back to school on Monday and Tuesday, but didn't look too happy when I left him. He still complained of stomach pain even though he had felt some better over the weekend. Thursday morning he was doubled over with stomach cramps. I called the Nurse's line since the Doctor is still in Europe (grrr) and found out that now the Nuse was taking off for a week too. That's it. Time for a new doctor and to get something DONE. I called the Clinic right here in town and got him in within a few hours. She determined that his stomach issues had started with a virus, but since it had been left untreated without medicine (per the other doctor's orders) that the lining of his stomach was completely gone and the acid was literally eating away at his stomach! Poor guy. She gave him Prevacid, and by that I mean, she gave us the prescription was doubly nice of her. He's had four pills now and he is a totally different kid. Happy again. Funny again. And enjoying his grocereies once again.

Friday morning he had only had two pills in him so he was feeling some better, but still having cramps. I called the school and the counselor rounded up his missing work and some tests. I dropped him off for about an hour to do that missing work then picked him up. At that point he was really starting to perk up, so of course, we went sailing. Didn't find a lot. Lots of junk at the sales I stopped at - but at least we got out and enjoyed the day and the beautiful clear skies. We have been home bound a LOT.

A cast iron match holder. I see these from time to time, but usually get quoted a high price. This one wasn't priced, so I asked. She said, "Would you give a quarter for it?" Like I am going to say, "NO! I will give you a DIME for it! Although, she might have. At that same sale, a man inquired about an entire cardboard box stuffed full of record albums. The lady said, "What'll you give for them?" He laughed and said, "Well, I'd give you a dollar." She said, "Well, you know what, I'll take it" He was even shocked at that price!
This terra cotta bird is pretty big. I looks perfect next to my birds nest on the old $1.00 bench, don't you think?
And, yes, I am clearing out some of my bunnies. But, I spotted these and they had to come home with me! These are new repro's, but I love them just the same. They will go in the Easter tub in the garage. The egg was $2.00, the bunnies in the teacups were $1.00 each.
This mirror is heavy cast iron. I am not a big mirror fan, but you just gotta have a mirror in certain places. This isn't old either, but has that vintage feeling. It was only a $1.00, so the price was right for sure.
This was my only true vintage find of the day. I spotted this old tin lying on a tarp in amongst a bunch of gen-u-ine junk. I fished out a quarter for it pront-O. I knew it was an oldie and had a story to tell. The patina is all worn off on the edges so I know it was opened and closed often. I wondered what it was used for all those years.

Then I got it home and opened it. There were directions on the inside of the lid. Oh! I would know the history of this old tin and what was tucked away in it all those years!

It read,


To fill the "Ladies Syringe", simply fill with water, insert into vagina
and squeeze the bulb."


That's not the story I was wanting to hear!

Happy Junkin'!

Monday, October 15, 2007

I'd like to thank my Mom

I was recently nominated for a Rockin' Blogger Girl Award by Rebecca at Thrifty Goodness. Thank you Rebecca! Thrifty goodness is one of the very first blogs I ever started reading. I really don't remember how I found her blog, but I was amazed that someone else liked thrifting! Who knew there were others out there like ME??? I thought she was like a Rock Star having her own blog. I didn't realize that real people had blogs. I thought you had to be "somebody" to have a blog. After I started this blog, I found out that Rebecca was reading my blog. Wowzers! Now I consider Rebecca one of my Blog Buddies.

I started this blog as a way to share my deals that I found along the way each day. Back then it was more of a retail deal blog - Target, Amazon, Walgreen's, coupon deals, etc. Thus, my URL is still mydealoftheday. I'd like to change that, but then I'd lose some of my readers. Now I like to write about my junking excursions and trips out with The Bean. It has given me a way to write and express myself once again. As a wife and stay at home Mom, I don't get to use my words and creativity very often. So, this has been my avenue. I appreciate all the nice comments I get about my writing. Rebecca mentioned my creepy guy post and had left me a very nice compliment on it. Oliveoyl said that she feels like she is talking to me in person when she reads my blog. And Libby always says the very nicest things too. I appreciate all the comments and all the wonderful friends I have met. *Cue the orchestra* My acceptance speech has gone too long.....

So, on to my nominations.

#1: My girl Heidi at Vacuuming in High Heels and Pearls. She is clever, crafty, loves junking like me and is a decorating diva. She's like me in that most of her belongings outdate her by forty years or so. I read her blog a long time before I started getting to know her on a one to one basis. She was a rock star to me, now she is my friend!

#2: The Hunt for Vintage is a blog full of amazing finds. The first post I ever read was one where she salvaged goodies from a dumpster outside her elderly neighbor's house (with permision). She rescued the most amazing things I have ever seen. Read it here! She has a booth in a shop in KC that I would love to check out sometime.

I've found a few new blogs lately that I'd like to share:

Excuse me while I buy that junk. Explanation not neccesary, huh???

Rosey Little Things I participated in a swap on Swapbot that was just to share your blog with other bloggers and maybe make a connection. Jen and I found each other and have similar loves and tastes. She's a junker too!

Design on PostShe lives in Military Housing, but you'd never guess it from her decorating skills. She's a thrifter too!

Southern Hospitality Her house looks like it is a magazine spread and has been professionally decorted. But! She gets most of her treasures at yard sales! Recently she has been posting pictures of the goodies that she doesn't buy as well as the ones she does buy. Like all of us junkers, her house is filling up and she has to leave some things where she finds them.

Check them out, you might find a new blog to read. Like we need more.....

Friday, October 12, 2007

Back To Normal

Ahh, a normal day here. The Bean finally returned to school. Yesterday about noon, I swear, the light just returned to his eyes and he was his old happy self again. He's off the old Jell-O routine and back to food, but still watching to make sure it is rather bland or at least not spicy or garlicky or anything else tummy-ache inducing.

I took him to school this morning, then I went junking. I found some goodies, but mostly it was nice to know that the Breadman was at work, the Bean was at school and all was normal once again. Sigh with me, please. Ahhhhhh.

This will sound off the subject, but it has to do with my first purchase of the day. I have been downsizing some of my junk, getting rid of things that I used to love but no longer love or need, cullling out the less loved items or lesser qualtiy items. Since I have been home a lot, I decided to tackle my bunny collection. I have three shelves full of ceramic and stuffed bunnies, many given to me as gifts. I decided to cull a lot of them out so my most special ones could shine. I am waaay past the cutesy-wootsey dressed country bunny phase, so out they went. I decided that all the bunnies on one shelf could go with the exception of one special one that I adore. I scooped the ones I didn't want off into a big laundry basket and then whoops - there went the ONE that I wanted to keep - smashed on the floor to smithereens. I was getting rid of about 20 of them, so why oh why did I have to break the ONE I wanted?????

So, back to my first purchase. The very same before mentioned bunny that I broke just two days ago. Mine was gray and white and this one is white, but it's made by the same company and is perfect. He was sort of a splurge at $3.00, but I couldn't chance losing TWO in as many days!

I got this cool old collapsible basket for 25¢. I thought it was for milk or something, but the lady informed me that I could put on the rack on the back of my bicycle to carry my groceries home. Well, lady, I think it has been a few years since you checked out the back of a bicycle! I will use it for magazines or some other junkily use.
This fun wooden bowl was 50¢. It's pretty big, painted black and is a little chippy. In fact, I got it for a discount when the lady realized it was chipped. That's why I liked it! Chippy! I knew it owuld look good with Halloween Candy - and it does!
I call this a wheel, but it is really a big old pulley for a well or maybe for raisng hay into the barn. I asked the question, "How much?" and the man said make me an offer. I don't do that, so I moved on to other things. He did tell me the story of the man that used to live there that had recently told him the story behind the wheel/pulley. He said one day he was having a really bad day - no money for milk, no money for rent, etc. and he needed to let off some steam. He picked up the wheel/pulley and hurled it into the woods in disgust. The man haviing the sale had found it in the woods when he was brush hogging. His wife came out to take my money and I told her I liked the wheel/pulley. She said, $4.00" and I said. Sold.That first guy must have been one hell of a muscleman because I could only pick it up and carry it about a foot before I had to set it down. I think it weighs about 40 pounds.
I got all five of these old pixie/gnome planters for a total of $1.00. Not a chip on them either. Two of them are Shawnee. The one in the very front has very old german glitter on the base. Ebay bound, one of these days.

At the same sale where I got the planters, I bought several sets of old salt and pepper shakers. Actually, there was an entire Charmin tissue box full of S&P's. I dug through the box for about 30 minutes trying to mtch up sets, but I only found a few sets. I imagine they were in there, but I just couldn't match them up. I was the first one at the sale and she was still setting up, but encouraged me to dig through the boxes. So, I did. She gauranteed me and the other hard core yard saler that showed up soon after, that this would be "the cheapest garage sale you have ever been to". I thought that was funny because the two of us know our "stuff". But, she was right. She quoted me 25¢ a set on the S&P's, then ended up selling me all the ones I selected plus the five pixie planters for a total of $3.00. (It's funny, I squatted for about thrity minutes digging through those boxes and today I am sore. My first yard saling injury!)
I found this entire set of spice containers in the box too. She only charged me 25¢ because it was a set. Do you think I found them all? There was a small wooden shelf in the box and now I am wondering if that was for these. Hmmm, I think I might have to stop back by and see and see if she got the darn shakers sorted yet.
As I was leaving, I spotted a box full of old Ziggy dolls. I think they sell on ebay, so I thought I would dig through the bx and look for the older ones or any unique ones. The girl at the sale said, "Those are a nickle a piece." Then she said, "Or $1.00 for all of them." Well, why not. When I got them home the Bean and I sorted them out and found 32 Ziggy's. Those mailmen guys on the ends are about 20" tall.
Have a great weekend!They date from 1985 to 1999.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Don't Touch The Merchandise!!!

Well, it's been a hell of a week around here. The Bean is still sick. He has missed so much school I fear he will never catch up. But, I know he will. His doctor is on a two week European vacation (must be NICE) so I am dealing with her Nurse and the Nurse Practitioner. The Nurse says "give him another day" then "give him another day". So, today call her with the daily report and she's all, "You better bring him back in." Uh, yeah, ya think? So, we will see the Nurse Practitioner tomorrow. He is better, just not well. I honestly think whatever he had last week, he got again, not two weeks of one thing. Clear as mud? Anyway, he felt some better last weekend, so we went to the big motorcycle Parade of Power and then we went out to eat. He hadn't eaten much all week, so he ate a normal meal. Not a lot, but he cleaned his plate. Come Sunday, he felt bad again. Every morning we wake up with the attitude that we are going to school but when he gets up, his stomach hurts and he is tired and cold. It is a mess. I was sick this summer with a similar sort of thing for over three weeks - food was my enemy. Since then, I havne't eaten anything highly seasoned, garlicky or tomato based. I try to avoid snything that might spur my bellyache. So, I know how he feels. Right now, right this minute, he feels pretty good, but check back in an hour or so and he might still be fine, or he might be under a blanket all clammy.

So, today I absolutely had to go get some much needed groceries and other things at Wal-Mart. And, since we were out, you know that one tirfit is just right up the street, so why not? Besides, The Bean is always up for a little junking too. He netted six brand new Beanie Babies, so he was happy. Yes, I know they aren't worth a dime. But, he likes them and they were 3/$1.00, so it was a cheap addition to his collection.

We walked past the blanket bin, whcih I normally do not give a second glance. But, today, there was a Hudson Bay 4 point Made in England 100% wool blanket, right on top of the pile. I grabbed it up because I know they are good sellers on ebay and even if it wasn't it would be perfect for powwows or The Beans bed. I had found a blanket like this about a year ago at a sale, and when I unfurled it to check it out, there was a dead mouse inside it. Eeew. Being 100% wool, I knew I really couldn't wash the mouse ickiness out of it. Actually, I don't think any amount of washing could take mouse ickiness out of that. Yuck.

On this particular blanket today, there were two stickers on it. One side $10.00 and one said $4.00. The $4.00 sticker was a small pink round sticker and it said "100% wool, Queen and $4.00." The $10.00 sticker said "$10.00 Q". It was on a blue piece of paper attached with a plastic tag. This thrift uses both varoieties of price tags, so I wasn't sure which price was correct. Of course, I was hoping for the $4.00 price, but I knew I would work it out with the lady at the counter.

When I got to the counter, I laid it down along with my other goodies. The lady at the counter wrote everything down and worked her way to the blanket. Meanwhile, the lady in line behind me reaches out and strokes the blanket like it's a cat or somethng. Then she pulls it towards her, starts to unfold it and keeps stroking it. I'm thinking, "Excuse me, hands off, Toots. That's mine." But, I was quiet. I just stared at her. She knew it was mine. But, she wanted it. She wanted it bad. Then the lady behind the counter (LBTC) says, "How much is the blanket?" And I say, "Well, this tag says $4.00...." and before I can get out the rest of the tag saga, the lady behind me practically yells, "BUT THIS TAG SAYS $10.00." Then, Mis helpful goes on to inform the LBTC that it is an old blanket, it is a 100% wool blanket, it is blah-blah-blah." Meanwhile I am shooting daggers in her head because I am not trying to rip the place off - I am a "regular" and they all know me by name and treat me well. I know she just hoped I would say, "Oh I cannot afford $10.00" so she could pounce on it. Honestly, I probably would have paid $20.00 for it just to get back at her. Pbtttt. She honestly almost had slobbers on her chin while she goggled it. The LBTC and I came to an $8.00 price agreement, much to whatshername's chagrin. I paid and left her at the counter. How rude! As I was leaving, the lady walking up the stairs, said "WOW! What a beautiful blanket!" "Thank you" I said as I booked it out of there. I told the Bean we needed to get the heck out of there before I got mugged for my blanket!

So, tonight, my wish is for the lady that manhandled my blanket to go home and look it up and ebay and then weep a few silent tears for the "one that got away." Seems my little beauty is worth upwards of $200.00. Nanner-na-na-na-na. (I know, I am being childish, but she was just awful!)

My very sporatic thifting and sailing the past two weeks have netted me an Enid Collins puirse, a Steiff Turrkey and now a Hudson Bay blanket. I guess I can't complain. (My Dad has won nearly $11,000 at the casino in the past week, so I could complain, but I won't....)

Friday, October 05, 2007


Hey, hey, hey. Guess who got to leave the house today????? Me, me, me and The Bean, Bean, Bean.

There are a lot of choppers in town. Choppers, choppers, everywhere. You know, I am talking about motorcycles, right? Anyway, there are motorcycles on every corner, at every parking lot, at every resturant, everywhere at everwhere. It is crazy. But, I think it is fun. And the Bean likes it too. There are regular motorcycles and fancy tricked out choppers like I have neer seen in my life. Some are quite and some are loud. But, it's all fun.

This afternoon we went to Wal-Mart and heard that Jesse James of West Coast Chopper fame was there signing autographs and posing for pictures. Well, you know who always has her camera with her, right? Well, guess who didn't have it today! Doh! But, luckily, we live less than two miles from Wal-Mart, so we zipped home and got it.

When we got back, we got right in line. We were twelve people back in line, so Iknew it would be short and sweet. Wrong-O. He signed autographs for about three people and then he stopped to do a TV news interview. Then he announced he had to "pee". I've never heard a celebrity announce they needed to pee. So, his entourage of women and local police officers took him in the store, cleared out the bathroom (I didn't think that was necessary) and I suppose he peed. Then he signed autographs for some of the employees before he came back out to the parking lot where we were all cooking in the sun. I'm not really complaining, I didn't mind waiting, but it was hot. Really hot. 93 degrees on October 5th! The guy behind us got bored and called his friend, "Yea, dude, I'm waiting to see Jesse James. Yea, he went to pee, but I think he might be pooping 'cause it's been a long time". I mean, really, TMI.

But, then, he came back, got in his spot and signed his heart out. People were lined up through the parking lot. He was a good sport dealing with bikers, kids, goofy Moms with absolutely NO motorcycle smarts (not me!) He signed books, magazines,posters, T-Shirts, hats and even skin at one point!

He's a pretty good looking guy. No sign of Sandra Bullock anywhere though. Mrs. James, you know.
He signed the hat we bought. Called The Bean, "Hey Bud". Check out the tats. Yea, tats. I know my lingo. I watch "Miami Ink."
Posed for a nice picture. The Bean even smiled! He met Ronald McDonald once and he looked absolutely terrified in the photo. Ronald even commented, "He knows I'm a clown, right?" The Bean by a giant West Coast Chopper Car. Why is this blue and underlined? Ya got me.
The Bean by a fancy pimped out West Coast Chopper Truck with Bling-Bling. Yea, I'm cool.

West Coast Chopper hat signed by Jesse James along with the magazines they were handing out. Note the scantily dressed girls and giant ba-zoombas on the left. They handed these to my 12 year old son. Yikes!


Before the celebrity sighting, we went junking. (This might be a good time to mention that The Bean is 100% well now. Yeah! We got a doctor's note excusing the whole week so the school better just shut their pie hole and let him come back. They can get a bit harsh about absences. But, they are the first one to send them home when they are sick. You can't win!)

Anyway, back to the junk! I got these metal letters for $1.00. Like a lot of things I buy, I really don't have a plan for them. I picked them up three times and put them back. But, they just spoke to me. They have little hand painted cherries on them. I imagine I will tie them on swap packages and the like. Or, I might move to 12233445 Chery Street.

I was stoked to find this big gallon size baggie chock full of vintage ric-rac and trims. Not the greatest picture as I took it in a hurry. I got 21 packages of ric-rac alone. I have ideas for Christmas cones, so the white ric-rac will come in handy for a snow themed one I have deep inside the old noggin. Oh yes, $1.00 for the WHOLE bag. I know!
It was a Christmas kind of day today. The little Christmas hankie came from the thrift for 25¢, the elf from one sale for 50¢ (in a baggie with a bunch of true junk) and all the other little vintage Christmas doodads were in a paper sack for 25¢ at another sale. Not pictured, I also found several packages of miniature crafting Shiny Brite bulbs (from Woolsworths and Duckwalls)malong with some other vintage crafting Christmas goodies.
These hard plastic cupcake toppers were $1.00 at a big tarp sale where everything was strewn on the ground in various area marked 25¢, 50¢, $1.00, etc. They are divine, don't you think? Pardon the pun.
The vintage bulbs on the left came from the tarp sale for $1.00 and the bulbs in the boxes on the right came from a different sale for $1.00. I love the figural bulbs - the bird particularly. And the lantern. And the candle. And the bell. Okay, okay, I like them all.
This fun vintage tablecloth was in a box of sheets and towels marked "Choice $1.00". It might actually be a twin size coverlet, I'm not sure. I think it wil make a fun tablecloth for one of my PTSA Fiesta Days I am planning.

This old board game has a great game board inside. The playing pieces are metal Zephyr's or something along that line. Very cool. It was $1.00 at the tarp sale.
Roll of cool vintage metal lawn edging. You would slice your foot off if you stepped on it barefoot. Sharp! Loved the old graphics. I thought I would put it on the garden bench, but it's out in the elements and the label would get ruined. So, here it sits on my porch on top of my old chicken coop.
Fun old Bing-O game. I think these are sell-able for collages and crafts? Not really sure. 50¢
Fun old hard plastic bunny. I have removed his sticky glue tie looking thing on the front. He's a cutie. Not sure why I needed him, but he was only a quarter. He's about 14" tall.
So, at the tarp sale, I spot this little sad turkey in the 25¢ pile. I thought he would be cute on the Thanksgiving Day table or maybe even in a swap box. So, I pay my quarter and I bring him home. Once I get him home, I decided to check him out and make sure he didn't have any rips or tears. I see a staple on his wing, so I decide to remove it. Then I flip his wing over and it's a little metal button. And my 41 year old eyes squint and see on the button it says "STEIFF". Holy batcrap! A Steiff. For a quarter. I've never seen an actual Steiff anywhere! So, at that point I am still thinking he would be cute on the Thanksgiving table and this fun yard sale find would make a nice conversation piece. That's when I got catty and looked it up on ebay. The last one sold for $162.50. Holy Guacamole! I like him and I'd like to keep him. But, that $162.50 is saying my name! "Gobble, Gobble, Gobble, SELL ME!"

More Junkin and More Motorcycles tomorrow. Proabably no pee'ing celebrities though. But, you never know! Tune in!

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