What is a monkeybox?

When I was a little girl, we had a pet monkey named Amanda. My Dad worked in the produce business, so each night he brought home that days culls in a big box - spotty cucumbers, pithy apples, limp celery, moldy oranges and the like. We called it a monkeybox. It was really just trash, but my Mom would take each piece of fruit and trim it, pare it and cut it up to make a beautiful fruit platter for Amanda. Even though it was deemed trash by one, it still had life left in it and was good for the purpose we needed it. That's how I live my life - thrifting, yard saling, looking for another's trash to be my treasure.

Monday, June 30, 2014

4th of July Decorations

Well, June certainly went by F-A-S-T, now didn't it?  I realized last week that if I wanted to see my patriotic stuff, I better get it out STAT.  So, I did.  It's always the same stuff, maybe in a different way.  Not sure I added anything to it over the past year.  I'll see when I look at the photos with you!  

***Yes, I still have those ugly Rooster curtains.  Nothing in my house is Rooster anymore, but I can't seem to find any  curtains that will go with my ugly couch and ugly carpet.  (We need to do some redecorating, but that will not be anytime soon).

I have George Washington standing by a 1950's car - why?  I don't know.  See my LET FREEDOM RING on the old toy phone?  HA-HA.  

 I bought that house several years ago at a Church Sale for $3.00 and I remember thinking that three dollars was a LOT (ha) and that it was too "new" for my decor - but I really love the darn thing.  I don't put up a tree or any lights, so the fireworks behind the house add some "spark".  
Silly things all together make me happy.

I found that photo of a little boy at a yard sale - his Sailor Suit made him feel patriotic-y to me. My chalkboard skillz aren't too great, but I wanted to use the cool old chalkboard that I traded Lara for at the Junk Ranch.  That little house is Bill Clinton's boyhood home in AR.

I have an old truck, so I  used it.  :)  That little doll in it is more country than I am - but someone made her for me and I love her.   This is my homage to a parade.  I love that Richardson Dinner Mint tin - all red, white and blue and I am a Richardson, so it's darn near perfection!

Uncle Sam's all together and all up high.  

The big Uncle Sam was at the thrift and priced really high, but I held out and got him on 75% off day.  He is hard carved and signed.  The roly poly guy is by the same artist - found at the same thrift a few weeks later.  

I think these books are new to the decor this year.  They are Zane Grey westerns, but the color theme was just too good not to put to use.  

The famous white shelves.  Okay, they aren't famous, but I don't know what I would do without them to hold my stuff.  They are mighty and hold a ton.  

Miscellaneous things - old advertising boxes, actual USA things and souvenir items.  And, of course, the wee Bean when he made the front page of the page.  :)

George Washington and Ben Franklin things - a great old USA puzzle and some more souvenirs.  

I did find that old Mr. President game this year.  Stuck the blue magnetic board up there for a pop of color then I darn near covered it up.

I love my Chocolate Covered Cherry box collection.  This one comes out for the 4th every year.  Miss America Brand!  I have a new one coming that I bought on Instagram - Valley Forge Chocolate Covered Cherries.  I can't wait to get it. (Did you know people sell things on Instagram?  Low prices, great vintage finds and NO FEES for either of you.  It's sort of awesome.)

Love this one truly vintage Uncle Sam I have.  

And, last but NEVER least - Hazel.  She is wearing her most expensive  dress ever!  I have a strict "no more than one dollar" outfit rule for her.  But, I spent FIVE DOLLARS on that red gingham dress.  But it is worth every penny.  It is a square dancing dress and it has layers and layers of petticoats under it with BELLS sewn in the layers so it jingles when she moves.  (Okay, IF she moved...).  I added in a denim jacket, a set of vintage red, white and blue beads and my favorite vintage patriotic flower pin.  Hazel is such a silly thing in my home, but she is a happy spot for me.  She distracts my attention from those rooster curtains!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday Finds: Just Enough

Today I went out to work in the booth which has been greatly ignored for awhile.  I had pulled a lot of things to go the The Junk Ranch.  Since the booth was low and most of my "best things" weren't in there - I had a 25% off sale all month long which seems to have cleaned out a lot of things that have just been sitting there.  When I got there today, I filled up three big bags of stuff that I am just SICK of looking at and threw it in the car.  Then I brought in a whole carload of stuff and filled up the booth!  Yee-haw.  I still have a slew of things all priced and ready to go on the next trip.  It's possible that the smaller booth next to mine might be empty soon and if it does, I will take that spot too.  I haven't quite figured out how to make the most of both spaces - take down the wall in between, take down half the wall either horizontally or vertically OR leave it as two separate spaces.  I guess I will have to see IF I get the spot before I worry about it TOO much!  

You know me - on the way, I hit a few sales and even drove way to far out into the middle of NOWHERE at the lure of a green chalkboard sign that said, BARN SALE.  *Swoon*.  Sadly it wasn't that great - they din't have much.  I did get enough to make it worth my trip, I guess.  Most of my finds came from two sales, but I think I stopped at about six.  At the first sale, I had a handful of Hot Wheels - not new, not old, just some advertising ones that I can sell for a dollar to two each.  They weren't priced, so I asked the magic question, "How much are these?"  And the lady replied, "Those are 50¢ each and I won't come down on them any, so don't even bother asking."  Now, this was obviously a woman that had been nickel'd and dime'd to death all day and she was hot and tired.  BUT!  I didn't even imply that I was going to dicker with her (I don't do that anyway) and I was planning on buying them.  But you know what?  Her attitude STUNK, so I put them back on the table and I left.  I'm sure she just thought I was too cheap, but golly, she was RUDE.  

The goods I did find:
A Primary School set of Balancing scales (on the bottom), an old metal cigar tin and a vintage fruitcake tin.  
Five yard sticks for 25¢ each - I have some projects I want to try with yardsticks, but I am not willing to sacrifice any of my neat old vintage ones.  The cool old metal stool was sitting beside the barn with an old gas can on it.  I asked if it was for sale and after much thought, it was decided that "a buck" would do it.  SOLD.

The blue jars were in the barn (which, by the way was not a barn  it was a shop with concrete floors, fans and plumbing).  They were $2.00 each, which is more that I like to spend, but I figured I better make it worth my trip to buy something to sell.  But, who am I kidding,  I haven't let a blue Ball jar out of this house.  EVER.  The bundle of child's hangers in pink, white and blue were at the RUDE ladies sale, but I had already bought them before the rudeness ensued.  The pool balls are my favorite find - they are small - maybe for Bumper Pool - I don't know.  They are about half the size of regular pool balls.  The post card is of a bunch of marines learning to tie knots.  I should have taken a better photo of that - sorry.

Tomorrow there are SO many sales advertised but I really need to NOT go shopping.  But, not shopping means scrubbing the tub, mopping the floor and washing towels.  :(  We shall see what tomorrow brings.....

Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Weekend in Junk

I went to a lot of yard sales on Thursday and Friday.  Well, a lot for me.  I haven't been out to any for a long time!  I think I went to five on Thursday and six on Friday.  That's a lot isn't it?  :)

I drove out to Hogeye Road for the first sale.  I tell you this only because people like to snicker at the name 'Hogeye'.  *Snicker*  When I drove up the driveway - I was in heaven.  There were probably twenty five tables set up all covered in STUFF.  My kind of sale!  And then, it got better everything was PRICED!  And, it was cheap! In the end, I mostly found smalls 'cause that's my thing and I didn't feel like dealing with dishes or big stuff.

This is a mixture of stuff from different sales.  The First Aid kit is from 1984 which isn't as old as the really cool ones, but it's metal and still neat looking PLUS it has all the stuff in it!  And, it was only $1.00.  It will go with the 4th of July stuff then find a home in the bathroom after that.  

I thought the Mickey Mouse hat was old, but it's new.  That shows you how much I know about Disney (nada). The Grapette thing is an old book with a paper cover on it.  That's one of the books I was looking at in my previous post.  When I asked 'What would you do?' Ii was really asking would you reach in front of someone and take something like that?  And, from your responses - I can tell that most of you would NOT!  Yea for you!  I never would have done that nor would I have said anything when she did it.  (But, I did some hard core cussing in my head!)

Love this little toadstool  - can you see the tiny 5¢ price tag?

Smalls for the booth.  Blue glass jars for my collection in the bathroom.  One thousand paper doilies for all my paper doily needs.  They were $1.00 and in the original box, so I just HAD to get them.  RIGHT?

Wee vintage aquarium decorations.  Sometimes these sell for decent money, but I don't think these fit the bill.  But, we'll see.

I knew The Bean would get a kick out of the giant blue razor Avon Bottle.  I do not buy Avon bottles as a general rule.   

The yellow bird is another Avon bottle.  I know, three makes a collection, but these two HAVE GOT TO GO before that happens!  Pyrex salt and pepper for the booth.  

Two wooden hoops for a project, a big glass jar like the one The Breadman broke (you were right Oliveoyl - one came to me - but I still need a lid!), two decks of cards with a plastic fruit motif, the heaviest three hole punch EVER and a fun tote bag made out of a pair of old bib overalls.  My Mom made a purse out of a pair of overalls I wore when I was little so I thought this was a fun find.  

A bouquet of garrish beaded flowers.  
They are so tacky.
I love them.

Three old bread pans, a slew of GO HOGS paper coasters, vintage bar stuff and a box of great old flashcards that are all yellowed.  

I love old cocktail stirrers and umbrellas.  I don't know why - I don't drink.  
But the happy pastel colors make me happy.  

One sale netted this gorgeous old bowling ball in a swirly purple.  I was going to put it with the rest in the backyard, but when I passed by the purple clematis on the trellis, I knew it had to go there.  The ball was special made - it weighs five pounds and belonged to Clara who bowled until she was 76 years old.  They had to take her ball away, when one day her Alzheimer's got bad and she turned to throw the ball into the crowd instead of down the lane.  I'll think of Clara whenever I see this in my yard.   

Friday afternoon there was a sale that started at 4:00 in the afternoon.  I thought I knew which house it was at and I knew they were famous for HUGE sales, so I made sure to get there at 4:00.  Sadly, it was the house next door and they didn't have a lot.  I did get these six sweet dishtowels that the 50 something old lady said she embroidered as a girl.  When I unfolded them, they are actually big enough to cover a card table.  Can you make sense of the words though?  BOY, NOW, VOW, KISS, JOY, THIS.  

Bought this old book and the 1960's OBU beanies from Clara's bowling ball sale.  

One sale I stopped at on Friday they were still unloading the shed at 2:00.  Every time I would go to pay, the older man would say, "Wait, I got another box here" and he would set it at my feet, but then his daughter would rush over and scoot it away so she could look through it.  He said, "I want it GONE!"  She said, "I need to look through it first!'  I thought to myself, "I wish this lady would go pick up a pizza so I could deal with Dad!"  I bet I could have cleaned up cheap!  At one time, the owned an ice cream shop and then they had plans to open a B&B, so they had a lot of kitchen stuff.  I pulled out all the old metal tools I spotted for 10¢ each.  There was a lady right ahead of me digging in the boxes and she spent $5.00 on 10¢ utensils.  I do well with old utensils for a few bucks each.  

I also bought this piece of pottery for 25¢.  I don't buy green usually, but this is a sweet jadeite green so it will go with my pastels well.  
This squirrel caught my eye with his GIANT HUGE TOOTH.  
Lord have mercy on that bucktoothed squirrel.  He's a planter in case you can't tell.

An old straw holder  - I added the straws.  

Uhm.  Okay.  Jesus + Coney Island = Tacky Souvenir, much?

A pink plastic sewing box from the 4:00 sale.  

Mostly purchased because it was PINK and it had this cool sticker on it.  
Friday I stopped by the Salvation Army and spotted this mail sorter sitting outside.  It's actually two separate pieces, but they stack on top of each other to make one giant unit.  I'm going to use it in the booth to hold sheet music, ephemera, books. dictionary pages, ads, book plates and whatever else I can conjure up.  It is a lot of space to fill!  It was only $10.00 for both pieces, so I had to get them!

And that is the weekend in junk.  Today is Sunday and I am jonsing for an auction or the last day of an Estate Sale.  I think I am sick!  

Friday, June 20, 2014

What Would You Do?

You are at a yard sale where nothing is priced.

There are books.  Old school readers that are indeed old, but in very used condition, but that's kind of what makes old school readers cool, right?

Let me reiterate - there are only seven books and no more books anywhere. SEVEN.   The seven books are on the ground and you are standing over them with one of them resting ON your toe because you just picked it up to look for a price.  They are all ON the ground, right in front of your feet.  You are still in the 'shopping for things on the ground' mode - hands on you knees, bent at the waist, looking at the books.

You look up at the man running the sale and you ask, "How much are the books?"

"Those are $1.00 each," the man says.

So you bend down to pick up one book with one hand and the one that is on your toe with the other hand.  BUT!  A hand swoops in from the other side of your LEG and grabs the book that is ON YOUR TOE that you are five inches from picking up. And you hear a woman say, "Here's my dollar!  Here's my dollar!" as she walks towards the man and then goes to her car.

What would you do?

I just stood there with my mouth agape like "Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?"

If I see something and someone is hovering or looking at it already - I DO NOT intrude in their space. Sometimes they are in the general area, but looking at something else, so I ask, "Were you looking at that?"" and then I take it if they say, "No."

It would have been different if there had been piles of books or boxes of books.  But there were SEVEN books and one was on my toe.

I'm still mad.

Plus I missed out on a cool old gumball machine at the Super Cheap Thrift because a woman would NOT move her cart so I could get down the aisle.

Then a woman passed me in a NO PASSING zone because I was doing 46 in a 50 mile zone.  (THE HORRORS) Plus - she flipped me off.  What is wrong with people????

*I still found some good stuff, but how about some MANNERS, people?????

*Taken at a yard sale on Friday.  I resisted.  :D

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

What I Brought Home

I wasn't able to shop at The Junk Ranch which is a really good thing.  I took all my strength not to grab the customers bags and rifle through them.  All that good junk just going right past us.  Argh.  It was awful!

I did manage to buy something from the booth beside me, the booth behind me and one other booth PLUS Lara and I traded a few things because apparently, we are INSANE.

I love happy bright cute whimsical things.  None of these things fit that bill at all, but I still can use them.  

I could see this old candy box from my spot all day on Friday.  My Mom loved Cherry Mash when she was little and she passed her love of them on to me.  Anything coconut is my favorite.  Staring that Coconut Mash box all day had me salivating.  Of course, they haven't made them in fifty years and I will never, ever get to actually taste one.  So, I had to have that box.

Lara had this neat Mason jar with a star on it, plus it was full of new bottle caps, so I traded her for some of those new old labels I had.  I liked the jar and I can think of a use for the bottle caps.  

The people behind me had a big stack of old wire edged berry baskets.  I use these to hold all my little ephemera things.  I pint one side with chalkboard paint and then I write what is in the basket and the price on the front.  I'm always on the hunt for more but they are usually pricey.  *Laura that I met, was sweet enough to send me a few in the mail a while back and I use them all the time. Anyway, these were only 50¢ each, so I picked out the best ones that had nice straight sides for writing on.  Most of the others wee warped.

I got this old step stool bench thing for $4.00.  The 14 year old boy helping his Mama run the booth had come to me asking for a better price on an item earlier, so he gave me a better price on this bench.  He talked about helping his Mama and always being with his Mama earlier.  It was sweet.  When I asked him his name, he said, "Christopher."  Which made him doubly sweet since that is The Bean's name too.  And The Bean likes helping HIS Mom.

Lastly, Lara had a stack of these old chalkboards, so I traded her a piece of pottery for one.  Chalkboards make great signs and I am still partial to the green ones since that is what we had in school.  

Some very sweet vendors had seen on Instagram how very excited I was to find my spinner rack for my jewelry.  They also knew that I deal with a lot of ephemera and cellophane packages of randomness.  They had contacted me to see if I would like a six foot tall metal spinner rack that they had - for free.  I was shocked - how nice is that?  Well, fast forward to Saturday when they happen to be selling at the Junk Ranch and they appeared behind me carrying that rack.  Free rack and delivery too.  Amazingly nice, I tell you.  And so sweet.  I am all full of ideas on how to pack that sucker full and all the fun things I can put in it.  Man, people can be nice.  It just made me feel all bubbly inside.  :)

*I blogged all about The Junk Ranch below in case you missed it.  

Monday, June 16, 2014

Farm Fresh at The Junk Ranch

Okay....ready?  Let's GO!  (LONG POST with LOTS of photos!)

The wonderful ladies that run the Junk Ranch have purchased this massive property compete with an old house and a huge barn on it solely for the purpose of The Junk Ranch Sale.  There is a new bypass going around the city and this new property backs right up to the bypass.  It isn't open yet, so it was kind of a meandering ride through town through residential streets and then out into the country to it this year.  But that was good because lots of people stopped in at the shops and flea markets, got a bite to eat and a giant Sonic drink to bring with them.  So, the whole town profited from The Junk Ranch.  I hear my booth was mobbed, so that is great too.

Amy (the brains behind the sale) was nice enough to let some of us come out and drop off out items on Thursday so we could do a quick set up on Friday morning.  The Bean and I set up the tent and tables, made a run home for the merchandise and then dropped that off as well.  Lara dropped off her items later and sent me a text - "your gigantic pile is cracking me up."  Oh, yes, I take a lot of stuff.  *Note: If you think mainly dealing in smalls is easy - you are wrong.  It took me the exact same amount of time to pack up my stuff and load it as the people behind us who had two spaces full of furniture and old rusty junk.  (Of course, they had a honking truck and a huge trailer and I was loading into an Escape and a small pick up).

It opened for the Early Shopping Event at 2:00.  At about 1:15 we looked and the parking lot was sparse and we started to worry that no one would come.  About fifteen minutes later I glanced up and saw this:

Well, alrighty then.  Let's get this started!  As luck would have it, Lara and I were under the ONLY tree on the property so it was quite the popular destination.  SHADE.  Some people would just kind of wander up under the tree and stand there and blink.  Like, they were readjusting after re-entry from the sun.  Then, they would start shopping again.  

Let's have a look at the set-up before they ascended.  

Coming around the corner, you could see all of Lara's wonderful painted chalkboards.  Sadly, that big giant one fell over and broke in the night.  But, that was our only casualty.  Well, that and the Diet Coke spills she kept suffering.  :(

Lara's sweet pastel candy colored furniture, frames, chalkboards and gorgeous hand painted signs.  She sold all but one of her signs.  Yes!
*Dontcha just love my pink tent?  I do.  

More painted signs, chalkboards and other great things.  Look at that loooong rose print!  It's hanging in a Civil War General's house as we speak - they were happy to find it.  

The Bean and Lara running to finish up before the gates opened.

*I could not do this without The Bean's help.  I told him that he did not have to go at all and if he did, he did not have to work.  "If you are there, I am there," he said.  That boy worked his patootie off.  And he is as red as a beet.  Sunburned and exhausted.  Bless that boys heart.  I gave him $50.00, which he refused.  But it's in his wallet.  SHHHH.

Lara was sweet enough to put my succulent gardens on her side on that metal AV table.  The table sold right off the bat - I never did sell any of those planters.  They were all the rage a month ago.  Now, nada.  But, that's okay.  You gotta try new things, right?  Back the back we had our check out table under the tree.  We took the shade before anyone else could get it.  Mean or smart.  You decide.

Lara had made the most awesome bags of ephemera.  It took all my strength not to just hand over my cash box and buy them all.  Mine were pitiful compared to hers.  Also, look at those awesome racks she has thrifted lately.  That blue one is awesome.  

 And now for my side.
I had tried to take "departments" of merchandise - picnic, linens, baby/toys, ephemera, handmade.  Then some randomness to throw in for everyone.  It made doing displays easier. I could see one of those Thermos jugs in every booth around us.  But, MINE sold first!  Sweet color, I think.

Pretty sure that my tiny shopping cart has seen it's last show.  Too many people see it and want to buy it.  Then you tell them, not for sale and they aren't happy about it.  I sold a lot of clipboards.  

I sold some jewelry - not  a lot, but some.  It's a certain look since it is vintage fabric, so it won't appeal to everyone. I'm happy when someone does appreciate it.  One lady bought $50.00 worth at once, so that was nice.  Another lady looked at every single one and asked tons of questions about the fabric and the history and she touched them and she went on and on and on and then.......she left.  She did ask for a card and asked if she could email me for orders at Christmas.  
 I couldn't figure out how to use my banner, so I made this chalkboard sign.  I drew the toadstool because a) I thought it was cute, b) it complemented my Jello mold toadstools and c) that is about my limit for artsy drawings.  But, I think the Jello molds ended up looking like part of my sign instead of actually being for sale.  I did sell several of them and I heard lots of people comment on them.  
Coming around to the other side.  Lots to look at everywhere!
I put vintage kid stuff low so the littles would see it.  I didn't realize that silly laundry bag was visible though.  That's how I tote my jewelry!    *Note to self:  Hide that dumb thing!
Yes, the heads drew a lot of attention.  One lady picked one up, stuck it beside her daughter, tapped her on the shoulder and...well, you can guess what happened next. It involves some high-pitched screams and a few choice words.  And a lot of laughter from her mom, me and Lara.  :)  An art teacher bought one to use as a model in his class.  That made me happy.  The other one is still rolling around in the back of the car, waiting to give me a heart attack one of these days.  

Typewriters are not easy sellers.  Too heavy to carry around.  The little kids sure do like banging on the keys though, don't they?  

I put some "people" in the old dollhouse for character.  A lady bought the head for her daughters father in law who is a ventriloquist.  Who knew people still did that????  The house didn't sell, which is okay.  I love it.  

Stuff, stuff and more stuff.  It's interesting to look at this and see all that sold.  I'd say about 40 things are missing from the shelves  that I can notice off the bat.  

Vintage toys.  I ended up moving these to a table the next day.  The very first guy in the booth was also the very first guy in the booth last year.  I recognized him immediately and thought, "Crap".  He was the first customer and he wanted huge discounts on everything.  He said, "Now listen, I'm going to buy a lot, so deal with me."  That just means you lose more and more money, right?  What kind of a "deal" is that?  He makes me uncomfortable, but then he pays you compliments on your set up so you start to like him, then he points at a ten dollar item and offers three for it.  Then you don't like him again.  He bought five toys on this rack, one being that Mickey Mouse in the red wheel on the second shelf.  When I packed that in the car, I said, "If this stupid thing sells, I will be amazed."  It has been in three booths and two vintage markets.  Nothing, not one looksie.  That was one of the things that he bought.  I dealt with him, mostly to get him moving on so I could deal with real customers.  He had a team of other guys with him doing the same thing, it was weird.  I was glad to get him moving along.  I'm sure he will be first in the booth in October.  :( *I still made money on what he bought and I unloaded Mickey, so it's all good.)

I tied all the aprons to this old crib side.  I made a sign that read, "These aprons worn by Mama.  They aren't perfect.  Neither was Mama."  I hear a lot of "Mom" and "Grandma" chatter while people looked through the aprons.  *Does anyone know what that white thing is?  I thought I could do something clever with it, but I never have.  

The bassinet was loaded with vintage linens and was a hot mess all weekend.  People love to dig and so do I, so that was fine with me.  I moved this under the tree by the aprons the next day.  I sold a lot more after I moved it.  We had to get a handle on the traffic flow to figure things out.  

The inside had all the paper and ephemera in it to protect it from the elements.  We left it sitting all night as is and not one thing moved (except her giant chalkboard, oddly enough).  I sold a lot of stuff on this side, but you could never tell it in the end because it was all small and plenty of each item.  I have all these new old stock soda labels like "Banana Squash" and "She Limeade" and a lot of other cute labels.  One lady handed me this tiny pile and it was $24.00 worth and I felt BAD for taking that much money for such wee things. But, gee, I had priced it and she happily paid for it.  I just feel weird sometimes.  But, then I get happy because they are excited to have found it.  That is one fun thing about sales like this - people want to hear the history of your items and they are happy to share their plans for it with you.  You can't do that at the Mall or the Grocery Store.  "What are you going to do with all those potatoes?"  Said no one ever.

I managed to make a fast, fat run through the property to see what was happening.  From our vantage point, we could only see a handful of booths.  So, I was shocked at ALL THE JUNK there was on the property.  Amazing things!

This was the booth directly behind us.  

And the one across from them.  

Oh wait, I have to get back - our booth is hammered!

Shoppers on Lara's side.

Shoppers on my side.  
Something for everyone!

This photo is to remind me of my first sale after "Mr. Deal With Me".  A lady bought one hundred dollars worth of Scrabble words (and that train case).  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  Then she tells me that she owns a 20,000 ft store and no one has these and she loves them and could I make more on consignment if needed.  Uh, yea, I could!  She also asked me to bring my jewelry down to her store.  She said, "Your packaging is impeccable".  "Hey lady, you had me at impeccable!" :D  The store is over the mountain and an hour drive, so I will have to think about it.  She is supposed to email me.  

Okay, let's take a quick tour.

Junk outside the barn.  

Junk inside the barn.

Junk in the field.

The Junk Ranch!

OH NO!  A BIG pink shopping cart!  Oh my!

Junk in front of the barn.

Isn't that the coolest old barn? 
 They put a huge new metal roof on it and finished up the day before the sale.  


Junkity Junk.

The barn is just so cool.  Such a great place for this sale!

Day two from behind.  Lara sold ton of her bigger pieces.  I sold a lot, but it's hard to tell from my set up.

The show closed at 5:00 and we were loaded up and on our way by 7:00.  Last year The Breadman came to pick up the tables and shelving. It was pouring rain and he HATES to be wet, so he just stood there, under the tent and expected ME to load the tables so he could stay dry. (He had to stay DRY because he was on his way to an OUTDOOR football game.  Helloooooooo?) In my anger, rage and over whleming tiredness, I picked up an old Royal typewriter and THREW it about ten feet away.  Normally, I can barely lift the thing, so my super human pissed off strength was in full mode. Something had to get a dose of my anger, so it was the typewriter.  THIS year he stood there and stared at the back of the truck for I SWEAR to you TEN MINUTES without blinking trying to figure out how to load it when I knew in my mind exaclty how it needed to be loaded for it all to fit.  I was tired, hot and hungry and I wanted to LEAVE, but he just.stood.there.  So, something had to be sacrificed or I was going to be FORCED to KILL him.  

That poor hat box never had a chance.  I was trying to wedge it in the car and then all of a sudden, with no warning.......I was jumping on that thing like I was insane.  Jump.  Jump. Jump. I smashed it and smashed it, then I took off the top and ripped in into a hundred pieces.  Then, I jumped on that box some more.  Just in case.  Then, I frisbeed it over the fence into the dumpster.  That'll teach him. 

*He never even noticed.  *STARE*

*I do not have a temper at. all.  I am even keeled all of the time.  I promise.

Highlights of the day included meeting a blog reader, Laura and her Mother who came and shopped most of the day.  It was so nice meeting you, Laura!  (I didn't have a temper, did I?????)

Sorry to write so much and so long.  I had a great time.  Lara and I are peas in a pod and have a lot of fun together.  (I think.  She might find me to be a big old loser, who knows).  HAHAHAHA.  I am in the long run for this sale.  I want to be 80 years old telling all the whippersnappers, "I've been selling here since the very first sale."  And they will take my photo and put me on TV.  Or it will just beam into people's brains automatically due to high tech.  


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