What is a monkeybox?

When I was a little girl, we had a pet monkey named Amanda. My Dad worked in the produce business, so each night he brought home that days culls in a big box - spotty cucumbers, pithy apples, limp celery, moldy oranges and the like. We called it a monkeybox. It was really just trash, but my Mom would take each piece of fruit and trim it, pare it and cut it up to make a beautiful fruit platter for Amanda. Even though it was deemed trash by one, it still had life left in it and was good for the purpose we needed it. That's how I live my life - thrifting, yard saling, looking for another's trash to be my treasure.

Monday, October 27, 2014

The Week in Junk: Kitsch, Christmas and a Money Maker too

I went to several sales on Friday.  Saturday I went back to one that I had hit on Friday again because the older man told me there would be more stuff out.  I had gotten something really, really, really good there so I was a greedy pig and wanted MORE.  That's at the end.

My photos are to be cute and not in the order I bought them.

Better Homes and Garden Cook Book for 50¢.  I have probably sold ten of these at $10.00.  So, if I see one cheap - I buy it.  There was also a big stack of old pamphlet cookbooks - "Cooking with Peanuts" and "Recipes with Potato Chips" and "Lard is Good for You!" and things like that but they were 50¢ each.  When I went back on Saturday, the lady told me to grab them all for 50¢.  So, I did, but I forgot to photograph them.  *sad face*
I have said before that I am not a Pyrex person, but if I see it cheap and in good condition - I will buy it for the booth.  Both pieces were $1.00 each and in perfect condiditon.  The top one is actually Glasbak, but I loved the star motif.  Remnids me of the dishes we had when I was a kid.  
 The little milk glass apples and the tablecloth were all 50¢ each.  I wonder what those apples were for back in the day? Jam?  Jelly?
I bought a whole big bag full of kitschy Christmas stuff - all destined for the booth.  There was a huge bag full of old metal cookie cutters at a sale for 25¢.  Love those for crafting and sticking in my collection.  Plus, I sell them as is - so that was a great find.  

I am keeping this rubber squeaky Santa and the two old plastic candy containers.  I love the old Santa.  I try to sell way more than I keep lately, but sometime you just have to find a little treasure to keep you excited to keep looking for more!

I spotted this beautifully framed lithograph at at Church Sale for $10.00.  I was trying to decide if I should buy it or not.  I sent a photo to Lara and asked if she liked it.  I didn't receive an answer back right away so I decided to go ahead and buy it.  When we met up later she asked if I had bought Jesus for her.   I said, well I bought it to sell and THEN I got your text so now I feel like a heel.  She laughed it off and said I was being silly.  I said, "Don't let Jesus come between our friendship!" as she walked across the parking lot.  I got a couple strange looks at that statement.  Now every time I see Jesus, I feel guilt.  I will say it is beautifully framed and dated 1940.  A tiny gray haired old lady told me that it "hung in our living room my entire childhood."  

A 25¢ baggie full of vintage baby toys was a happy find.  I don't know why I love old baby things SO much.  The Bean was fascinated by the two hard plastic fishing bobber looking toys.  He wondered how many kids were rendered unconscious by those things.  

This old Beistle Black Cat will go on ebay next year.  

This elf was not something I picked up right away.  I had to think about it.  It is handmade.  When you plug it in his arms go up and down and his head moves.  He came with a wooden stool, but I can't figure out how to put him on it.  I think it will do well on ebay.  I hope anyway!
He's quite a character.  

Okay - this doll.  This doll is a puppet.  Her head is almost as big as mine.  You put your hand through the sleeve so you can interact with kids.  All that is different and unique enough.  BUT!

What is UP with THAT?  
She is an Eegee doll from the 1970's.  
I am hoping she will do well on ebay too.

But, my hope of a good ebay sale is up next.

It's a good one.  


Okay, most of a Blythe doll.  Her legs are missing. But that is a small thing considering the popularity of these dolls.  Kenner made these dolls for one year only - 1972.  They are insanely popular now.  A doll with a body (!) and her original outfit just sold for $4050.00.  What the what?  

I knew what she was the minute I saw her and I grabbed her up. When I met up with Lara, I showed it to her and pulled the string on her back.  (On the doll's back - not Lara's.)  As soon as we realized what was going on - we both gasped!  
With each pull of the string - her eyes not only change position in her head, but they change color - each color more bright and vivid than the next.  Blue, green, orange and PINK!  

Hope you found some good junk this weekend.  It is going to be cold this Saturday so I imagine yard sales will be dwindling.  Still looking for a big cache of  vintage Christmas to come my way.  But, aren't we all?????

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Throwback Thursday

We moved to Arkansas from Kansas in 1972.  We bought a house out by the lake where mostly retired people lived.  My Dad was 34, my Mom was 28 and I was 5.  When I started school that Fall, the big yellow school bus drove all the way out to the lake and picked me up.  When I would get on the bus, the driver would pick me up and sit me beside him on the Emergency Medical box.  That way he could keep an eye on me and know I was safe.  There were some Jr. High and High School kids on the bus, but I was the only Elementary student on the bus for FIVE YEARS.  

Because we were different than most people in our neighborhood - and by that I mean - YOUNG, they paid a lot of attention to us.  And not good attention.  Like making sure my Dad mowed and my Mom kept the house clean.  One set of neighbors came up one time and casually asked if they could look in our basement because someone had stolen their Grand Piano.  First of all, there are NO basements in Arkansas.  NONE.  Secondly, thanks a lot lady - we didn't take you piano.  A few months later they invited us to dinner.  After sending some time with me, they told my Mom, "She is surprisingly bright - considering her parents."  She said that TO my Mom!  

My Dad bought an old white VW bug and my Mom thought it would be fun to paint daisies on it.  So we did.  She outlined them and we all painted them in and painted the centers.  My Mom drove it all the time and we got quite the looks and smiles.  One time, my Mom and I were in town and a Police Car came up fast behind us with the blue lights flashing and he sirens whaling.  They made us get out of the car while they searched it.  They said a bank had just been robbed in a nearby town and the description of our car matched the description of the getaway car.  Because, as you might imagine, flowered covered VW bugs were EVERYWHERE and made excellent getaway cars due to their ability to NOT STAND OUT.  Anyway, they decided they *might* have the wrong people and let us go.  

My Mom would often pick me up from school if she happened to be in town at that that time of day. She would sometimes bring our monkey, Amanda with her.  At that time, schools were long buildings with floor to ceiling windows.  As soon as the kids heard the putt-putt of the Volkswagen coming up the circle drive -they would all make a mad rush to the windows to see if the monkey was there that day.  I was in my classroom and I knew that my entire class had their noses pressed to the windows.  But it was years later that she told me that every.single kid in the school was lined up at the windows.  And the teachers.

When I was in the 3rd grade, my Dad was coming home from work in the flowered VW and he rolled it down a huge hill.  He rolled and rolled and rolled and then bounced off the side into a ravine.  He really should have been killed.  No one wore seat belts and I doubt the VW even had any and if there were - they were just lap belts.  He walked all the way out of the ravine and up the other side of the hill and knocked on a door for help.  When they opened it, he was covered in what appeared to be blood and brain matter.  But it was, in fact, most of a flat of garden tomatoes that he was bringing home that had pummeled him and splattered all over him in the accident.  I remember that he was really upset about losing those tomatoes.

While we waited in the Emergency Room waiting room, my Mom got out a cigarette (which she only smoked when stressed or with a cocktail.)  She stuck it in her mouth and then noticed a sign on the wall that said, "NO SMOKING".  She walked over to it and started banging her fists on the sign saying, "DOES THIS MEAN I CAN'T SMOKE?"  I think she was a bit stressed out.   They sent him home and he was in bed for about two weeks.  He turned purple from his neck to his toes, but nothing was broken or injured.  He was just really really banged up.  The day after his accident, we had a multiplication test in school and I didn't do well.  My teacher made me stay in at recess and told me that I needed to study and get a better grade to make my Dad happy since he was at home in bed.  DUDE - I was scared to death and worried - that is why I didn't do great on my test.  

The VW sat in a field for many years and then it got hauled off to the scrap yard.  I never even knew a photo of it existed until my cousin sent me this photo this summer.  It sure brought up a lot of memories!  

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Thank you

Thank you for all the sweet comments and thoughts about my Little Lady.  I am missing her like crazy.  She was my buddy for so very long.  We have our other too kitties to keep us company.  They are both sweet as heck and I love them - but neither of them are very lovey dovey to me.  So, I am missing my girl.

Anyway  - I just wanted to thank you guys.  Your understanding means the world to me.  

I'll be back with some junk or a journey or something fun soon.  I promise.


Monday, October 20, 2014

My Little Lady

This post is mostly for me.  I know you will leave me comments but I am not sure that I will be able to respond to them.  So, thank you in advance.
 Today, we lost our very sweet and wonderful Little Lady.  She was my constant shadow and just the sweetest little girl ever.  When I spotted her on the porch. all those years ago, I knew she was to be ours.  I worked hard to get her in the house, luring her with food every day until one day I was able to pick her up and bring her in.  It was a cold January Day and she was just a tiny thing.  She ran into my office, straight into the closet and I didn't see her again for almost 48 hours.  I really thought she must have died since she was gone so long.  I dug around in the closet - ebay storage, you know - and found her in a tiny curled up heap on a teddy bear's lap sleeping soundly.  She had been on the run, scared and cold for so long.  She could finally rest.  
 About six years ago, she started having seizures.  Man, that was scary.  She had them every two months of so for the past six years.  She always came back to me, like I willed her to do every time. She was such a good girl.  Because of those seizures, we checked on her constantly throughout the day to make sure she was safe and unhurt.  It was apart of our day.  Our routine.

About a three months ago, I noticed a lump on her side.  It grew fast and I knew nothing could be done at her age.  I just held my breath.  She remained sweet and healthy but she slept more each day.  She still ate and did her usual kitty routine though.  Last week one of her eyes went blood red and I knew she was blind in one eye.  But, still she acted like she felt okay and did her usual things.  This weekend, Just as fast, her other eye did the same thing.  She was lost in her own home.  She couldn't find her water or food.  I was devastated.  The Bean can't remember not having her in our lives.  This morning, she took a turn for the worse and within on hour, I made a painful decision, took her to the vet and it was all over.  They were so kind to me and to her.  I wrapped her in her quilt and they let me have time with her.  I have never had to do this with a pet before - it was so very hard.  But, I am peace tonight because just as quickly as she came into our lives all those years ago - she left us today. 

I love you Little Lady.  
I will love you forever and remember you always.  

Friday, October 17, 2014

The Week in Junk and An Adventure Too

There is a huge craft fair in the area this weekend  - a couple hundred thousand people come for it.  It is MEGA.  You can get there from two different directions  - a country route and a lake route.  The country route that I take is chock a block full of popup craft fairs, antique sales, garage sales and swap meets.  Lara was out hitting some sales Thursday morning and sent me a text that I should stop at a little swap meet along the way.  Just as she was hitting "SEND", I walked up and knocked on her window and scared the beejeezus out of her.  Sorry about that, Lara.  (It did give me a chuckle, though!).

I didn't buy anything at the swap meet, but I did stop at a big sale up the road.  They have a sale every year during this weekend.  They have a ton of junk.  Lots of it is junk - new Christmas, clothes, toys, etc.  Not my type of thing.  I think they go and buy out sales at the end of the day or something - they have a huge shed full of stuff they drag out.  My first purchase was there and was something I have not ever bought because I just don't get the whole crocheted afghan thing right now.  Vintage crocheted afghans are HOT.  
This bright pink one afghan was the first one to ever tempt me.  When given a price of $1.00, I bit.  It smelled a bit funky - I think it was from being in that shed all summer.  I washed it and will put it outside to dry tomorrow.  

It takes many hours to do the four HUGE tents on one side of the Mill and another hour or two to do the tents on the other side - so we had to get out there pronto.
The best part of the day is the picnic I pack and we eat on the riverbank.  We watch families as they sit and get out their purchases.  We also love seeing what people go get to eat.  Sausage on a stick.  GIANT Turkey legs that no one ever finishes.  Strudel.  Funnel Cakes.  Funnel Cakes.  Funnel cakes.  Corn on  stick.  Mammoth hotdogs. Giant hamburgers.  There I sit with my PB&J, Pringles and Grapes.   None of those food truck things sound good to me and they are SO expensive.  I sweat spending money on food, so we always pack.  
Look at all the people headed over the bridge.  It is insane.  

After the craft fair, we found a swap meet up on a hill, so we stopped.  

I got the bow tie quilt for $2.00.  It's not great and not that pretty.  But a handmade quilt for $2.00 always comes home with me.  The cats like sleeping on them.  You can take them on picnics, use them in the car to cover up junk.  Lots of reasons to buy a $2.00 quilt.  

I also bought these new in the package vintage socks.  I think they are women's size.  They are small but they would fit me.  There is a certain demographic on ebay that will like them.  (Can you say ADULT BABY?)

I bought a few more things, but they are mixed in with the other stuff from this week.  

I picked these up today for the booth.  I sold a pair at the Junk Ranch, so I know these should sell too. The lady told me that they were VERY OLD.  And they were on her husband's porch his entire childhood.  Well, the big UPC sticker on the back and the polarized plug say otherwise.  You would think with a story like that the price would have been more than the $5.00 I paid.

I picked this little one up at Goodwill earlier in the week.

I found this old fishing basket thingamajig today.  Usually when I see these they are about $20.00.  This one was 50¢.  I am picturing it chock full of Shiny Brites.  Wouldn't that be cool looking?

Finds from here and there.  Wooden serving spoon and fork.  Old rolling pin without handles.  I keep buying these.  I KNOW there is a use for them somewhere.  THINK WOMAN, THINK.

The box is cool - I want to paint if and use it in my vintage market set up somehow.  I'm thinking of standing it up like a door and using it for pendants.  


Heart attack.  

Cute vintage frog planter for me.

Kokeshi dolls that I cannot seem to pass up but have a terrible time selling.  

Vintage toadstool planter and a handful of old tarnished spoons.

From Goodwill - cute little coffee set with a kitten wahing his mittens on it.  The peculator top was missing - can you tell it's a pushpin?
Diecast Construction toy.  It was 25¢.  I think I can Christmas it up somehow.

And now it is time for  SHARA'S BULK BUYS OF THE WEEK........

Eighty five corks.

A gross of Miley Cyrus Foam finger cupcake picks.  :)

And, a gross of vintage gold bells. 

I have no idea what to do with the corks, bells or fingers.  But when I see it and it's cheap, I buy it. 

But, you already knew that...... 

Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Week in Junk: Saturday Finds

About a month ago I stopped by the Super Cheap Thrift and noticed a sign on the door, "Effective August 16, Sr. Hours will be 9-11:30.  They had been open until 2:00 on Saturdays so I usually went there after I had hit some sales.  (I also thought at Sr. was a strange abbreviation for Saturday.)  Today I was able to get there about 11:15, so I made a mad dash into the store.  I was looking around like a crazy person waiting for them to announce the store was closing, but they never did.  I finally asked what time they close and they told me, "same as always  - 2:00".  So I slowed down and did my usual look at everything twice and then I checked out.  I asked about that sign and was told that had something to so with Senior help at the office next door.  Sr. Hours.  Dammit.  I had missed a MONTH at the Super Cheap Thrift!!!!

My first find was this old metal First Aid Kit.  I recently one of these for $20.00 at the booth.  I didn't even look inside when I bought it.  

When I got home, I found all these vintage medical supplies.  

The Photo Log is a baby photo album with the sweetest graphics.  A small Federal milkglass bowl, "Grandpa" mug and a vintage Brach's Candy jar.  I have a small collection of these.  

In the back ground is a big piece of vintage oilcloth.  I have NEVER EVER found vintage oilcoth. EVER.  But, Friday night, I had a dream that I bought.......OILCLOTH.  Now, if that isn't weird, I don't know what IS weird.  

Well, this is weird too.
A PINK COW with Rhinestone eyes.  
All these beautiful old books were under a table and priced 10¢ each.  Each one has either Myrtle Hanson or Esther Hanson written on the inside cover.  I didn't even look at the titles, I just shoved them all in my bag.  Why am I so enamored of other peoples belongings?  

I stopped at one garage sale whee I bought myself a new purse for $2.00 and they gave me this Ozarks ashtray.  The purse was priced $4.00 and I was willing to pay that - I had the $4.00 in my hand.  But the lady looked at it and said, "Oh that is ridiculous.  Is $2.00 okay?"  

A quick stop at Goodwill procured the vintage Christmas bell - pull the clapper and it plays a song.  We have  - I think....six of these?  I hang them in the bay window.  (God help the person that pulls them ALL AT ONCE.)  The pie plate is from England and has a recipe for "Yum YUM Pie" and the postal scales have a pound mailing for $1.30.  Other wise known as THE GOOD OLD DAYS.  

I don't have the whole story on this yet - but for some reason:
Olympian Shaun White (The Flying Tomato) was at the Flea Market today.  I can see that he might be the type to hit flea markets looking for vintage skateboards.  But, in Fayetteville Arkansas?  Curious, but cool!

Thursday, October 09, 2014

The Week in Junk: Junk Ranch Edition

I never really leave my booth at The Junk Ranch.  I feel bad leaving Lara to watch over my five thousand items while she's trying to sell her items.  I do have to make a bathroom run every once in awhile though.  (This may be TMI, but at The June Junk Ranch - none of us used the bathroom ALL DAY LONG.  And we drank and drank and drank.  And by none of us, I mean NONE of the vendors.  It was so weird.  Super hot and dehydrated, I guess.  It was such a relief to come home and finally .....well - YOU KNOW.  SO much in fact that Lara texted me to let me know she had finally well, YOU KNOW.  It's like "We're going to be okay!  Hooray!"


On my last run of the day, I spotted some vintage Christmas in a booth so I detoured a minute to check it  out.  I had sold all my vintage ornaments, so I thought if they had some I might pick them up.  They did have a few boxes, but they were a bit ordinary and they were a bit high for me, so I was about to leave.  But then I spotted a big cardboard box on the ground and in it.......Elves, pixies and other cuties.  OH MY.  I had seen a lady carrying around the cutest vintage Santa earlier and I yearned for it so much I considered bonking her on the head for it.  She was older, I could have taken her.  :)  But, she was also my friends mother, so I held myself back.  It was SO hard.  

Flash forward in that box  - an identical Santa!  I couldn't find a price, so I asked.  The price was more than I usually pay for things - $5.00 each -  but let's all remember that I am the cheapest person ever.  I dug in the box and came up with six that I loved and she made me a group deal on them (without me asking).  I paid $20.00 for all six, but I had just sold something for $20.00 that I paid $1.00 for - so I like to think I paid $1.00 for them.  (Junker Math).  And, really, $3.33 each is actually a super good price, I think you will agree.  She told me that the box was overflowing that morning. Lara knew her and she is a local person so I cannot imagine where she found a hoard of such cuteness locally!   And WHY DIDN'T I FIND IT FIRST?

Oh, you want to see them?????

Aren't they just the BEST?

They are sitting on the Chocolate covered Cherry box that Marci brought me all the way from Kansas.

This one on the paper moon is a favorite.  I have never seen one like this - SO CUTE!

On another bathroom run I scored the plaid tablecloth for $1.00, the little crocheted chicken for $1.00 and the old jar lid for 50¢.  

Just enough junk to make me happy.  I sold a lot of stuff, so I thought I needed a little something for myself.  You do that too - RIGHT?  (Tell me yes, okay?)  

Monday, October 06, 2014

The Junk Ranch: 2014 Fall Show

Done and Done.  I'm always kind of sad when The Junk Ranch is over.  I work hard to get ready, but I have something to look forward to - now it's OVER.  

Thursday it rained and hailed and blew like crazy so I decided to just get up at dark-thirty and head out on Friday morning to do it all before opening time.  We got there at 7:00 (that's when the gates opened), dropped off a load then headed home for the rest of it.  We were back and setting up at 8:30 which included waiting in line to get in to drop off the load, driving home, loading up the car, stopping at McDonald's to replace Lara's Diet Coke that she dumped (a yearly tradition), having a lady direct me through a super narrow opening between her truck and a fence - "You're good - you got an inch or two!" she would yell.  Eh gads - an inch between me and a barbed wire fence.  Ack!) and unloading the car.  Whew!  What a morning!  Luckily, I had done my pre-set up so I knew just how to do it.  The Bean set the tent up beside our spot then we just moved it into place while I was setting up merchandise.  (He helps me SO much and I pay him a pittance for doing it). 

As we were all setting up on what was supposed to be a beautiful clear day - these HUGE clouds rolled in and the wind picked up.  You could hear crashes and thumps all over the property.  A couple of spots down, we saw a tent go flying away.  Yikes.  The ladies in the spot next to me were so concerned about their tent that they just got rid of it and put it back in the truck.  These are the same ladies that spent the entire time holding their tent down in the Spring Show.  Here's an idea- use some tent stakes!  My tent is weighed down and staked with huge stakes and it isn't going anywhere. At night, I put up walls and everything is tight and safe. I noticed that they were in much better moods once they didn't' have to worry about their tent.  

My, this is going to be along post.

Just as we all finished setting up we noticed the line forming. A long, long line of shoppers. The picture only shows half of the line.  Yeah! And with that, the clouds blew away and the sky turned blue. It was glorious!  Later in the day, the winds came back and the temperatures dropped dramatically, but we prevailed.  I wore shorts and a t-shirt so I was kind of cold at the end of the day. Make that really cold.  

*That cast iron stove sold to a man from New York City who was going to take it the plane in his carry-on.  It weighs a ton.  

 I set up my displays just like last time because it worked.  People come in, go around the back out the front and back around so I get them in my area four times.  I'm hoping to buy some wooden crates to use instead of milk crates.  It would look a little nicer, I think.
I have taken that costume jewelry to the last two sales and it was not only in my booth , but it was actually stolen and in police lockup for about three months.  I sold almost all of it this time.  Weird!

 The first lady in my booth spent $24.00 on a handful of pool balls, so I knew it was going to be a good day. And it was. I love seeing these photos and remembering what all sold.  I always swear I will write down all the things I sell, but I get busy and forget to write it down. 

 There was either a croquet set, mallets of just the balls in every.single.booth.  Mine did not sell.

 Saturday was gorgeous.  Awesome temperatures, clear blue skies and NO WIND. The atmosphere at The Junk Ranch is so much fun. Live music all day, food trucks, people walking around carrying junk and so happy  to have found it. The best part to me is that these people all WANT to be there. They got up to go there, they brought their little cats and bags, they went and got an envelope of cash to spend  and they are there to SHOP.  BRING IT.  edited*they brought CARTS.  Not cats.  But that would have been fun!  Thanks Pam!
I sold a lot of things on here, but they are all very small and very cheap.  

Halloween stuff did not sell except for a couple packages of straws and the giant pumpkin blowmold. I did sell quite a few packages of my homemade flash cards with Halloween words.   There is a tin full of keys on that table.  Everyone dug in there, lots of people bought them (for 50¢) and kids love them.  I don't know why, but I always buy keys to add to the tin.  

Santa didn't sell, but a ton of baggies sold.  

I had been worried about my idea of bringing SO much vintage Christmas.  Would it sell?  Or would I be sorry.  Well. it was a HIT.  People loved it.  I had gathered up all my ornaments and made baggies full of like ornaments or themes and just some random bags.  I think I sold about half of them and the rest will go to the booth, so it was a good idea.  The bassinet works great for things like this.  My Mom came to visit and said, "Oh, I hope you sell that bassinet!" and I had to tell her it wasn't for sale!  It works too good to hold all sorts of things.  
I set up my Christmas as well as I could to withstand the wind on Friday.  I bought the two old ladders last weekend for $8.00 total and found the boards in the shed!  A great display for practically nothing!  ***Lookie at Lara getting her booth all cute!

Here's how the display looked on Saturday when the winds calmed down.  

People admired the wreaths, but they didn't sell.  To the booth!

In the middle of night Friday night I had the idea to take a bunch of the old Ben Franklin baskets and put the stuff in them so people could dig and the wind wouldn't be an issue.  I only ended up using a few, but they did keep things in place and out of danger.  One lady came in and bought all the Shiny Brites that I had in packages - really good and hard to find ones.  She was so happy - she had inherited her Grandmothers Aluminum tree and she was hoping to find a few ornaments for it.  I hooked her up!  

Hey - Santa kept moving around!  

A man bought the candles for his daughter.  They had a set growing up and he gave them to his daughter.  Well, the other daughter was.not.happy about that.  So, he was excited to be able to find a pair for her.  Family unity!

The feedack pendant area.  I also had some vintage Christmas image necklaces in the printers tray.  Little girls love those things.  

I loved the packages all dumped in my dough bowl like a bunch of candies.  Most people don't really "get" the concept of the feedsack material.  But the ones that do get it - man they get excited!  One lady bought five because she couldn't decide.   I'm in the works with the owner of a shop in Conway for another bulk order.  Look out QVC, here I COME.  Ha.

Halloween area.  It looked cute I thought.  I made packets of homemade flashcards and they sold really well.  I gave away the ones that said Junk Ranch.  

Saturday was busy all day long.  I don't think I ever had a second where there wasn't someone standing in the booth.  Lara and I have our booths side by side, but we set up a checkout table in between both booths so people usually shop mine or hers first, then go to the other then come pay.  It works out pretty good, plus we share bags and paper and such.  One thing about the check out table that I want to remember is that it was windy, so I placed this board I had painted with chalkboard paint on it so the tablecloth wouldn't blow away.  In the end, I used chalk on that chalkboard to add up sales and people commented that it was like an old time store and I LOVED that!  I have used that chalkboard board as a table top, a sign, a wall and now a checkout counter.  

And with that, another Junk Ranch is behind us.  I'm so happy to have been in this from the beginning.  It really just keeps growing and getting bigger and better every time.  It's bringing in shoppers and vendors from all over.  In fact, one of my readers came to sell and I got to meet her - Hello Marci and thank you for the Cherry box.  It was SO nice to have met you!  

Be sure to read Lara's post - her photos are SO amazing!  She makes my junk look like treasures.  And her things ARE treasures!  
Lara's Junk Ranch post  And Marci's!  (That photo of me though - ACK.  Wind whipped, tired and in a rush!  :)

Now, today, I signed up to do a Fall Harvest Festival on October 18th.  It's free to set up and only for one day - so why not?  I'll just take the jewelry, my book cover things, flash cards and the Halloween and Christmas handmade stuff.  I like to have a project - so here we go again!  

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