What is a monkeybox?

When I was a little girl, we had a pet monkey named Amanda. My Dad worked in the produce business, so each night he brought home that days culls in a big box - spotty cucumbers, pithy apples, limp celery, moldy oranges and the like. We called it a monkeybox. It was really just trash, but my Mom would take each piece of fruit and trim it, pare it and cut it up to make a beautiful fruit platter for Amanda. Even though it was deemed trash by one, it still had life left in it and was good for the purpose we needed it. That's how I live my life - thrifting, yard saling, looking for another's trash to be my treasure.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Come Trick or Treating at my house tonight....You will get Twinkies and Ding Dongs if you do!
Come on in and look at my decorations. The Jack O' Lantern on the pedestal was an impulse buy this year at Hobby Lobby (50% off!). I try to only buy vintage stuff, but he looks vintage, so that is close enough for me! I've hd that huge rocking cat in the back for years and never quite found a spot for him. I love him up high. I was sitting him on the floor in the past. The bookshelf packed full of Halloween goodness. I incorporated my Orange Fire King Mixing Bowl into my decorations since orange so does not go in my kitchen. It holds my collection of teeny candy cups.
My favorite creation this year - I made the pumpkin one day and the witch another and put them together on a whim a different day.
Hope you have a terrific Halloween. Make it a safe one!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday Estate Sale Finds

There was an Estate Sale not too far from me today. I generally don't go to Estate sales that are run by companies, because things are just priced too high. But, there is a local guy in town that runs an Estate Sale Business and his sales are better than the others. His prices are more reasonable, but still a bit more than I usually pay for things. I found five vintage tablecloths there today, but they ranged from $6.00 to $18.00. Ouch. I usually just go to get into neat old houses and see other people's stuff. Of course, I usually find a treasure to two.

Here's a photo of the wallpaper that lined the hallways. It was a neat old house - four bathrooms, five bedrooms and a maid's quarters like Alice had in The Brady Bunch - off to the side of the kitchen. it had an attic and a basement. There are no basements in Arkansas, so that was neat to see. Although I didn't go down there. I cannot walk down backless stairs. The boogie man will get my ankles! Here's the website for the Estate Sale - See anything you want?
Estate Sale

My finds:
An old box of Cotton buds with non splintering wooden stems for 50¢. Ouch wooden Q-tips!

I remember these silly plastic figures from Ben Franklin when I was a kid. At 25¢ a piece, I grabbed them up for nostalgia's sake.

I bought this box of old paper for $1.00 mostly because I liked the wonderful old lithographed label.

And, when I got it home, I found this package under it with this old lithographed label. Two for one!
There was a Rubbermaid tote with some old junky toys in it for $5.00. I dug out the wooden blocks and asked if I could just buy them. I think he charged me $1.00. I've never heard of a few of those Disney Characters. Practical Pig? Piper Pig?
Hi! This neat old banner was $3.00. I really thought it said "Happy New Year" when I bought it (it was folded up in a box). But, when I hung it up I saw that it said "Happy Anniversary". It is neat with its crepe paper fringe and gold glittery letters. I happen to know that you can make "SHARA" out of those letters, so I may reconfigure it and hang it in my office.

The real reason I went - My quest for Vintage Christmas. Which I need like a hole in the head. This is a door sign from a store. "Come in and Browse". LOVE IT!
Lots of pretty sparkle-y vintage-y Christmas goodness. I adore the little ornaments when I find them in their original boxes. I paid $4.00 for everything.
Loooong strands of Mercury Beads. I have only found one string ever, so this was an exciting find for me. The things that make me happy.....
After the Estate Sale we went to one of my thrifts because I still had a hankering to dig and I really needed to use the bathroom! There are only a few thrifts where I will use the bathroom. The Salvation Army is a BIG NO NO. NEVER.

I saw the lady pushing a cart of things to put out and noticed there were a few baggies of what appeared to be old sewing items. So, what did I do? I followed her!
I bought five baggies full of things and found the old sewing basket on the way to check out. Then the lady came and found me and offered me another baggie full for $1.50. I paid $5.50 total for the sewing basket, several old wooden spools of thread, old pincushion, various trims, four wooden needle shuttles, a STERLING thimble, a bunch of bone or ivory crochet or tatting needles and several other very old nice items. I am happy that I found it all and put it back together. I don't know why they pieced it all out like that anyway.

Lastly, for 50¢, a bag full of old wooden puzzle pieces. I think the states would make interesting pins.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

It's Baaaaaaack!

It's Baaaaaaaaaaaaack!
The traveling monkeybox Junk Box has made it full circle back to Arkansas.
Here comes the box! Delivered to the door by my mail lady.
Thanks mail lady!

We were honestly walking out the door to go to the movies when it arrived, but I had to have a dig in that box! The Breadman and The Bean gathered around to see what was inside too. The Bean scored a bunch of keychains for his collection and a rubber bracelet.

I opened it to find the instruction pack right on top. I picked a great group of ladies that packed everything properly and followed all the so-called rules. The whole thing went very well (except one address mistake on my part that caused a package to be returned. But, never fear, problem solved and the package was delivered a few days later).

The box weighed 12 pounds when I got it back. I had mailed out 9 pounds initially. So, it was STUFFED.

Since the box ended with me, I got to keep anything and everything. Anyone could keep as much as they wanted once it arrived at their doorstep. But, since it stopped with me, I will find a home for everything.

What did I keep?

Three watermelon potholders put in by Chris, a box of "Tutsie Roll" chocolate scented candles (for my birthday candle collection), a stack of neat old photographs of vintage planes and a metal clip for holding notes. (To get an idea of what I initially put in the box, check out Chris's blog.)

Various Christmas items including light reflectors, cupcake picks from Elizabeth and vintage ornaments.

Loving that silly bird in a hat! I have a pretty good feeling that most of the Christmas, and especially this bird, came from Laurie.

Lots of teeny gizmos, destined for the craft bin. Tiny hand-painted buttons of all sorts, picks for crafting, some old jewelry items, a sweet flower pin, vintage necklace, birdie clips, a toadstool pendant and a couple mini pumpkins.

A sweet apron, old lace belt, trim and appliques, a 1964 Workbasket, Canning labels and a sweet old book (that I may or may not have actually put in myself. I know I put in a book like this one - but not sure if this is it? Oh, getting old is so not fun...)

A chippy wooden molding mirror, pig planter and shoe - all from Carol, a funny old pincushion and three tiny bottles. I collect these bottles - I used to win them in the claw machine at the fair. I always pick them up when I see them.

A bunch of seashells and sea glass that I think must be from Sue since I know she is quite beachcomber. Sue and Laurie didn't post what they sent so they next person would be surprised, so I am guessing on a few of the items.

This all that came back to me that I had originally put in he big old box of junk. I was surprised to see the old telephone book come back. I though that would get snapped up. I've seen them used in junky crafting, so I it will go back into my stash.

I had fun doing this and from the excitement on everyone's posts, I think everyone else enjoyed it too. Thank you ladies for playing along!

I had a lot of emails and comments from people asking me how to do their own Junk Swap. Easy! Fill up a Flat Rate box (Costs $13.95 to mail no matter how heavy it is) with miscellaneous things. I call it junk, but I mean stuff that you don't want or need anymore, but that is still good stuff.

Find a small group of loyal good people to play along. I went with five plus me. The box traveled around the USA in about a month before it came back to me. Any more people than five and the longer it would have taken to come back. I added an envelope with all the pre-addressed address labels so that each person just had to find their name on the return address and stick it on the box so that it would go to the next person. Each person emailed me to say that it had been mailed and alerted the next person on the list that it was enroute. (Much excitement ensued as it was in transit!) They way we did it worked great. I think, am I right ladies? Just remember to make the box go back to the original sender since they started the whole thing in the first place.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Pink Cadillac

When I was growing up, we had a lot of cars. My Dad would buy one and we would drive it awhile. A few weeks, a few months, maybe even a year and then he would sell it. Sometimes he would buy one and sell it a few days later. Sometimes my Mom couldn't find her car at the grocery store because she couldn't remember what she had driven there.
This is only a small part of the ones that I actually remember us owning....

Red Cadillac
White Cadillac
Green Cadillac
Black Cadillac
1937 Oldsmobile
Red Volkswagen Beetle

White Volkswagen Beetle (painted with Daisies!)
Blue Volkswagen Bus
Red Volkswagen Bus
Gray Thunderbird
Blue 1973 Mustang
Brown Mustang
White Subaru
MG Sprite

These are just the ones I can remember. There were more. Many more. One time when I was just a baby we were living in Kansas. We had this very long driveway and I think the story was that he had six cars parked one behind the other. He went out to leave for work and the back one wouldn't start. He had to call a cab (or ride his bike, I can't remember) to take him to work. This was very unsettling to my to mother who was not happy about having six cars in the first place.

My dad got off work at 3:00 in the afternoon, so he often picked me up from school. I never knew what he would be driving, so I picked a parking spot across the street at a Church for him to wait for me. That way I could always find him now matter what he was driving. One day he picked me up in an old chippy peeling paint pickup. My crush was walking with me and I was mortified that he saw me getting into that truck. Ack! I begged my Dad not to ever pick me up in that again! The next day he picked me up in our cherry red 1963 Split Window Corvette. Much better. The crush was impressed! (Sadly, only with the car.....)
So, with all these strange cars coming and going, I never knew quite what to expect to see in our driveway on any given day. You can imagine my horror when I got off the bus one day and saw this in the driveway.

A hearse! A real honest to goodness hearse complete with a million little doors and pockets in the back that we never, ever ever opened the entire time we owned it. Ever. My dad was under strict orders to never, never, ever, ever pick me up from school in the hearse. Ever. I don't remember him ever doing it, so he either didn't do it or I have blocked it out and it will come out in therapy one day. I do remember that he would load up his buddies and they would go through the drive up window at the local donut shop and order through the driver's window and then pull up a bit so the guys in the back could order too. They found it hysterical. The donut lady? Not so much.

And, after all these years, I still never know what my Dad will be driving when I see him pull in my driveway. As long as it isn't a hearse - that's fine by me.

*All photos gleaned from the Internet but are exactly what we had. The Hearse photo is our actual car. Why I only have a photo of that one, is beyond me!

**I was going to title this "Little Red Corvette" by Prince, but that song is so totally not about a car. Oh my! We never actually had a pink Cadillac, but man, that would have been so cool!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Thank You Junking Gods

Oh, Dear Junking Gods,

Thank you for this beautiful sunshine-y day after weekend after weekend of rain, cold and gloom. Thank you for the beautiful trees and the blue sky. Thank you for having the Golf Course Community Wide Garage Sales today. Thank you for letting me go to almost twenty yard sales and the Super Cheap Thrift, all in one day. Thank you for letting everything be affordable and thank you for that sweet little lottery win last weekend to pad my garage sale-ing pocket. Thank you for the ladies that were as nice to me when I spent 45¢ as when I spent $10.00. Thank you to the lady that cut $3.50 off a price when I asked to buy all of something. I know she was tired of hagglers (as represented by the lady at the last sale practically screaming, "NO, I will NOT take $3.00 for those boots. They are $5.00. They cost $50.00 and he wore them one time. They are FIVE DOLLARS!" Me thinks she might have needed a nap.) but she still cut me a deal.

Thank you for allowing my travel buddy to find a new Playstation Game, a framed piece of art with his name written in Japanese, a VooDoo Doll kit and a Game boy Game all in his price range. It does so make for a happy yard sale-ing day when everyone is a happy camper.

Thank you again, Dear Junking Gods. I appreciate you. You can bring on Winter now. I have fulfilled my yearn to Junk, one last time. (Although there is a nifty estate Sale next weekend, so I am not completely done!)
Junker Extraordinaire

P.S. I won't mention the lady with the dreadlocks that swooped in behind me as I dug in the linen box and scooped up a sweet vintage strawberry tablecloth for 50¢. I am a bit sick over that one since I was actually digging in the box as she reached over me to get it. That is not good yard sale etiquette in my book. But, I will let it go........*sniff*.
A "Cyclopedia" of Knowledge - everything from cookery to memory skills, a vintage magazine all in Japanese and two old POGO Books, (Whom I have never heard of and the lady having the sale was quite offended to hear. The books are from 1954- when my MOM was ten years old. So, I have never heard of POGO. Sorry lady.) $1.00 for all the books.
A book that I had to buy just for the title alone. *Snicker*
A wee hen on a nest and a wee basket. Itty. Bitty. 35¢ total.

An old Beechnut Gum box for $1.00, a West Germany tin for 50¢, sweet birdie figurine for 50¢, bakelite steak fork/knife thingamabob I'm a vegetarian, bear with me...) for 50¢, a wee rubber chicken for 25¢ and a vintage deer pin for 50¢.
The tin is also a bank. I have several West Germany tins, but I've never seen one like this.
Halloween Goods - two cute glittery vintage inspired boxes (50¢ each) , a huge crow (10¢) and a glittery Scaredy Cat box ($1.00).
A nice heavy old rabbit. He is over a foot tall and deeevine. Love him! He was 75¢ at the Super Cheap Thrift.
1964 Miller Studio horses for 50¢ each. Etsy bound.
An old primitive ladder for $2.00. I'm thinking tablecloths or aprons would look good on it.
A vintage aqua ball pitcher for 35¢. It's plastic - hard to tell in the photo.

One of my two favorite finds of the day - an old Ford 1¢ Gumball Machine. One just like it just sold on ebay for $145.00! That would be a big old Woohoo. Except I am going to keep it. I only paid $10.00 for it and it is sooooo cool. Besides, it will only get more valuable, right? The Bean can sell it someday.
*Note to self - buy gumballs.
And, my other favorite find of the day?
BIG Printers Blocks. BIG ones. I usually see these for $3.00 and up. These were 50¢ each (which is good....), but she let me have them all for $10.00. I should sell them, but they are so me. I will put them on a shelf, use them in pottery or an old locker basket. I love them.
Thank you Junking Gods!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Joli Paquet Halloween Swap

I participated in the Trick or Treat Swap at Joli-Paquet this year. If you've never visited Joli Paquet, I highly recommend it - lots of wonderful decorating ideas, tutorials and even kits you can order if you desire.

My partner was the sweet Aimee-Suzanne over at m-verdi.com. You won't believe this after you see the goodies that she made and sent me, but this was her very first swap. I know! She did a great job - very creative and lots and lots of goodies.

As with all swaps - there were guidelines. #1: Embellish a Halloween tote.


#2: Fill it up with Goodies!

Check! Check! Check!

A big black glittery spider.

Old Apothecary bottles for my Spooky Halloween vignette and then *poof* off they go into my Rx Collection.
A divine "HAUNTED" banner complete with vintage graphics, crepe paper trim and tintype lettering.
Two Halloween Embellishment Kits for creating fun.A fabulous old Cribbage board with lots of patina and character converted into Halloween Art!

Check these out - old metal measuring cups converted into Dioramas.
Now, isn't that a great idea?
A jar of Beans....for The Bean. Clever, yes? Not shown an orange glitter-y "The Witch is In" plaque. That will most likely stay out year round. Sort of a "warning" for The Breadman, if you get my drift.

What's this? Butter not touch?

A silver butter dish encrusted in German Glass Glitter. Butter not touch!
Clever, clever, clever!

Thank you Miss Aimee and welcome to the wonderful world of swapping. You will be very welcome in this world with all your cleverness and creativity!

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