What is a monkeybox?

When I was a little girl, we had a pet monkey named Amanda. My Dad worked in the produce business, so each night he brought home that days culls in a big box - spotty cucumbers, pithy apples, limp celery, moldy oranges and the like. We called it a monkeybox. It was really just trash, but my Mom would take each piece of fruit and trim it, pare it and cut it up to make a beautiful fruit platter for Amanda. Even though it was deemed trash by one, it still had life left in it and was good for the purpose we needed it. That's how I live my life - thrifting, yard saling, looking for another's trash to be my treasure.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday August 29, 2010

My Grandmother died today.  The past few months have been terrible for her and for us.  She was in a lot of pain.  She was irritable, mean and didn't always treat our family very nice.  But, she was our Mother/Grandma/Great Great Grandma, so we did what we knew was the right thing to do.  We cared for her and loved her in our own way.  We were able to find five caregivers that honestly loved her.  Within fifteen minutes of her passing this morning, they were all at her house to tell her goodbye.  We were fortunate to have had them come into our lives.  We were able to keep her in her own home which was her most fervent wish.  She begged us to stay in her own home, and with a lot of work by my Mom - she figured it out and she stayed in her house until the absolute end.  He body was old, worn out and in constant pain, she needed out of that body to be a free woman again.  I'm not that much of a religious person, but I have strong beliefs about spirits and souls and my idea of heaven.  I'm not sure she's in the heaven with butterflies and kittens, but I don't think she's in purgatory either.  Somewhere in between where it's not all cotton candy and rainbows, but not brimstone and fire either.  Somewhere where she's pain free with the TV blasting HBO movies where they say the "F" word and have a lot of sex and they serve fried chicken every night.   She was not your typical 84 year old Grandmother......

One of our biggest obstacles was trying to figure out what to do with her dog, Peach.  We love Peach.  She is the sweetest dog and has taken care of my Grandmother for many years.  My Mom has dogs, I have cats, Peach isn't used to any other animals.  She's older.  She's quiet.  It was a problem we knew we would have to face, but didn't know what to do.  The answer was sent to us today.  Within a few minutes of her passing, one of her caregivers almost begged us to let her take Peach.  She has an older farmhouse, she lives alone, her dog died two months ago, she is lonely, she loves Peach.  It's perfect.  We are so pleased.  We love Peach and will miss her - but we plan on seeing her and helping her new Mom take care of her. 

This has been a very long day and there is a lot more to do tomorrow.  And the next and the next.

I wanted to tell you all because you have listened to me in the past.  My Mom asked me if I needed to call anyone to tell them.  I told her all my best friends are in the computer and I've never even met them.  But, I know they will want to know.

Thank you.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Reason I Got Out of Bed Today

The Bean and I went out today for a last day of Hurrah before we crack down on the old Homeschoolin'.  Lunch out in an actual restaurant - not a sandwich in the car in between stops and then a trip to Walmart just to look at stuff, not to buy groceries.  Of course, I managed to squeeze in a wee little trip to a thrift along the way. 

I found these very long skinny candles that are supposed to go in flower arrangements. 
To Etsy they will go!
Then I found this sweet old rawhide lampshade for a song. 

A peck fruit basket full of velvety millinery fruit.
Etsy or keep?  Half and half?
This old hand painted plate is absolutely wonderful.  Click on it to read the little poem - spelling errors and all.  What time and patience it must have taken to paint all that!  It's signed and has Bavaria on the back.  A bit of research and it will go to Etsy or ebay.
A very sweet old musical jewelry box.  It played fine at the store, but now the music box goes SPROING when you wind it.  ;o(  Still a cute box!

A very large yellow safety pin and bead basket.  I have several more of these that I have had on Etsy and in the Flea Market Booth and they never sold.  So, why I picked up this one....I still do not know.   Maybe I will list them as a LOT and see what happens.

A neat old wooden handle jump rope in the Bargain Bin.
I spotted this box on the way to pay - hidden behind a stack of puzzles. 
This was the reason I got out of bed this morning.
NINE decks of vintage child's card games with the most divine graphics ever. I haven't even looked at every single one of them yet.  I like to save boxes of surprises for while we watch TV at night.  I can't wait to dig through them.  Check out Gay Dog on the top row.  And the monkey!  And the bunny!  And the!  And the!  And the!  Oh.My.Word.  I'll scan a few for another post.  These, my friends, are keepers. 

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Thermos Collection

Much like many of my other collections, I never set out to collect Thermos Bottles.  I really, honestly did not.  I swear.  Although, a person that collects vintage tablecloths and picnic baskets might as well collect Thermoses too.  I could go on one heck of a stylin' picnic!

It all started when I went to a Fundraiser Sale at my old High School a few summers ago and found all these Thermoses on a table for a total of $2.00.  They were just so charming all together that I had to scoop them up.  I think if I wouldn't have found a whole lot of them at once, that I never would have given them a second look or started looking for them at other sales. 

But, I did find them all together and I did start looking for more.
And, I found more! (The little teeny one on the far right is actually an Avon Bottle.  I forgot that I had that one when I said earlier that a Benjamin Franklin Avon Bottle was the only Avon Bottle I've ever allowed in the house.)   I have Thermoses more that I didn't put in the photo because they are odd colors.  These all sort of flow, don't you think?
Although, the red ones do look best all together. 
I often wonder what my neighbors think of me, outside taking pictures of odd items. 
I don't really care what they think, anyway. 
It won't stop me from lining up odd things and taking odd photos. 
*I looked up the plural form of Thermos and it says Thermoses. 
But, it just looks weird. 

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Saturday's Finds @ The Super Cheap Thrift

I drove by The Super Cheap Thrift yesterday and saw the Half Price Sale Banner out front.  So, I went back today when they were actually open.  I was surprised that the shelves were still very well stocked, as the Half Price Sale brings people out of the woodwork and the store is generally pretty empty by the second day.  The Bean has had his eye on a pair of framed prints there for about two months.  They were $6.00 each, so today, he decided to buy them for $6.00 total.  But, when we checked out, we were told that it was Clothes Only this sale.  And, that is fine, but the sign should have stated that it was clothes only.  He decided to only buy one of the prints, but I decided to buy the other one - I hate to break up a set of anything.  Plus, they are very nice - professional framed and matted - probably from a hotel or something.  The Bean is certain they are from Criss Angel's room at the Luxor in Vegas.  (He kids, but he'd love it if it were true!)

The Bean is completely into all things Mythology, so these are a really nice find for him.  Not your typical "almost 15 year old boy" sort of thing, but better than scantily clad girlie calendars and Vampire posters.

So, what did I buy?  Let's see...

A big wooden cheeseboard with knife attached.  So completely not my thing, but I will stick it in the Flea Market Booth.  That reminds me of something.  I have had four calls in the last four days from the Flea Market.  People have brought items up to the checkout and asked them to call me at home and ask if I would take less on items.  This morning they called with a $15.00 offer on a $25.00 item.  That $25.00 item is worth about $70.00, so I have a good price on it.  I can see people wanting a discount if they buy multiple items or are buying an item over $100.00 or something.  But, wanting nearly half off an item?  I don't think so.  Besides, it is a store - not a yard sale.  If I had stuff spread out on a table and they asked for a better deal, okay.  But, I have to pay rent and a commission.  Sorry. Enough about that - I just thought it was weird.  What do you think?

Back to the stuff:

An odd salt glazed piece of pottery - not sure what the holes are for.  Another weird thing to research.

A "vintage" tin, or so the tag said.  Old enough for me to chuck buttons in it. 

Love this little painting on black paper.  Very sweet.  The sticker in the corner needs a bit of elbow grease before I can clean it up. 

Tru-Tone Taps for tap shoes, stacking salt and pepper shaker teapot set, funny JAPAN pig and a "yet to be determined if it is silver or junk" Phoenix necklace. 

An old Paymaster Paycheck Writing machine.  This thing weighs a ton.  It has that neat old industrial look.

Check out the original price on the back!

And for the keepers:

Even though this says it is a French Terragon (spelled incorrectly, I might add), I'm pretty sure it is an old Brach's Candy jar.  I have another one just like it and it stll has the Brach's label on it. 
My two favorite finds today...two old metal thermos bottles.  I have quite a few of these already and I have told my self that I will only collect RED ones.  Or ones with RED in the design.  But, I really, really like that gold one.  I do have a red with gold and a blue with red, so I guess a gold and blue one could fit in.......Any excuse to keep a treasure.  That's me!

So, what did you find this weekend?  Spill it!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Finds & a Freebie Too

I had my car back today (finally!) so I decided I really needed to find some yard sales. I decided this despite the fact that I know the first weekend after school starts is never the best time for sales.  There usually aren't many sales, and the ones that I do find, have mostly kid stuff from cleaning out closets for Back to School shopping.  Today was no exception to that rule - I had to drive further than I planned to find only a handful of sales.  I even went to an Estate Sale up on Country Club hill to an ultra swanky house that was chock full of fabulous things from all around the world.  I bought a few things there, but mostly I just went to snoop inside a million dollar home. 
Here's all the loot.  I know the photo is in the shadows, but it was over 100 today and I couldn't bear to stand in the direct sun.

I needed another chippy old stool like a hole in my head (if this photo panned out, you would see four more various metal and wooden stools sitting on my porch).  But this one is sturdy as all get out, chippy white and has a Formica top.  And, it was only $3.00.  (From the million dollar home, might I add...)

The Inuit Doll is all hand made and hand sewn from a variety of fur.  I don't like fur things, but I understand the use of fur in Native items.  The wooden shelf sitting rabbit is from the M$H and is from Russia.  The shadow box is made of older yardsticks from the hardware store we shopped at when I was a kid.  The tiny wooden rabbit is from the M$H and is from Czechoslovakia.  The little bird duo is a Leo Ward.  The wee pitcher is for my miniature pottery collection - even though it is carved from a piece of wood.

Girly Stuff.  I do not, as a general rule, buy Girly Stuff.  That shows you how limited the JUNK was today.  The scarves came from a sale that had nothing but clothing items.  There was a laundry basket full of scarves and I looked through every.single scarf looking for a Vera for Sue, but I didn't find a single Vera.  (Sorry Sue.)  I did find a couple Oscar de la Renta scarves and a couple touristy ones.  They were priced 50¢ each, but when I went to pay, the lady only charged me a dime each.  If I would have known they were that cheap, I would have just sprung for the whole box and sorted through it in the luxury of my air conditioned house and not in the 125 degree garage.  The four old costume necklaces aren't anything special, but for 25¢ each, the beads can be used for something. 
I got these old sewing machine thread boxes at a "Thatsa" sale.  As soon as I started looking at something, the lady having the sale would take it out of my hands and say, "THATSA box of ribbon!" or "THATSA box of seashells!"  Thanks lady, I have EYES you know.   That is my biggest pet peeve at yard sales.  Leave me alone - you can visit with me, but let me look at your junk with my own eyes.  Thankyouverymuch.  When I did pay for these empty boxes, she looked at me like I fell off the turnip truck..."These are empty....?" she said.  Yes, I know.  Then she said, "How about a dollar each?"  One minute she thinks I am buying trash, the next minute she wised up and put a buck each on them.  She finally said, "Oh, three for everything."  So, that was a bit better. 
The Bean spotted this hanging on the stairwell at the M$H.  A vintage metal hard hat!  $$ Cha-ching!  It's a mining hat and belonged to a big shot  up in Alaska for ARCO Gasoline.  I have his name, so I am going to do a bit of research on him before I list the hat.  Provenance, you know.....
This cool table was FREE.  Monday when I went out to get the mail, I noticed a truck in the driveway next door.  The house was abandoned last November, so there hasn't been any activity other than the bank mowing it from time to time.  A man came out of the house and said hello to me.  Then he said something to me that make my heart swoon.  Words I have only dreamed of hearing.  "Do you want to look around and take anything in this house before I take it to the dump?"  Uh, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
The family that lived there had two little girls and good taste.  They had taken most of their belongings, but had left a good amount too.  This table was in the living room.  There was a big nice computer desk, but I didn't have any use for it.  There was a lot of newer baby things - double stroller, carrier, car seat, toys, dolls, little table and chairs, ride on elephant toy and some knick knacks.  There were also about eight huge bags stuffed full and I don't have any idea what was in there.  He told me to take it all.  But, I wasn't prepared to take it all without any notice.  I fear The Breadman would have officially had "a cow" if he came home and I had all that crap lined up in the driveway.  But, I really should have taken it.  I could have put some on Craigslist and donated the rest.  I could of had a yard sale of my own.  I coulda been a contender.....I digress.

I told the guy that if he would line it all up in the driveway that I would put a CURB ALERT on Craigslist (after I dug through it all, of course) and I knew it would all be gone quickly.  He said that he had to remove it by the end of the day, or he wouldn't get paid.  I still thought he was going to put it in the ditch, but he just loaded it all up in the truck.  Even a lawn mower, a trampoline and a basketball goal.  All that stuff...just gone to the landfill.  It's such a shame.  He told me that he cleans out three or four houses a week just like that - some are completely full.  And, he just takes it all to the landfill.  Kind of makes me want to start a clean out business of my own.  In the end, the table and a wooden VooDoo mask that The Bean scored were my only scores. 

Thursday, August 19, 2010

This Week in Numbers

Number of trucks towed from my house:  1

Times I went to the Casino:  1

Dollars I won at the Casino:  200 :o)

Dollars needed to fix truck:  600 :o(

Number of Thrift Visits: 0

Number of Yard Sales:  0

Years worth of old paperwork I shredded today:  5

Bags of Trash Tossed:  2

Bags of Donations Gathered:  2

Flea Market Items Priced:  40

Etsy Items Listed:  22

Etsy Items Sold:  13

Number of Family Members coming to visit this weekend:  2

Number of Yard Sales I hope to hit tomorrow:  1

So, there you have it.  My week in numbers.  Maybe next week I'll have some actual words to say!~

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Birthday Cakes

Today is my Birthday.  We won't discuss age and all that.  But, we will discuss cakes.  Birthday cakes are a BIG DEAL in our family.  We never buy bakery cakes throughout the year because those are for Birthday's only.  Birthday cakes must be heavily frosted with real Buttercream icing.  Not that whipped stuff.  Patooie.  Whipped stuff is okay on an every day cake.  Just not on a birthday cake.  They should be appropriate for the person receiving the cake.  See the one above?  That is last year's cake.  Pink? Yes, please.  Flowers? Yes, please.  Name spelled correctly? Thank-you.  (That's a biggie and one we have had problems with in the past.  I am not Sarah or Sararah or Shari.  Thank you.)  That cake was per-fect

Then there is the other end of the spectrum.  I think we all remember this one from 2008:
Ack!  The Bean requested a "cute monkey cake.....like Curious George." 


(At least they got my name right!)

The cake was so hideous that I almost didn't even take a picture of it.  But, at the last minute, I did.  And, then I heard about Cake Wrecks, so  I submitted it. 

And, the rest, is history.

Sorry.  Try to erase that "monkey" from your mind. 
There, that's better.

I haven't seen my cake yet this year.  But, I hear there was a bit of a communication gap when my Mom ordered it.  (She requested a cake "pretty enough for a Princess" and the girl suggested stenciling on a Disney Princess.  Oye.)  I'm certainly not a Princess.  But, I'm not 4 years old either.  Oh wait, we're not discussing age, are we?

Have a happy day, ya'll.  I plan too! 

*And, thank you to Sue for the Birthday Shout Out.  You're so SWEET!

Edited to add this year's cake:

Bee-u-ti-ful!  Similar to last years cake, but opposite in color.  And, it is/was Yum-O!!!

Not book worthy, but tummy worthy!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

It's National Garage Sale Day!

August 14th


National Garage Sale Day!

I don't plan on celebrating this monumental today. 

(I do celebrate it the other 364 days of the year though). 

It is far too hot to go to a Garage Sale (105 on the thermometer today)

It just is not fun to go to Garage Sales right now. 

Boo Hiss.

Happy Hunting in your neck of the woods, though!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I Heard It Through the....

A few years ago I bought a couple of grapevines at Lowe's marked down to $1.00. We planted them in the side yard by the fence. It only took about two summers before they were taking over the fence!
In the Spring, the birds nest in them.

In the summer they get thick with leaves.  

In the Fall, The Breadman cuts them down and I make a big Grapevine wreath.  (It is super easy to make a wreath  Everyone always seems amazed that you can make a Grapevine wreath.)   

But, there have never been Grapes on the Grapevine.
Until this year! 

Not a lot of grapes because we never sprayed them and because we never actually realized they had Grapes on them until tonight.  We are definitely going to spray them next year and see how many we get.  It is fun to have a surprise snack out of your very own backyard!

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Skeery Craigslist Ad

Spotted this one on my local Craigslist today.....1500+ Clown Collection.

"Might be time to downsize"....Ya think?



I just fainted.

Friday, August 06, 2010

"Happy Hour" Finds

An afternoon Sonic "Happy Hour" run for a Cherry Limeade netted me these awesome items from an unassuming yard sale at a 20something's yard sale in the uppity part of town.  It just goes to show, you just never know what you will find.....or where!

1970's Fisher Price Sesame Street Play Town - $1.00.
1970's Fisher Price Corn Popper Toy, 1972 Bambi Big Golden Book and a fun old doll for 50¢ each.
The doll just happens to be a Rushton Rubber Face doll from the 1950's.   I look for Rushton dolls at every single yard sale I go to - every single one.  I am forever digging in toy bins a wishin' and a hoping'.  And, today, I found one!  I sold a pink Rushton teddy bear once for $287.00.  They don't sell for anywhere near that much anymore, but they still sell for a decent amount.  For now, though, I intend to keep him around for a bit just so I can look at him and say, "I found a Rushton!" 

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