What is a monkeybox?

When I was a little girl, we had a pet monkey named Amanda. My Dad worked in the produce business, so each night he brought home that days culls in a big box - spotty cucumbers, pithy apples, limp celery, moldy oranges and the like. We called it a monkeybox. It was really just trash, but my Mom would take each piece of fruit and trim it, pare it and cut it up to make a beautiful fruit platter for Amanda. Even though it was deemed trash by one, it still had life left in it and was good for the purpose we needed it. That's how I live my life - thrifting, yard saling, looking for another's trash to be my treasure.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Happy Place

Do you have a happy place?  A place you can close your eyes and BE THERE?  Sometimes at night when I am worried about things and I just can't get to sleep - I go to my happy place.  My happy place is the skating rink.  I practically lived there during Junior High and High School.  My best friends and I would meet there every Friday night.  Sometimes on Saturday nights and even on Sunday afternoons.  The very best event was the "all Night Skate" that was held the night of the Jerry Lewis Telethon.  They locked us in until 8:00 in the morning.  We skated and ate and played UNO then skated some more.  Sometimes we piled up in a heap and took a nap, then ran for Nachos and popcorn and skated some more.  It was the best time. 

*No one I know.  But one of my absolute favorite photos EVER.

The last few nights have been restless.  I keep seeing out car sliding downhill towards the other cars.  I see The Bean in the seat beside me.  I think about what could have happened on that rain slick road.  And, as sad as we are to see our pretty car (that is what we call it) smushed up, it sure beats being in the hospital or far, far worse.  So, when I close my eyes and see us sliding, I shake my head and put myself back on the skating rink floor.  I can hear the wheels on the wood floor.  I can see the lights and hear the music.  It was full-on Disco music back then and I can hear Sister Sledge singing, "We are Family" my friends and I whip around the floor.  (Or better - "Whip It!" by Devo!)  

I had my shares of teenage angst moments at the skating rink.  A certain boy that I swore I loved would stop by and watch everyone skate.  He finally stayed one night to skate and asked me to help him.  I held his hand and we went around the rink.  I might as well as had on a full blown wedding gown and veil.  I was certain that it was the beginning of our lives together.  But, he was just my crush and skating buddy in the end.  When I was 16, he moved away and took part of my heart with him.  I wondered if he ever would even remember me today.  That question was answered when I got a Facebook Friend request out of the blue not too long ago.  He's not still the sweet thang he was back then - little pudgier, a little gray.  But, when I go to my happy place, he's there all sweet and smiley and blinking those eyelashes at me.  *sigh*

Oh, wait, I am supposed to be talking about the Skating Rink!  Not a BOY!  The skating rink was my happy place, but he's a large part of the reason it was such a happy place to be back then.  If it helps you relax and helps you get some rest, I think escaping to your teenage happy place with an old beau is just the way to do it.  

Do you have a Happy Place?

*I mainly wrote this post to replace the photo of my car that is showing up on every blog on the internet that links to me.  I keep seeing it everywhere!  Not good!

Thursday, July 26, 2012


Today it was hot again.  Nearly 100 for the millionth day in a row.  I know it is hot everywhere, so no one wants to hear me talk about that.  My Mom had a doctor's appointment today and I wanted to be with her for it.  So, she left her house and I left my house and we would meet there.  And, from the time she left until I left, a HUGE storm came out of nowhere.  The temperature dropped to 68 degrees and it rained and rained.  Which is a good thing.  Something we needed so badly.  

I like to stay off the Interstate and I am a big fan of "back roading" it whenever we go anywhere.  I was on my normal route to the doctor when the storm came up, so I pulled off the road for a minute for it to clear up.  You could not see twenty feet in front of your car.  It cleared up a bit, so I sent on up the road.  The road I usually take was closed for construction so I had to detour through a residential area and that brought me out on the road I needed to be on, but farther out that I wanted to be.  But, I had to take that road, go down to the light, go down that street then back track to the street where the doctors office is located.  But, i never got that far.  I came over the crest of a hill and the traffic was really thick because of the re-routing.  The traffic was backed up, but I had time and room to stop, so I applied my brakes.  The car stopped, but it kept on going.  I was sliding straight for the car in front of me.  I had time to see there were cars coming towards me in the other land, so I couldn't go that way or I would be hit head one.  And, if I took the ditch, the car would flip over because it was so deep.  So, I had to watch us slam into that car. 

 I did the good Mom thing and braced my baby in the seat next to me.  :)  He was okay except for a red mark on his neck from the seat belt.  I was fine.  The lady I hit was fine.  The guy she hit was fine.  Both of their cars had very, very little damage.  But, since I hit them, it's my fault according to the ticket I got.  It was raining so hard and it was on a hill so the water was just pouring down the street.  I stopped the car, but the car didn't stop.  It was an accident.  I am just sick about it.  The Officer kept asking The Bean his name and birthday at random times whenever he passed by.  I guess he thought maybe he was driving, but the lady said she saw "the lady in the red car coming at her".  :(   The Bean took care of me and was really worried about me.  When it was all over and they towed the car away, he broke down.  He is such a strong kid for him Mom.  But it upset him to see my upset, knowing I was worried about my Mom, the ticket, the money, the car, etc.  I love that boy.  

The ironic thing was that I was just talking to him about driving in the rain and being so careful and watching out for the other guys.  Then, BAM.  I had also just expressed a wish for a rain coat.  Who knew I was getting ready to stand in the rain for the next hour and a half.  

Now I have a Court date and I don't know what that means (I know I have to go to Court).  But, golly, it was an accident.  The Officer sort of hinted that maybe it wouldn't go on my record because of the rain.  But, he also mentioned "fighting the ticket with a Lawyer".  I'm not fighting it, but it was an accident.  I wasn't speeding or driving carelessly.  I hydroplaned - plain and simple.  The Officer said there were wrecks all over.  I don't want to plead "Guilty" or pay a ticket if I don't have to, but the thought of Court really freaks me OUT.  Anyone else been through this?  I is skeered. 

*For the record, my Mom's appointment went fine - she could have received some potentially scarey news, but she is FINE.  And, that is worth a smashed in car any day.  

**Edited to add - The adjuster called.  My insurance may go up, but only a tiny bit.  I don't have to go to court.  Just pay the ticket and forget about it.  In AR, if you hit from behind, you get a ticket - no getting out of it.  Pbbttt.  The car is going to be fixed like new.  I hit someone with the same insurance company as me, so as a weird and wonderful "reward" my deductible is waived - how insane and fabulous is THAT?  Enterprise is picking me up at 1:00 in my spiffy little Chevy Aveo.  We don't have to pay a deductible, free rental car, towing is paid and the car will be fixed with zero out of pocket.  Yeah, Shelter!  So, today is a BRAND NEW DAY!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Saturday Finds: More Christmas in July

I went to those sales on Saturday.  I seem to be having a run on Christmas stuff.  And, that, is just FINE with ME!

*I edited these on the phone, but they transferred to the computer as the originals and now it won't let me crop them again.  So, ignore the crap in the background, the bad color and the cat if she is in any of these.  She loves to sniff my finds.  

 Seven Beistle honeycomb bells.  I love hanging honeycomb stuff up in my booth and in my living room window.  $1.00 for all.
 A vintage stocking that I took out of the package and a small felt Santa.  25¢ for both.
Four vintage tins - the roses aren't exactly Christmas-y but I was only seeing red and green when I snagged it.  25¢ each.

Four books about Christmas.  The two on the left are the same book - one just has the dust jacket.  It is inscribed to a "Darling girl from Grandpa 1972".  :)  That complete Christmas book is interesting - it has recipes and how to carve a turkey and plays for pageants, how to decorate your house, how to wrap a present, how to write the proper Christmas Card greeting and a whole lot of other information all from the 1950's.  So, it's very kitschy and cool.  50¢ each.

On the way home from the sales, I saw a huge plume of smoke not too far from our house.  Since we are in a sever drought and a Burn Ban, I knew it could not be good.  We followed the smoke and found a four unit townhouse completely engulfed in flames.  
The fire was on a side street.  When I drove past, you could see that the hook and ladders were up in the air, but the smoke was so thick they just disappeared into the smoke.  
Once the fire was out, you could walk up the street to see the damage.  All the TV stations were there.  We talked to a man that said no one was hurt, but some pets were lost.  So sad about those poor animals, but good for the people.

It doesn't look that bad, but all four units were a complete loss.  These are rental units and the people that rent there are low income.  So, this will be hard for all of them.  
God bless the firemen fighting that fire in these 103 degree temperatures.  We saw one fireman squatting in the street throwing water on himself from the ditch.  Another one was dumping ice down his fire suit.  

Hope you found some good junk this weekend.  And, I hope you didn't see a fire!  

Friday, July 20, 2012

The Week In Junk: Christmas in July

*Alternate blog post title:  Week in Junk - White Elephant Edition.  

Thursday morning I spotted a Craigslist ad for a sale at the house across the street from the house directly behind me.  Now, there can't be a sale within walking distance that I don't go to - so off I went.  It was advertised as a HUGE sale.  HUGE flop, is what it should have said.  Pile of clothes on a tarp, misc. crap on a tarp and some baby stuff in the garage.  Boo Hiss.  I did buy a new expanding cutlery tray for my kitchen that was still wrapped in plastic - but what a B-O-R-I-N-G purchase!

Since I was already out, I decided to make a drive to the end of the town both directions.  I'm not sure if I have mentioned that I live in a itty bitty town.  It is 1.8 miles from one city limit sign to the other.  So, it doesn't take long to drive through the whole city.  Luckily, at the stoplight (yes we even have three stoplights!) I spotted a bright yellow YARD SALE sign with an arrow on it.  When I got there, there were two ladies carrying out tubs and I was the only customer.  I asked it they were ope and they said that they were setting up, but come on in and look.   It was noon, by the way, so I wasn't exactly an early bird.  

They had a lot of items, but only four categories of items.  

Category #1:  Clothes - Adult and baby.  No thank you.  

Category #2:  Porcelain mask collection.  You know the ones - white with black decor, maybe a jewel or a feather on it.  Not for me.  

Category #3:  Blowmolds.  Lots of blowmolds.  Yeeeeeees.  I started looking through them deciding which ones I was buying no matter what.  Which ones I would buy if they were not as much as I thought they might be and which ones I would buy if they were cheap.  

I pulled out the Santa and the two snowmen to buy no matter what and asked the price.  "Oh, just give us what you think they are worth." she said.  Ack.  I hate that.  I said, "I'd really rather you tell me what you want for them," I said.  "Oh, ok.  How about 50¢ each?"  So, you can see that I was greedy and took them ALL!  Nine blowmolds for $4.50.  I'm keeping the three I had picked out and will be selling the rest.  Although The Bean keeps telling me that the candles are "cool".  I told him that if I can work them into my outside decor without it crossing the line of vintage kitschy cute to "Holy Hell look at that house with all the Christmas Crap" we can keep them.  We are seriously riding that line now.  Gotta be careful!

I left behind a big Santa in a sleigh like this one but it had three reindeer.  I was buying so many, and they were big, so I thought they would cost more, so I just left them.  But, all night long, I kept thinking about them.  Even though I just bought nine that very day and they are siting on the porch and I look like a complete lunatic on this 109 degree July day.  So, I decided it would be crazy to go back for them.  I had enough.  Nine blowmolds is enough for anyone.

HA-HA-HA Of course, I went back for them.  What am I crazy?????  Paid $5.00 for the Santa in the sleigh plus the three reindeer.  Tomorrow I have to attempt to shove them in the storage building.  Those things do not condense well.  :)

Remember the categories?  Clothes, masks, blowmolds and Category #4: Elephants.

The ladies told me that their "Daddy" started collecting elephants in the 1950's and he got them from everyone for every holiday from then until he died in 2003.  They had boxed them up because "Mama never liked those elephants" and they hadn't been unearthed for nine years.  They said he had over 5,000 at one time, but the family had taken some and they had donated the big ones.  So, they had five of the BIG totes chock full of elephants.  I love collections like that because even though I don't collect elephants nor do I know anyone that collects them, I still knew I could find a treasure in all those elephants.

Like this sweet vintage Relpo planter.

This funny old FUN FARM straw stuffed elephant.
This mid century S&P set, sugar and creamer set.
Elephants of the PINK variety.

A big vintage JAPAN elephant.

White pottery elephant.
 Vintage glass elephant pin cushion to keep.  I have a cat just like it.  
(Oh no, that is two....you know that three makes a collection.....)
 Sweet vintage baby elephant squeaker toy to keep.
A vintage plastic carnival toy elephant to keep.
(Have I ever mentioned I collect these?)

Elephants made of glass.  The clear one looks like it could be something good.  Something to research.

So, I have elephants for the booth, elephants for ebay and a couple to keep.  

I really need to put those blowmolds in the storage building tomorrow.  I really need to research those elephants.  I really need to price the rest for the flea market.  

But, there's this one block over:

It's Christmas in July! Lots of Christmas items, toaster, household items. Vintage Canning Jars, 2 Vintage Quilts, Vintage Sewing Machine in Cabinet, Mahogany Twin Sleigh Bed with Serta Majesty Pillow top mattress.  

And a sale at the grocery store parking lot.  

And a fundraiser at the garden shop.  

So, you know what will happen.  I can always do that other stuff on Sunday!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Expanding My Horizons

I love smalls.  I collect smalls.  I sell smalls on ebay.  My booth is packed with smalls.  You do know what smalls are, don't you?  Small stuff.  Little things.  I watch American Pickers and I see them buy HUGE signs and old motorcycles but they walk right past cabinets full of cool old smalls.  I guess they only buy Bigs.  Not that that is an actual thing.  But, you know what I mean.

The people that own the Flea market let me put things throughout the store and not just in my booth.  I only have vintage things in my booth, but from time to time I see something that I know would sell, but wouldn't necessarily fit in my booth in style or in size.  It's nice to be able to put things in the window display, outside on the sidewalk or in the furniture room.

This week I started picking up some bigger things that I normally wouldn't have in the past.  First I bought an old metal toleware light fixture.  I never would have bought it in the past since shipping it would have been a nightmare.  

Mine looks like this one except it is white with gold accents.  I think it will sell quickly.  

I bought a very old framed mirror with beveled edges.  It weighs a ton.  

It's nearly impossible to photograph a mirror, so I didn't even attempt it.  This old paper label was on the badly dilapidated backing.  Parker Paper and Twine started in 1906.  

This afternoon on the way home I saw a house had been cleaned out and there was a pile of stuff by the street.  Being the chicken I am, I waited until the cover of darkness and went back to see what was there.  The things I had spotted that looked promising were gone, so I didn't get anything.  But, I decided to take a ride around the neighborhood and have a look at the curbs.  

I found a new in the box Electric Smoker.  Brand new, never used.  Not sure if we will use it or not, but I know I can throw it on Craigslist.  

The chairs were stacked on top of each other right by the curb so I knew they were in the trash.  But, there was a lady out watering her plants (in her nightgown, I must add!) so I didn't stop.  I went around the block many, many times, but she was still out there.  Finally, I just got my nerve up and asked her - "Are those chairs in the trash?"  "Oh sure she said.  Take them!  I think I saw you drive past a couple of times.  You should have just asked then"  I told her that I love going out looking for curb finds but then I get chicken to actually grab stuff.  She said, "Well, if it makes you feel any better - I found them on the curb myself but never got around to fixing them up."   They are in good shape, just need to be painted and recover the seats.  I'm going to paint them a pretty Robin's egg Blue and cover the seat with an old cutter tablecloth I have.  The curly Q things on the top come off - one is already missing, so I will just take the other three off.  I think I have some interesting cork bottle stoppers that will fit in there to give them a little pizzazz!  Off to the booth they will go and we will see what happens.  Wish me luck!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thursday Junk - Baby Style

This morning I checked Craigslist and saw an ad that featured some of my favorite things:

TONS of fabric - never been used!
TONS of Christmas decor - a lot in original packaging

You KNOW the TONS of Christmas decor got me.  So, I went.  The sale was about five miles away and I only had an hour and a half to get there, shop and get back home.  But, I was determined to have a look!  

When I walked up behind the house I saw Christmas.  Lord, did I see Christmas!  But, it all looked like K-Mart and Walmart stuff - not completely new, but not vintage, neat or old in any way shape or form.  I bet there were fifty Rubermaid tubs full of Christmas.  Even though I could really only see new stuff, I dug in every single tub just to make sure.  And, one thing at a time, I managed to find a good amount of vintage.  Nothing stellar or spectacular - but enough to make me happy and to make me thing that this Fall I just might hit it BIG.  (I can dream, right?)

I got everything all laid out to take photos and discovered the camera battery was still dead from the Fireworks - so I had to use my phone and it just doesn't rake that great of photos.  I'm sorry.
Vintage Christmas - a plethora of old bells, a Christmas tablecloth, fun plastic poinsettias and holly, a couple candoliers, some fun old gift boxes, Santa's, a banner that reads MERRY CHRISTMAS made out of Yule logs, a sweet Christmas corsage, a great corsage full of Mercury beads, a Door sign, an angel topper, a strand of plastic walnut and a few other goodies.

There was a big outbuilding full of things but not the sort of things that interest me:

TONS of new dishes
Small kitchen appliances
Small computer desk
Large computer desk
Glass top dining table and 4 chairs
End tables
2 cultured marble sinks
Counter tops
Shelving units
Rolling food cabinet
Convection microwave oven
Jacuzzi tub
Flat bottom boat

I only picked up two things in the whole outbuilding before I moved back outside to dig in the bins.  Whoever owned this stuff was a crafter and heavily into fabric of all sorts.

There were tarps on the ground with piles and piles of fabric spread out.  This is just one area of fabric.  There were prices posted that seemed a little high to me (especially considering the sheer bulk of fabric they had in that yard).  I did hear them tell one lady that she could fill a bag for a certain amount, but I never got that offer.  I saw a few odds and ends I would have picked up as well as some vintage sheets, but I wasn't willing to pay the prices posted ($5.00 for sheets, $5.00 for large fabric pieces) and it was just too hot to stand there and dig.

Instead I decided to dig in all the bins of craft supplies.  I picked up one box - it was a box that holds a couple of sweaters - not very big - it had miscellaneous supplies in it but I figured why not get it all and sort it in the comfort of my home?  I asked how much and the guy told me fifteen dollars.  Now, there wasn't really fifteen dollars worth of stuff in there are full blown retail, so I asked if I could pick and choose items or if I had to take the whole box.  He told me I could pick and choose.  So, I pulled out a couple things and continued down the line.  I had brought my own shopping bag, so I filled it up.  I really wish I could have just bought all the tubs and looked through them later.  There were good things but here was junk too.
Some more of my prized waxy plastic flowers.  Some Fall mums and a little rose.

An old berry basket full of handmade strawberries.

A PINK tin iron, an old crib toy and a sweet Horsman doll.  I also bought an old Ventriloquist doll, but his head is off and he is in sad shape.  But, I think I can salvage him.  If not, oh well, his head is cool!

A darling piece of USA pottery.  A lovely shade of blue that I didn't already have in my collection.   The first of my favorite finds.

 Another favorite.  A doll roller skate.  Old school skates like I had on my feet for most of my teenage years.   I thought I had the pair, but when I got home I realized that one was an ice skate.  Dang it.  I LOVE this skate.
A found a tub full of baby and doll clothes.  After I took this photo, I realized that the pink and green outfit looked like the pink outfit the Horsman doll was wearing.  

It fit!  So, I assume it is hers.  I found the outfit in a tub and the doll in the barn.  So, if they really do go together - that was good luck!

Sweet yellow one piece with puppy embroidery.

White Swiss dot dress in pristine condition.

Sweet little dress that says BABY on it.  

Cute boys one piece with a train.  Too cute.

These are tiny doll outfits.  

Cute knit dress, sweater and cape.  

Three teeny tiny diapers.  The Bean never wore the tiniest diapers.  

Two doll outfits that were still in the packages.  Love that little polka dot dress.

 A sweet pair of shoes and three wee pairs of socks that remind me of the socks my baby sister wore.
Eight pairs of vintage doll shoes.  I thought they were all shoved full of tissue, but they all have teeny pairs of socks in the toes.

I love all this baby and doll stuff, but I know I don't need it.  That hasn't however, stopped me from hanging all the sweetest outfits with my ever growing collection of baby items.  No, I am not ready to be a Grandma. Not at all.  But, when I am a Grandma - I will have cool old vintage toys for the grand kids!

I managed to pick up all these items, drive the five miles home and even squeezed in enough time to pick up some Popeye's chicken for lunch.  I was one big hot sweaty mess but, I did it!

Happy Junkin' to you this weekend.  Hope you hit the Motherlode!

Sunday, July 08, 2012

The Week in Junk - Meet the Browns

This week in junk is credited to The Brown Family.  I don't know who they are, but hey donated a bunch of vintage goodies to the Super Cheap Thrift and I was lucky enough to be there to scoop them all up.  More on those finds later.  

Thursday I read this ad:  Cake Decorating Supplies, pans, decorating bags , cake stands, beginners sets, Restaurant and Catering Equipment, Sheet Pans, Oven Vent Hood, Chaffing Pans, Dishes, Glasses.  One of my Thrifting Wishlist Items is an Industrial Bread Pan to hang on the wall to display and I wouldn't mind finding an Industrial Muffin Tin to make a table like Heidi's.

When I got to the sale, they didn't have exactly what I was looking for and their prices were pretty high for yard sale prices.  But, you never know what will you find, so I looked at it all.....just in case.  I spotted the big box marked CAKE DECORATING and went in for a dig.  

I was super excited to find a brand new Wilton 56 piece Decorating Tip Tool Kit for $12.00.  I know this retails for nearly $80.00 (which is CRAZY!), so I grabbed it for the $12.00.  I also got a box of 50 disposable decorating bags for $2.00 and a box of rubber bands thingys to close up the bags for 50¢.  I am set to decorate cakes now!  Bring on the icing!  Bring on the birthdays!
They had a few other things other than the Restaurant items.  I got this old typewriter for $1.00.  After I got home and came down from my Wilton Cake high, I took a second look at the typewriter and it is in pretty rough shape.  I like that piece that says ROYAL on it and it has a good ribbon on it, so I may take a screwdriver to it and pull it apart.  I LOATHE when people destroy old typewriters.  But this one is almost on the way to the dump, so it is okay.  I think.  

I also picked up a five piece Halloween Serving set that included a black tray with three spider web bowls, a big platter shaped like a haunted house and a plate shaped like a Jack o'Lantern.  It was brand new, in the box, sealed shut with tape and did not rattle at all due to all the Styrofoam packing.  It was two bucks and I knew I could throw it in the booth and make back my money for everything I had just bought.
Problem is, this is what was in the box when I opened it.  Shattered beyond belief!  The black tray and three bowls were okay, but the plate and platter were gone.  I can't believe that it didn't even make a sound in the box.  Oh well.

So, a crusty old typewriter and a smashed serving set - I was really doing GREAT, huh?  At least I got the cake stuff.  Since I was buying weird stuff - I also bought these:

SKIS!  Didn't see that one coming, now did you?  Well, neither did I.  But they are vintage, wooden child's skis and oh, so cute.  I only paid $2.00 for them.  I have them on Craigslist but will probably take them to the booth.  I think they would be adorable on a wall in a kid's room or in a game room.  Or as shelves!  Shelves would be great!

I went to Goodwill four times this week.  Can you believe that?  It is only two miles from my house right in between the two grocery stores I frequent.  I mean, I go right by there all the time.....  

Four trips and all I really have to show for it is this old telephone timer.
And a sweet green checkered tablecloth.  I dream of throwing a big party in my yard with all my checkered tablecloths, picnic baskets and thermos bottles.  Wanna come?

So, on to The Browns.  Almost everything I bought at the Super Cheap Thrift on Saturday came from The Brown's.

This sweet Golden Counting Book was in the FREE box out front.  Inside the front cover, it says "BROWN Library".  

Inside the BINGO box it says, BROWN.  Back of the Dominoes?  BROWN.  See the plastic card box?  BROWN.  I never write my name on my belongings.  But, long ago, everyone did.

This big old bag of plastic fruit (I sell it pretty quickly in the booth) was in a plastic bag marked BROWN.

This "Educated Cake Pan" was marked BROWN on the back.  I do have all the pieces, I didn't realize they were missing in the photo.  You can rearrange those little cubes to make every letter and number.  I will have to try it out one of these days.  And decorate it!  :)

This last item from the BROWN's was in a plastic bag with an address label on it.  I hinted to Laurie that I had found something Magpie Ethel worthy.  

Here it is.  A plastic tidbit tree.  It's kind of like those plastic gumdrop trees, but each little tray can hold one small chocolate, petite four or other treat.  I LOVE this thing.  I see it with my chenille chicks at Easter or my Pinecone Elves at Christmas.  I just think it is super kitschy cool.

Other items not attributed to the Brown's but I almost bet they are.......vintage Thank you cards and some plastic roses.  I love old funky waxy plasticky flowers.  I don't know why.  But, I do.  Both items from the 10¢ bin.

A great old silk scarf from Alaska.  It is big - you can see it here practically covering the hood on TBM's truck.  I don't collect scarves or things from Alaska, but I really do like it.  Especially for 25¢.

The SCT is open on Tuesday and I drive by on the way to work, but I only have thrifty minutes to look, so I don't usually stop.  But, what if the BROWN's had even more fabulous vintage stuff?  Stuff I didn't find yet?  I think I really MUST stop!

Did you find anything this holiday week and weekend?

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