What is a monkeybox?

When I was a little girl, we had a pet monkey named Amanda. My Dad worked in the produce business, so each night he brought home that days culls in a big box - spotty cucumbers, pithy apples, limp celery, moldy oranges and the like. We called it a monkeybox. It was really just trash, but my Mom would take each piece of fruit and trim it, pare it and cut it up to make a beautiful fruit platter for Amanda. Even though it was deemed trash by one, it still had life left in it and was good for the purpose we needed it. That's how I live my life - thrifting, yard saling, looking for another's trash to be my treasure.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Summertime Hazel

It's summer.  I hate summer.  The only good thing about Summer is getting to put Hazel in her swimsuit.

The fun thing about dressing Hazel, besides looking for cute and mostly vintage items, is that I can dress her up like I would NEVER dress myself.  Zebra stripes?  Uh, no thank you.  A swimsuit?  Fuggitaboutit.

Because of her molded hair, I can't put hats on her.  It just occurred to me that I could put a yarn doodle on her head.
I'm sort of partial to yarn doodles.

I used to rock the yarn doodle.

Uh. sorry.  Back to Hazel.
 Vintage cat eye glasses and one of my favorite flower brooches.  
Mary Jane socks are just the right thing to keep her on her feet.  When she wears shoes, she sometimes tumbles over unexpectedly, often causing one, two or three cats and sometimes a few humans, a total heart attack.  Socks are certainly better.
That zebra swimsuit came from The Dollar Tree.  I know!  It's cute, right?

Rocking the yarn doodle.  
Like Mother, like daughter.  

Or something along those lines.


  1. OH, if the YARN DOODLE wasn't SO.DARN.CUTE, I could Really see her in a big, floppy bright colored beach hat ~ an oversized one might be do-able even with the molded hair?! She IS.SO.FUN!!!!
    (and I'm glad to hear that you would Never dress yourself like this - socks and a cardi with a bathing suit?!!)

  2. That one pic of you is FIERCE! You may have missed your calling as a fashion model....

  3. You and Hazel, two peas in a pod!
    Where in the world did you find those socks?

  4. you are both such dolls bwahahahaha. What size clothes does Hazel require?

  5. Yes, please, tell us what size clothes she wears so we can be looking for her, too! My almost 2 year old granddaughter has those same socks! Thanks for showing us what Hazel is up to!

  6. Oh my gosh I had forgotten about that yarn!!
    Hazel looks adorable :)

  7. I just realized how much your son looks like you. In that first picture I can see his smile - just like yours!

  8. You were easily one of the cutest children I've ever seen!!!


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