What is a monkeybox?

When I was a little girl, we had a pet monkey named Amanda. My Dad worked in the produce business, so each night he brought home that days culls in a big box - spotty cucumbers, pithy apples, limp celery, moldy oranges and the like. We called it a monkeybox. It was really just trash, but my Mom would take each piece of fruit and trim it, pare it and cut it up to make a beautiful fruit platter for Amanda. Even though it was deemed trash by one, it still had life left in it and was good for the purpose we needed it. That's how I live my life - thrifting, yard saling, looking for another's trash to be my treasure.

Sunday, November 08, 2015

Holiday Bazaar Edition 2015

Also known as the last time I do this show.  It's not that it's a bad show, it just isn't the right fit for my things, apparently.  And, poor sweet patient Lara who makes the most divine cutest prints EVER - only sold one thing for a grand total of $9.00.  I mean, what the heck?  She did recently score a mess of old biology lab stools which are THE BEST and she made a deal for three of those to be sold this week - so that is good.  But, golly all the work she did and bringing things in.....I just feel AWFUL about it.  She told me not to feel awful.  BUT I DO.  The really weird thing is that The Junk Ranch and both of our booths are only eight miles over in the next town where things fly off the shelves and tables.  This little town - my little town - is full of lines of newer homes and Moms with rhinestone butt jeans and oversized flannel shirts (When did those become THE THING?), knee boots and big jewelry - the all want the same thing on their doors - either those HUGE mesh and burlap wreaths or a wooden cutout of a ball jar that says WELCOME YA'LL.  I mean, let's show some creativity folks and be a little different, m'kay?  (My apologizes to any blog readers that may be wearing rhinestone butt jeans and a flannel shirt.  If you are reading this you are obviously part of the COOL CROWD ans not one of those people.)

The lady that did the promo for the show really did do a good job - there were 61 vendors and lots of things to buy.  Some less than desirable than others - I don't mean our stuff - I mean some severely tacky stuff.  There is one thing that I see at different shows and they are SO TACKY and the sell like tacky little hotcakes.  WHY OH WHY?  It is Razorback themed and just so not cool, but everyone walks by with one.  WHY OH WHY?  There were lots of sales people - Plexis, Advocare, different jewelry companies, Thirty one bags, Avon, Scentsy, a chocolate bar company.  I don't know -  none of those things appeal to me.  Except the chocolate, of course.  But, it was $7.50 a bar.  Uh, I just bought a six pound sack of Halloween candy for $5.00, so no thank you.

Yes, yes, I know - these business are great ways for Moms to make extra money.  And lots of people LOVE these things.  And people were buying these things.  They just aren't me.  (Apologizes to any of you if you are into these things - you are still cool - even if you drink Plexis and wear rhinestone butt jeans and carry a thirty one bag).  

At one point, we were sitting there and the room was abuzz with customers and our spot was void of anyone.  Just then, we noticed coming from the ceiling to one of our tables - a spider - making a web. I mean, if a spider can weave a web in your booth - you might as well call it a day.  This shall be our gauge for all future shows.  "Well, at least a spider didn't weave a web today!"  

So, I sold about $130.00  - nothing to write home about, but at least I did make some money.  I knew it was a crap shoot at best.  It was all left over from the Junk Ranch and it is all going to the booth - so it's like I just had a little yard sale along the way and made $130.00.  Plus, I had photos on Instagram and ended up selling some more things on there afterwards.  I had fun people watching and counting flannel shirt wearers.  Lara was there and that is always fun.  Yay! Lara.  Thank God she still likes me after our second debacle at this same location.  

Here's my side of the booth so you can see it.  I had fun setting up an all Christmas and Christmas colored themed booth.  I hadn't really done that before.  I had lots of looky loo's - and some shoppers. My biggest sale was on the load out when someone offered to buy the Santa blowmold.  I had $50.00 on it, they offered $25 and I took it.  She handed me $15 and said she would get the rest from her husband. When she handed me the rest, I stuck it in my pocket.  When I got home, I saw that it was a $20.00. So I got $35.00 for it.  She was too tired to realize she handed me too much and I was too tired to realize it too.  I feel better about getting $35.00 for it anyway.  Plus, trust me on this.  She can afford it.  TRUST ME.  (Don't hate me for being tacky there....)

I am rather enamored of this funny little elf driving this big Roadster.  I thrifted the car and added the tree, wreath and elf.   

I tell you - buying all those crates was one of my better ideas.  I like the cohesive look that it makes - plus they stack up great in the garage and in the car PLUS I keep all the crap in them in storage and on the way to the shows.  They are truly perfect.  Plus junk in crates just looks cool.

Some of this, and some of that.

There in the center you see the Scrabble words.  I didn't sell any of them and I really only sell them at the College booth with University words.  So, I think that ship has sailed and I am kind of glad.  I have made SO much money making those words - but onward and upward to better things.  

Being inside versus being outside in the middle of a field has it's advantages.  And only having one table to display things on isn't a problem when you can go up and up and UP!  Those wreaths were low enough you could see them, but high enough they couldn't be manhandled.  They are pretty sturdy, but I still hate to see people poke at them. 

Tiered basket full of cookie cutters and Christmas miscellaneous.  

Milk cap magnets and clips.  I want to put these int he booth, but I can't figure out how to price them since they are small and my tags are big - we can't put things in without a tag on them.  

I sold quite a few of my pendants.  I am always happy when people like the things that I make and "get" them.  Now, I am NOT trying to sell to you nice folks. BUT, if you like these pendants  - there are a few on etsy or you can leave a comment.  They are $10.00 each shipped - I scanned in old boxes and Christmas cards for most of the graphics.  A dash of glitter on some too!  (No pressure!)

All in all even though I sound like a terrible grump about it - I did enjoy myself selling some things and seeing lots of people from the school and around town that I know plus a few Instagram followers stopped in to say hi.  So, that was fun.  Being with Lara is always fun too.  I could have been happier selling more and not having a chair war with the lady in the booth behind us (I'm keeping that story to myself - but OH MY God - she was awful, awful, awful.).  

So, onward and upward and all that jazz!  Everything will be in the booth by Thursday and out of my garage.  Yay!  It's all gooooood!


  1. Ack! Too bad the show was a bust, but by doing it a second time, at least now you know for sure its not for you. Although, I think the spider web gave you a good idea it's the wrong venue for you. I guess I'm one of your groupies as I have no idea what Plexis or a thirty-one bag is. I'm never happy when I go to a sale and find people selling new things. Call me a junk snob!

  2. No idea what Plexis or a 31 bag is either. Cannot stand the rhinestone butt jeans. That spider obviously has better taste. I've had "line" wars with folks before and as stated I am very willing to have a discussion with that woman. I'm sure we will come to an understanding.

  3. OMG, Shara! Thank you for cracking me up first thing on Monday morning. Glad you could make light of a crappy show. Just know that if I were there, I would ONLY be visiting your booth and Lara's booth. And I would totally be wearing my rhinestone jeans and big flannel shirt (Not kidding. Everyday wardrobe. But just know that I am TOTALLY one of the COOL people who sports this look who DESPISES the mason jar Y'All sign and burlap wreaths.)

    Have an awesome week~


  4. to bad you didn't do better. I find that it is true about no vision they just follow the trends ugh.
    although the rhinestone butt pants are not here that I have seen and well flannel was invented here I think lots of people wear it.

  5. It is always an absolute bummer to go through all that work and time to only sell a small amount of stuff. I've been there and it SUCKS. You definitely don't want to be in a show where people don't "get you," because they don't deserve your awesome stuff. I'm literally laughed out loud at your comments about rhinestone butt jeans. Who wears that stuff? I do like over-sized flannels, but I have liked them for years. I get my husbands hand me downs. :)

  6. I love everything in your booth and would have bought several things!! Poor Lara! At least you had fun. I love the crates and how you stacked them up. You cracked me up with this post. Love your sense of humor! hugs!!


  7. Been there done that with shows, especially school shows. My suggestion for the milk caps...when I have something that is hard to price, I put them in a tin with enough tags for all of them. On an index card, I tell people to take a tag up to the counter with the item. I hope that works for you. Lara and you have fabulous items, keep junking on!!

  8. Sorry it didn't yield better results. You know I would have bought loads from you. Good thing you've got an amazing vintage support group online. Onward and upward to the booth!!

  9. Sorry about your lousy show returns. Your booth looked totally adorable with lots of interesting items! I did a show once (many moons ago) and didn't do very well with all my lovingly-created items while at the booth next to me - crappy Christmas baskets with lights flew off the table. Go figure. It just happens I guess. Better luck on your next show!!!

  10. I'm sorry your show didn't go well, but I have had a bad day and your writing style always makes me smile. So thanks for blogging today! The rhinestone jeans ladies are obvs not reading the big city fashion mags - we are done with that here, and the rage is $200 scuba-looking yoga pants that show every lump and bump. I'm going to give you my million dollar idea for next year's hot item - $200 yoga pants with rhinestones on the butt. Hope you have an awesome November and December at the booth!

  11. Dear Santa, please bring my friend Shara a cute pair of rhinestone butt jeans and a nice flannel shirt. When I saw all the vendors and a huge majority were MLM vendors, I felt it would not go well. You and Lara require junkers and like minded people to appreciate your awesomeness.

  12. Oh man, I've had bad shows like that. More bad than good in my tiny town. Nobody here gets me either. I craft and craft with awesome vintage and end up giving it away. So sad! :(

  13. Doing a bummer show is no fun. At least you made some $$ and you also got a very funny post out of it. (rhinestone jeans...chair war.....spiders...very entertaining)

  14. Nancy from Arkansas8:13 AM

    I laughed. :-) Have to know....what was the popular tacky Razorback hot item??! I am an avid Hog fan and just have to know, lol. (Heck, I may even WANT one, lol!) And I have seen similar "trends". I go to the Springfield, Ohio, Antique Extravaganza twice a year and the Vintage Marketplace is full of ruffled petticoat/tutu skirts, flannel shirts, cowboy boots, fringed vests, leggings on lumpy thighs, and crap most middle age women would never even wear on Halloween - but it is like the "uniform" there and they all buy over priced chalk painted junk furniture with stencils all over it and naked wire lampshades with a couple scraps of lace or burlap tied on it. I buy REAL antiques and let them have the expensive foo-foo trends. :-) Better luck next show! From one Arky to another......even though I am in KY now. :/

  15. Label chasers 'nuff said.

  16. I've done a show just like that with the same result, lots of scentsy, burlap wreaths etc, ugh. I swore off them. Glad you made a little money. That blow mold was def worth $50.00, cheap a$$ people. Rhinestone jeans and flannel, what IS up with that? I mean I'm no fashionista but come on people, your 20 year old ship has SAILED!

  17. Counting Flannel Shirt Wearers. :-)

  18. I wear rhinestone butt jeans and flannel shirts, but only to bed. Sorry that the show did not work out, but at least you have plans for the rest of the stuff.

  19. What is with the rhinestone butts? It's a thing here too, but doesn't that hurt when you sit down? I picture big dents in their butt when they go to bed at night. Glad you sold a few items at least. That sucks for Lara. Just cross that sad spidery show off your list.


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