What is a monkeybox?

When I was a little girl, we had a pet monkey named Amanda. My Dad worked in the produce business, so each night he brought home that days culls in a big box - spotty cucumbers, pithy apples, limp celery, moldy oranges and the like. We called it a monkeybox. It was really just trash, but my Mom would take each piece of fruit and trim it, pare it and cut it up to make a beautiful fruit platter for Amanda. Even though it was deemed trash by one, it still had life left in it and was good for the purpose we needed it. That's how I live my life - thrifting, yard saling, looking for another's trash to be my treasure.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Friday Finds and All That Jazz

It's been another very loooong week. I got the Bean to school one day then spent the next day at the hospital in the ER getting an ultrasound, bloodwork and urine test done on him. Luckily, everything turned out to be completely normal. It is an ulcer. And ulcers take time. The very best news is that he seems a whole lot beter today. Practically his old self with a good appetite. And a sense of humor. And a personality. I appreciate everyone's thoughts and comments. And, yes, I have drilled him a hundred times to make sure it wsn't something at school or anxiety. He swears it isn't. We have a pretty special relationship, so I'm damned near positive he'd tell me. But, if Monday rolls around and he complains that his stomach hurts again - I'll be on the phone to a therapist. No, please, no.

The 6th Graders went on a optional field trip today. He had planned on going and I was going to chaperone. The Breadman even took the day off to go too. But, the 8 hours (yes, eight hours!) on a bus didn't appeal to me or him at this point, so we opted to stay home with a free day. No absence if you didn't go on the Field Trip. So, with a free day and a more normal kid, we hit a few sales and dropped off a load at the thrift (and bought a few things too).

I thought the big Arkansas puzzle was older than it is - it is dated 1986, but I thought it was older. Still, it's pretty neat as it has all the counties and major points of interest. It was 25¢. Two Pampered Chef "Barnyard Friends" cookie molds - 50¢ each, boxed set of vintage "Pals" playing cards with Musical cats - 50¢, Federal Pie Plate - 50¢, two "D" handle FireKing cups - 25¢ each, small metal tray w/lemon - 25¢, turquoie necklace - $1.50, cool vintage tablecloth - 75¢, set of Japan bells - one monk, one nun with rhinestone eyes - cool yet gaudy - 50¢ for the set and the cool little perfume bottle with the Black Americana head - $1.00. Close up of the pie plate, cups, monk, nun and bottle. The cups are full of a bunch of big buttons that I got for 50¢.I bought that bottle at a sale that had about a hundred Avon bottles. They had printed (in color!) a completed auction for each and every one of those bottles. "Sold on ebay for $11.00 - but our price is only $8.00," the sticker said. Eh gads, Avon bottles are so not collectible, let alone ebay-worthy. I suppose there are exceptions to that statement, but if they are going to take all that time to look them up, print the invoice and price them - they might as well put them on ebay. I thought it was interesting that I scored the cool old vintage bottle for $1.00 when they thought they were being savvy.

This is a vintge box of Santa Head Soaps. Clever, clever name, eh? I thought the box was neat and the soaps were even neater. They did price it in pen $1.00 on the box which did annoy me, but what can you do? This was at the Avon bottle sale, too. In the background, I got a big turkey pillow from Kohl's ($19.99) for $1.00 and three Boyds Bears/Bunnies for $1.00 total. I just cannot leave a Boyds behind when I see them hawking them on QVC for $20.00 and up!
Yet another vintage picnic basket. This one was $3.00. I've lost count. I think this is #6 in this type, plus about 6 oak splint picnic baskets. I use them like Rubbermaid totes for craft supplies, so they are being used. Of the six like this one, I have found five of them this summer. But, I am still looking for a red Redman.

Along the swap front, I received the most fun swap package from Jen at The Felt Mouse. There are photos of what I sent her here. I wrapped up three different Halloween themed boxes on the same day and I failed to take photos of any of them. Doh!

Anyway, Jen and I thought a lot alike in our swap. We both sent cookie related items.

She sent this:

Which The Bean and I turned into this: (They taste better than they look).
Goodies waiting to be opened. Can you beleive I had the patience to take a picture? I know!
Jen even went through my sorted blog past and dug up this photo of the Bean from two years ago. She pirited it and framed it in this cool Halloween frame. So thoughtful!
And, this Halloween goodie bucket was absolutely stuffed to the gills with the most fun, sweet and interesting little items, doodads and baubles. Stuffed!
See? All this was in that! Sacks, hot chocolate, candles, candy, googly eyes, spooky brads, a banner, spooky beads, a Pez (The Bean collects these too), balloon squawkers (the cats hate 'em!), a Pumpin punch, more candy and a fun mask. And, can you see that tiny ornage and black thing by the Pez? That, my friends is the mostest ittiest bittiest bottle of black glitter you have ever seen! Complete with a cork and a skull ring for added boo-ness. Love it!

She made this fun wall hanging by decoupaging lots of goodies and embellishments on it. Wicked!
This guy is currently rooting grassy hair in the kitchen. He's funny. I'll post a photo when he is more haircut ready.
So, thank you Jen for a fabulous swap. I enjoyed every thing immensely! ;o)


I mentioned this summer that a very nice lady that we knew had passed away. Everyone called her Granny. They had a sale at her house and I went to pick out something of hers to remember her by. She had worked at Woolsworths for years and then at Wal-Mart for years. By the time I got to the sale, there wasn't much left so I thought I would just give them some money and leave. But, in the corner of the garage in a trash pile, I spotted this litle girl.

She was naked as a jaybird and missing an arm, but she appealed to me for some reason. I asked if she was for sale and they told me I could take her. (I gave them money already). I thougth she was an old dool, but when I got her home, I discovered that she is a Buster Brown clothes and shoe model from 1962. She wears a Size 2 clothes. I found her some clothes of the Beans to wear, but at a sale last weekend, I spotted these pants for 50¢ and the cute shirt for 50¢. Then at the thrift I got the cat on a stick for 15¢. With the long sleevs, I can hide the fact that she is mising an arm. The point is, now I have to look in the little girl clothes at sales and thrifts now. That was the ONE area I never had to look in before! Now I have to find Hazel (not sure why I call her that, but I do) clothes for every season and holiday. Good lord. (So, if she wears a size 2 clothes, what size shoe do I need to find her????) It's the little girl I never had, but always wanted! (I just noticed the picnic basket in the background. They're everywhere!)


  1. What a fun swap package! That wall hanging is really, really cute. Love it!

    Hey, how did the birthday party go?

  2. Love the picnic baskets and the doll. Size 2? Like 2T? Maybe a size 7 shoe. I could send you some, see if they work - I have a little girl who has outgrown them!

  3. Anonymous3:53 PM

    I am glad that the Bean is feeling better. It is so scary when your child is sick and you are not sure what is wrong.

    You found some cute and unusual things at the sales. I have never seen some of those items before.


  4. It was really fun to swap with you!! Happy Halloween!

  5. Too funny about the picnic basket! Since you first commented on the one on my blog, I have gotten 2 more. Yikes! I like your idea of using them as storage!


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