What is a monkeybox?

When I was a little girl, we had a pet monkey named Amanda. My Dad worked in the produce business, so each night he brought home that days culls in a big box - spotty cucumbers, pithy apples, limp celery, moldy oranges and the like. We called it a monkeybox. It was really just trash, but my Mom would take each piece of fruit and trim it, pare it and cut it up to make a beautiful fruit platter for Amanda. Even though it was deemed trash by one, it still had life left in it and was good for the purpose we needed it. That's how I live my life - thrifting, yard saling, looking for another's trash to be my treasure.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday's Adventure

Is there anywhere you drive by all the time and think, "I need to stop there some day?"
 Fayetteville is a college town and full of diverse people with unique ways of life. Therefore, there are a lot of very unique places. Places I always look at when we drive by, but I've never been inside. This summer, The Bean and I have decided we will go to those places. If we drive by and it looks interesting - we're going to stop!
Today we visited the Dickson Street Bookstore.  This is a bookstore that sits on an entire city block.  It is 8,000 square feet of books.  The aisles are packed with books.  There are books sitting on the steps leading up to little alcoves of books.  Today we found books ranging from 91¢ to $1,250.00
Out front on the sidewalk there was a big table - Fill a bag for $12.00.  Or books were 91¢ each. 

"Good books - Bought and Sold" 
A lady came in with two bags of books - the guy gave her $40.00 cash for half of them. 
Guess where I am taking my books now?  ;o)

The aisles are so narrow you have to see if someone is coming before you walk or you will both be stuck.   

Books everywhere.  It is an institution on Dickson Street.  Last year during the Bikes, Blues and BBQ (the event that brings over 50,000 motorcycles to our area), I was behind a couple of tough looking bikers at a stoplight.  As the revved their engines, one leaned over to the other and said, "There's supposed to be a killer bookstore on this street."  I thought they might be more interested in the Pool hall or the local beer joint.  But, they wanted books!

I wanted to take a funky cool trendy kind of photo of The Bean at the Bookstore.  He loves books.  Dickson Street is a funky place.  He dresses funky.  So why not take a funky photo?  But, it turned more into a "The cops must have handcuffed that hoodlum for writing graffiti on the wall" photo. 

Ah, that's better. 

After we left the Bookstore, we went here:

Cupcakes!  Yessssssssssssssssss! 

 (Hoodlums like cupcakes, too)

I planned on getting a Frosting Shot.  Yes, that's right.  A Frosting Shot.  A Shotglass full of frosting.

I know!

But we were saddened to see this sign:


*Sniff.  Guess my arteries will stay unclogged for a few more days.  Sniff*

We didn't buy anything at the Bookstore and Bliss was closed.  So, today's adventure only cost me one thin nickle for twelve minutes on the parking meter.  And, we left with eight minutes to spare!


  1. I love books......I love frosting more. Report again, if you try the frosting shot...with a photo. Thanks.

  2. Hmmm, frosting shots... I have a birthday next month. I think you have given me an idea!

  3. I manage a book store in a college town. We do not buy books but give store credit towards other books.
    It too is bike week here. there will be about 175,000 bikers in this area. Some are professionals that come to pretend for a week something like "Wild Hogs"
    Not long ago I was getting the store open and I look and a bread truck had left their back door open and bread was flying out on to the road. He had a trail of people trying to yell to him and picking up bread as they went. (I thought of your bread man) this young guy kept saying this never happened before. For his sake I hope not again.

  4. How funny, I've been going to the Dickson Street Book store since I was 10! I love that place.

    Also, I can't believe the cupcake cafe trend has finally hit Fayetteville (it only took 5 years or so).


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