What is a monkeybox?

When I was a little girl, we had a pet monkey named Amanda. My Dad worked in the produce business, so each night he brought home that days culls in a big box - spotty cucumbers, pithy apples, limp celery, moldy oranges and the like. We called it a monkeybox. It was really just trash, but my Mom would take each piece of fruit and trim it, pare it and cut it up to make a beautiful fruit platter for Amanda. Even though it was deemed trash by one, it still had life left in it and was good for the purpose we needed it. That's how I live my life - thrifting, yard saling, looking for another's trash to be my treasure.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter is Over - A Few Last Photos

Hope everybunny had a good Easter. We had a nice day. Seven for dinner and dessert. My Mom and Step-Dad stayed after dinner and we attempted to play the LOST board game, but we all deemed it too hard. We couldn't make heads or tails out of the rules! Kinda like the show, I guess. We ended up playing the TV Guide Trivia game and had a lot of spirited conversations and fun. It took my Mom and I about five minutes to think of "You Are the Weakest Link". We were so proud of ourselves for finally figuring it out. It wasn't even the right answer.

I made a little pair of white felt shoes and added ears and a bunny face to them. If I say so myself, they are just too darn cute. My cousin had a baby last week, so I am going to send Baby Jake a pair of bunny slippers.

I finally found some pastel glitter last week so I could work on some of my cardboard Christmas houses. Since they are pastel, I worked them into the Easter decor, but they will end up in the Christmas decor too. I'm still searching for pale aqua glitter. To the side there you can see a blown out egg that I glittered too.

This is an Easter tradition at my house - a Bunny Cake! I've been making this for about 20 years. Long before I had a child. Sad, but true. DS helped me decorate it and find appropriate candy to decorate his face. He has JR. Mint and Smartie eyes, a jelly bean nose, Twizzler whiskers and Eclipse gum buck teeth. I used a bit too much red food coloring making the pink coconut, but it still turned out pretty cute. To make this cake you just bake two rounds. Use one whole round as the bunny's head. Cut the second round into an ear on each side. The center then becomes a bow tie, which I didn'tuse this time because the bow tie crumbled when I took it out of the pan.

Part of my table decor - the carrots were in DS's Easter Basket - they are like fat Pixie Stix. I had little pails that look like chickens with candles in them on each side. Not too fancy - but fun.
We had a good day - Even the cat got tuckered out.


  1. Anonymous4:17 PM

    You have been so creative! Love the bunny shoes, cake and glitter house. The cat looks adorable and really sacked out. Glad you had a nice Easter Day.


  2. Those bunny slippers are soooo darn cute. Have you thought about frogs or lady bugs? If I do my craft booths this spring do you want to make a few pair to sell?

  3. LOL! That picture of the cat is hilarious! He looks so cute. :) LOVE the bunny slippers, too. :)

    And I also am going to make houses this year for Christmas! I made one last year and it was so cute.

    This place has glitter of every color http://www.artglitter.com/

  4. Ha ha, that looks like my fat cat there!


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