What is a monkeybox?

When I was a little girl, we had a pet monkey named Amanda. My Dad worked in the produce business, so each night he brought home that days culls in a big box - spotty cucumbers, pithy apples, limp celery, moldy oranges and the like. We called it a monkeybox. It was really just trash, but my Mom would take each piece of fruit and trim it, pare it and cut it up to make a beautiful fruit platter for Amanda. Even though it was deemed trash by one, it still had life left in it and was good for the purpose we needed it. That's how I live my life - thrifting, yard saling, looking for another's trash to be my treasure.

Monday, October 27, 2014

The Week in Junk: Kitsch, Christmas and a Money Maker too

I went to several sales on Friday.  Saturday I went back to one that I had hit on Friday again because the older man told me there would be more stuff out.  I had gotten something really, really, really good there so I was a greedy pig and wanted MORE.  That's at the end.

My photos are to be cute and not in the order I bought them.

Better Homes and Garden Cook Book for 50¢.  I have probably sold ten of these at $10.00.  So, if I see one cheap - I buy it.  There was also a big stack of old pamphlet cookbooks - "Cooking with Peanuts" and "Recipes with Potato Chips" and "Lard is Good for You!" and things like that but they were 50¢ each.  When I went back on Saturday, the lady told me to grab them all for 50¢.  So, I did, but I forgot to photograph them.  *sad face*
I have said before that I am not a Pyrex person, but if I see it cheap and in good condition - I will buy it for the booth.  Both pieces were $1.00 each and in perfect condiditon.  The top one is actually Glasbak, but I loved the star motif.  Remnids me of the dishes we had when I was a kid.  
 The little milk glass apples and the tablecloth were all 50¢ each.  I wonder what those apples were for back in the day? Jam?  Jelly?
I bought a whole big bag full of kitschy Christmas stuff - all destined for the booth.  There was a huge bag full of old metal cookie cutters at a sale for 25¢.  Love those for crafting and sticking in my collection.  Plus, I sell them as is - so that was a great find.  

I am keeping this rubber squeaky Santa and the two old plastic candy containers.  I love the old Santa.  I try to sell way more than I keep lately, but sometime you just have to find a little treasure to keep you excited to keep looking for more!

I spotted this beautifully framed lithograph at at Church Sale for $10.00.  I was trying to decide if I should buy it or not.  I sent a photo to Lara and asked if she liked it.  I didn't receive an answer back right away so I decided to go ahead and buy it.  When we met up later she asked if I had bought Jesus for her.   I said, well I bought it to sell and THEN I got your text so now I feel like a heel.  She laughed it off and said I was being silly.  I said, "Don't let Jesus come between our friendship!" as she walked across the parking lot.  I got a couple strange looks at that statement.  Now every time I see Jesus, I feel guilt.  I will say it is beautifully framed and dated 1940.  A tiny gray haired old lady told me that it "hung in our living room my entire childhood."  

A 25¢ baggie full of vintage baby toys was a happy find.  I don't know why I love old baby things SO much.  The Bean was fascinated by the two hard plastic fishing bobber looking toys.  He wondered how many kids were rendered unconscious by those things.  

This old Beistle Black Cat will go on ebay next year.  

This elf was not something I picked up right away.  I had to think about it.  It is handmade.  When you plug it in his arms go up and down and his head moves.  He came with a wooden stool, but I can't figure out how to put him on it.  I think it will do well on ebay.  I hope anyway!
He's quite a character.  

Okay - this doll.  This doll is a puppet.  Her head is almost as big as mine.  You put your hand through the sleeve so you can interact with kids.  All that is different and unique enough.  BUT!

What is UP with THAT?  
She is an Eegee doll from the 1970's.  
I am hoping she will do well on ebay too.

But, my hope of a good ebay sale is up next.

It's a good one.  


Okay, most of a Blythe doll.  Her legs are missing. But that is a small thing considering the popularity of these dolls.  Kenner made these dolls for one year only - 1972.  They are insanely popular now.  A doll with a body (!) and her original outfit just sold for $4050.00.  What the what?  

I knew what she was the minute I saw her and I grabbed her up. When I met up with Lara, I showed it to her and pulled the string on her back.  (On the doll's back - not Lara's.)  As soon as we realized what was going on - we both gasped!  
With each pull of the string - her eyes not only change position in her head, but they change color - each color more bright and vivid than the next.  Blue, green, orange and PINK!  

Hope you found some good junk this weekend.  It is going to be cold this Saturday so I imagine yard sales will be dwindling.  Still looking for a big cache of  vintage Christmas to come my way.  But, aren't we all?????


  1. Good finds! Those apples were jam/jelly jars! I've also seen a strawberry one.

  2. Ooh, I can't wait to watch that Blythe auction! Her eyes are so cool. I bet she's even rarer than the others that are rare to begin with! Fingers crossed for you!!

    Halloween on Friday means the thrifts here will start putting out the Christmas right after! Woohoo! Now that I have 3 lovely hours to myself each afternoon, I'm gonna wear a groove in the road hitting those stores every week!

  3. I am so excited that you found Blythe!! Hope you make a ton:)

  4. Anonymous11:20 AM

    Think of Blythe as a present from Miss Kitty to let you know she is okay. A kitty version of pennies from heaven.

  5. I got my aunt's apple jars...I remember we used them for sugar in one...and sugar cubes in the other one...and it was always my "job" to make sure they were filled for the guests at the fishing resort! Each time I look at them, I get that warm loved feeling!

    Sorry about your kitty cat...we lost our baby July 7...she had turned 19 on July 4th...she was our "child"...and oh...so loved! She just showed up at the resort (which my aunt had given to me) one day..and there she sat in the laundry basket with that look on her face that said...I am HERE TO STAY!!

  6. Oh, as soon as I saw those apple jars I was hoping you'd tell me what they were for! The looks a little too delicate to just sit on the stove for grease or something like that. That Blythe doll is too cool. In a creepy sort of way. Hope it does well on ebay!!!

  7. I remember the Blythe dolls, I had no idea that they were so popular now. Good find, I'll watch your auction and I hope it sells for a bunch!

  8. I have never heard of Blythe dolls but I sure hope you make some money on this one! WOW! Crazy world out there isn't it where a Doll's head can get someone to pay over $500 for it. Love the Christmas finds, I found a cute little elfy thing today for a dime that just caught my eye!

  9. Woo Hoo on finding the Blythe. I can't imagine paying that much money for a doll or half a doll! Good luck with her- hope she soars. Love the vintage Christmas, you always find such great stuff. The brown pyrex is the pattern I was given for my bridal shower in 1967. I still use the bowls every day and I had the casserole (actually I had several different sizes) you bought, too. I gave them to Goodwill years ago... I never dreamed Pyrex would be collectible!

  10. Ok now I have seen everything! you already have a bid on a half a doll! I will now be looking for those creepy dolls and that puppet yikes!
    some good finds as always.

  11. Great stuff! A Blythe doll is on my dream wish list, you lucky, lucky girl!,

  12. Little moving elf dude: Extremely creepy! The creepiest thing I have seen in ages. Lock him in the closet and keep him away from sharp pointy things.

    Doll puppet with blue eyelashes: A toss up between creepy and fascinating. I can only call it a "cosmetic malfunction."

    Blythe Doll: TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!! (Dolls cease to be creepy when they bring big bucks, but keep her locked in the shed just in case. You don't want her dragging around the house at midnight looking for her lost legs.)

    Nice buys over all, as usual. I love those old metal cookie cutters and keep baskets of them around my booth. They sell all the time! That Jesus print is a regular seller too. It's a popular classic and has appeal across the various Christian groups.

  13. Blythe is awesome! I've sold a few on ebay, too. I hope you make BANK!
    love, rosie

  14. Those apple jars are made by Hazel Atlas. There is a strawberry and a more elusive pineapple one too.

    I guess I should stop running away from these scary Blythe dolls when I see them. I had no idea they were collectible!


  15. Awesome finds! I hope you clean up with your Blythe doll! Too bad it's worth so much, it would have made a nice surprise gift in the mail for Eddie. ;-)

  16. I've never heard of the Blythe doll either. It's fun to learn something new, and I always learn something in between the chuckles when I read your blog!Thanks for sharing!! Good luck with the Blythe doll, I'm anxious to read about how much she goes for when you sell her!! :)

  17. I had never even heard of a Blythe doll until your post and then I checked your auction -- YEAH!! What an awesome score. It's finds like this that keep us junkers going. Way to go Shara!

  18. Yay! I'm so happy that your Blythe sold for so much! I didn't know their eyes could move like that. And they must make repros now?? Because I always see people selling clothes for them on Etsy.
    You've been finding great things!
    ERICA :)


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