What is a monkeybox?

When I was a little girl, we had a pet monkey named Amanda. My Dad worked in the produce business, so each night he brought home that days culls in a big box - spotty cucumbers, pithy apples, limp celery, moldy oranges and the like. We called it a monkeybox. It was really just trash, but my Mom would take each piece of fruit and trim it, pare it and cut it up to make a beautiful fruit platter for Amanda. Even though it was deemed trash by one, it still had life left in it and was good for the purpose we needed it. That's how I live my life - thrifting, yard saling, looking for another's trash to be my treasure.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Booth

An update on the Booth.  I haven't talked about the Booth lately.  It does alright.  I wish it did more, and I think I could sell more if I had room to put some bigger pieces or a chair or a piece of furniture.  Right now, I have tons of smalls.  I always make rent and commission and get a check. My biggest check has been $125.00 after expenses. For me, that's enough to keep it going and have fun with it. It's a good way to sell things that aren't worth selling on ebay because they either aren't worth enough money to make it worth my while or they are too heavy or fragile or something like that.
Last week, I went in and pulled a bunch of stuff that had just been sitting there and put out a bunch of new stuff.  Well, new old stuff.  I made an Easter area and I have a lot more to take in when I figure out how to squeeeeze it in.  That big feathery wreath is fantabulous. 
That pink bunny is a 1970's Pepto Bismol Advertising Bunny.  But, I fugured he might have a chance at selling at Easter.  I had a ton of pottery at one time and it has all sold except for the green.  An now that I only have green, it has started selling too.  I sell about three or four pieces a month.  So, if I find pottery that isn't quite what I collect, I stick it in the booth.  Someone must have been looking at that Cake carrier because I see it is crooked.  They should have bought it - it's cool!

I think there is a set of those old plastic canisters in almost every booth in the flea market!  Mine are priced low enough, maybe they will be just right for someone's kitchen someday.  I have a shelf full of books - my library takes donates and resells them for 25¢-50¢ each.  I buy all the ones that are recently released and sell them for $5.00 each.  I have sold multiple copies of all those "The Girl With the..." Books. 

The basket if full of vintage linens.  It is always a mess when I go in - linens strewn about everywhere.  But, at least people are looking and I have sold a good amount of linen towels and tablecloths.  And, if you are looking, you DO see a Piddle, Putt & Poop Golf Set.  I cannot believe I have that in my booth!  MUST SELL!
That metal rack came from the thrift last week for $3.00.  I put all my baggies of cookie cutters and scrapbooking scissors in it.  It's a little messy looking, but people seem to love to dig in bins and baskets.  (I do too...)  Note the "manly" shelf with old Boy Scout Books, a horsehead tie rack and an old cigarette roller.  ha.

That big old religious print is really awesome.  I have a fat price on it, but I htink just the right person will HAVE to have it someday.  I keep all the small stuff (really small stuff) on the hanging white shelf.  it was a happy day when I decided to try and hang that on the wall - before I had it sitting on the floor.  I sell a lot of miniature china animals, so I always pick them up.

***Speaking of Flea Markets, if you haven't purchased Flea Market Style yet this year, I found a good deal on it. I do like the magazine, but I usually pay $3-5 per YEAR for Martha Stewart, O, Better Homes, Fresh Home, Ready Made, etc., so paying $9.99 for ONE issue is hard for me to do. Very hard. I decided to treat myself with the latest copy last week when I spotted it at Sam's Club. I was pleasantly surprised when it scanned at only $6.88. That's $3.00 less and I do love a bargain!  Don't YOU?


  1. OK so I'm not the only one who just about died on the price of the Flea Market Style magazine?I had it in my Lowe's cart last week and happened to glance down at the price.My jaw hit the floor and I told my daughter we had to put it back."Why?"Because the title is FLEA MARKET but they've got a Nordstrom price tag on it (and I am a girl who loves me some Nordstrom - when it's ON DEEP DISCOUNT).Sigh...so I put it back.I'll find it one day in someone's yard sale for $0.25.I know I will. Must be patient.I would totally be digging through your booth if I came across it!!!

  2. Love seeing your booth and all your fabulous junk! I would love to visit it for sure. I too had a hard time paying for Flea Market Style and then I saw it at Sam's and splurged and saved at the same time!

  3. I am so excited that you posted pics of your booth! I love it! If I stepped into it I would dig through the linens too! I would buys lots. Then I would buy that white cake plate. That green dish on top of it, if it were a cake plate I would buy it too. Then I saw an old "adding machine"? I would buy that. Honestly, because my kids would dig it and they play cafe, store and hotel all the time and would love it. I may have to buy a ticket to Arkansas!!!

  4. No Sam's Club here, but it was discounted a little at Home Depot. Even though I'm a complete cheapskate, I think that magazine is worth every penny. Just love it. p.s. quite envious of all that booth space!

  5. You knew I was going to say that I love love love that Sacred Heart of Jesus print, didn't you? Awesome! And I love the small shelf hanging up on the wall. What an awesome idea. Customers really don't like to bend over to reach lower shelves, and on that one, they don't have to, at least not much. I'm totally going to steal that idea, when I have a shelf and a wall that it will work on. :)

  6. I really like your booth. I see things in there that I think I would want!

  7. Great stuff! I also have a booth at the local antique mall and have found that whenever I put a piece of furniture in there it sells FAST! Especially if I have a Not For Sale sign on it (because I'm using it to display stuff). I actually have two booths lined with shelves and bookcases plus a display case, a jewelry case, and a teacart and I STILL don't have enough room. I had a booth at the flea market this weekend to see if I could sell stuff that's really not "good enough" for the antique mall and, as long as the price was rock bottom, I sold quite a bit. Anything that didn't sell there will be going to the Goodwill. I, too, love Flea Market Style and pretend I'm buying a book to justify the ridiculous price (and you do save a few bucks buying it at Home Depot).


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