What is a monkeybox?

When I was a little girl, we had a pet monkey named Amanda. My Dad worked in the produce business, so each night he brought home that days culls in a big box - spotty cucumbers, pithy apples, limp celery, moldy oranges and the like. We called it a monkeybox. It was really just trash, but my Mom would take each piece of fruit and trim it, pare it and cut it up to make a beautiful fruit platter for Amanda. Even though it was deemed trash by one, it still had life left in it and was good for the purpose we needed it. That's how I live my life - thrifting, yard saling, looking for another's trash to be my treasure.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

The Week in Junk: First Loot Shot of 2017

Saturday was a cold wet drizzly day here.  That's the kind of day you want to stay home and hunker down.  And it's not usually the sort of day that is good for junking.  But, I knew that there was sort of an unusual sale out in the town where all the flea markets are located and I was itching to go!  The problem is, our truck is out of commission, so The Breadman (Who is back on a route for awhile THANK GOD) has to take my car and I am home until he gets home from work.  Now, I am perfectly happy to stay home for days at a time.  I can see my car sitting there and not even thing about wanting to go anywhere.  But, when I CAN'T go - it drives me bonkers and makes me want to go SO BAD.

Anyway, this unusual sale was being held in the old Mercantile - it's  great old historic building with hardwood floors, glass display cabinets and a loft.  It has been an antique store/flea market forever. And, I do mean forever.  The booths never changed merchandise and the prices were crazy high. Most of the tags were so faded that you could barely make them out.  The lady that ran the store died unexpectedly last Fall.  The doors shut that day and hadn't been open since.  Someone has recently bought the building and they plan to clean it up and make it into a lovely store again full of vintage and antiques.  No painted furniture, new stuff or a lot of the things you see in stores lately.  Just lots of good old stuff that you can use or make with or just enjoy.

The store was open and all of the vendors were in their areas and they were selling at "yard sale" prices to clear it out.  There was good stuff in that store, it was just overpriced and had been there forever.  So, I was curious to see what was happening.  BUT - NO CAR.  Booooooo!  Lara said she was heading out there and would let me know what it was like.  A little later I texted to see what she thought about it and she said she was headed that way and she would "swing by and get me".  I later found out that she was literally almost there and turned around and came back to get me.  SO NICE! It's fun to go junking with a buddy when you both keep an eye out for things the other one will like too.  

Case in point - the first thing she spotted inside the door was an old rubber stamp holder.  I have wanted to find one of those forever - I don't know why, but I just needed to find one!  I looked at the tag and it was $16.50.  So, I wasn't sure if it was worth asking, but I did and the answer was.........$2.00!  Woot!  MINE!  (After I made complete sure that Lara didn't want it for herself.)

There was one booth full of fabulous old things, but the prices were half of what they marked.  After I asked about a few things, they started making me deals on a pile, but it was still too pricey for me.  I did find a HUGE box full of tacky Christmas stuff - but inside there was one box of vintage teardrop Christmas ornaments.  I took the ornaments over to ask for a price and they told me that the entire box was $5.00.  Well, I only wanted the box of ornaments, could I just buy those, please?  Well, how about $3.00 for the big box - take it all?  The man's wife walked up as he said that and she said, "THREE DOLLARS for that box of Christmas???"  And I thought oh, he is in trouble......but she said, "That whole box is only $1.00!"  So, that is how I came to buy a giant box of Christmas and sent every bit of it to Goodwill except for the one box of teardrop ornaments that I wanted in the first place!

I found two different ladies that had the right idea - they wanted it gone and it was cheap. My kind of ladies!  Here's the whole haul for your viewing pleasure.  :)

LOOK AT ALL THAT GOODNESS!  I really can't remember the last time I had a bunch of stuff to photograph at once.  That's part of my lack of blogging.  I can't do a post on one sad thing I drag home for the thrift store. Well, I could.  But, how BORING would THAT be?  Oh, and the neighbors FINALLY replaced their fence, so now I have a lovely new background for my pictures.  Thanks, unfriendly neighbors that have lived there two years and never spoken to me once.  I appreciate the fence.

Lookie! There's that stamp rack!  I have no where to put it, but I have wanted one for so long, that I feel the need to own it for a little while.  I may let it go at The Junk Ranch.  We'll see.  I was surprised to see that mint plaid lunchbox still there late in the day.  Those are all the rage!  The huge BBQ tray was under a pile of boxes, but I spotted it.  It really is huge and that stork bank is tall too.  The funny little carved wooden people made me chuckle. Those balls of bakers twine are the old stuff - hundreds of three foot lengths tied together and then wound into a ball.  I made them into one ball, that's how I know. I've been wanting some of the good old stuff, so that was a nice find.  

I rounded up all the vintage Christmas I could find, which wasn't much, but I got really good prices on it.  You KNOW I want to keep that snowman and Santa. but I already priced them and put them in the Junk Ranch boxes.  I adore that tiny cute couple lamp.  It is so not like anything I have in the house or that the boys would like, but ALL THE HEART EYES.  That giant pay phone sign was sitting in the floor and everyone kept walking around it.  I looked at it and thought it would be interesting in my booth.  It was priced $60, so I was hesitant to even ask about it.  But, Lara said it couldn't hurt to ask, so I did.  The lady said, "Oh, I will give you a good deal on that!"  Then she said Five dollars.  What the what?  Sold!  Except I was out of money so Lara had to make me a loan.  I wasn't expecting to find much, so I didn't take much.  Luckily, I really didn't need much.  

That Spell-It Board was the first thing I bought.  It's from 1953.  I've never seen anything like it and it is crazy cool.  I have priced it too, even though I LOVE IT.  I plucked the cowboy boot out of the trash on the way to the car. The poker chips had such perfect colors.  I have decided to do most of my booth at the Junk Ranch in red, white and blue - not that each item will be Patriotic, but the overall look will be red, white and blue.  So, my radar is on now for those colors.  

I was scared to death that I wouldn't be able to afford that giant candy container, but luck was on my side.  I have never seen one so big!  Bonus that the original box was with it.  Note that it was filled with 'delicious fruit filled candies'.  That basket isn't old, but it's cool and it will sell.  

I've been gathering up those old folding baskets for use in the booth.  I had no idea they were bicycle baskets.  I just thought they were handy.  I bought three of those old CB club vest with all sorts of patches on them.  They had the red, white and blue game going strong.  The handmade horses are fun - hoping someone else thinks so too.  

A couple of Annalee's - already priced too.  I am being so good!  I love my Annalee's.  I have that exact reindeer and it was the very first Annalee I ever found.  So, I only want the one since I have that memory of it.  It will be cute in the booth with some cards in the pockets.  Check out that Super Dooper Pooper Scooper which looks alarmingly like a a pair of salad tongs I currently own.  Yowza. I really thought that big rag rug was red, white and blue, but it is red, white and black.  I still think it has the flag feel, so I will use it in the booth.  Close enough!

It was so fun to go digging, make some deals and spend some time with Lara.  We are usually selling junk together, so it was fun to go looking for junk together.  We should do it EVERY weekend!

Have you been to any sales?  They are picking up here.  Now, I just need some wheels to go to them!  


  1. You know how I love those snowmen and WOW what a giant candy container! Excellent day out junking and a high five to Lara for coming to get you! I did the coffee spit about the salad/poops tongs.

  2. WOW! Haven't seen that good a haul on ANYBODY'S blog in a long, long, long time!! I so enjoy looking at the loot and reading your descriptions. Here is hoping your car situation gets figured out and you are once again free to go!

  3. Great haul!! And I can't believe how consistently lucky you are with the prices!! I love that rubber stamp holder! I have one, maybe two. I'm sure I have lots of vintage rubber stamps to go in them. Somewhere.In.Storage. But yes, they call to me too!

    And I know about the faded price tags!!! One of the vendors at my antique mall has had the same stuff, forever, priced high, with tags so old and faded you can barely make out the price. But she is going to get her price come heck or high water. Who knows, maybe I'll turn into her one day.

    I like the phone sign too. It's a painful reminder that I'm getting old when I hear younger people ask - what's that - pointing to a rotary phone, a tape recorder, etc. at the antique mall. It's as if they are at a museum. Good grief - did the time fly by that fast?!

    On the other hand, my group of friends jokingly say "the" Facebook, "the" Instagram, etc. because that's what our parents (if we are lucky enough to still have them) call it. Endearing : )

    I have always wanted a red plaid vintage lunch box because I think they make awesome props and they're just so iconic. I've never found one. I did find one of those awesome cylinder plaid coolers in PERFECT condition at a yard sale for . . . $5. I know!!!! I got there first and had first dibs but idiot me didn't buy it. I thought it was too big. The other woman there politely asked - you're sure you're not getting it? I've been kicking myself ever since.

    But since then (this past summer) I've found hundreds and hundreds of great vintage deals (yeah - I list them all in spreadsheets). But you always remember the one that got away.

    The best deal I got this week was 60+ pieces of Lauffer flatware at an "estate" sale. It was not being run by an estate company, but rather it was more like a downsizing sale. I should have been happy because they were only asking 25 cents per piece. They weren't in excellent condition, but typical condition of flatware that was used daily. But it doesn't hurt to ask so I asked if I could get a bundle price if I bought them all. They gave me a price of $2.99!! But wait, there's more! It was Sunday so they were giving an extra 25% off so they came to less then 4 cents per piece. That is my kind of high. I think I'm figuring out that this is why I pick and source.

    I'm so glad things are picking up in your area - that helps us come out of hibernation! Looking forward to your next haul post, Boo!

  4. Oh my goodness! SO many great finds!

  5. Hey, we have matching Thermos lunchboxes!!! Glad you got to get out of the house. I'm the same way, if my car has to go in the shop all of the sudden I'm dying that I can't go somewhere. It makes me nervous to not have an escape vehicle I guess :)

  6. Woooo hoooo! What a great haul! You always find some great deals. I'm bummed because last weekend was the MOTHER of all church sales and I couldn't go because of ice, snow and sleet. The sale is quite a long distance from me so I couldn't take the chance... Sniff, sniff....WAA! Now I have to wait til next year for it. Living through you and your finds for now...


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