What is a monkeybox?

When I was a little girl, we had a pet monkey named Amanda. My Dad worked in the produce business, so each night he brought home that days culls in a big box - spotty cucumbers, pithy apples, limp celery, moldy oranges and the like. We called it a monkeybox. It was really just trash, but my Mom would take each piece of fruit and trim it, pare it and cut it up to make a beautiful fruit platter for Amanda. Even though it was deemed trash by one, it still had life left in it and was good for the purpose we needed it. That's how I live my life - thrifting, yard saling, looking for another's trash to be my treasure.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Thermos Collection

Much like many of my other collections, I never set out to collect Thermos Bottles.  I really, honestly did not.  I swear.  Although, a person that collects vintage tablecloths and picnic baskets might as well collect Thermoses too.  I could go on one heck of a stylin' picnic!

It all started when I went to a Fundraiser Sale at my old High School a few summers ago and found all these Thermoses on a table for a total of $2.00.  They were just so charming all together that I had to scoop them up.  I think if I wouldn't have found a whole lot of them at once, that I never would have given them a second look or started looking for them at other sales. 

But, I did find them all together and I did start looking for more.
And, I found more! (The little teeny one on the far right is actually an Avon Bottle.  I forgot that I had that one when I said earlier that a Benjamin Franklin Avon Bottle was the only Avon Bottle I've ever allowed in the house.)   I have Thermoses more that I didn't put in the photo because they are odd colors.  These all sort of flow, don't you think?
Although, the red ones do look best all together. 
I often wonder what my neighbors think of me, outside taking pictures of odd items. 
I don't really care what they think, anyway. 
It won't stop me from lining up odd things and taking odd photos. 
*I looked up the plural form of Thermos and it says Thermoses. 
But, it just looks weird. 


  1. oh dear! I might just have a lunchbox for every one of them! haha Like you I didn't set out to collect them, but I found my grandpas and then people thought "oh he collects them: and just started sending them to me haha!

  2. Sometimes when you see things grouped together like that you just get SUCKED into a collection..things look so much better in a group. I think we have all been sucked in...to one collection or another (or multiple collections).

  3. I think they are cool! I must admit though that as I look at the pictures, I am singing the song from the movie The Jerk "I'm Picking Out a Thermos For You" LOL

    Love it!

  4. You've got a great collection! I have a fondness for them, because my Dad always took one to work, and he always drank from one while driving across the country on our vacations. I have three or four, but I've passed alot up because I just don't have a cool place to display them!

  5. My honey has several of thermoses! Love your collection of red and yes with all the picnic baskets this is a natural!

  6. Another neat collection - love 'em!!

  7. Your rows of Thermoses (you're right--it looks strange) is about the cutest thing I've seen today!


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